Blogger Lele exposed naked

Freedom Bloggers,

If you click on the link above it will take you back to blogger Tui’s call fro mass demonstration against Gates decision.

You will also read blogger lele egging on Tui as per copy below.

  • lele Says:
    October 9, 2008 at 11:59 pm   editTui why are you calling the SDL and Kinivuwai. I’m here! Call us and tell us where to meet you and what to do. Leave those politicians aside who have fooled is all this time and are only there to make money for themselves. See how many of them have suddenly had bajaru’s in their government pajero’s once they became ministers. Once they were removed the bajaru’s have gone too. Common lets do it and tell us where we meet and wreck this country once and for all.
  • I just want to warn you to be wary as lele is a military media goon. He is Army Intelligence officer Maj Narawa. Please be wary and beware that he does not snare others.

    Thanks to one of our contacts within Military Intelligence for tipping us off.

    kutu (for SV Team)


    47 Responses to “Blogger Lele exposed naked”

    1. Ablaze Says:

      lele mata va sese!

      You are are the scum of the earth! There are 2 lots of people that I detest people like you and paedophiles.

      Couldn’t you just for a second think that this human being was only doing what he strongly believed in and push aside that stupid Regime that you are supporting. He was not harming anyone – just protesting peacefully.

      If I didn’t have a conscience and had plenty of money I would hire a hit man so that you could be in the ground pushing up daisies.

    2. Budhau Says:

      Good idea Ablaze – about hiring a hit man (if you didn’t have a conscience) – that is the only thing missing from the Fiji scene.

      Then – it should be a free for all – fire karo, fire karo.

      As for the military harassing that protester – why can’t those idiots understand that doing such things is counter productive – it only makes them look bad.

      They should just hire someone – just like you would (if you didn’t have a conscience) – to take care of business.

      In Fiji – Military Intelligence – isn’t that an oxymoron.

    3. Keep The Faith Says:

      SV — It sounds like we need to caucaus as a blogger network OUTSIDE of this blog.

      Lele & Ors will be coming en masse with all the discussions and planned ideas.

    4. Mark Manning Says:

      Ablaze , have you considered the possibility that he might have been molested by a paedophile when he was young and that is why he behaves the way he does , a bully , like Frank ?

    5. Ablaze Says:

      Yea Mark that explains it!

    6. Striker Says:

      Blog on and keep the pressure on folks, and thanks to our silent supporters in the military for exposing lele! That says a lot about the diminishing support of the IG even in the military. The free will of the people will always triumph, remember that USSR power and the iron curtain was brought down by the resolve of the common people symbolised by their wielding pick axes, not military might!

    7. Tosotiko Says:

      I knew that Lele was up to no good. Together with Budhau, they were trying to egg us on to have a predictable ‘taukei’ reaction.
      Sa vinaka ni da sa lotu ka vakararavi vakaidina vei Jiova. We know that ultimately God is in control and the things we are learning while faced with seemingly impossible and humiliating situations is priceless because it is revealing more of the perpetrators of this coup and will be their ultimate doom.
      Patience, patience dear bloggers ‘Ena qai yati mai na colo’, era dau kaya na qase ni ra sa cabeta na veidelana ka taubaletaka na veitokaitua kei na nodrai drekedreke bibi me ra yacova yani na vanua era gole tiko kina. Each step takes them closer to their destination. So they will encourage each other as they plodded on ‘Ena qai yati mai na colo’ – ‘Those hills will move towards us’.

    8. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

      Lol! Ablaze my thoughts exactly.

      I knew something smelled there.

    9. Isalei Says:

      Budhau, please control yourself! You are like a noisy gong, with one hell of a big screwed up life, relax man before you drown yourself with the sewage you spewing out.

    10. Dauvavana Says:

      sa vinaka sarga ni sega ni dua e via kauwaitaki kona sonalevu qo ka tekivu tiko na yacana e na “B” (naba rua mai cake).

      Rairai sa qai sereki koya beka mai o noqu Tauvu o Natewa Prince, sa vuke talebeka o Avenai bahahahaha

    11. IslandBoy Says:

      If he is reading this what you tried to is called entrapment, its a law enforcement tactic used on drug dealers and human traffickers, not on freedom lovers who just want to have their say.

