Gate’s Judgement.

Bula Bloggers. This is a sad Fiji Day indeed. This impersonating Acting Chief Justice Gate’s holding off judgement for some 6 months before releasing it on the eve of Fiji Day Celebrations is part of the preconceived plan in carrying out this coup. The judgement hurt us all, but it only strengthens our resolve to move on until justice prevails. Our regular contributor Tui Savu has sent in this letter, which we hope will ease some of the pain we are feeling at the moment. Let us reflect today and remember what Fiji was and look forward to what we want Fiji to be, when Vore and his cronies are brought to justice. Keep the fight ragone and don’t ever lose heart!!!!


Fiji is still reeling from the ACJ Gate’s judgement dismissing Qarase’s challenge. It will be scrutinized over the next few days, however its significance will be studied for years to come and as the President of the Fiji Law Society Dorsami Naidu said, its consequences are far reaching.


Those who believe the Bainimarama coup was illegal will not take this lying down and will continue to believe that ACJ Gates; Justices Byrnes & Pathick perverted the course of justice in ruling in favour of President Iloilo.


However, for those who supported the coup, like the FLP and the IR, it is a time for celebration and justification.


When one considers the coup history in Fiji, Judges have been divided as to whether the usurpation of democratic power was indeed lawful or not?


During the Speight coup Justice Michael Scott and the Justice Anthony Gate’s differed in their view of the coup.


The Fiji Court of Appeal upheld Justice Anthony Gate’s interpretation in Chandrika Prasad.


I wish to make a few points about the Gate’s judgement now, but reserve my right to amend in the future.


The main issue the Gate’s judgement deliberated upon was the President’s prerogative powers, which allowed him to ratify the illegal actions of Bainimarama and grant him immunity.


Furthermore, the court granted very wide powers to the President in times of crisis.


This brings up an important point concerning the calibre of future Presidential candidates.


The GCC should no longer nominate a President solely on the basis of their chiefly status, but rather on those having the credentials to suit the Gate’s judgement in times of crisis.


However of fundamental concern to me throughout the gate’s judgement is the wide discretionary power granted to the President, which presupposes the fact the President is mentally fit and capable of carrying out their presidential duties?


There are wide spread rumours of President Iloilo being infirm and senile, which should be a cause of concern for all citizens because in accordance with the Gate’s judgement, the IR can rule through him indefinitely on the pretext of preparing for General Elections.


Now that the Gate’s judgement has legitimised Bainimarama’s coup, they have virtually opened up the way for him to assume direct control of Fiji, should President Iloilo die in office.


Should the inevitable happen, then the question of having General Elections takes on a new slant because Bainimarama will force through many constitutional changes before even considering General Elections.


What then is the future of Fiji? Qarase and his SDL Party will now consider other legal options available to them.


What will be interesting is how Australia, NZ and the US react to the Gate’s judgement?


If they describe it as a miscarriage of justice and continue to put in place the travel ban, then it clearly shows the international community’s rejection of the Gate’s judgement.


However, if they accept Gate’s judgement, then it makes it more difficult for Qarase and those opposed to the coup to fight for justice.


It is one thing to say, accept the judgement and move on, but the law is only as strong as the people’s faith in the judiciary and once it is lost, then judgements amount to nothing.


Ironically, the Gate’s judgement instead of ending the coup culture, has actually perpetuated the same by providing a recipe on how to carry out a coup and get immunity.


Tui Savu.


Townsville QLD.


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  1. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you again Tui, always good to know that if we stick to our principles the truth will prevail. As a law abiding citizen it doesn’t matter how long it will take.

    You have been a pillar of strength and understanding! Vinaka again!

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    People – Can we get some GOOD CHEER in here please?

    It is not a sad day, its a bloody wonderful day as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s a wonderful day because now more than ever people know more about democracy and how important it is; people now know that when the time comes to put ticks to people they will not have anyone even remotely linked to the IIG; people now know that they can in their own way turn on the passive resistance; people now know that the people they pick to lead them when the time comes must be accountable to them.

    Think about it! All these qualities we people did not have en masse on 5/12 and to have it now on the day we celebrate Fiji Day is bloody marvellous.

    Democracy may not be alive (yet) visibly in the seats of power — but very soon the people will know just how powerful they really are and thats a wonderful thing to be celebrating on Independence Day.

  3. Glawyer Says:

    Well….my contribution for KTF’s good cheer….it rained on the useless army’s parade….hope they get sick and die.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    And that’s another bloody marvellous reason to cheer up — that they all get wet, catch pneumonia (esp the Pres) and that at least the funeral homes will have a spike in their sales.

    Every cloud has a silver lining 😉

  5. Ablaze Says:

    Come on bloggers blog in to welcome Tui’s posting!

    You are right “Keep The Faith” today we should be celebrating that the Regime have shown the world how they have thrown the constitution, supreme law of law out and have ruled by the power of the guns their possess and made a laughing stock of themselves!

    Ca ga drunk with power!

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Isn’t it great to see that 400 green goons supported the illegal bananasinpyjamas at the park today and 900 000 showed their disapproval by staying away.

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Walei,e sa rairai lasa dina o peresitedi.E sokodi na nona soresore na levu ni nona liliwa.

    E vu,e ci,e vu. Au nanuma sara ga ni na cibati koya.

  8. Ablaze Says:

    This is extremely good and should be read by everyone. Found it in the Fiji Times make a comment.

    Tuyawa of Australia says…
    Fiji has now reached a turning point and on Independence day. The IG must realise that the road that they are on from here onwards is a road of no return. In all their narrowmindedness, and in all their pursuit of just trying too damn hard, they have ridden roughshod over everything that represented the importance of Fiji’s independence. Fiji was never independent because it could stand on its own two feet, it was because Fiji and its citizens believed that they could build a Fiji where its citizens had the right to live, breathe and be heard. Where the people decide who is to represent them, where the people have a government that is acccountable not only to itself but to the countries that surround them. The phrase “no man is an island” comes to mind. Voreqe’s mantra of “my way or the highway” just about sums up his level of intelligence and it’s not surprising that the high court has followed suit. Reading through Justice Gates decision, one can only surmise a line that stood out like a sore thumb, “that the president had exhausted all avenues and that the coup had to be undertaken to save Fiji from the crisis it was facing.” Justice Gates, where is the documents stating the crisis that Fiji was undergoing? Was it going to be a crisis, that would inevitably crash the Fiji dollar and bring down the Pacific stock exchange, was it a crisis where people by the thousands were dying on the streets because they couldn’t eat, was it a crisis whereby a rampant disease had affected mothers and their babies, was it a crisis whereby the youths took to the streets everyday rampaging and pillaging and killing in the process? I don’t think so and the world doesn’t think so. It was how the government of the day saw fit how to run the government into which they were elected. It is the everyday process of most governments in most countries and these processess had laws which pertained and upheld them. Sad to say yesterday sealed the nail in the coffin for the respect of law in Fiji. Herein we begin to see the exodus of what Fiji had been proud to have, the Forum Secretariat, the University of the South Pacific, etc, etc.

  9. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yup yup! And that to my mind is as good a cause as any for good cheer today EFT.

    They thought they dealt us the master stroke with the judgment yesterday. How very wrong they are.

    So who’s next on the PS line-up to face the firing squad for the lack of public engagement at Albert Park cock-up today?

  10. Keep The Faith Says:

    LMAO @ NP!

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    rishi ram?

    Maybe he could get a proper job as an undertaker due to the spike in burying dead soldiers.

  12. Ablaze Says:

    I feel great now and we should all be, the beast and its children are working overtime to self destruction!

    Keep it up, the more crap you dish up to us law abiding citizens, the quicker our demise.

    We are home celebrating the rained on lunatics with their shaky steven’s president making out they are the legal leaders of our country.

  13. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry should be; Keep it up, the more crap you dish up to us law abiding citizens, the quicker YOUR demise.

  14. Jean d'Ark Says:

    As a lawyer, Tui Savu cannot come out more harshly against Gates’ see-no-evil judgement.

    I am not a lawyer though – so I can call it the BIASED, SELF-SERVING GARBAGE that it is!

    The only thing that Tony Gates’s contorted legal logic is good for is to give dictators carte blanche to provoke agent provacateur crises on the sly then invoke the nebulous pergative powers to do whatever they want!

    That makes Gates, Byrnes & Pathik accessories to treason!

    Robert Mugabe must be rubbing his hands with glee as these three unwise monkeys have just handed him a “get out of jail” card pretext to spurn negotiations with the MDC and just continue doing what the hell ever he wants!


  15. Billy Says:

    Hip hip hooray! Sa qai laurai vinaka ga na circus, ha ha! It made my day, I would be very worried if I was sitting in that pavillion, where’s the crowd they said was gonna buzzle Albert for the celeb? Just family members of the undisciplined forcers and a few rent a school children and teachers, few asian diplomatic corp who have no principles.
    Wailei watching the old sleeping giant yawn his speech away, had a good laugh, but couldn’t stomach the bull**&. Welcome back from the dead, sa qai bula mai after gates breathed his breath of life mouth to mouth to resuscitate you? Oh but you owe the GCC big time and GCC better go for their pound of flesh!!! Pressie, look in the mirror pls and see for yourself! Ni sa vakalolomataka na i tutu oqori kei ira na Turaga kei na Marama bale kei Viti
    Thanks to all who stayed away from the celebs, we were the majority so the overseas media saw first hand that the ppl are not impressed with yesterday’s prejudiced judgement. If there was anything to celebrate ppl would line up like the digicel crowd! So our first protest worked. More to come in the next few days and weeks. Keep safe bros and sis, our fight has just begun.

