Man of the Moment and the Symbol of our Struggle

Vilisi Nadaku (also known as blogger Tui) of Namara, Tailevu has again proven what stock, people from the Vanua of Namara are made of. Tradionally they are warriors of Bau and belong to the same grouping of warrior vanuas like Koronikalou (Cautata), Waimaro Levulevu, Naibati (Buretu) and Nacobua (Namata). You will see people from these places achieve great deeds during moments of turmoil. The gentleman that was shot dead and burried in the compund of parliaments in 2000 was also from Namara.

Vilisi Nadaku has become a symbol of our struggle for freedom from the grip of Tyranny currently gripping our beloved homeland.

And as Naita IB said, a stark reminder of that lone man with the shopping bag that defied a convoy of tanks during the Tiannanmen Square demonstrations of 1989.

Vinaka vakalu Mudou na qaqa.

From a fellow bati


NB: to all fellow bloggers; have returned from holiday and will discuss with team what can be done regarding need to up the anti on this site, post Gate’s Kangaroo Court Ruling.


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  1. Na Dina Says:

    koiciqu koko na quaqa kua na voro ki ira… we know what oppression and victimazation is manaka koiciqu..highlander always in hoc signo vinces..

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Noqu kai-vata Vilisi is orignally from Lasea village, Gau island, na yasana vakaturaga o Lomaiviti…moved to Namara for his upbringing, I guess (source Geraldine Panapasa’s piece on him published in today’s FT).

    Vinaka vakalevu Vilisi for the determination to up the ante and show the chiefs and those that call themselves leaders at home that peaceful protest can be done and that it works!!!!!!

    Rt Joni have conveyed the challenge for oveseas basd Fijians and Fiji citizens to up the ante on reminding these illegals that although the High Court with your aelf-appointed judges have ruled FOR you, we, the people know what we want and we will get it…by hook or by crook but in a PEACEFUL manner like Vilisi demonstrated. Not the forceful coward kind you did when you used your guns to threaten us and our livelihoods.

    God bless you bloggers and at this moment Vilisi and family my prayers are with you.

  3. Rosalind Pratt Says:

    Vinaka Vaka Levu to Vilisi Naduka for his courage and determination, his lovely wife and children for having to endure these difficult times.

    Thank you very much to Jon Apted for his legal services, you not only served Vilisi and his family but those of us that cared deeply what may happen to one of us that was putting his life on the line for the country we love so passionately.

    To Solivakasama I would like to be one of your supporters and will wait to see how I could help this brave man and his family. You have done a mighty good job giving the bloggers an outlet to vent their frustrations.

    No doubt once the Support Fund is set up I will contribute there!

  4. freedomfighter Says:

    Now we have a Fijian “Gandhi” – hope the oppressed people will follow him

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    Era sa na dabeci ira tiko vakaca ni sa yavavala mai na liga ni wau dina ni Vanua. Dou tu mai , ragone! Na gauna ni veitalanoa sa oti. Sa vakaraitaka tu ‘qo o Vilisi na yalo ni Bati kadina – na Bati ni Vanua.

    Again I say, I salute you Tui. Yr effort on Saturday morning will NOT go in vain. How I am proud to be a member of one of the warrior clans mentioned here! Thanks SV.

    Rai tu mai.. rai tu mai.. Teivovo !!

  6. natewaprince Says:

    Avenai: I saka,o ratou mai na Intel Unit sa vesuka e dua na blogger,na yacana o Tui.

    Vore: Tukuna vei satini Veikoso kei kovula Budhau me rau vei vutu la.Na tamata qori o Tui e voleka sara la me mai protest i lomani keba qo qai sega mada la ni dua vei iratou na i lala sona levu qori e vesuka rawa.

  7. Billy Says:

    Oilei Dredre me da cegu! Vinaka, vinaka!
    Sleep in peace Tui may God never let the police find a case to charge Tui. Unity of spirit will triumph!!

  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Oilei the irreverent NP is back in full force – sa maleka na dredre!

  9. Billy Says:

    Fail tale e keya na new RAF with new image and uniform- wele tiko o vandamme mai rara! Tui really seized the moment!

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    *********REWIND MADA*********

    I wonder what Siti Ratuva has to say now? This is rather long but I’m quite sure Vilisi – God Bless You – You Brave Soul – would like us all to read this and ponder for a moment that for all their so called ‘expertise’ some ‘academics’ are out of touch with reality. Much like the occupant of the big house on Victoria Parade who can’t scratch his own arse, let alone find it to clean himself, so how was he able to ‘sign’ a document agreeing with the flawyers & illegal cj.

    Read on Ragone – the sarcasm and conceit for ordinary folks doing their jobs legally is unbelievable. Well who’s the big POTE now Ratuva? He sure had a huge bug up his arse when he wrote the following…………………….