    12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      My Tau IslandBoy,

      well the consequences are far reaching and was never anticipated by the buggers. It just shows that you can never trample and snuff out freedom because it is an integral part of humanity.

    13. Push Tailevu Says:

      lele, mona levu va taqe ni waiwai, ..xcuse me lele we dont need people who only talk while holding a gun at their back. Vosota tamana, o na cici kei na nomu gun..waraka namaka….we the outsiders will just watch and laugh, as you greenies will start aiming at each other…..what a funny day that will be,,,
      Right now Vilisi is a man, compared to you….he’s armless and harmless, and look at you greenies…going around as if all taukei’s are threat to the nation and you….its unaccepatable…
      DOU VAKASAMA….bunch of illiterates

    14. IslandBoy Says:

      @JW – AMEN MY BROTHER!!!

    15. Budhau Says:

      Tosotiko wrote something about “..predictable ‘taukei’ reaction.”…and what exactly is that.

    16. Dauvavana Says:

      Gandoodhau go learn Fijian if you want your question answered.

    17. Budhau Says:

      Duana – you go learn English – you idiot.

      BTW – I don’t want any of my questions answered – I have all the answers.

    18. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      I think Budhau and Duana should exchange language lessons. Budhau can learn Fijian from Duana and Duana can learn Hindi from Budhau. This blog site will greatly benefit from this cultural exchange.

      What do you guys say?

    19. Budhau Says:

      Guys, If if I was – I would be learning Chinese.

    20. Dauvavana Says:

      I would ask that JW teach Gandoodhau the language lessons in a closed room (Drau bula)…………….bahahaha

      Where’s my partner in crime Natewa Prince, last seen holding hands with Gandooodhau!!!

    21. aubatinuku-N Says:

      Lele Narawa exposed to the world as a real stupid Fijian idiot military guy!! Seems like this guy likes being bit in the ass!!

    22. newsfiji Says:

      SV..can you get a photo of Major Narawa and his family up hia on this blog…find out his background…father, mother, how many children, where they go to much does he earn etc..

      Then under the heading put: TRAITOR TO THE PEOPLE OF FIJI.

      Since the military regime is stepping up on their torture..let’s also up our game and name people, their families, where they work, no. of children, tokatoka, yavusa & yasana etc.

      Qai macala mada.

      First one: Budhau
      Village: Bangladesh, India
      Occupation: Torture Chamber Supervisor for the illegal military regime of Frank Bainimarama

    23. soro Says:

      Did u hear the story about boidada arriving from his overseas abode into Fiji .. the lovely Air Pacific flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As Boicici approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and being the samrt arse he always is, he opened his trench coat and flashed at her.

      Without missing a beat….she said, “Woilei mata vaka sona, I need to see your ticket not your stub.”

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    24. Dra ni kai viti Says:

      lele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The vanua Cautata, waimaro, namara, buretu and all the Bati of tailevu, are just waiting for word. As you parade at QEB, solders from this places have there eyes on you.

      Be careful, Touch vilisi and all of tailevu will come for you.Kua ni nanuma nai rogorogo ,lavo.nanuma nomu vanua, baleta mera bula vinaka kina nomu kawa ni mataka

      vinaka saka

    25. Tosotiko Says:

      Pardonne, My mistake I should have put the inverted commas like this “predictable taukei ” i.e. as a reference to the prejudices of those who are skeptical of us Fijians. They will keep on harping about the riots of 1987 and the march of 2000 and by repetition hope to link this type of behaviour exclusively to Fijians.
      Friends, we are in a global village now and witness this type of behavior around the world on a daily basis. The carnage of Orissa being a most recent case, the Pakistani riots, the Palestinians, the Sudanese etc, ete.

    26. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

      @ Budhau,

      Duana could teach you Chinese instead as he went to Yet Sen Primary School.

      Se vacava Duana? Lol!

    27. Ablaze Says:

      Sorry guys no sign of Budhau, not being paid today to blog for the green goon to try and win us over and discredit the lawyer Tui Savu.

      No doubt he will be back. If monitored you will find that he will only appear when the Goons think they have the upper hand – the Vilisi Naduka’s case.

      So far we haven’t heard from him today – Could it be because of the Kiwi and his binoculars – What a Joke!

    28. Budhau Says:

      I saw remarks in this thread such as “to have a predictable ‘taukei’ reaction” and “real stupid Fijian idiot”.

      what do they say about self esteem.