  16. benhur Says:

    Justice Gate is one macafaka. I have always says that someone should really check this bastard background throughly. He appears to me to be a very racist macafaka. Someone need to do him in or beat the living shit out of his useless life?

  17. LUVfiji Says:

    lol! @ NP.. lol!!!!

    See.. that’s whats been missing from here! Im glad I caught the telecast to know what u mean. Na cava beka e vosota? Trying to prove to the nation he was still alive.

    I must say it was a rather shabby Parade. Its lacked the precision the Military is known for – rain, hale or shine.. plus the different uniforms of each detachment just didnt quite make it (imho). E so na turaganivalu rairaica era parade taki tu mai – they didnt quite do justice to the uniforms they donned. And, FijiTV camerawork was pathetic with no audio and the commentary was lousy. They may as well not have been there! Sorry.. FijiTV , I guess its better luck next time, huh!

    And then came the speeeeeech… I have no words to say!

    Oh Lord.. PLEASE save this country!!

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m inclined to consider what Francis and Co. have done , as an act of war !
    Therefore , this act of war , should be repelled accordingly .
    Some men see things as they are , and say , why , others see things as they could be , and say , why not ?

  19. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    We at FDN are not lawyers, so we are not qualified to comment on the finer legal subtleties in the torturous wording and bizarre reasoning employed by Mr Justice Gates to conjure up his creative ruling.

    But we are confident that his legal peers (think regional law societies and honest lawyers) will comment profusely and negatively once they have analyzed it.

    No, we are fair-minded, simple people who believe passionately in democracy
    and were moved back in August last year to set up a website to advance that belief.

    Since then, we have meticulously observed and recorded the tactics of
    intimidation employed by the same interim regime on which Mr Justice Gates has now bestowed the seal of quasi-legality.

    What did this judge think he was doing? He has, in effect, legitimized a regime that the world recognizes as responsible for gross abuses of human rights, including murder, torture and harassment.

    Ifs important to remember that opponents and critics of the regime, both real and perceived, have been subjected to a range of intimidating tactics including death threats, bomb threats, deportation and torching of houses.

    Bainimarama, the regime leader, has lied through his teeth on so many occasions that we have lost count (eg: “there will be elections by March 2009”).

    Bainimarama’s military-backed regime has not only traumatized good people at home, but through its actions and antagonism towards the regional and wider community it has turned Fiji into a pariah state.

    More significantly for Fiji over the longer term/ the illegal Bainimarama regime has presided over an economic meltdown of our beloved country that has produced levels of poverty and hardship that we haven’t seen for decades.

    So, it’s clear that the aforementioned Mr Justice Gates has got it incredibly wrong.

    Why is he preventing the people of Fiji from moving forward from the coup
    culture and why should Bainimarama be granted immunity for his heinous

    Was Gates more worried about maintaining his salary and his servants, or was he scared his house would be torched?

    The ruling on 9 October 2008 by Mr Justice Gates has indefinitely postponed the opportunity for the people of Fiji to exercise their God-given right to once again live in freedom.

    Mr Justice Gates might talk at length about the Constitution, but in his lengthy judgment he consistently ignores the fundamental purpose of that well-intentioned document.

    The Constitution of Fiji is first and foremost a strict set of rules for the protection of the right of the Fiji people to live in a democracy that chooses its leaders via free parliamentary elections.

    Instead, Mr Justice Gates has cynically manipulated and isinterpreted the Constitution to give a wink and a nod to a crazed dictator that we’ll have to live with for some time to come.

    Yet, in all fairness to Mr Justice Gates, his judgment was quite a feat of legalistic convolution that produced a very high level of magical illusion, which is no doubt the reason it took seven whole months to produce.

  20. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bloggers, Gates could not have affirmed Qarase’s application because to say he was right and Iloilo & Vore wrong places him in a predicament as it would mean his appointment as Acting Chief Justice too was wrong, then who is he to sit in judgement.

    Anyway, his judgement is an indictment against him and his 2 fellow conspirators judges in crime.

    The small turnout at the Fiji Day Celebrations in Albert Park speaks volumes of what the majority of people in Fiji think of Gate’s judgement.

    In essence, the majority of Fijians believe and know they were duped and they will ensure that they do not get away with it.

    As for Vore and his illegal junta, it must be daunting for them to realise that despite this bullshit judgement, the people’s opposition is going to increase and won’t go away.

    The people will not be placated with these lies, so let’s keep up the pressure ragone!

  21. qilaqila Says:

    I thought I was Fiji born and resident all this time until comes the high court ruling to tell me;
    1. the President is actually ruling Fiji.
    2. That he intervened because of a “long tunnel of strife”
    3. That the speech writer for Bainimarama on January 4 2007 was different from that who wrote Iloilo’s speech the same day
    4. That someone who can hardly read a speech does know that he is still suppose to be the president of my country
    5. And that the pressie actions on January 4 2007 were “similarly close” to the decision of the GCC on December 2006. Are we talking about the GCC that was told to go and drink homebrew under the mango tree or the one to be formed by “high horse ridding” Nawalowalo?
    6. I thought the GCC told the president to form a govt of national unity not a bunch of silly cows, and that the soldiers were to return to barracks. Did they?

  22. judement day Says:

    Behur my thoughts exactly, Gates might as well have included in the Presidents powers to behead people, I mean what else does the President doesnt have powers to do? This judgement is causing physical pain – what a friggen joke.

    I can understand fully for the first time the reason why there are many rebel groups in countries that oppose government like the Tamil Tigers,groups in Sudan, Nepal & Others. They rebel for their own various reasons but usually they get sick of the govenment and find their own form of justice.

    Their tactics may be called terrorism but they have not been allowed to function in country and feel they arent getting their voices heard and feel like their backs are againtst the wall. While it may be not the solution for us here, if the government continues to shove things down peoples throats or make some stupid decision like the one they did yesterday, something will give and out this groups like this will appear. Only time will tell.

    Let this interim govt cut ribbons, pay themselves handsomely for leave since 1979 and get their kicks out of trampling and abusing people who has the guts and intelligence to voice their opinion. Only time will tell. Enjoy your life judges and the friggen interim govt.

  23. Jone Says:

    That is also what the rest of us see .. that this opens up doors for more coups but what was baffling was the Ai arse Kaiyum’s pronouncement that the ruling is not as we all see it. If it is not a passport to future coups then what is it? What is wrong with those people.

  24. moz Says:

    Hey! Is our man Tui the Vilisi Naduku? A lone-protestor stopping traffic this morning at Ratu Mara Rd – see Fiji Times Online!


    It worked even for 10 mins! There should more and more of us doing the same!

  25. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Wooo HOOOO !!!!!

    Tui made the front page

    Fiji Times Online ! It’s parzzeessttt 🙂

  26. Midjikai Says:

    @ benhur

    Did the stone/missile, or whatever miss Gaytes ?

  27. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Yes Moz

    Go for it.

    All around the country

    Keep us here informed

    I will call FT Online immediately and they will get a camera man out there

    OHHHH This is soooooooo exciting !!!

    We deserve this.

    Isa Tui, when I spoke to you this morning, I just knew deep down in your soul there was tremendous hurt and pain.

    I am so glad Fiji Times heeded and gave you and us a more solid grond to stand on. I will email Rika and team and say vinaka.

    I pray for you Tui
    I pray you find some solace now that you have put your mark on Fiji’s troubled road to recovery and I thank you immensely for your courage and setting the example for more to take heed.

    Kudos my friend. A very courageous man. My hat is off to you.

  28. Ablaze Says:

    Wow! Tui what a Man! You are a legend! I am so sorry for trying to stop you by thinking that you should consider the circumstances you were allowing yourselves into.

    We now regret deeply that we weren’t there to give you a helping hand when you asked for it.

    We will pray for you and hope that no harm is done to you, your family and friends.

  29. moz Says:

    And SV it might be an idea to please review all Tui’s previous comments on this blog! Just in case Arze and his unethical, manipulative team get to use them to take to that compromised judiciary!

  30. Jone Says:

    That is when we will rise up for Tui. We will then come out of hiding and take to the phones, emails and faxes and disable the government machinery oh let’s say 15 days at a time ? give them a short breathing room to fool them then start again.

    Hey Tui, you have our respects. All the best to you and the family.

  31. NadroKid Says:

    Vina valevu Vilisi (Tui)!

    O iko na seigwane! Take care and God bless and protect you and your loved ones. Much respect!

  32. iceman Says:

    This man Vilisi is a very courageous man I salute you my brother and I only hope that we can participate in a mass number so that the IG knows and the Judiciary know that nothing can stop the peoples power.

  33. Ablaze Says:

    Hey moz who is to say that it is the same Tui?

    The people of Queensland should be very proud of themselves for giving Ratu Joni a warm welcome he deserves as one of Fiji’s high chiefs and a true citizen of a country we love so much but has be trodden on by a bunch of wankers.

    The Kai Vitis all over Australia are gathering in Brisbane to welcome this humble man, who was sacked from his position as the Vice President of our beloved country by a bunch of wankers.

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia you take the cake in selecting the right person from Fiji to be your chief guest in your celebrations.

    To Kai Vitis living in the USA that held the 60 birthday bash for Rabuka, whole bang lot of losers, you don’t learn and you don’t deserve to call Fiji home. Don’t worry we know exactly who you are -( just google in Sitiveni Rabuka’s 60th birthday bash and you will come up with Matavavuvale)

    The same goes for those that welcomed Bainipuaka on one of his visits to the US when he was granted a visa to enter the country. No more now the Yanks would sooner allow a dog into their country.

  34. Tui Says:

    Pray for me and my family folks, I may never pass this way again.
    God Bless Fiji, God Bless us all, Fijians, Chineese or Indian, Fiji is our home, long live Freedom and Democracy!
    Ni sa moce na noda.

