Although we’ve been in mourning e-v-e-r-y single day since the military junta robbed us of our elected Government on 5Dec06, we’d especially want to show our disgust this Friday, 10 October 2008, which the military junta has set aside as “Fiji Day” (a public holiday for all except for the poor civil servants), to celebrate Fiji’s INDEPENDENCE.

The irony of it all, aye!

Well, we thought we’ll start with these helpful suggestions by ExFT and Billy on how to best spend this depressing Friday. Blog in yr ideas and God help us all.

ex Fiji Tourist Says:

For all the Fijians who are feeling powerless under the repression of the jaundice junta, Fiji Day is your chance to make a statement,

1. Keep your kids home from school.

2. If you have to send them because you work, send them n black.

3. Do NOT go anywhere near their ‘celebrations’. Imagine the TV pictures of bananas surrounded by a sea of ;’ bodyguards’.

4. Wear black clothes to symbolize mourning for democracy.

5. Stay home from work; after all you are suffering from bananasigities.

6. Do not in any way allow you or your family to join in this day of mourning.

7. Write letters to the dailies to protest the waste of expenditure by the jaundiced junta.

NOW, if the stupid bananas gets rid of the constitution, take to the streets and protest, protest, protest.

The international press will be taking an interest in Fiji on this day.

It is up to you to get your opposition through to all.

And fellow blogger, Billy says –

To all civil servants, Friday’s celebration (D-Day) is the best time to show your protest against what is happening, it is your public holiday, Stay home, no one should have their pay cut just cause they dont turn up to Albert Park. Don’t be like sheep being led to the slaughter. Stand up for your children! Stand up for Fiji. Show the world that we do not support what is happening. Others in private sector have stopped paying their taxes to an illegal regime, that is their silent protest.

Please everyone just pass the word around, STAY HOME!!! DON’T BE CAUGHT UP IN THIS FOOLISH LYING THIEVING CONNIVING GROUP OF ILLEGALS spinning more web of LIES on Fiji D-Day!. Our nation deserves better. Silent protest…Me i cavai! Let him force his way around, violence will never pay, and lying will catch up. Have no fear, respect only the law not illegals.

Remember the saying “First they came for the (SDL) and I did not speak out cause I was not a SDL supporter, then they came for the NGOs, and I did not speak out cause I was not an NGO, then they came for the Methodists and I did not speak out cause I was not a Methodist, then they came for the Trade Unions (FTA/FICTU/FNA) and I did not speak out cause I was a union member, then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me!

This is your chance, you dont have to speak out, just stay home and silently protest. Celebrate at home with your children that you have stood up on a matter of principle!!!


42 Responses to “MOURN ‘FIJI DAY’ ON FRIDAY, 10 OCTOBER 2008”

  1. Nasi Lomani Says:

    Good idea! Its a PH so we can spend it as we like! Inviting all my taus in the North to come and join us Rewans in the North on our Rewa Day, instead of attending that bullshit whatsoever the IG is planning!!!
    VENUE: St. Mary’s Primary School, Labasa
    CHIEF GUEST: Our Iron Lady! Na marama bale Na Rokotuidreketi!
    MAIN ITEM FOR THE DAY: Lakalaka by our tauvus
    Come & join the fun and bring a saqamoli (minimum) as your soli…sa dri yani!!!

  2. Talei Says:

    Interesting indeed. Check out this article in the FT.

    Chief calls on interim PM to seek forgiveness
    Wednesday, October 08, 2008
    INTERIM Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama needs to “get off his high horse” and reconcile with the provinces and their people, says Kadavu chief Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo.

    Ratu Josateki says there is no other way to resolve the crisis caused by the events of December 5, 2006.

    “It’s that simple — the interim Government needs to seek forgiveness and this must start with Commodore Bainimarama who needs to come down from his high horse and make the commitment,” Ratu Josateki said.

    He was preparing a paper yesterday for the NCBBF secretariat, which suggests the need for the interim Prime Minister to initiate reconciliation because all other initiatives were doomed.

    Ratu Josateki said the churches could help the processes and the chiefs could facilitate it.

    “The Taukei can reconcile — that is possible because there are traditional mechanisms available,” he said. “We must learn from our past experiences and forgive and forget before moving on.”

