Today marks a day when our country should be celebrating a memorable moment in our young history.Instead we will remember it as a day of shame when our constitution has been raped with the blessings of the courts and the approval of a President whose mental capacity has been in question for a long time.

And as I sit here watching the Independence Day celebrations on TV,I try hard not to puke as  our senile  old pressie coughs and farts his way through a speech in which they have managed to add the ”peoples charter”as the only way forward for Fiji.

And I cannot help but notice the very sparce crowd at Albert Park.This just shows the lack of support for the regime and the RFMF but also due to the fact that it is raining cats and dogs and butterflys.

Or maybe it is an  omen to the pig that Fiji is crying at the miscarriage of justice meted out by the courts.If the bi-polar pig thinks that yesterdays court ruling absolves him and his goons of all crimes,then I will remind him thet he has yet to face the court of the people where he and his cronies will pay the ultimate price for their sins.

Dula Viti,na siga vinaka e tu mai i liu.Me vaka ga e ra dau kaya mai nakoro,”Ni’ua ga ni’ua”.


12 Responses to “FIJI CRIES”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    Take note pig ,justice will prevail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Finally , we have a consensus !

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    That’s an interesting way to view it SV.

    I see it another way. Fiji the new, modern, independent Fiji and its people are evolving very very rapidly which can only mean better things once elections are held and a democratically elected govt appointed.

    While we hold the commemoration of our Independence dear to our hearts, its clear that what the people are also saying by staying away is that we love our country but we aren’t going to kow-tow to how, when and where this Illegal Interim PM says the celebrations will be held.

    If anything the overall message to Frank is “Courts might say you’re Legal but the People still say you’re ILLEGAL” — who needs the courts when public perception is everything?

    BTW it is said that Taina Tagicakibau and fellow ass-kissers sent a flying circular to all civil servants asking them to report to Albert Park a’la rent-a-crowd style today. And if what SV is saying re: no need for crowd control, even the civil servants are revolting in their own way.

    You can’t force them Taina — its a Public Holiday after all!!

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I believe that there are only a few [400 ] moronic military, parasitic police and navy nancies at the park.

    Did bananas turn up?

    Could president bernie stand up on his own?

    Well done to all of the other 900 000 Fijians who stayed away from the illegal jaundiced junta’s junket.

  5. Frida Says:

    Can we get a copy of the flyer and send it out to all countries and rights organisations to prove what we are saying.

  6. benhur Says:

    Hopefully,someone could pull a counter-coup so we can hang the 3 bastards who make this iressponsible findings. i say hanged the infamous 3 and burn their useless remains?

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yesterdays despondency and feeling of hopelessness continued today as I felt sorry for all right thinking and law abiding citizens including fellow like minded bloggers and me whose rights have been bastardised by the illegal bastards themselves. I have this feeling of hopelessness since the law will not be able to defend us. Instead they will just abuse our rights with reckless abandon. As I got up this morning the sun was shining and I thought to myself “why is it shining when it should be a gloomy day. The miserable defacto leaders are being blessed with fine weather to celebrate their legal battle victory.” But as the hours wore on the weather changed and it began to rain heavily just as celebration at Albert Park was full on and I looked up and said “Thank You Lord”. Its a sign. Now that the court won’t be able to save us we have to find other avenues.

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    Well no-one in my family or neighbourhood showed any interest whatsoever in Fiji Day today.

    I do hope the IG and its supporters are enjoying themselves.

    Gates Judgement will one day come back to bite all of them, very hard. Could this be the spark that sends Fiji over the edge!

    Could Gates indeed be charged for ‘Incitement’. For his ruling is just that.

  9. Budhau Says:

    Justice will prevail – yeah right.
    Fiji has been crying since 1987 – two generations of Fijians have their futures screwed up by these coup.

    Some of you might remember how you celebrated the Fiji day after the 1987 coup.

    Facing the “court of the People” – the same court that made Rabuka an honourary chiefs and the PM – was that justice?

    My only suggestion – pull your own coup – until the next guys comes around and pulls a coup on you guys.

  10. natewaprince Says:

    A farmer from Ba called Budhau,

    Was caught with his dick in a cow,

    When asked how it felt,

    He replied that it smelt,

    But it wasn’y as bad as his sow.

  11. natewaprince Says:

    A farmer from Ba called Budhau,

    Had a fling with old Prue Rouse the cow,

    When asked how he felt,

    He replied that she smelt,

    Like the butt of old Mary the sow. (Mary being the pigs wife)

  12. Ablaze Says:

    Was about to turn off the computer and saw your post natewaprince. You are so funny!

    I love anything about that old fart Prue Rouse.

    You see she didn’t make any comment in the Fiji Times on the article about Vilisi silly bitch.

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