Fiji Times editorial today folks. Read on…

Uphold the truth

Thursday, October 09, 2008

THE call by the Archbishop of Suva, Petero Mataca, for the disciplined services to fight for the truth is timely – albeit two years too late.

Mataca made the call at a mass held for soldiers, police officers and members of the prison and correctional service at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva last Tuesday. In his call on the uniformed service, the head of the Roman Catholic Church and co-chair of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji reminded officers of their duty to uphold the truth and defend the rights of the down-trodden.

This message was particularly relevant on the day, the Feast Day of Saint Michael – patron saint of soldiers and police officers. Regarded through Christianity as one of the three main angels of the heavenly realm, St Michael is considered to stand for truth and the constant battle against evil in the world. A defender of the very faith of Christians, St Michael is an example to all followers of Christ that truth and justice must be cornerstones of their daily lives.

Had this message been preached widely in the days prior to December 2006, there is a possibility that many members of the armed services would have thought seriously about the consequences of the actions they were about to take against the nation and her people.

It is too late now to dwell upon the actions or inactions of our army and police force during the events leading up to and immediately after the military takeover.

But Mataca’s message remains true today as it would have two years ago. The members of our disciplined services have sworn oaths of allegiance to the President that they will uphold the law and defend the truth at whatever cost. This oath is sworn on the holy books of the faiths of individual soldiers, police officers and prison wardens. That means that they have a duty to God and the nation to ensure that justice is upheld at all times for the benefit of the people of this nation.

Justice is never served by the usurpation of powers or the removal of legally elected governments at gunpoint. Nor is justice served when the instruments of State are used by greedy, self-serving individuals to further or protect their own interests.

As the nation struggles to find a way out of the current morass, the members of our disciplined services would do well to reflect upon the oaths they have sworn and remember that on the day of judgment they will be held accountable for what they have done.

And they must be reminded that no coup must ever again destroy legal government in Fiji.

Vinaka Nostradamus for bringing this up earlier. Well put Fiji Times!

Archbishop Petero Mataca is an embarrasment to the Catholic Church and does not reflect the majority view, after all he was not ELECTED into the church and never had the mandate to step into the political arena in the 1st place and voice his opinions. Siosio jiko vei iko Mataca!



7 Responses to “Fiji Times editorial today folks. Read on…”

  1. kafir Says:

    tik tok tik tok,,plse SV, the quicker the better on the news from the Court house today. we all looking forward to hear the outcome on this site in the next hour or so.

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The Sun has a great editorial today.

    It basically tells people to stay away from Fiji day ‘celebrations’ tomorrow without actually using those words.

    A brilliant piece of writing.

  3. Tim Says:

    Has he had a message from above (and I don’t mean the Almighty)? This man has been an embarassment to the Catholic Church, already under strain from many of the sins, past and present, of its clergy. He hasn’t done them any favours – that is until now maybe. Let’s see how consistent the man is before we all rush in and commend him.
    Perhaps Frank’s latest “I’m ruler I say what goes” outburst means the church now knows they’d better start distancing themselves if they’re to remain credible and not lose more congregations world-wide. Someone should also remind him its the 21st century

  4. Striker Says:

    Has the truth finally set the Archbishop free?

  5. Push Tailevu Says:

    I found it unaccepatable, that the Archibishop and IG are saying and preaching things that are facts and true….but they were blind, to see what they did was in oppposite of what they preaching…

    Shame on them…

  6. Belijo Says:

    The Archbishop now reminds me of the Prophet Eli and his sons. Although the archbishop does not have sons he has sons or children that follow him and adhere to his ways. They too would be likened to being children. Many thought that by being involved in the interim government, he would have done something to influence the people within the IG towards a return to democracy, stability for the nation, goodwill and peace among the peoples in Fiji which is only possible through Christ. Like Prophet Eli and his sons, he has now committed his ways to the ways of the devil. The coup is illegal and so is anyone else involved in it whether directly or indirectly. Anything that is illegal is begotten from the devil. 1 Samuel 2: 29 “Why Eli do you honour your sons more than me by letting them fatten themselves on the best parts of the sacrifices my people offer to me?” Many people have sacrificed alot of their time, finances, efforts, hardwork, goodwill, you name it for God’s purpose in each individual to live according to God’s ways and it is definitely not the way the IG is leading us. Yet a once upon a time man of God like the archbishop seems to be doing the opposite. Then God says to Eli vs.30:’..I won’t have it any longer! Instead I will honour those who honour me, and I will treat with contempt those who despise me!” I pray that all catholics and non-catholics pray for the Archbishop!

  7. George of Sydney Says:

    What truth is the Mataca and the Pig fighting for? Nothing can justify the overthrow of a government elected by the people. Didnt jesus said togive Ceasars whats his and God whats his?
    This coup will never ever be justified. While people are suffering, the Pig backpays himself with $189000. How can you justify that. Globe trotting and watching the Olympics at the cost of taxpayers.
    Let me remind this corrupt IG not to underestimate the SILENT MAJORITY who had quiteley absoring everythis illegal juntas had dished out to them. This suffering has to end and somebody is going to pay dearly.
    As Jeremaiah the prophet says “ONE DAY I WILL PAY YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR DEEDS.
    Dont worry the people mesmerise you before yhe mighty God will judge you. You are toturing Gods creation and its people.

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