    Ratu Josateki said it was obvious from the poor turnout at the charter reconciliation drives that the initiative was not accepted and that the rejection of the new look GCC was also a problem.

    “We can see the implication of unforgiveness is dangerous, we need to learn from countries that have moved on.

    “Reconciliation is a two way thing. The charter is not accepted by the people because there is a missing dimension.

    “Everyone is fighting and there is no consensus.”

    Ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said he had long forgiven Commodore Bainimarama and that the way out was through political dialogue.

    “With Fijians there is always the element of forgiveness but we need to go to an election first,” Mr Qarase said. “I have forgiven Bainimarama but it does not mean I support his actions.”

    Burebasaga Confederacy head Ro Teimumu Kepa said Commodore Bainimarama was the one calling the shots and must do something.

    “There is no point approaching the provinces for forgiveness – what needs to be done is for him to take Fiji to elections,” she said.

    Ro Teimumu said the reflection in the charter reception must indicate to the regime that the people have rejected it.

    She suggested the military form a political party and use the charter as its manifesto.

    Ro Teimumu said asking Commodore Bainimarama to reconcile was far fetched.

    Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu said the call from Ratu Josateki was interesting.

    “It is a good idea and an interesting one too but we have to see how it goes because reconciliation has to be a commitment made in the open,” he said.

  3. Striker Says:

    The civil servants would be mad if they turned up for the march this Friday. With pay cuts and high cost of living, why should they continue to heed this illegal regime? You are better off staying home!

  4. Talei Says:

    Shoot to kill already the vievia levu bastard. “Leader of this country” my muri. THIEF!

    Fiji PM urges clergy, SDL support or else
    Fiji’s interim PM has urged his staunch critics in the Methodist Church and former ruling party to back his plans for Fiji or there will be no elections.

    Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama wants the Church and Laisenia Qarase’s Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua, whose members comprise of Fiji’s dominant indigenous Fijian population, to support a People’s Charter.

    “I have said it over and over again, unless and until they come on board with the interim Government, elections will not happen,” Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama told Fijilive.

    “I am the leader of this country and what I say goes so whether they like it or not elections isn’t going to happen next year.

    He said if the SDL party can convert their supporters to join the interim government than it would help a lot.

    “Like I’ve said if the churches and the SDL party start preaching good things to their disciples we will not have problems like this.

    “If you just stand on the sideline and start barking orders than that’s not good and claims by the SDL party and the Methodist church that they have managed to secure 80 percent of indigenous Fijian support is something to be seen.

    “They are full of rubbish and have to get their facts right because they only have a handful of support.”

    Bainimarama warned that the military will not tolerate any coalition between the Methodist Church and certain political parties “to hinder the interim Government’s plan for a better future for this country”.

    Commodore Bainimarama said elections will be held sooner if all people come together and endorse the Charter, which will plot a way forward for Fiji.

  5. Billy Says:

    Sorry that should read, “not a union member.” Dou vosota!
    Anyway, word from inside says that green goons, orangies (prison), and blue camous (police) members of the “un” disciplined forces are practising up at the camp for Friday’s do. Waste of human resources, time and money. Better if they go and plant tavioka for all the orphanages, old pp’s homes, etc. Wearing black on Friday also sounds good! And anyway, it is a public holiday in Fiji @EFT. Safe enough for our civil servies!

  6. painter Says:

    Thanks Talei. I think that what $2 Jo Nawalowalo fails to appreciate is that reconciliation can only be genuinely effected once TRUTH has been exchanged, digested and accepted.

    Just as rehabilitation is ineffective without genuine remorse (not the kind of remorse b’coz u were unlucky to get caught) – just ask the green goon in charge of Fiji Prisons Iowane Naivalurua what’s the progress with his yellow ribbon campaign. OK, not all but some (like $2, 50c, Pig & Co.) did fall out of Mars, lol!

  7. Push Tailevu Says:

    vacava me da valoaloa qai lai suntan i foreshore..hehehe….dua na kateni beer…

  8. Striker Says:

    “Back my plans or no elections” says Bainimarama. Isn’t it true that in 2007 he promised elections in March 2009? And he is now saying: “Accept the charter or no elections.” With a habitual liar, what is the guarantee there will be elections with or without the charter? Conclusion: You can’t trust a blooming liar. Do not accept the charter. Elections will come, this lying Frank, like King Canute, cannot hold back the overflowing will of the majority for a government of their own choice.