  35. Tim Says:

    @ Tui – it is indeed a wonderful day. It is confirmation that the Judiciary have prostituted themselves just as have the RFMF, and that they have no understanding of democracy. They also appear to have a blind faith in their decisions being permanent fixtures and not subject to what amounts to whatever ‘will of the people’ comes when normailty returns.
    It will indeed be interesting to see how NZ, OZ, US react. We already have one constitutional lawyer and former running mate suggesting that it might be cause to recognise Fiji as legitimate (Bill Hodge). Except the guy has forgotten to consider one or two things. The law is one thing Bill – reality and legtimacy is quite another.
    If NZ and Aus do decide to relax things (like travel bans), it is merely a copout for delaying the inevitable.
    I’m afraid Billy Boy has seen things in terms of Syntax. Bill, the Pressie has lost it and under the will of the nutter Frank and one or two others, and spends most of his time changing his incontenance pads and pissing himself. Just as well “Legalism” and “Pragmatism” are two different things.
    It’s also just as well that nothing is permanent – not even the prospect of amnesties, OR, even life

  36. Tim Says:

    * like that prick Imram Buksch or whatever he called himself – maybe it was Budhau, That’s democracy – tuff shit (Frank)

  37. Keep The Faith Says:

    Tui/Vilisi YOU ROCK!!! And you have all our prayers with you.

    You’re safe tho’ bro — the world is now watching you.

  38. Tim Says:

    Tui – like KtF says – you do rock. I thought about things a little further since I was intrigued about the take on things by Constitutional Lawyer Bill Hodge. His take means that there is a very interesting relationship between a hunk of brass and lead, and the law!. I’m not sure that it is what he intended but the legitimacy he sees in Gates’ decision – whose credentials to begin with are suspect, he attributes legitimacy to, and on that basis seems to think the rest of the world should defer to Frank. It ain’t gonna happen!

  39. NadroKid Says:

    From the Fiji Times

    Protestor blocks road

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Vilisi Nadaku protests along Ratu Mara Road today+ Enlarge this image

    Vilisi Nadaku protests along Ratu Mara Road today

    Update: 3:56PM A LONE protestor blocked the busy traffic along the Suva Nausori corridor for at least 10 minutes showing his disappointment on the High Court ruling in favour of the military regime.

    Vilisi Nadaku parked his vehicle across the two way lane on Ratu Mara Road yesterday causing a pile-up during rush hour after 9am.

    “I am urging the people of Fiji to stand up and fight for justice,” he said.

    “They can kill me, put me in jail, I dont care.”

    Mr Nadaku said the President and the judicial have been compromised.

    He said he was disappointed with the court decision yesterday and how the rule of law had been manipulation.

    Mr Nadaku stood in the middle of the road with a banner reading “democracy now, where is justice”.

    He said he was willing to sacrifice everything to fight for democracy.

    Mr Nadaku is a senior cameraman employed at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

    He said the court decision meant that anyone could march into parliament with guns and take over a democratic elected government.

  40. Mark Manning Says:

    At last someone in fiji has the courage to stand up for their convictions !

  41. corruptionfighter Says:

    We thought he was joking when he disclosed his intentions – goog on you

  42. Mark Manning Says:

    As i said a couple of weeks ago , I wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall , listening to a conversation between Frank and the President !
    President :- mumble mumble , dribble dribble .
    Frank :-And Um yuoses prim minstas ans eyes wantz to tulls youse it’s pivlarge to spiks wits the Presdant ofs Figees .
    And so on .
    IT would be like listening to a demented old soul and a crazed woman , each not comprehending at all what the other was saying yet walking out feeling that they both had done their duty or achieved something substantial .
    What ever it is that Frank is smoking , I want some of it !

  43. Mark Manning Says:

    Imagine being a fly on the wall in the Presidents Office !

    Frank :- azz yous prum minsta , eyes happies tose speeeeks wit yous bout tings of natnal imporrtannnnceee .

    President :- and ” pause ” I declare a proglamation , ” looks for the writing on the page ” ” pause ” I have decide to give amnesty to the Commander of the Fiji Military Forces , ” pause ” ” asks one of his aids what that blokes name is ” ” pause ” Commander Frank Bainarama , ” pause ” and make him the Prime Minister etc .

    Frank :- tanks my Presdentte , youi knse I weull Looks afta da peeeplez of da cuntry and deir civili rice etc.

    You can guess the rest .

  44. Keep The Faith Says:

    I expect that yesterday’s ruling has sent similar ripples through the judiciary. Especially those who have been opposed to the certain “bents” that Gates and Shameem have been taking from 5/12.

    The loudest message others on the bench could give in retaliation to this flawed verdict is that they no longer believe that the judiciary is impartial or independent and RESIGN.

  45. Aloha Says:

    Bula SV and fellow freedom fighter’s.

    Tui/Vilisi – if I was in Fiji – I’d be standing right next to you brother. My heart was in my throat when I read your bravery and it makes me proud to be a Fiji Islander.

    Friends – pardon my language, but I am very saddened by Gates’ ruling. While the illegal junta rams it’s manipulation up the judiciary’s rear, our country continues to suffer – Fiji needs leaders like Tui who WALKS THE TALK and not just talk, talk, talk – hats off to you brother. I am proud again today to be from Fiji because there is still a greater many people like yourself that are willing to lay it all on the line because of your love for our country.

    But you know what guys – as demented and twisted as Bainimarama and the opportunists that support him are, I’m sure that deep down inside they truly can’t enjoy this ruling because if any have a conscience, they know they only got a rubber-stamp and they must know a greater injustice has been shoved down the country’s throat now and even more now must double, triple up on their security, because although they rant that what they are doing is for a better future for Fiji, they know their actions were illegal and that the people do not accept them. They will not last much longer, we just need to prepare ourselves because when these mongrels are thrown out, we have a lot of work to do ahead of us.

    God bless our beloved Fiji, God bless you all. God bless you Tui and protect you and yours always.

    With love from the land of Kamehameha

  46. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Tui.

    Vinaka vakalevu na yalo qaqa, kemuni! You the man! You’ve made our statement known. If the Military takeover was legal, then goddamit, that demo was just as LEGAL.

    Fight for yr right – at home and at work!

    Bless you!

  47. Ablaze Says:

    @ Mark Manning I think it would be more like this: “lets make out we care and this is still a democratic country.

    No worries we are here to stay until our dieing day, the people are terrified to do anything because we have the guns.

    Who cares what they think anyway?

    You all are having a good life so while taxes are being paid we shall keep enjoying ourselves.

    Taki please – oh no I don’t drink that stuff, I’ve moved up in the world, open the drink cabinet and I’ll have Black & White Scotch on the Rocks!

  48. tim Says:

    There goes a protester with courage. Kia Ora Vilisi! And may the white dove of peace crap of the closeted fag passing judgement on everyone else whilst he doesn’t have the courage to confront his own demons and his sidekick keeping keeping Clairol and L’Oreal in business.

  49. Aloha Says:

    Anthony Gates’ fate will be no better then that of Voreqe when they have been tried and executed by the people’s court. God bless Fiji.

  50. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Well done Tui.

    Your protest took top billing on the TV news. Great.

    bananasinpyjamas didn’t get a word on the news hoorah.

    After watching gates yesterday, i am of the opinion that he is MAD.

    His misruling is illogical and will be held up to ridicule for time immemorial.

  51. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    bananasinpyjamas and hairyarse must be absolutely fuming that their intimidation of the injustices to give them a tick has not been accepted by the international community.

    Australia says that bananas has lied to the forum, Nz says that bananas is deceiving the people and the USA says that nothing has changed ; the dictator is a piranha to free peoples of the earth.

    Even blind Freddy can see through the illogical reasoning of injustice gates; let’s hope that every primary school class on Monday has a show and tell session on who can pick the errors in the misjudgement.

    I’m sure that every 6 year old will, by now, have heard of the bias of these fools.

    Come Monday morning, every school in Fiji will be resounding with laughter as children see the errors in each point that was made.

    It is such a shame that 3 old farts should end their careers in disgrace.

  52. Say True! Says:


  53. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    International diplomacy is something that bananasinpyjamas and his mangey misfits will never have.

    At this stage, no democratic country has come out and ridiculed injustice gates’ misjudgment. But many have gone off tangent to criticize bananas and his stupidity.

    Soon there will be a collective condemnation of the miscarriage of justice in Fiji.

    The free world will not stand by and see a beautiful country ruined by useless traitors.

    I detest violence, but, in this case, I would love to see a picture of bananas and hairyarse hanging from a rope.

  54. Say True! Says:

    Article 19.

    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers

  55. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Say True!

    Keep on blogging.

    This is your right under the constitution.

    It is a shame that injustice gates and the other 2 old faggots didn’t read the document before making fools of themselves.

  56. Wailei Says:

    Dear all,

    We have just finished our protest which ended at 8pm this evening. We were amazed by the signatures we received from supporters. We collected around 80 signatures. Does anyone here have solivakasama’s email addy. So that I can upload photos of our protest. Vinaka.

  57. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Well done Wailei !

    I look forward to seeing your photos.

    Blog on.

  58. Frida Says:

    Vinaka Vilisi – very proud to have known you and you remind us all that this is not the time to sit on the side and talk but to get out and do something. I was wearing black today and intentionally walked in front of police on the road for them to see. Intentionally speak loud when people ask why i am wwearing black – sad day for justice for all human beings.

  59. Mark Manning Says:

    Just remember , where there is life , there is hope !
    Hitler ended up with Parkinson’s disease .
    What you sow , so shall you reap !