    Dr Steven Ratuva ‘s View
    Bullets and bulletins: The media and coup rumours
    Thu Oct 26, 2006 5:34 pm

    Why is everyone so eager to conclude that a coup is imminent in Fiji every time the military commander Frank Bainimarama makes an anti-government statement? Why is the international media so obsessed with coup speculation? Why are people like Helen Clarke, New Zealand’s PM so paranoid about being caught up in a Fiji coup? Why are countries like Australia, New Zealand and Britain so quick to prematurely send out travel advisories every time the media sensationalizes a political happening in Fiji?

    During the last election both the Australian and New Zealand media talked about possible intervention in Fiji by Australian and New Zealand forces in case the election went wrong. The ridiculous reason suggested by the Sydney Morning Herald story, written by a journalistic novice who parachuted into Fiji for a day or two, was that the controversy over the voter registration could lead to civil unrest and possibly a coup. How simplistic and idiotic can some journalists become?

    The war of words between the government and the military commander, Frank Bainimarama, last year, including the latest outbursts against the government by the former, were literally taken by the rumour-mongering foreign media to mean that a coup was around the corner.

    Lately, The New Zealand Herald headlined on 19 October: “PM nervous at Fiji coup noises ahead of summit.” The concerned New Zealand Prime Minister was quoted as saying: “I’ve asked for a look at the security around myself and the New Zealand delegation. I am concerned about the atmosphere in Fiji. I really don’t want to be the target of it or caught up in it in any way.” Target of a coup? Who wants to target her anyway?

    A number of media outlets around the world expressed similar sentiments, albeit some more sensationally than others. However, the pattern was basically similar-there seemed to have been consensus of sorts that that a coup was imminent.

    An executive of the Singapore based Citibank rang me last week nervously asking about the possibility of a coup, especially in relation to questions raised by some of their clients regarding the $150 million Fiji government bond floated in the Asian financial market. She had to update investors on the media reports of a possible coup in Fiji since this would affect confidence as well as reduce the value of the Fiji government stock significantly.

    She rang me twice just to satisfy the curiosity and raise the confidence of potential buyers of the Fiji stock. My advice to her in both instances was that it was unlikely that a coup would take place and everything was normal in Fiji and there was no reason why the Fiji bond should lose its value. She was satisfied with my political analysis, thanked me and hung up.

    After doing a content analysis of recent media coverage, I noticed that none of the local media speculated about a possible coup. They merely reported the Bainimarama-government incident. Ironically, the same reports were used by the foreign media and political commentators who then invented the ridiculous conclusions that a coup in Fiji was about to happen.

    Why is the foreign media eager to conclude that a coup is imminent every time a verbal exchange between the military commander and the government takes place or when we have elections or when something politically controversial happens? Is the media making a self-fulfilling prophesy, hoping that a coup would actually happen? Unfortunately every time they make these coup predictions they are wrong, very wrong indeed.

    What are some possible factors which compel foreign journalists to be so coup excited?

    Cultural prejudice

    The first factor is deeply embedded in the journalists’ psyche and cultural perception of the world. One of the ethno-cultural stereotypes dominant in the perceptions of mainstream Australian and New Zealand media (and of course governments and some of their citizens) is that Fiji is part of the dreaded “arc of instability” stretching across Melanesia. The people in these countries, it is assumed, are of inferior cultural and intellectual dispositions and are often prone to corruption, bad governance and institutional chaos. They are too dumb to look after themselves well so they need Australian and New Zealand aid help teach them “good governance” and salvage them from earthly damnation. Australian Prime Minister John Howard, in media interview last week, gave a similar version of this doctrine.

    Within this frame of thinking, Fijians are seen as violent and coup prone people, incapable of sorting out their own security problems thus every time there’s an exciting political event, there is a possibility that it would lead to a coup. Fijians, it is assumed, enjoy staging coups, the same way that Papua New Guineans enjoy fighting tribal wars and Solomon Islanders enjoy civil wars.

    Over the years these naïve and racist thoughts have been whipped up by some conservative Australian journalists and academics and the imageries have become not only permanent but have been used as basis for foreign policies. The United States under Bush uses similar conceptual tools to approach Islamic countries.

    Because of the nature of their profession (that is to put something sensational together quickly to sell to readers), journalists are amongst the first to fall prey to these prejudiced generalizations. Sometimes these prejudices, framed under the guise of objectivity and freedom of expression, are veiled and subtle and sometimes they are very explicit.

    The association between Fiji and coups has become a permanent mental picture which is uncritically accepted by many mainstream journalists. Worse still it is often used to inform political developments in Fiji so that any slight political controversy in Fiji is assumed to lead naturally to a coup. Fijians are portrayed as friendly on the surface and coup lovers at heart.

    Lack of analytical skills

    Another significant issue is the lack of analytical depth of journalists, especially when dealing with sensitive political issues. What foreign journalists do is take reports by local journalists and then enthusiastically convert them into coup predictions. Five out of five times they get it all wrong.

    Simply reporting and interpreting surface issues without understanding the deeper political dynamics and allowing stereotypes and prejudices to take over analytical reasoning can be dangerous. This distorts issues and often paints a very negative picture of Fiji. Every time I read a report in The Sydney Morning Herald or The New Zealand Herald or other papers I shudder with deep anger, knowing that half the stuff they write about Fiji politics are sensationalist rhetoric of dubious intellectual value.