  9. Kaiviti Says:


  10. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Of course there will never ever be an election in Fiji. Bainimarama is a Dictator simply repeating the same mantra – tellimg you do this and do that because it is all good for you and in return he will produce your garden of roses

    But dictators have never ever delivered —

    Once Fiji agrees to this charter they will demand something else and so the cycle repeats. Dictators are not into coups because they care for their countries; they are in it because they want wealth, power, for themselves and their circle of families and friends and anyone else who is willing to kiss the ground they tread.

    The only way to undo them is to heed the calls to actively push them back. Start slowly then build up momentum that someday will become Fiji’s Tsunami. Thank you ExTfj and of course Billy 🙂 please read my posts here today referencing the same.

  11. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @Kaiviti. Supporting great idea. Will be so good to see “who sill dare” stay away from the National Unity Prayer Service. Push this one to the forefront to force certain quarters hands to come out and join the rest of the churches denominations or abstain and feel the wrath against the charter. Good one.

  12. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    “who will dare”. my bad.

  13. Cama Says:

    aRE YOU GOING TO CHURCH KAIVITI? The churches are organizing their part and they are doing it from the proximity of their churches and if you are not seeing it then it is adviceable to join and see.

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    If anyone has contacts with the real PM, Mr Q, Mick Beddoes or even chodopu$$ baby, get them to put out TODAY a press statement encouraging people to vote with their feet and stay away on Friday. Especially, they need to be encouraged to keep their children home, even if they have ben included in some school display on the day.

    These leaders need to make press statements NOW so that they get on the TV news tonight and the papers tomorrow.

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    BTW, I’ve got a carton of SP greenies to say that injustice gates will rule against the jaundiced junta tomorrow and bananasinpyjamas will abrogate the constitution on Friday.

    Any takers.

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    @Katalina, youre absolutely correct regarding this nutcase dictator of Fiji. Whenever I hear him I just want to puke and he make my mind go into a spin with all kind of negative vibes. He cannot be trusted since he lied to everyone even before he he became the dictator. And as you said he would just pile on his demands whenever one is acceded to. If we haven’t learnt from history then we have learned anything.

    Whats there to celebrate for us the victims of the pigs reckless theft of a people’s govt. I guess they can celebrate as they are now enjoying the fruits of our labour thru armed robbery.

  17. Jone Says:

    Let’s pray for tomorrow is D-Day at 9.30 am

  18. Jone Says:

    Ex Tourist more than likely abrogation of the constitution given the reality of Bainimarama’s refusal to step down. Why should he when he wields all the firepower.

  19. benhur Says:

    Like i’ve said, i will cast the first stone directly at Gate if he screwsup? Boy i am ready to start something. Someone please give me a Gun! I need to eradicate this Ugly bastard Voceke,Ganisona or ulukau. Now $2Joe is trashing Voceke and he has admitted that the Charter is not receiving any support and this is the same with his New GCC new look.

  20. tevoros Says:

    And like I’ve said b4, some people need to go run 10 laps around Albert Park, bathe, shave, then present themselves gracefully before Justice Gate, Byrne and Pathik’s Supreme Court tomorrow @ 9.30a.m. Can someone remind me what’s man’s greatest weakness again, please?

  21. LUVfiji Says:

    Yep. The Court will rule in favour of Qarase & Co. tomorrow.. out goes the Constitution Friday! Thus making the Qarase ruling null and void.

    ExFT – all that is probably already happening as we speak!

    Why dont we put out a fullpage in black for friday FT with just the SV web address on it. Yes?? Me da kerekere vei Rika for a lutusobu price. Oilei.. sa na moku ga o Rika! C’mon guys, we still have tomorrow!

  22. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Nite – O Netani ena lai kerea vei Noeleen Powell, their sales and marketing manager. Its Noeleen you need to speak to for a cut rate or casual rate price ad in the FT&H.

    Also note that all Saturday ads have to be in by Thursday afternoon.