  60. Truth Says:

    Yadra vinaka Tui! bro, I watched you on the evening news and see your story too a while ago on the FT Online and I tell you my heart just swelled with pride. You were right on target too. So glad you went ahead with your convictions. Good for you.

  61. Colin Bishop Says:

    The only question for the average Fiji Islander is are they better off under the IG than they were under SDL. Do they feel happier or under more stress. It is the dutiy of a modern Goverment to make the life of its citizens better and it is judged by now not the future..

    The IG fails miserably under this criteria

  62. Claude Says:

    Isa…malo Tui!! So, so, proud of you! Me maroroi iko kei iratou omu famili a Tamada sa cecere sara!

  63. Kaiviti Botoboto Says:

    Bula Tui, I am soooooo proud of you. You are a brave and courageous piece of humanity and I only pray for your safety and that whatever it is that drives you will be bountiful. You definitely love your country and your people and you didn’t just write and talk, you walk the walk. My hat off to you!

  64. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Well – if Tui can do that, at least the rest of us can start lobbying in our own communities and villages for some common sense opposition to this travesty!

    The people will be hurting, confused and disheartened by this ruling. It is important that they hear why this ruling is wrong and immoral – and why they need to keep opposing the regime until they’ve had a their own chance to give their verdict at general elections!

  65. anon Says:

    Malo sara vakalevu a tu vakatagane Tui.

    As for Gay Anthony Gates, me ratou laki veivutusona vata kei rau na vo ni rua tale na judges.

  66. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Just looovvvveeeee this letter in the Sun

    “”””Reading the High Court judgment on Qarase, I noted that the judges harked back to events of the Magna Carta era to try to justify their decision.
    I thought we were in the 21st century in a little country called Fiji.

    What relevance does the Magna Carta have except perhaps to compare that despot King John with Bainimarama?

    If the SDL can afford an appeal against the judgment, I suggest it be heard in Runnymede.

    At least the appeal judges would be on home turf.

  67. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Another great editorial in the Sun – spot on!


    It would be easy to assume that the sparse attendance at the disciplined services grand Fiji Day parade at Suva’s Albert Park yesterday was a sign of the growing and worrying disconnect between the people of Fiji and the military, the police and the interim government.

    But it is very probably the correct conclusion to draw. The people are voting – election or no election. On a day and at an event that should have inspired a sense of unity and national purpose most of those present appeared to be the families of disciplined personnel taking part in the parade. The only unity on display was that of the Prisons Department (a welcome first-time addition to the parade) with the other disciplined services.

    In the minds of the interim government and the military, of course, this would have been all the media’s fault. Who else?

    The reality, however, is quite different. The overwhelming majority of the people of the Fiji Islands resented and continue to resent the military takeover of December 2006. That event sent the life of the nation – politically, socially and especially economically – into a downward spiral while the rest of the world including our island neighbours enjoyed spectacular growth.Why would they not be resentful?

    For the past 22 months they have been constantly reminded of the need for transparency, accountability, good governance and an end to corruption and nepotism. There is certainly unity of agreement on those noble objectives. What the people want is to see them in practice and the longer the military and the interim government fail to practise what they preach the greater will that resentment become.

    And that is at the heart of the rejection by the public of the draft People’s Charter. They have not rejected the charter as such (though this newspaper believes it should be rejected). They have rejected the regime in its totality. They have had enough of the false promises, the double standards and the deceit.

    Fiji Day should have been an opportunity for the military and the government it supports to re-engage with the people of Fiji – by listening to them rather than telling them what is good for them. Unfortunately, it was another missed opportunity.

    By overthrowing a constitutionally elected government – however popular or unpopular it may have been – the military has marched away from the people it was sworn to protect and whose freedoms it was sworn to uphold. It has invaded a blind alley. It has divorced itself from the very people who would otherwise have respected and supported it.

    This coup was not carried out by rogue elements. It was carried out by the institution of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces itself. And the now institution, as a result, has separated itself, it has cut itself off, from the mainstream of national life.

    Now the only way back to the public esteem – assuming that is what it wants – is to listen to the people. And that can only be done through a credible assessment of the public will. In other words an election. If the elected government is seen as a failure, the people have the lawful option of removing it – something they cannot do under the present circumstances.

  68. Ablaze Says:

    Yadra to all, once again Tui sa dua na ga koi iko! Man I wish I didn’t have my doubts – but there see what can be done! Vinaka Vaka Levu!

    Solivakasama is now being mentioned often in the comments section of the Fiji Times and there you go! Keep blogging folks!

    Hey can someone tell us what is the matter with Fiji Times Online? They usually have their update first thing in the morning. Of late come 9 am still no update!

    Maybe Regime have to check it before it is updated! In Fiji today anything is possible.

  69. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Thanks ablaze, I was just about to ask the same thing.

    Their web page was last updated at 4pm yesterday.

    Has the printed Times hit the street?

  70. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks ex Fiji tourist – what great reading to wake up to on this Saturday morning!

    Yesterday those wankers thought they had won – No they didn’t just showed us how they are a real bunch of wankers!

  71. LUVfiji Says:

    There is a special mention of SV’s Tui’s demonstration in RFN which Ive extracted and is here for those that dont usually visit that site. INDEED.. WE SALUTE YOU, TUI.

    We salute Vilisi!
    October 10, 2008
    We at RFN salute the sole protestor Vilisi who boldly put himself on the firing line today as the voice of the silent majority in Fiji. Vilisi is a real man and a principled one at that too for standing his ground and not being afraid to show Fiji and the world that a major injustice has been committed by the three pro-Frank’s coup judges.

    You are the man Vilisi! You have shown the passive many in Fiji how it should be done. They must learn from you and must carry peaceful protest like you did. You have the true Fiji spirit that Frank’s junta tried to capture today without success with their washed out $250,000 court judgment celebration at Albert Park.

    Vilisi, you made Fiji Day a meaningful one to the silent majority in Fiji. We need more Vilisis to be able to visually choke the dictator. People need to publicly protest like Vilisi to draw attention from Frank and the international community that what is taking over Fiji now is not wlecomed. It must be stopped.

    Thank you Vilisi for your public fight for freedom on behalf of soo many.

    October 10th should be called VILISI DAY and not Fiji Day for the real Fiji don’t exist no more!!!!

  72. IslandBoy Says:

    Let us not lose hope. Please allow me to share with you the bible verse reading from for today is as re-printed below.

    Like LUVfiji I also salute Vilisi Naduku for the outstanding courage of his convictions.

    A Message of Hope

    The LORD said:
    Jeremiah 23 You leaders of my people are like shepherds that kill and scatter the sheep. 2You were supposed to take care of my people, but instead you chased them away.

    So now I’ll really take care of you, and believe me, you will pay for your crimes!

    3I will bring the rest of my people home from the lands where I have scattered them, and they will grow into a mighty nation. 4I promise to choose leaders who will care for them like real shepherds.

    All of my people will be there, and they will never again be frightened.

    5Someday I will appoint an honest king from the family of David,
    a king who will be wise and rule with justice. 6As long as he is king, Israel will have peace, and Judah will be safe. The name of this king will be “The LORD Gives Justice.”

    7A time will come when you will again worship me. But you will no longer call me the Living God who rescued Israel from Egypt. 8Instead, you will call me the Living God who rescued you from the land in the north and from all the other countries where I had forced you to go. And you will once again live in your own land.

  73. IslandBoy Says:

    If Vilisi Naduku nneds assistance with his legal defence fund, is there a way in which we here on SV could contribute. I hope we will be able to publicise the account number etc.

    However since he first told us about it here on SV I feel a certain responsibility to help him out.

    So how do we come out of cyberspace to do something concrete like this?

    For those of us who would prefer not to be publicly exposed because of work or personal commitments, how could we preserve that privacy?

    Could we contact the family, or alternatively ask Devenesh Sharma or Jon Jon Apted to provide pro bono legal assistance. How about some advice Adi Kaila, what can the legal eagles do for this guy?

  74. IslandBoy Says:

    Let us not lose hope. Please allow me to share with you all today’s reading from
    A Message of Hope

    The LORD said:
    Jeremiah 23 You leaders of my people are like shepherds that kill and scatter the sheep. 2You were supposed to take care of my people, but instead you chased them away. So now I’ll really take care of you, and believe me, you will pay for your crimes!

    3I will bring the rest of my people home from the lands where I have scattered them, and they will grow into a mighty nation. 4I promise to choose leaders who will care for them like real shepherds. All of my people will be there, and they will never again be frightened.

    5Someday I will appoint an honest king from the family of David, a king who will be wise and rule with justice. 6As long as he is king, Israel will have peace, and Judah will be safe. The name of this king will be “The LORD Gives Justice.”

    7A time will come when you will again worship me. But you will no longer call me the Living God who rescued Israel from Egypt. 8Instead, you will call me the Living God who rescued you from the land in the north and from all the other countries where I had forced you to go. And you will once again live in your own land.

  75. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    my Tau IslandBoy,

    I think we at SV should now look at paying membership fees so people like Vilisi can be helped with legal fees, etc and SV can also start funding political protests abroad?

    What do you bloggers think?

  76. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I second the motion JW – paypal works for me! 😀

  77. Midjikai Says:





  78. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    For the immediate and medium term I was just thinking that We also have Tui Savu there in NZ. Can he use some contacts back home. It can be a matter of a touch of a few buttons from his telephone.

  79. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Great one from RFN, just about now, I really needed to hear those words. Thanks for feeding it here Lvfj

  80. Jone Says:

    Did you mean Australia? Tui Savu is in down under. Good idea to pay membership.
    Paypal too for me.

  81. Ablaze Says:

    @Island Boy! Is Tui in need of money for legal defence?