    Obsession with negativity

    There is also a common psychological factor relating to obsession with looking for bad things in something with a good image. Fiji’s image as a romantic paradise is one of the most sought after brand names in the world. This was confirmed recently by a global market survey.

    While the image of paradise is good for tourism, it is a boring subject for popular readership so weaving in a negative story such as a coup makes things more interesting.

    Like the “Fiji” brand name the “Coup in Fiji” news also sells. The media sells distorted stories about us and consequently diminish our international reputation as a safe tourist destination and a reliable place for investment.

    Ethics of journalism

    The dominant culture within journalism is to sensationalize issues as a way of selling their story. Making wild claims such as a coup in Fiji does a lot to heighten readers’ excitement and makes news more marketable.

    However, there is an underlying ethical consideration to this approach. Does the media really need to destroy the reputation of a country, turn away tourists, scare off investors, undermine national development and make an entire population uneasy just to gain a few extra dollars ahead of competitors through deceptive generalizations, veiled under the rhetoric of “media freedom”?

    Playing to the journalist tune

    As we judge journalists, let’s not forget that we too are to shoulder some of the blame. The political behavior manifested by some of us simply reinforces the stereotypes held by many foreign journalists. Most foreign journalists (like consultants and aid officials) are not trained in social anthropology and are often not very culturally aware in their world views. The same templates they are brought up with at home are often the same templates they use to judge us. This phenomenon is what sociologists refer to as ethnocentrism.

    We are all ethnocentric in our own ways but for journalists who sell and publicize their ideas and views widely, the damage they cause through their writings can be profound. That’s why it’s important for us to sort out our political problems constructively in ways which do not attract the eagle eyed attention of those hoards of sensation-seeking coup enthusiasts.

    Lots of foreign journalists are in Nadi now to cover the Pacific Islands Forum meeting and I can imagine some of them weaving through the cane fields or snorkeling around the Sheraton Hotel pool looking for “clues” of a possible coup to spice up their stories.

    Imagine this headline in The Auckland Herald next week: ”Super woman Helen Clarke bravely avoids Fiji coup targeted at her.” Or what about this in next Sunday’s The Sydney Morning Herald: “Arrest of Australian conman Peter Forster to start street riots and military coup in Fiji”. Do you think I’m joking? Mind you, this is perfectly possible.


    Did Avenai just fart?

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    Billy – Katuvu neitou dredre

  12. Adi Kaila Says:

    I am really annoyed with myself for not reading previous posts from Fiji Day – notably the Post titled “International Condemnation Pours In” I was determined not to think about the flawed ruling and get out of town asap to relax and not have to listen to the celebrations thundering from Albert Park. Well………the best celebration of all was taking place right near the camp.

    I couldn’t figure out how everyone knew that Vilisi Nadaku is our very own Tui. I am so proud of you Tui I could cry – In fact I was so overwhelmed by your bravery.

    You’re a Tui alright!!!!! No doubt about it.

  13. Billy Says:

    Adi K blame NP.Levu na ka dau vakavurea mai! First of all, i used to think that a victim has to file a complaint b4 the police investigates, gathers evidence and lays charge. Who complained in this case? I saw ppl doing the hi5 & thumbs up to Tui? Just from media evidence? Ha ha, fail of vandamme. In your eye Teleni!

  14. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @Adi Kaila..trues up…what will the Doc Ratuva say now huh? Levu ga na via2 analytical mind as an academic but fail to see the reality of life..even a Kindergartener can predict way before Dec 5, 2006 that coup-coup Vore was well on his way of implementing his self-righteous mission..da mai leqa.

    And what a pity that someone like Stee has to fail in his assumptions in the public intellectual arena.

    As for the new RAF image….voleka tale ni da cross-eyed like Teleni seeing the blue camouflage being paraded…tukuni ga kina…boi dahdah!!!!…Teletubby really wants to stamp his mark on something he didn’t initiate himself and trying to get credit for…luveni mata douche!

    As for Vilisi..God bless you and may He keep your family safe in his loving arms.

    Travel gently and with God! (plus bloggers on your side)

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze & Adi Kaila – drau bula vinaka. I am responding to you here because the Gates Judgement thread was just getting too long.

    @AK – my desire to reveal my identity and be done with it stems from sheer frustration. I absolutely hate having to skulk around in the dark – is skulk even a word. I did not commit a crime, I do not slander or blaspheme, why can’t I have my say in the light of day. This is reason number 897567687 why I hate living here right now.

    But I take your point andthnak you for the sound advice, caution beingth better part and all.

    @Ablaze – as you can see Naita Kutu is back at the helm so I will leave it to him to follow up on some of the ideas we have posted. Kitou sa na vakarorogo tu ga vei iratou na Turaga ni Kubuna.

    Adi – how do we go about engaging honest dialogue and telling them to their face about the reality of the situation on the ground. I am fed up with some of the media interviews that do not challenge some of the viewpoints by coup supporters.