      Ablaze – whats with with this Vilisi case – what is the Fijian population of Fiji, and you have one poor dude going out there to protest a court decision that most of you have an issue with.

      Now go google some info on more ruthless dictatorships thru out history – and see how the population in those countries have the balls to stand up and protest.

      Did you see those Pakistani lawyers protesting when they got rid of the CJ in that country, and the police beating the crap out of some of them – and what did our Fijian lawyers do I guess they signed a petition and sent it to the President sort of like posting message in her and thinking that this is protest. I guess our lawyers were afraid that the goons might have them run around some field in their underwear.

    29. anon Says:

      Bud, dua la e vutuki iko…………..

    30. Isalei Says:

      Buda, stop it! Stop inciting the taukei to do what they did in 1987 and 2000, do not think of yourself only think of the innocent kai India who do not even have ambition like your bosses to lead this country (never again!) who will bear the brunt of the kudru ni taukei. Then when your bosses and all the Chandees, Chondos, Gandhaaaawes, want to flee overseas, alas, the sanction is on. For their sake stop insulting and trying the patience of the owners of this land, or you will be sorry you ever set foot on this sacred soil. It is the guns that is holding the itaukei back, but they giving you time to get off their back before they move. Fijians take things slowly ….and thoroughly…so dont rush them or you will never breath the air of this nation again.

    31. Isalei Says:

      Should be “it is NOT the guns that is holding the Taukei back but they giving you time to get off their back ….

    32. Tosotiko Says:

      OK time out now…he/she’s reduced to finding loopholes and picking out one or two word-extracts rather than the complete logical idea.

    33. Budhau Says:

      Isalei – when all them Indians leave – guess what, you bugger will fight with each other – all this coup, they are conflicts within the Fijians.

      Don’t worry about me breathing the air of you nation – you better worry about you and your children – if the will breath the air of your nation – or would you guys becomes regulars on CNN, like some other nations.

      BTW – no has mentioned anything about the lawyers in Pakistan and their response to the firing of their CJ as compared to the reaction of the Fijian Lawyers when our CJ was fired – now lets see your logical thinking Tosotiko.

    34. Isalei Says:

      Wouldnt be too sure there Buda. Mother India is in one hellhole no hope there, stark poverty, caste discrimination, dalits, racism, fundamentalists, gujis, shiks, hindis, intolerance, persecution of minorities!! America and OZ after all Mussies. Its you and your kind who should be worried where you hide your poor children the day all hell breaks loose! Visas from Oz, NZ, UZ? Nah, all closed to you and your idiotic bosses!

    35. Ablaze Says:

      Budhau the lawyers in Fiji that won’t break the law are civilized and would not do what the Pakistan lawyers did when their CJ was fired.

      What to fight against lunatic that only act tough because of the guns. No Thanks! We want Qarase to challenge the case again and for Piggy and his Piglets to step down.

      The lust for power is too strong so they won’t step down. For us the next best thing is for Piggy to officially declare Fiji a dicktatorship and he the dicktator.

      He can then rule his Regime and his supporter because they will be ignored internationally. Not much fun when you can’t parade around to anyone else except the few idiots that are there with $$$$$$$$ signs etched into their forehead.

    36. Budhau Says:

      Ablaze – Breaking the law – did Nelson Mandela break the law what about Mahatma Gandhi or MLK. Did those Monks in Burma do illegal stuff when that protested against the regime.

      You get my drift don’t you.

      Isalei – the Indian population is Fiji is declining fast – from an all time high of more than 50% it is down to under 40% and with the current trend with migration and family sizes the Indian would probably be down to about 20% in the next 10 or so years. As Rabuka said in his book – that the Indian population would be at a manageable level – then what – once the bogey man is gone – the conflict between the Fijians would be more clearly defined.
      ..and the rest of you point about mother India and all that – stupid.

    37. Tosotiko Says:

      Hmm… Introduce new items when you cant maintain the momentum of your current argument.
      Sorry the Fijians are having a good time observing the nuts trying to ‘pasively invoke an uprising’. Seems like the idea was to cause frustrated Fijians to do riots – as is very clear from Lele and you know who.

      But we have learnt from past experience. Submission to God’s will is the Best. Patience, yes, patience is the KEY.

    38. Budhau Says:

      Sorry Tosotika – I have been very consistent with what my stand is.