    If so off course we will offer him some kind of assistance! It is a case of have to – no doubt about it.

    I am sure people like Ratu Joni, Graham Leung, Jon Apted, Florence Fenton, (Baravilala) etc will only be too willing to help out.

    Has anyone heard from Tui – hope he is OK!

    Tui if you are there can you please check in with us and let us know that you are OK.

  82. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    (This was delayed from sending yesterday because of problems with our line)

    We at FDN are not lawyers, so we are not qualified to comment on the finer legal subtleties in the torturous wording and bizarre reasoning employed by Mr Justice Gates to conjure up his creative ruling.

    But we are confident that his legal peers (think regional law societies and honest lawyers) will comment profusely and negatively once they have analyzed it.

    No, we are fair-minded, simple people who believe passionately in democracy
    and were moved back in August last year to set up a website to advance that belief.

    Since then, we have meticulously observed and recorded the tactics of
    intimidation employed by the same interim regime on which Mr Justice Gates has now bestowed the seal of quasi-legality.

    What did this judge think he was doing? He has, in effect, legitimized a regime that the world recognizes as responsible for gross abuses of human rights, including murder, torture and harassment.

    Ifs important to remember that opponents and critics of the regime, both real and perceived, have been subjected to a range of intimidating tactics including death threats, bomb threats, deportation and torching of houses.

    Bainimarama, the regime leader, has lied through his teeth on so many occasions that we have lost count (eg: “there will be elections by March 2009”).

    Bainimarama’s military-backed regime has not only traumatized good people at home, but through its actions and antagonism towards the regional and wider community it has turned Fiji into a pariah state.

    More significantly for Fiji over the longer term/ the illegal Bainimarama regime has presided over an economic meltdown of our beloved country that has produced levels of poverty and hardship that we haven’t seen for decades.

    So, it’s clear that the aforementioned Mr Justice Gates has got it incredibly wrong.

    Why is he preventing the people of Fiji from moving forward from the coup
    culture and why should Bainimarama be granted immunity for his heinous

    Was Gates more worried about maintaining his salary and his servants, or was he scared his house would be torched?

    The ruling on 9 October 2008 by Mr Justice Gates has indefinitely postponed the opportunity for the people of Fiji to exercise their God-given right to once again live in freedom.

    Mr Justice Gates might talk at length about the Constitution, but in his lengthy judgment he consistently ignores the fundamental purpose of that well-intentioned document.

    The Constitution of Fiji is first and foremost a strict set of rules for the protection of the right of the Fiji people to live in a democracy that chooses its leaders via free parliamentary elections.

    Instead, Mr Justice Gates has cynically manipulated and isinterpreted the Constitution to give a wink and a nod to a crazed dictator that we’ll have to live with for some time to come.

    Yet, in all fairness to Mr Justice Gates, his judgment was quite a feat of legalistic convolution that produced a very high level of magical illusion, which is no doubt the reason it took seven whole months to produce.

  83. LUVfiji Says:

    Hi aubatinuku-N! You’ve been missing for a wee while. Great to have u back!

    Sorry to hear the Police have caught up with Tui. Now, if he is to be charged, and in the most unlikely event he loses his job, then he would be entitled to get assistance through the Legal Aid Commission. Otherwise, yes.. I will support any effort to help with his defence.

    We’re still with you Tui, even though we didnt join up yesterday.

    Be Blessed!

  84. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @Ablaze, just hung up the phone. Spoke to his tavale who is sitting outside Waisea Tabakau’s office where Vilisis is still answering questions… need to be on the telephone again … so will be back with more later

  85. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Oh and when pressed for Vilisi’s safety Pua, his tavale, gives the impression that he is just answering questions and that is all..

    When pressed how certain is he that Vilisi is just answering questions,, can he see into the office where Vilisi is being questioned … I get the same response.
    When asked if it should help if an attorney shows up
    He agrees

    Need to get to the phone
    Hi LVFJ and thanks

  86. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Political affiliation… what is his political affiliation

    Who put him up to this

    Who is behind him

    … these are what I am getting from Pua because I am amost screaming at the duration… toooo long. Why keep him for too long.

  87. Ablaze Says:

    Isa thank you Katalina! I have mentioned to SV for them to start up a website and we pay some kind of membership fee!

    I think SV is looking into it.

    Good for you as you have used your name all along so with a website we can then have a fresh start and use our real identity.

    SV you have been very good to all of us but I think it is time to have a website.

    I don’t know, what do you think? It would be nice to meet everybody one day!

    Are you able to get an attorney for Vilisi?

    Did you use the phone number he posted before the protest?

    If so, is it OK to call myself.

    Thanks again Katalina – please stay in touch!

    I’m willing to give $$$$$$$$$$ if he is in need of it. Isa, the only way I can help.

  88. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry Katalina – not the time for websites etc!

    Political affiliation – typical why don’t they understand that he protested because of his strong beliefs.

    Now I understand why SV has to be very careful.

    The Bastards – I hate them!

  89. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @Ablaze and everyone. Yes please do call his wife Ana, I just spoke to her. She is now looking into the phone books to see if there is an after hour number listed for Isireli Fa. Numbers I have are all office numbers. And left messages in four answering machines before I gave up.

    Do we have someone on the ground who has affiliations with an Attorney and get him/her to go to the Police Station and check on Vilisi.

    Yes we need funds.

    Call Ana on the same number — she went away from the P/S with Vilisi’s mobile.

    His tavale, Is Paul. Not Pua. Bale ga vei koya ni sega ni vadodonu taki au mai. Ana tola me his name is Paul, not Pua. O ho. Anyway call Paul too on his mobile 9974051. He is sitting outside the PS waiting.

    They wanted the Banner, So Ana had to return to Nabua to get it. Please make a call if you can.. to hear from you gives them strength.

  90. Ablaze Says:

    I have also spoken to Vilisi’s sister in law and she said that the Police have told them for Tui to cooperate and go to the Police Station.

    He has been there for the last 5 hours.

    Will see what I can do from this end and will keep you informed.

    Yea Please call if you can like Katalina said to hear from any of us gives them great strength.

  91. LUVfiji Says:

    KB – did you try 330 4686 for Fa’s home? Found that in the directory.

  92. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Tevita Fa — just spoke. 679 3304686

    My email address

    ABlaze can you email me please. Time difference between me and all of you works against this particular need.

    It is now 1.07 am here — 8pm in fIJI and 6pm in Australia.

    Fa ‘s retainer fee is F$ 500.00
    Can someone assist in getting that money across to him ASAP so that he can make his way to the PS.

    *********** The soldiers have arrived at the Police Station and Paul wast told to go outside ” o ratou via vosataki Vilisi ” walega.. ratou via vosataki koya wale ga. is what they said… so why did Paul had to go outside for that ?

    It is a Conference room they are using to do this vitalanoa veivosataki kei na veitarogi that is what Paul said .. it is not a ‘holding cell’ but a conference room what ever that means… now the soldiers are there meratou lai veivavulici.

    Monies will be reimbursed tomorrow morning— If there is someone who can pay Fa tonight. Also, according to Tevita Fa, the Police can hold up someone for 48 hours.

  93. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Yes Luvfj

    My phone number (510) 533 5221

    My email is

    I am calling Ana again.

  94. Ablaze Says:

    Managed to speak to a lawyer who is away overseas and he will contact lawyers in Suva to see exactly what is happening.

    Even if all the lawyers in Fiji who oppose the Regime get together and show their support for Vilisi, it will be another great way to show the world what the Regime is doing to our country.

    Come on folks, we couldn’t be there with him but now is our time to stand by Vilisi all the way!

    Thanks again Katalina – I’ve emailed the Fiji Times can anyone else email the other papers and let them know what is happening.

  95. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    LUVfj can you email the papers — let me work the phone and keep you posted here. Oooops sorry forgot — the press were there too right in the beginning … even though I emailed FJ before I began posting today somehow I doubt they received my message that soon. But the point is Ana told me that when she walked in with the Banner; the Press were told to go outside and that Vilisi will be meeting them outside to give them a statement and that was 6 hours ago?

  96. Ablaze Says:

    Katalina check your email!

  97. IslandBoy Says:

    @Katalina – you are doing a great job for Tui.

    I just spoke to Jon Jon Apted and he said he would defend Tui for free.

    If you are speaking to his relatives and this is an option you want to pursue, please let me know a.s.a.p. Its 8.45pm here for me and I have to leave for NAN for an early morning departure, around the midnight mark.

    Jon Jon said he does not have as much experience in terms of the criminality of this case but he will make arrangenets. I double-confirmed that the service would be proivided for free.

    Once agaion vinaka vakalevu for your sterling efforts.

    Please get back to me if you need Jon Jon’s help.

  98. IslandBoy Says:

    @Katalina – could your e-mail possibly be hacked?

    @SV – I’m ging to have to change names, can you change my avatar pplease?

  99. Ablaze Says:

    @ Katalina tried calling you again and they tell me I need an access code.

    I have emailed you. Please get back to me!

  100. IslandBoy Says:

    @Katalina & Ablaze – try skype!

  101. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    IB bless you heart

    Please take the offer

    I WILL CALL Ana and Tui right now.

    Just got off the phone too with ABlaze.

    Is IB

    I can rest now.

    Vinaka vakalevu

    Vinaka John Apted.

  102. IslandBoy Says:

    @Katalina. It’s you that deserves the blessing for springing into action. At times I just idly wonder about things but always think that if it really needs doing someone else will surely do it.

    I never think that its me that needs to get off my behind and do it. I always thinks that its for the powerful and famous.

    Am speaking to Ana at the Police Station right now and she said they are taking a 5 min break. She will convey Jon Jon’s offer to her husband and will get back to me.