    This evening on Fiji One News I saw Rt. Vesikula going on about legaility and just wanted to hop the next plane out of here. Early this morning watching take off sa voleka sara na tagi va gone lailai.

  16. Ablaze Says:

    I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about Tui and what happened so decided to write about it.

    I’m still reeling and rocking about the courageous Vilisi Naduka – the lone gutsy protestor. The fact he was fair dinkum and did what all of us would like to do but never the courage to go ahead with it.

    Tui said to his family after they tried their utmost to stop him from doing it and his words to them were; “Life is not worth living if I cannot do this for my country.”

    He pushed to take his family along with him – his wife and 7 children but Mrs Naduka told him that he had to do it alone. His 2 eldest children begged him, asked him what would happen to them if the army did something to him and he would never return to look after them. He told his daughters he would be useless anyway because he would never be happy to work and support them.

    Man! the blog site SOLIVAKASAMA and how the bloggers rallied together and managed to get Jon Apted, Fiji lawyer to represent this courageous man. It rings sweet music to my ears. Don’t you just love it. Sa worth na blog tiko ragone.

    Saturday he was being questioned and spent over 8 hours at the Police Station. At first he was told that he would spend the night in a Police Cell but then later was taken to the Army Camp to just talanoa with Tailevu soliders as he was the Kai Gau that spent most of his time in Namara Tailevu. I was glued to Solivakasama waiting for any news about our hero.

    I was so happy about what he had done for his country and democracy and forgot about the reprecussion until late Saturday night. Then all of a sudden I thought about those brutes and how they may treat Tui in an inhumane way. Baci rere and felt hopeless. I kept blogging to feel like I had support and I needed the strength to keep it together for Tui’s sake. I kept thinking we the bloggers must rally together to give him support – this support would mean a lot to him and his family as it would give them great strength. I cannot sit back and not try to do anything.

    I even told Mark Manning that our main concern at that very moment was Tui’s safety as Mark was posting something and didn’t mention anything about Tui. Sorry Mark! Things were OK after he posted back and said for me to go to bed and he will pray for Tui and his family.

    I did just that and felt that in time of need my fellow bloggers were there not just for our hero but for me.

    Thank you very much to everyone and off course SOLIVAKASAMA!

    I am sure the goons took in account the fact that Vilisi worked at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, that alone was a bonus for Tui. Thank you again Tui and to his lovely wife and children for enduring these difficult times.

    IslandBoy I will wait but I’m sure something is brewing and we will be told soon.

    Like you said we need to do this right to achieve credibility and the know how to fight back in a peaceful legal way.

  17. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Kutu – good to see you back.

    Vinaka Jon Apted for standing up for Tui, our true hero of democracy and peaceful protest, and agreeing to represent him pro bono.

    The illegals know Jon is no fool and will not try any of their foolhardy tricks with Jon on the case – too much attention and pressure especially with their habeus corpus stunt (with Evan Hannah) about to bite them on the butt.

    Most of all, a major Vinaka Vaka Levu to Tui, Vilisi Nadaku. You are an inspiration to us all. Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  18. Talei Says:

    It only takes ONE to get things moving. Who knows, perhaps Vilisi’s actions was of a Divine Appointment nature – in the sense that he was taken to QEB to “talanoa” with Tailevu soldiers – maybe his being in there is good to the effect that he can offer some common sense to the soldiers that are being brainwashed now by Voreqe.

    We must continue to pray for his and his family’s safety as well as wisdom from above when he is talking to the soldiers, etc.

    Vilisi – YOU DA MAN!

    God bless Fiji.

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    My heart and prayer go out to Tui the true blue hearted patriot of Fiji. He bravely took the fall for us all despite overwhelming odds and we praise him for that. We must ensure his sacrifice is not in vain but that it make us all the more resolute in our cause. Thank all for the encouragement as I was really downhearted after the Gaytes convoluted ruling on Thursday. it was further compunded by our heroic friend Tui being arrested for his show of patriotism. But upon reading posts by other friends I am feeling a lot better. Tui’s action should crank up momentum in our endevour and objective. God bless and take care of Tui and his family.

  20. Billy Says:

    Tui is an inspiration indeed! As for the doc, these kind of academics want to show off their bullshit theoretical analysis. Way off the mark o da vinci, laurai ga eke na bullshit theory tiko. Lesson no 1- keep your ear to the ground and learn from reality kua na via theatrical (theoretical) tiko qai calacala!

  21. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Great Posts.

    My Phone (510) 533 5221 – Calls are screened. Do not let it deter you.
    My email address : – this desktop is un_hackable. If you do not hear from me 2 – 3 days, it means your message is infected please clean and re send.

    @Ablaze please call me today when you find time — It is after 1pm here and am not leaving the house again.

    @IB why wait for Los vegas trip to place that call? Will you do it now? I want to discuss some things you touched minus the traffic. I will call you right back since I have a good supply of phone cards from Vilisi’s anonymous supporters. and speaking of which

    @Anon and others if you are reading this please supply more phone cards at your convenience and is very much appreciated.