      I think all reasonable people – Fijians and others are having a laugh about a small group of mostly Fijian idiots screwing up.

      By the way I also have a good laugh about the idiots in here also – I assume they are als predominantly Fijians.

      There is a difference between rioting – and standing up to a dictatorship – maybe you should read up on Mahatma Gandhi, or MLK, or Mandela and the like.

      Cut out that God crap – that is cop out.

    39. Tosotiko Says:

      I am glad you are having a laugh because you certainly don’t sound like that. You sound like you are really infuriated because we are standing up to this dictatorship and you would want us to do otherwise. Ain’t gonna happen. We will call the shots. Call it a cop-out, a way-out, a wise-up, a riot-is-out, a anything-you-want-out strategy – that’s your choice. You may string it and twist it anyway you want, if that is what makes you happy and be able to laugh.

    40. aubatinuku-N Says:

      So he calls us “a small group of predominantly Fijian idiots”……..and this Budhau is the same person who is part of the bloodthirsty CHARTER FARTER touting lot.


      You confused sod you!!


      Because you and yours are also pushing the issue in your “Godforsaken CHARTER FARTER” to have everyone in Fiji be called a “Fijian”…………….go back and read your above post Budhau………It is obvious that you’ve always had, still have, will always have that CONDESCENDING attitude towards us “FIJIANS”.

      Truth be told: You are a landless disenfranchised lot, end of story!

      So will the REAL FIJIANS please stand up!!! HAHA!!

    41. Adi Kaila Says:

      Maleka sara!

      A+ to Tosotiko and Aubatinuku-N

      T and A – totolo sara nona na mai vaqara vosa, mai vosa vaka viavia vuku o ma’ai buna baleta na kisi lasulasu ya – o matamata. Lamusona, qalamate.


      Try reading the hindustani times – it’s all there – apart from the bollywood crap. Like all the people lined up along the railway tracks and roadsides shitting away in full view of commuters – yeah shit hanging our of their scummy arses – no water no toilet paper – rather a sticky and smelly affair all around – is that progress? Hah!

    42. Cakau Says:

      Amazon you may not agree with what you read on SV and if you are going to make a comment about what you read spare a thought for the blogger that may have had enough of what is happening in our country.

      He/she may not say the write thing but we must excuse them. It would be better to ignore it as it is not up to you and I but SV to think whether it is disgusting and delete it.

      I am not condoning it just trying to make life easy for everyone.

    43. amazon Says:

      Appreciate yr comment Cakau. I just don’t expect to read the same old sh!t from bloggers who are obviously better equipped than the ordinary person on the street. Hey, it’s 22 months on.. are we a determined elite blogging for a quick return to a TRUE democratic state or are we a determined elite not able to look beyond our noses since all we’re concerned about are our own personal,vested interests?

      As for Vilise, the lone protester, he got what he deserved. Any one who calls for the blocking of roads and closing of towns does not have my sympathy or support. For his family’s sake though, I hope Dr. Rodgers lets him keep his job but send him off first for a much-needed PTDS counseling.

    44. Tosotiko Says:

      Trues Up, Adi Kaila. Fed up of people looking down their snouts at us Fijians. It’s good that we are learning to stand up for ourselves and through forums such as this, we are sharpening our debating skills.

    45. aubatinuku-N Says:

      Haha….Amazon….Be almost sure to be expecting the “same old shit” from bloggers who are better equipped than the ordinary person on the street because we are maintaining consistency in unity against your illegal regime mind you. Your illegal junta shit has not made any progress in Fiji worth crap or which planet do you breathe on?

      Pick your words well!! It can and will be used against you.

    46. Fiji Forward Says:

      Sa oti na resistance, give up!!! Naitasiri sa soro, Tailevu no leqa sa lusi, draki qo, Western ga!!! relax people and live your lives because the IG is here to stay and freshen up your lives!!!! so you can keep blogging for the next twenty years and get nowhere because the real Govt has now come to stay, dou bula!!!

    47. Justine Stephens Says:

      I am sorry if my post is inappropriate but I am searching for Adi Lele Ralawa who was the daughter of Ratu Seru Ralawa. Lele used to work for my grandparents who moved back to England in around 1962/3. I believe Lele was born around 1942 in the Batiki Island. My mother has asked me to try and find out where Lele is now – can anyone help please?

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