    I will hook her up with Jon Jon’s after hours number and will let them take it from there.

    BTW – I of course had to give her my name and my number and I was a bit wary but then I thought screw it, so I have resolved to use my real name (not worth very much) and get out there and start letter writing and civil society awareness etc.

    So if I may I will e-mail you on my plans. I will not do anything illegal but I tink there is a lot we can do to challenge and question the regime about the way they are governing us.

    Will convey to Jon Jon your appreciation.

  103. Ablaze Says:

    Wow thanks to Katalina & IslandBoy and Jon Apted!

    We will not let Tui down. I will get in touch with all the lawyers in Fiji that I know to gather their support for this courageous man and to get in touch with Jon Apted.

    We need to do this so that Tui feels what he did was well and truely worth it!

    God Bless Us All and Please keep praying for Tui and his family.

  104. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Oh no IB


    This computer does not allow viruses, adware, spyware and all that good stuff

  105. Ablaze Says:

    I feel the same IslandBoy – Screw it I am going to use my real name!

    It was good talking to Katalina!

  106. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Well done everybody !

  107. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese Waqalekaleka – Bula Vinaka my Tau. Sorry about the delay in responding. I also think its a good idea to start a civil defence fund.

    It almost seems like we need a new NGO, (How does Free Fiji sound) despite the fact that the IR will not register any new organisations.

    Please tell me how the mechanics of this fund will work and how can we in Fiji contribute as we do not have Paypal. Can we subscribe to Paypal here?

    @aubatinuku-N – bula vinaka na wekaqu lomani. Dina sara o marama naita LUVfiji – sa dede ko yali mai vale. I suppose you and the family are having a wonderful Fiji Day. Loloma levu from the mudflats!

  108. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Isa vinaka vakalevu IB

    And Ablaze, I know I said I was going to bed.

    But I was tied up with Ana on the phone for all these time until I ran out of phone card time.

    She told me the message came through about John Apted.

    Isa vinaka vakalevu for all the show of support for Vilisi

    And go ahead and email IB — mails are safe here.

    And Ablaze, sorry I still have not checked email but I will tomorrow. And will reply so that you know all is well in that department.

    Nice talking to you on the phone today and do charge up that phone card again so that we can have one heck of a long talanoa session aye..

  109. IslandBoy Says:

    @Katalina – I plan to be in Las Vegas the second last week of October for the DEMA International Dive Show. I will give you a call then if I may?

  110. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Vegas aye…. Of course

    Dua na kakase session 🙂

  111. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Thanks ExT

  112. LUVfiji Says:

    Call me too Turaga Nite, I’ll still be here!!

    Sorry, I had to go offline for a while to see my son off.

    That was fantastic IB engaging Jon A for Tui. Lets just hope and pray the Police and Military wont touch Tui. I have tried 3x to speak to Ana, his wife, her phone is jammed.

    Hang on.. she’s made a dropped call. Better get back to her!!

    Goodnight KB !!

  113. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I am sitting here in awe of the wonderful efforts that you and the others have made to help Tui and his family.

    This is the co-operation, love and support that I saw when I was last in Fiji; not the murderous thieving pilfering that is the hallmark of the jaundiced junta.

    Thank you all for showing love and compassion to fellow humans; not the vile and hatred that spews out of bananas.

    God bless!

  114. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Now it is apparent that the murdering police / military have killed another poor Fijian at a billiard shop.

    I wonder if gates and the 2 stooges can sleep well tonight knowing that they have given’ legal ‘ freedom for these murders to occur.

  115. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula Katalina – when you do read this, rest assuared that I did hook up Jon Jon and Mrs. Ana Nadaku and just got off the phone with her.

    She said JA was very re-assuring and they are off home to get some dinner and a change of clothes at 10.50pm.

    She also has the very strong impression that it is no longer just a police case as Waisea Tabakau seems to be getting instructions from elsewhere.

    During the questioning he got a phone call and had to go away for a while. On his return the mood was much darker and the decision was made to keep him in the cell overnight.

    Mrs. Nadaku gives me the impression that she is a very strong woman of deep faith and she is keeping it together. Please remember her and her family in your prayers. I’ll see you here late Sunday afternoon my time.

    Good Night and God Bless!

  116. Ablaze Says:

    Picked this up from Discombulated!

    This is a call to our Fiji Freedom Supporters nationally and internationally and to international media.

    I was informed that our Freedom Movement Hero Vilisi Nadaku has been held for at least 6 hours being grilled by a sadistic policeman called Waisea Tabakau (SSP Director Operations).

    I weep for the sheer ugliness and ungodliness this action portrays of the Fijian nation today. How weak and cowardly this regime is to question Vilisi without a lawyer being present and to deny his family the moral support that he deserves.

    Fellow Freeedom Blogger SOLIVAKASAMA has the latest on their blog and the efforts of the Freedom Bloggers to get assistance to our very brave man Vilisi.

    Contact me on if you can offer any assistance in any form …. or email fellow blogger at

    It is totally unbelievable that in this day and age, that a whole regime made up of 3-4,000 soldiers with guns would terrify this lone man armed only with his banner and personal belief. To Vilisi, we salute you my man ! God bless your courage and your stand ! Believe me, there are thousands of people who cheered for what you did and will support you in your hour of need.

    Courage and blessings Vilisi !

  117. IslandBoy Says:

    Bula SV – just before I left home got a call from Mrs. Nadaku to say that her husband had been taken out of the Police holding cell and was to be taken to QEB.

    According to her the officer who came to take her husband used the name Buaserau and said her husband would be OK.

    They just wanted him to go and “vei talanoa” with soldiers from Tailevu. I understand Vilise Nadaku is from Namara, Tailevu.

    She will meet with Mr. John Apted at 8.00am this morning and the Police are aware that Mr. Apted is Vilise Nadaku’s legal representative.

    We should set up a relay listening post so that Mrs. Nadaku always has someone she can call on. This will have to be Sunday (Fiji time) from 8.00am. Any takers?

    OK Guys I really gotta go.

  118. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you IslandBoy I couldn’t sleep but just as well because after reading your post I feel a lot better. It is reassuring that Vilisi will be OK.

    I will keep trying to contact all the Fiji lawyers I know to get in touch with Jon Apted. They may just come up with something.

  119. Billy Says:

    @Ablaze, Katalina & IB- Wow, thank you so much you wonderful ppl for the great effort made to assist Vilisi & J Apted vinaka for the free service. God bless you all! I would be happy to donate $$ if needed for Tui’s expenses. Tui, again I salute you, in time we will meet.You’ve done it your way bro, land you have led the way. But our final aim must be that mass demonstration when everyone can come together. Until we get to that stage ( it will happen) thank you for standing up and be counted! KB you have my vote now! Move over Obama! KB, IB & Ablaze thanks for making it happen!!! 38th Fiji Day medals to Tui and you three.

  120. Billy Says:

    Hi all, I will contact Mrs N tomorrow to check how I can help.

  121. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Billy, thanks. Please keep us in the loop. I have errands to run but will check back periodically.

    MM and Ablaze check your emails please.

    Thanks a lot IB and EtF you are very kind.

  122. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Here is another item on Tui on Fijitimes online:

  123. anon Says:

    IB,Lina,Ablaze,Billy and everybody thanks for all the efforts rendered.

    Lina I will give you for some calling cards if that can help.

    God bless @ stay blessed everybody.

  124. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Dou yadra. Just got off the phone from Vilisi

  125. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    He is back at Central Police Station accompanied by his wife Ana and attorney John Apted. The idea is to take one final “official” statement now in the presence of the Lawyer and then decide if he is to be charged or released

  126. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Sorry am bringing this in small junks because I want to be accurate.
    His night up at Delainabua was one of intimidation. Au taroga se mavoa kaya o koya ni sega. Intimidation is psychological AND that they told him “for now” but they will up the ante

  127. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    If he refuses to co operate.

    The military would like Vilisi to call the media and make the announcement that he made a mistake. That he is very sorry about his outburst and he deeply regret that move and apologies to Frank Bainimarama, apologizes to the President and apologizes to the people of Fiji.

    Take back everything. Make up a story ; that he was not thinking right or that he was drunk or some kind of scenario that will paint a convincing picture that this was all a mistake and that he is deeply and profoundly sorry.

  128. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The court case is tomorrow and John Apted is there now and will be there in court with Vilisi tomorrow.

    JA, thank you very much for your offer of support.

    @Ablaze, how is your contacts with the rest of the Lawyers in Fiji coming? Can they show up tomorrow in large numbers for a show of support

  129. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Vilisi believes the soldiers will take him up to camp tonight. The soldiers who interrogated him ..

    Made it known that if he refuses to give them what they want

    Vilisi will join the dead

    They told him he is not a big deal

    They can snuff his life

    And there is nothing anyone can do about it

  130. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    What is needed now is for the nation to stop at 9am next ****day to protest the lack of democracy in Fiji.

    Don’t gather in large groups where the sadistic green goons will use water canons, etc, but protest individually and where you are at the appointed hour.

    Just imagine the effect it will have:-

    * if the whole nation came to a halt at 9am and 700 000 people each held up a sign saying “”DEMOCRACY NOW””

    * if every car, taxi, bus and truck came to a stop, the occupants got out at 9am, and everyone held up a sign saying “”DEMOCRACY NOW””

    * if every pedestrian stopped walking at 9am and held up a sign saying “”DEMOCRACY NOW””

    * if every teacher and student stood up in their classrooms at 9am and held up a sign saying “”DEMOCRACY NOW””

    * if every public servant walked outside of their building and at 9am held up a sign saying “”DEMOCRACY NOW””

    * ………. … …. .. …. ….””DEMOCRACY NOW””

    The ripple effect of this silent protest would be enormous.