    @ED please check mail.

    @AK that might have been the story line from Saturay? Spoke to Ana this morning UPDATE is Vilisi spent the night @ military camp and heading to court from Nabua as I write. Am anxious. Want to reach Jon Apted but donot have his # Ablaze will you email me Jon’s contact please. Accidentally deleted the FLS directory Oh never mind Ablaze will google for contact.

    Thanks all
    Loloma to all
    SV please check mail this am.

  22. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Billy yadra.

  23. Billy Says:

    Yadra vinaka KB! Ooops i was away whole afternoon yesteday and thought that Tui had actually been released. Will “contact” Ana & Jon today once I get to the office. Also need to get phone cards to avoid hassles from these goonie loonies. As Ana informed my “contact” their phone is also monitored. Vinaka valevu na action KB. Thanks for the spirit of unity! Have a good one all.

  24. Ablaze Says:

    I will do all that is required of me after I get off the subject of our hero, Tui for a little while and post this from the Fiji Times and my reply. This man Khaiyum is a sona levu!

    Interim A-G: We are ready
    Monday, October 13, 2008

    THE interim Prime Minister and his government have always been willing to engage in dialogue, says interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

    He said they had tried to do through the National Council for Building a Better Fiji, though Mr Bainimarama’s one on one meetings with ousted prime minister Laisenia Qarase and thirdly through the facilitation of the political forum or political dialogue under the auspices of the UN and the Commonwealth.

    “Unfortunately, it is the wavering and the unwillingness of the SDL, NFP and Mick Beddoes to engage in constructive and national dialogue to genuinely take Fiji forward,” he said.

    Mr Sayed-Khaiyum was reacting to comments made by former President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi during the Fiji Day celebrations in Brisbane, Australia.

    Ratu Joni said the country had to move beyond apportioning blame and begin planning its future.

    Ratu Joni said the Fiji High Court declaration to uphold decisions made by the President after the December 5, 2006 coup came as no surprise to him.

    “But what has been imposed on people will not endure because the majority of the population disagree with it.”

    Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the interim Government had support.

    “As to the assertion that majority of the people do not support the initiative of the Government is wrong because the feedback that government has received is contrary to what is been asserted,” he said.

    “A healthy number of people support if not are engaged in constructive dialogue to find a sustainable, political, economic and social way forward for Fiji.

    “Government has consistently urged all political parties to engage with it constructively.”

  25. Ablaze Says:

    This is my reply to that Sona Levu!

    It is amazing how Attorney-General Khaiyum always comes up with some counter-claim every time he feels that the illegal path his Regime have charted has been challenged by another academic like Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi. They maybe both academics but in no way Khaiyum and his Regime will get close to Ratu Joni for moral fibre, honesty, integrity and all the other good things that you could find in a human being.

    I can just see Khaiyum shake in his pants when he found out that Fiji’s former Vice President Ratu Joni was chief guest at the Fiji Day Celebration in Brisbane, Australia. No doubt he would have also heard that the Kai Vitis in Brisbane turned up in full force to give him and his lovely wife, Adi Lusianna a very warm welcome only reserved for high chiefs of this wonderful country we love so much. Nothing was spared it was done in the true Fijian style – fakawella and all.

    Thank you to the Brisbane Kai Vitis, what you did to this humble high chief was all that was needed to let the world know that Khaiyum and his Regime know that they don’t have the support they want thus saying the illegal PM Bainimarama the coup leader, his Govt of illegals have always been willing to engage in dialogue. Sorry Khaiyum pull the other one! We may not be academics like you and Ratu Joni but we are not stupid. “Unconditional Dialogue For Quick Parliamentary Elections” is what every law abiding citizen has been harping on about since your illegal PM Bainimarama the coup leader with the help of academics like you snatched power away from what was legally right ours, an Elected Govt. You and your Regime then twisted the Constitution, supreme law of the law to suit your purposes. Since the coup that I am afraid is how you have governed this country.

    Yes you want Dialogue all right but everything tabled will have to be done exactly the way you want it with the parties of those that you said keeps wavering and unwillingly to “dialogue” with you. I am not an academic like you and Ratu Joni but I know that is the reason why SDL, NFP, and Mick Beddoes are not willing to engage in constructive and national dialogue as you say, to genuinely take Fiji forward.

    It is a waste of time trying to have serious dialogue with your kind because we all know its your way or nothing. Please don’t insult our intelligence.

    You Khaiyum have showed yourself up – you can’t handle Ratu Joni, not only he is a respected high chief of great intellect but the fact he has more influence that you can even imagine.

  26. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    From hairyarse “””have always been willing to engage in dialogue”””

    What a load of nonsense coming out of a boy who is still wet behind the ears.

    * international jurists barred from Fiji – they wanted dialogue

    * the illegal pretend pm was too afraid to sit down with the real PM, Mr Q

    * the illegal pretend pm was too afraid to sit down with the Pacific Forum leaders

    * the illegal pretend pm is too afraid to sit down and talk without a gun in his hand.

    There is only one way forward for Fiji; somebody wake up President “Bernie’ and get him to call an election for March 2009.

    NOW !

  27. Talei Says:

    LMAO @ Ex-Fiji Tourist – too true man!

  28. Save the Sheep Says:

    I agree, If the Arse feels that his Government is so popular, put it to a referendum or an election?

    If we want to up the ante, then civil disobedience is the only way to go. Problem is these guys have done their homework very well. With keep plants in the Unions, the Public Service and throughout the villages of Fiji, any news of someone trying to organise an albeit peaceful protest is quickly dealt with.

    Also people just dont want to suffer in Fiji any more than they are already.

    But the very simple solution is a General strike and peaceful protest marches on the Military bases and to the President’s residence.

    Until this happens then the Arse can say that he has popular support by default…

  29. IslandBoy Says:

    @Katalina – Bula Tau. Vilise’s case was to be heard this morning at 9.00am but will now be at 2.00pm. Court details still not clear.

    Its 11.05am as I write this, sorry but I was a little delayed getting back to my desk.

    Will revert when I get more details, but mus tell you that I am really encouraged by some of the developments. Please check you e-mail.

  30. IslandBoy Says:

    @KB – I am writing this twice because when I htthesubmit buttin it did not show on the discussion board.

    Tui’s case was supposed to be heard at 9.00am but will now be at 2.00pm. Some very encouraging developments, check you e-mail.

  31. Striker Says:

    Vinaka Vilisi, your action has served as a warning. The anger’s overflowing and no doubt things will come to a head if there’s no election by March 2009.

  32. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    A resounding vinaka to SV and congratulations to all bloggers for the way you
    rallied behind Vilisi Naduku!

    Over here in Sydney we at FDN have closely followed the unfolding saga of his
    detention and interrogation. Your spirited and spontaneous support for him has
    been truly inspiring.

    It was just the restorative tonic we needed to purge the nausea brought on by
    trying to digest the poisoned pie served up by Justice Gates last Thursday.

  33. Ablaze Says:

    Like this comment from the Fiji Times:

    Duanasiga of France says…
    To Mr Khaiyum
    If you have so much support, how come your boss was so afraid of one man holding a placard in the midddle of the road.
    In fact they were so afraid the Army kidnapped him and interrogated him at the camp.
    Harre wah!!!
    Why worry about one unknown nobody?
    That is because the truth is Mr Khaiyum, you and Bai have no support.
    Your supporters are like dogs. Once you stop feeding them they go to another house.

  34. newsfiji Says:

    Sorry folks, i’ve been away for the long weekend and have just now been updating myself with what’s been happening with Vilisi.

    I must say congratulations and thank you to Katalina and all you others who made things happen for Jon Apted to be able to go and counsel Vilisi!

    Is it true that as of now, Vilisi is back in military custody?

  35. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


    Just spoke to Vilisi and Ana @ the CP holding cell.

    Case will now be called at 2.00 pm. Jon Apted, being the Corporate Lawyer, is looking into engaging the services of a Criminal Attorney for the ‘criminality aspects’

    Asked about his night up at Delainabua and in particular pressing — se ka mavoa. He assured me he was not touched and he says that he will not be changing his statement which seems to be the entire goal here. That they want him to make a public statement of apology to Bainimarama and the President that he made a mistake. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  36. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    This is just so ludicrous .. the criminality aspect based on what. 5 minutes of standing on the road with a banner.

    Hi newsfj. Thank you.

  37. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s not forget , the Court Case brought by Mr Qarase and Co. was mostly questioning the President’s role in the events following the coup by Frank and Co.
    So , Justice Gates and his colleagues make a determination that the President’s actions were Legal .
    Now , what I want to know , is why hasn’t anyone questioned the legality of the Commander’s removal of Ministers from the Parliament immediately prior ?
    This is clearly an act of treason without the President’s or anyone else’s consent . So why hasn’t this fact been brought before the Courts ?
    If it is , and the court finds the Commander’s actions illegal !

  38. newsfiji Says:

    This is just unbelievable! So, what’s the charge for Vilisi??

    MM: you are right thea! Also, SDL should also now file court papers to prove that the President is still all together thea in his bloody brains!

  39. Tosotiko Says:

    I have just caught up with all the blogging after the weekend out. Thank you Katalina Balawanilotu and all. God Bless you All. This new direction is indeed very promising. You have my support and I would like to do my bit in whatever way I can and that is required for the cause.

  40. newsfiji Says:

    It’s 2.20pm now in Fiji..their is still no news on what Vilisi is being charged with…the news websites are also not carying any news on this…very scary times for Fiji ahead..

    I also hear from civil servants that they are being threatened if they don’t do as they are told like sign the charter forms etc, they will lose their jobs…

    Some bloody clean up huh! That’s probably why Pufta Gates favoured the insane President & his pupeteer Frank.

  41. NadroKid Says:

    Just got back from weekend and was moved by the support and care showed by everybody who rallied to (and continue to rally to) Vilisi’s and his family’s side in their hour of need. Too many names to mention. Vinaka vakalevu to all you good people! Ke sa dola na account qai tukuni ga mai.