    Fijians, you landed a giant blow to the illegal jaundiced junta when you stayed away from their military charter meetings and rejected the military charter.

    Fijians, you landed a giant blow to the illegal jaundiced junta when you stayed away from the Fiji Day mourning.

    Fijians, Vilise landed a giant blow to the illegal jaundiced junta when he staged his one man protest.

    Now it is your turn.

    Is there a leader in Fiji, a chief in Fiji or another ‘Vilise’ who can take up this call and lead the protest?

    Are their ministers, priests, rabbis, etc who will lead their flocks to take up this noble cause?

    Are their trade union leaders who are willing to stand up for democracy?

    Are there parents who are willing to explain to their children why they must stand up in class at 9am and hold up a sign saying “”DEMOCRACY NOW””?

    FIJIANS, you must protest!

    Don’t let Vilise’s efforts be in vain.

  131. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The best thing for him to do is to call the press and take back everything

    Enquired how he feels about that — He says NO WAY. He will never back down.

  132. Peace Pipe Says:

    My heart goes out to Tui for the raw courage he showed the world. Whilst we all were taken drasically aback with Gayte’s convoluted ruling something tick over in Tui’s mind and drove him to do what he did which is a sacrifice and a lead for all of us.

    One suggestion for defense is a plea for mental turbulance caused by the angst of this current situation. No offence to Tui but plea of insanity be it contrived could be his key to his defense which was driven by the worry of his and his family’s future. Surely this ig is driving us insane with all its happenings.

    Another thing is to create a private site for our friends to communicate since this open territory for snoopers who will tap in and gather info and intel. Perhaps an email address where we could talk freely about support and help for each oher like in this instance for dear Tui.

  133. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Enquired how his Lawyer JA feels about that

    John is adamant he will help Vilisi fight his case

    What we need. What the country needs is for all the Principled attorneys to band together now in their show of support for the rule of law and democracy and show up in court. Unprecedented. But rightly fitting and needed.

  134. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Oh yes ExT. And that too.

  135. LUVfiji Says:

    Good morning all..

    KB – Jon Apted will no doubt liaise with colleagues to gather the best of opinion on Vilisi’s case. Our friend Vilisi is in good hands. Spoke with him briefly just before meeting JA this morning. Though he sounded anxious, he was happy he had a lawyer to assist him.

    Lets remember him and Jon in our prayers.

    Vinaka Jon.. you’re the BEST! and Bless you!

    @ExFT – I agree with your above post. Let us NOT let Vilisi’s effort be in vain.

    God Bless guys!

  136. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Thank you for the anonymous caller this morning who supplied me with the phone cards that enabled me to place the phone calls to Ana and Vilisi.

  137. LUVfiji Says:

    Checkout Geraldine Panapasa’s feature page on cooking in FT online!!

    He has really made the news this weekend.. !

  138. Ablaze Says:

    Please Katalina tell him to oblige the Army and take back everything.

    He has done heaps to help our cause.

    I will try the lawyers again.

    Ph call will be coming!

  139. Ablaze Says:

    Sorry just read the “NO WAY” Man! I was so afraid for him!

    Thank you Jon Apted!

    We shall stay with Vilisi and fight all the way then.

  140. Jone Says:

    Koya na tamata qoka Waisea Tabakau eh koya tukuna vei Vilisi ni ka e cakava esa kauta lesu tale na viti kina gauna makawa kina yabaki 2000. Ana is holding up but I get the feeling that Vilisi maybe afraid for his family and we know that is just natural. SV how is the money collection coming along some mention of a website or paid registration. I do not doubt the soldiers will take Vilisi again tonight they seem hell bent on changing his story. AFRAID that people will follow his lead. Vinaka Jon for the service.

  141. Jone Says:

    Dina Ablaze so thankful to Jon Apted. We owe this guy heaps of gratitude. and Vilisi man what can i say. he is a cut above the rest.

  142. Ablaze Says:

    I think we should ask Jon Apted to set up some kind of support fund in one of the Bank’s with him and another person as signatories to access the money.

    We can then through internet banking deposit the money straight into the account. Jon if he doesn’t mind can manage it for Vilisi and his family.

    We really can’t do anything until the banks open tomorrow but if Jon Apted needs funds now the best I can do is deposit the money straight into his account but it won’t hit his account until probably Tues.

    I’m still not sure as now I am now thinking of Vilisi’s safety and his family. Perhaps we should tell him to oblige the Army. I don’t know – please talk some more folks. Mark Manning etc what do you think?

    I think SV is away for the weekend!

  143. Budhau Says:

    “how to carry out a coup and get immunity.” hey, we don’t need Gates to give us that recipe, we have been experimenting with that recipe for sometime now – and every time we get a little bit better at it.

    Why can’t you buggers get someone sharp like Apted to write you a piece – Savu is the best you can do – or is this guy been groomed for the next A-G post.

  144. Ablaze Says:

    Hey Look at what the cat dragged in! Budhau the Saint Giles patient like his mentor Bainipuaka!

  145. Jone Says:

    Oh my goodness. Isa Ablaze. What an excellent idea. IB can talk to Jon about that and get it all set up yes? yes indeed keep talking see what good things come of it.

  146. Jone Says:

    Ignore the fool

  147. Budhau Says:

    Yeah Ignore me – you guys have intellectual giants like Tui Savu and Victor Lal – right.

  148. Ablaze Says:

    Budhau reading what us good people are doing for this courageous man must be hurting you!

    Let me tell you if it took $$$$$$$$$$$ to get Vilisi into the safety of his home and family we the good honest caring people would have him home in a heart beat.

    “If only it was that easy and we weren’t dealing with insincere, uncaring and stupid minded people, murdering criminals!

  149. Budhau Says:

    Where where these good, courageous people when this fricken coup culture started.

    As they say what goes around come around.

    You see – coups are just fine – as long as it is you boys pulling the coup. It is just a matter of time when your side does pull another coup – we shall talk then about the good courageous people – or are we then going to justify that coup and claim that the victims deserved it.

  150. Billy Says:

    Hi all, been a busy morning, had to use “other” means to get to Ana, can’t be too careful in this military/police state we have been condemned to since 5/12 and 9/10. Yes, infor from Ana that they had to go to the scene of crime again, tabakau spoke harshly in the presence of Jon, isa o ira qo, ra cakacaka nodra toka, nomu gauna e nayaco mai, o na qai vaka na matani sona when you change your blue uniform to orange for acting outside of your oath. Seeing we are still operating under cover here, and due to the nature of our affiliations and work, we need to be cautious, I almost just fronted up at the police station myself, but that would be too revealing and could put Tui on harm’s side seeing that they are just wishing to “plant” evidence of influence against him. Don’t the police have enough real work to do? Is there a law that can stop the military from taking ppl up to the camp? Do citizens have the right to refuse to go up? Anyway, Ana is just happy to know that ppl care and are offering support, the account is a must, so we can quickly assist both Jon and Tui. OK folks will get in touch with Ana again thru “other” means for her landline in case ppl can phone direct.

  151. Billy Says:

    Accdng to Ana the police intend to keep Tui overnight (sorry havent got round to calling you Vilisi man!Tui is the hero). And guys I smell shit around here, must be that boidada Budhau! Qo gona o ira na tamata lamulamu ke me ra lako i na buca ni valu, dromodromo ga na tarausese. Lai sili mada. Ra mai vaqakoro tu ga qo since ppl have no access to guns.
    @TUI, iko le dua bro, but you worth far more in gold and silver than all the soldiers with their guns n their commander. God bless you bro! Hang in there sis Ana, vindication will come from the Lord. Justice will prevail. Peaceful Sunday everyone. Will call Jon to find out abt the support $$ funds tomorrow.

  152. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Hey Budhau,

    what have you done like Tui Savu & Victor Lal? At least they had the moral fibre to put their names to their articles when printed in the local media in Fiji, whilst you wallow in the mud and make excuses for not being able to do the same.

    I find it interesting that as soon as this flawed judgement is read out by the illegal Gate’s, you boldly come out of the woodworks.

    Remember, if you cannot walk the walk, then please stop talking the talk!

    My Tau IslandBoy, yes setting up a website would be good and I believe SV is already looking into that at the moment because we need to shift gears to topple this illegal junta.

  153. Billy Says:

    Sorry cant believe I said scene of “crime” actually scene of “heroism” where Tui the man stood in protest for the love of his country and family.

  154. IslandBoy Says:


    Please set up chat facility where you control entry and you separate the sheep from the goats even if thegoats do pay. We (your genuine supporters) need to communicate with relative ease and security.

    Guys – Mr. Apted does not drive, so the provision of safe transportation for him when he is looking after this case will be greatly appreciated.

  155. IslandBoy Says:

    Ho Guys – we also need to “nominate” people to service this case, otherwise Ana and Vilise will be getting crossed signals.

    We nees a project type structure up and running as a response to “emergency” situations so that we do not expend valuable resources in all directions.

    So fo example if Billy is the go between with the Nadaku family, we all go through him and then he gets back to us instead of fifty different people talking to Ana all at one time.

    Because Tau Kata is the furthest away in terms of distance, time and money, we shoud facilitate a “free” avenues of getting to and from her without a lot of unecessar expense. My speakers and camera are screwed up, anyone with skype (in the Suva area) up and running.

  156. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese W – Bula Tau – if you are in contact with Naita Kutusebe, please let him and the SV team know we need a floor manager/traffic director real quick.

  157. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese W and Billy – when I saw the picture of a lonely Vilise with his democracy sign up (in in the papers) he reminded me of the lone Chinese protestor in Beijing’s Red Square holding his arms out, resolute in front of a tank.

    What a triumph of the human spirit???

  158. I DO CARE Says:

    Thank you IslandBoy – good thoughts and good deeds!

    As for the support fund account it will be a good idea to have it overseas. If we opened up the account in Fiji it is most likely the Thuggs would freeze it and the money cannot be touched.

    Katalina I need to talk to you – have phoned a few times but you are not answering your phone.

  159. IslandBoy Says:

    @ I DO CARE – Ni Sa Bula! Even if the fund was administered by Munro Leys, John Apted’s firm as a Trust Account.

    Could the regime still freeze it?

    Your learned opinion please before we set up the account?

  160. I DO CARE Says:

    IslandBoy remember this is Fiji where there is no law and these goons can do anything.

    Even as an Australian the Australian Embassy cannot guarantee my safety!

    I would not trust them from a bar of soap!

    Can anyone speak to Jon Apted and see if he will manage the account. Does he want cab money straight away? If so let me know and I’ll make arrangements straight away.

  161. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Great ideas.

  162. LUVfiji Says:

    Great spirit!!

  163. Truth Says:

    IB is coming up with some real solutions here. SV could be on the long weekend break and deservedly. Thanks SV for providing the butu rara for us. The funds side of this will give us a boost along with everyone out there reading, watching and listening in. Any news from Vilisi. We are just praying for his safety. Isa i think the boys in green will pick him up again from the Police Station tonight. But you know what ? The world is watching you VN.

  164. Truth Says:

    Reviewing exchange between IB and IDC on the trust account held by Munro Leys you know that sounds really appealing to me and very secure. IDC I am leaning towards that idea. What does Tui Savu say and Rt JMadraiwiwi Even as a lay person the sound of ML handling gives me security and peace of mind. I think the idea is to set up now to begin transmissions 100’s of pax transmit funds everyday to Fiji from overseas how they gonna know which is which and what if we have a plan B where the account can be closed immediately with funds withdrawn in the case of an intended seizure. Law firm’s equipped with legal angles for the protection of our beneficiaries on the ready. Isa, this man Jon Apted, we salute you for your kindness and care at a time when Fiji is crying and in particular Vilisi is fighting not just for his life but for our freedom and democracy.

  165. I DO CARE Says:

    I am with Ablaze who is trying to get hold of Jon Apted on the phone for the last 7 hours. If Jon agrees to open an account, manage it and it is safe enough we should go ahead.

    Ablaze will keep trying to speak to Jon and if he gives the OK and his bank details, Ablaze and I will start the ball rolling and deposit money into his account to open the Naduka Support Fund Account.

    We shall keep you informed unless someone can come up with a better idea.

    Ratu Joni is away and so is Tui Savu. If I get through to Jon Apted will ask him to approach the other lawyers like Graham Leung and what about Tupou Draunidalo and others like Moses Waqanivonovono.

    I am sure they will be able to lend a helping hand not only for Vilisi’s well being but for all our freedom and democracy!

  166. I DO CARE Says:

    Still can’t get hold of Jon Apted so tried Vilisi’s mob phone and nothing at all is happening there.

    We thought it was only a matter of time before the Army/Police did something to that phone.

    It seems Army/Police are aware of Vilisi’s employment, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, that alone stands out internationally so hopefully they are not stupid to physcially harm him.

  167. Adi Kaila Says:


    Police release lone protester, no charges

    Police have released Vilisi Nadaku, the lone protester who stopped traffic at Nabua last Thursday.

    No charges have been laid on Naduku, a senior cameraman with the South Pacific Community (SPC) in Nabua.

    His protest came after the High Court ruling was delivered in favour of the President
    and the interim Prime Minister.

    The case had been brought to court by deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

    Naduku had been taken in for questioning after he parked his vehicle in the middle of the
    road in Nabua, obstructing traffic and staged a short protest against the High Court

    His lawyer, John Apted, told Fijilive that his client had been taken for questioning by
    military officers at the Queen Elizabeth barracks last night.

    Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri said Nadaku was taken to Central Police Station for a series of interviews before being released.

    “We have not laid any charges against him at the moment and right now we are investigating the matter further before we take any action,” he said.

    Apted said his client has not been physically harmed either by the military officers or
    police during the questioning.


  168. IslandBoy Says:

    Hi Everyone – just got word from a faultless source and we ned to back off and cool down a bit. I have received phone calls from a couple of you and if all are agreed, we need to plan our strategies carefully and preserve resources bybetter coordination.

    Since we are still under the SV umbella for the time being, can we nominate some people who will set up a structure that will:

    a) pass legal muster and
    b) not break any laws, but
    c) represent our perspective for the common good

    If we can achieve this then we can discuss our issues and represent our interests openly without relying on a political party or anyone else for that matter.

    I for one like the Turaga RTB’s suggestion in Brisbane about time for dialogue withour pre-conditions.

    This is one of the things at which we could excel.

  169. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Thank you Lord for the protection and for you bloggers KB, IB, LF, Billy, I do care, Jese W, Abalze, Truth et al for all your support and assistance in ideas and calls and $$$ for Vilisi. And to Mr. Apted.. we bloggers can’t thank you enough.

    Am sort of out of the way but any assistance I can provide just email

    Ciao! and stay blessed everyone.

  170. Adi Kaila Says:

    IB – Please do not reveal your true ID to anyone – these are dangerous times for all who live in Fiji and their families. This goes for everyone living in Fiji who condemns the ig – malua malua.

    The spontaneity and positive spirit condemning the ig and the arrest of a man showing his disapproval, shown here is tremendous – this is the best way to let off steam and dig in to express our sentiments that gates and his cohorts think they have insulted our intelligence with their illegitimate ruling in an illegitimate court of flaw (S) – that’s what it is COURT OF FLAW.

    I say sori modri – we all know that the ig is just that – an illegal government and nothing on this earth will change it. These ig coupsters and their followers get their jollies from doing everything that it illegal, stealing, murdering, breaching all elements of the LAW – well it is a known fact that anything one steals is soon lost forever – that’s the way life evolves.


  171. Billy Says:

    Thank you Lord, and hi everyone, just got on and am so relieved to know that Tui the man has been released with no charges being laid. Good folks, continue to pray to the God of Justice that the police will never find a case to file. We must press on regardless, I fully agree with @IB on effective strategising. Please remember that whatever contribution however small counts for something great when the spirit of unity is there which has contributed to Tui’s release tonite. The other is the resolve of the man himself to remain steadfast in his mission and no amount of threats or guns or intimidation will discourage him. Continue to pray for safety of Tui, Ana and family members. Will also thank Jon for his services. Peace everyone and God bless.

  172. Ablaze Says:

    Hi Adi Kaila good to see you back. Yea the spirit shown here for Vilisi is great.

    I was tempted to reveal my ID when I first read that Vilisi was fair dinkum! I really didn’t care, I thought if this brave man can lay his life on the line for my country and democracy I shouldn’t be worried about my ID.

    Now I realize there is no need to complicate things further for myself, family and friends. It is a great feeling to lash out at these illegals.

    Decided to stop calling Jon Apted after reading IslandBoy’s post. It maybe a good idea to back off. I do hope though that we can go ahead with the Support Fund Account.

    For once it is not easy for me to comment about these Bavulus because I am still reeling and rocking after the courageous feat of our hero.

    We have done well in communicating – dialogue so to speak so to IslandBoy I think it can be done.

  173. Adi Kaila Says:

    Thank You Ablaze – Please keep firing away – it’s good for all of us and much safer to communicate our thoughts and opinions right here.

    The ig coupsters may think they have the upper hand but they don’t. We are the ones blessed with the knowledge and courage not to believe in them and all they stand for.

    It’s very liberating to know the igs exact modus operandi. Remember we are not DROWNING – we are WAVING! With much glee!

    God Bless You All!

  174. Peace Pipe Says:

    How about we donate money straight to Vilisi’s account and let him disburse it himself to help out in the legal cost and whatever.

  175. benhur Says:

    Ok people i’m on my way back to LA and will be touching down real soon.Please let me know if you’ve all decided to set-up a special funds and account in Fiji for the purpose of helping those people opposed to the illegal Military dictatorship? I have funds set aside for this purposes and i’d be more then happy to divert it to a local law firm in Fiji to ADMINISTER it under a Democratic legal fund etc.

  176. Budhau Says:

    Donating money to Villisi’s account – good idea. I will provide you with a bank account number in Sydney where you all can send the money.

    BTW – how much money did you guys put up for Mr Qarase’s legal fight. nada right?

    Wait till they get the Qarase crowd to pay for the legal expense of the other side.

    I told you before – that the day Bainimarama pulled this coup – all of you buggers should have taken this the same way as if there was a unplanned child born in the family – you would have had to set aside the money for the new family member, wouldn’t you.

    The same way, cut out the parties, booze, birthdays, etc and raise money for the campaign to get rid of this regime – give money on a regular basis until this situation is resolved – and make sure that the money stays out of the hands of the thieves.

  177. Ablaze Says:

    Thank you Budhau we do not need your money!

    We will “dialogue” in a civil manner before starting our website, everything that we will do will be “transparent and corruption free” otherwise it will not be worth our time and money.

    We will screen all our law abiding members and make sure that we have a consensus before anything goes through!

    Very simply, you should preaching that to the Regime.

  178. Budhau Says:

    Everything you will do “will be transparent and corruption free” – isn’t that what they all say.

    …and BTW – where were you up until now.

    As for donating money – it is a shame that you community which donates million to the Methodist church has not come up with anything to support Qarase – when they cut out Qarase’s pension did anyone help – I know that LQ has money, but still. Did they raise money for this legal battle – or anything else for this matter.

    That was my point. BTW when you do get something concrete going, I might decide to donate just like the others also – my $5.00.

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