  42. Push Tailevu Says:

    What a boring fiji day weekend…..I was not happy at all. To Vilisi…vinaka Tai…i always admire your attitude and character…a man so small but lion heart…Vinaka Boso…we miss you at USP

  43. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula Vinaka SV. Sorry it has taken me all day to get back to all of you.

    I for one would like to thank Tau Kata for pushinng my normally lazy butt into action and also SV for providing this wonderful platform, allowing us all to reach across the globe and assist Tui, the brave kindred spirit.

    He has been charged with Malicious Intent and Disturbing the Peace. His case has been deferred to Thursday 13th November before the magistrate’s court – today that was in Courtn No: 2.

    He is in good spirits and has regained his confidence and determination. Hopefully he will be on line later tonight but I am sure he would want me to say a heartfelt Vinaka Vakalevu to you all.

  44. benhur Says:

    Yes a big thank you to Tauvu for his bravery and example which we all should be proud off. Sorry Tau, i did not read your email about your intention to carry through with the protest but you DA MAN!!!! I went to try to get in to the high court but the place was swamp with military and police people. Although they say that they were not going to be there, what a bull-shyte. The carried on a security check like you couldn’t believe,about 20 of us were taken to the station to be interviewed as to why we were carrying one or two little pebbles inside our pokets,one Fijian from Taulevu was asked why was he carrying a tooth-brush in his poket. I can’t believe it? Seems to me, that the military people were right on the edge and if you said something to them which they don’t like, they will rough you up or get real nasty toward you. What a bunch of bastards.

  45. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB : excuse the ignorance. But what is the relevance of the case being heard in Court No. 2. Does it have any meaning which Court? Please dont get me wrong – this is a genuine q!

    And; I dont think Tui is ready yet to get back online with us. Remember, he called for support but none of us turned up. He wanted us to “bind” with him!

    Well.. that moment was meant to be YOURS alone, Tui. We should also focus on his other big worry which is whether he retains his job at SPC!

  46. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Wailei. Are you there? Some of us are still waiting for the photos of your demonstration. You deserve your moment too on SV for your effort. Update us please!

  47. Isalei Says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourselves if you didn’t turn up to support Tui. The moment belonged to him alone, sometimes its hard to round up a mob, just stand up and do it! Its kinda like the “plot”, no need to plan with so many and all get rounded up (don’t believe there was a “plot”anyway).

  48. newsfiji Says:

    Luvfiji: i agree with you. I too feel bad about not being able to make it…i was out of Suva at the time and have not checked or logged on until yesterday to see all the happenings…

    Sorry Tui i could not make it…however, your actions will not be in vain…expect some mischief in the coming days people.

  49. Ablaze Says:

    No worries my fellow bloggers everything that is being done for Vilisi comes from all of us.

    He knows how much support SV have given him and his family.

    We must start remembering

    We Are One We Are Many

    From all the islands in Fiji we come

    We share a dream and sing with one voice

    I am, you are we are Fiji

    Start thinking like this for the website is coming up!

  50. Budhau Says:

    Now here is guy that had balls – imagine if another several thousand of you decided to do the same, now that you send a message – both to the regime and to the world.

    But now – we like to do the armchair stuff. So how about we discuss the next march that we should do.

  51. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Re Court No: 2 – I was just reporting what he told me when he called as he left the court with Ms. Malimali. Then Ana called me at told me that they would call again when they got home.

    It was when he was at home that he called again and when we spoke he said he was going to get online later that same evening.

    My apologies if my post has offended you, I was just posting what VN told me, and I did ask him if it would be OK to let the SV gang know about our conversation.

  52. Ablaze Says:

    @IslandBoy & LUVfiji remember the words to the Qantas song but changed to suit our cause.

    We are one we are many

    From all the islands in Fiji we come

    We share a dream and sing with one voice

    I am, you are we are Fiji.

    @Budhau – that is what we are all about!

  53. Budhau Says:

    Is it – I saw a different story when I visited the Fiji Museum the last time.

    If someone forcibly removes Bainimarama – we will see how your song works out.

    Fiji was never a one nation, the conflict in Fiji has always been a intra-Fijian conflict – no matter how many songs you come up with.

    Yes – when you bring up the Indian as the enemy, the Fijians do have a tendency to unite – but for how long.

    This coup, and all other coups – were fights between the different Fijian power houses.

  54. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze – Vinaka kemuni, I never heard the song but sounds likemusic to my ears.

  55. IslandBoy Says:

    @Ablaze – dua na leqa levu sa tiko vi kemudrau no koto e cake. Ka qima da kanaka e rogorogo ca vua, ka qima e volai e veibataki. Dua beka na bula sa vakaloloma na rokana tiko vei kemidrau.

  56. Ablaze Says:

    IslandBoy I am laughing! What can I say? Kila beka the cava e kai tiko!

    Hey Bauhau I don’t think you have been doing your home work!

    We are one We are many means every law abiding citizen in the Republic of Fiji.

    Check with Bai and his troop what we should be called, Fijians, Taukeis, IndyFijian, ChinkyFijian, Allraces, Vitians, Bainimaramaians, Khyamiumians, Gaties, Illoians or Mirrorians. (translated into English)

    Big choice Man!

  57. Budhau Says:

    It is the Fijian army (99% Fijian) that has its boots on the chest of the Fijian people who are on the ground (just picture that as cartoon)

    – and you are telling me “we are one” – with some of you big Kahuna’s supporting the army.

  58. Ablaze Says:

    Your choice Budhau! The only freedom we have to choose for ourselves our destiny!

    Come on give us a name perhaps Mickey Mousies since he lavishly used our money for him and his family to see one of the world’s famous characters.

  59. Frida Says:

    Speaking about the security of Vilisi’s job at SPC – I do not see why his lone protest would affect it. First of all – he is a Fiji citizen and is acting on that. secondly – he does not work for the Fiji government alone at SPC as it is a regional entity. We should bind to ensure that he does not loose his job as he has single handedly shown the illegal government, its supporters and the world that not all are in with the illegal activities being carried out here in Fiji by the illegal wannabe mickey mouse entourage running our country now.

  60. Budhau Says:

    Frida – I am with you – you all must make sure that this guys does not get harassed.

    What the military is trying to do is send a message to the rest – that don’t even think about it.

    Remember how they came down hard on civil servants who got slightly out of line or were not willing to drink the kool-Aid.

    This regime is afraid of the people, and this is the only way they think they can control the masses.

  61. talanoa Says:

    Where were the Fiji bloggers when Vilisi was protesting, levu ga na vosa tiko mai dakuni kuila, se vaivei..???

  62. Ablaze Says:

    @talanoa – What does it matter he protested alone the fact is he represented all of us that disagree with the 2006 Coup and the way the Illegals have bastardize the constitution which is the supreme law of the land.

    We came to the rescue when Vilisi needed us and we will be there for him until the end.

    That talanoa is good enough for Vilisi and for US.

  63. LUVfiji Says:

    Regulations in regional and international organisations DO NOT allow staff members to participate in any public activity deemed political or such as that Vilisi got himself involved in last week! That is exactly why he stated in one of his posts he was putting his job on line! As a Fiji citizen he had taken up employment with a regional organisation, he had sworn to abide by its governing regs.

    Yep, I can confirm, our dear friend’s job is indeed on the line!!

  64. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hmm interesting LFj and I don’t doubt you but on the other hand
    How political was that?

  65. Ablaze Says:

    Bula Katalina!

    Check your email as I will be emailing you later.

    I am concerned about Vilisi and would like to make sure he is OK with mainly his job.

  66. LUVfiji Says:

    Yes KatalinaB – that is the big question!

    It would be interesting to know how SPC HQ will digest and resolve Vilisi’s status. We can only hope and pray he is granted some kind of immunity with sound warning not to repeat his action of patriotism we witnessed last week.

    I am pretty sure though SPC SG would silently understand what he did, having experienced similar situation in the political/civil turmoil of the Solomons. But as I have already said, Vilisi is governed by the Diplomatic Regulations under which SPC falls. So we will just have to wait and see!

  67. IslandBoy Says:

    If its OK with VN, perhaps we can lobby the SPC and quote the Forum Working Group as well as Australia, (major funder of SPC) and NZ not being swayed by the Gates ruling.

    After all Fiji’s major international partners with the exception of China are all standing their ground. Gates’ ruling has impressed absolutely no one of note.

    So while what VN did was a personal protest it was still in line with the stand taken by the regional organisations and governments.

    It should also be pointed out to the SPC that sacking VN would garner more bad publicity than good and would earn them the ire of Pacific NGOs, who are members of the human rights network, IMHO.

  68. IslandBoy Says:

    If someone can get in touch with Virisila Buadrom from FWRM, Edwina Kotoisuva from FWCC and Tupou Vere/Ema Tagicakibau from the PCRC to issue statements of support for VN, that would be great.

    Also Matai Akau’ola at the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) for the freedom of speech and freedom of the media statement.

  69. Keep The Faith Says:

    It is true that regional CROP Agencies are supposed to be apolitical but the reality is that they are not. Every blinking thing that CROP Agencies do is political – and they have to be to keep 16 regional governments happy.

    Vilisi as an individual has every right to do what he wants in his time, and his freedom of PEACEFUL expression is protected in the Constitution – the Supreme Law of this Land, which SPC Nabua is also bound by.

    Secondly all CROP Agencies take their cues from what the leaders of the region say at their annual pow-wow’s. And everyone already knows what they said about Fiji in Niue.

    But I’m sure Jon Jon will have all this down pat.

  70. Frida Says:

    LUVFiji vinaka for the other view and I would like PCRC as a regional NGO to make a statement in support of Vilisi and his job. As KB had asked how political was that? from where I am sitting – he is a one man standing by what he believed in. To date, leaders are still praising the princiled position taken by Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela in their fight to save their people. Like what KTF has said – I am sure JonJon has got it all underwraps for the big day.

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