    But I will be with my Naita Push Tailevu, baravi nuku vula dua se rua na kateni. Ra ogaogatka na coup eso, keirau vata kei Nite se mateni mada.
    Da bula vinaka qai caka na veivosaki.

    Question Please: Na Farebrother sa na lai moce mai Naluwai?

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    @ Talei &Tui-Oilei o $2 Jo, ra dau kaya na wekaqu mai Kadavu “Siu siu Da”

  24. Keep The Faith Says:

    Hear! Hear!

    Stay away and when they abrogate the constitution (IF Gates re-acquires his legal ethics and rules in the right way), they can poke each other with their rifles while at Albert Park.

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    Turaga Naita – na kateni ‘qori me kau saraga mai i na rara na Alivate me da dabeca kina. Se va’ evei?

  26. Wailei Says:

    ex Fiji Tourist Says:
    October 8, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    BTW, I’ve got a carton of SP greenies to say that injustice gates will rule against the jaundiced junta tomorrow and bananasinpyjamas will abrogate the constitution on Friday.

    Any takers.

    Heard from the coconut wireless in Vanua levu that Frankie is going to abrogate the constitution on Friday. So I am certainly agreeing with you. If you are hearing it from where you are and Im hearing it from Vanua Levu than something is really up hey?

    “God Bless Fiji and not Frankiegitis”

  27. jonno Says:

    Kia Ora/Bula everybody, I’m blogging from New Zealand, a regular reader but first time contributer to this site.

    First, may I applaud all of the brave freedom fighters from within Fiji for their attempts to end the brutal, illogical and illegal interim government.

    I have struggled to find a way to provide any meaningful assistance to your good cause, aside from lobbying local MPs to step up sanctions against Bainimarama’s regime.

    However, LUVfiji’s idea of placing an advertisment for Solivakasama in the FT Times is something that I’d be more than happy to financially support, and encourage others outside of Fiji to do the same.

    Is anybody in Fiji able to facilitate a bank account that we can contribute towards? A full page ad that raises awareness of the solivakasama website, I believe, would be most effective to your cause.

  28. Talei Says:

    How much longer are we willing to accept Bainimarama’s arrogance Fiji? He gets more and more demented by the day – thinks his shit doesn’t stink. Just read his attitude in this article from Fijivillage. I say, waste a bullet already and save Fiji – this miserable parasite really thinks his plans will be secure in the future Fiji – bollocks! When an elected government comes into place, first things first and that is the military must be disbanded and whatever Baini puts in place must all be null and void, because it was all ILLEGAL! Bring in the UN or foreign troops to maintain order until we have weeded out every bit of Bainimarama and all who adhere to his farting.

    Come On My Side or Nothing Will Move in Fiji-Interim PM
    Publish date/time: 08/10/2008 [07:40]

    Come on my side or nothing will move in Fiji.

    Those are the words of the Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama following the statement by the Methodist Church that so far 50,000 church members have opposed the draft Charter and SDL maintaining that they have more than 80 percent of indigenous Fijians supporting their stand.

    Commodore Bainimarama said the SDL and Methodist Church of Fiji executives should stop being delusional that they can push for elections if many of their members oppose the Charter.

    He stresses that the Methodist Church’s plan to go to the President will also fail.

    Bainimarama said no date has been set for elections and people should realize that the next elections will definitely be held under a new electoral system.

  29. patience Says:

    kuria ni lialia o washerwoman mai NZ, na supervisor o fellinthecity heffernan. Just watched this stupid woman on tv insisting that she marches to no one’s drum, not the IG, not Frank, not international community. She forgets the law that says they must accept the writ for elections once issued by the President. Of course we are unlucky to have diaper pressie who thinks Friday is ‘bath day’. But the point is the elections office is subject to the Constitution – which provides for the issuance of the writ of elections, for the holding of elections and for how the constitution can be amended – certainly not by promulgation and not by a crapper charter or unelected wannabees in the ncbbf.

    You should read what he says on fijilive Talei – insists he is the leader of Fiji, and what he says goes, no matter what SDL and the Methodist Church says, there will be NO ELECTIONS IN 2009!!! ummm, if he is the leader of the country? why does Nacewa have to sign the IG Decrees for the Pressie???

  30. Talei Says:

    Hi patience – yes, I read the Fijilive article and think it’s the 3rd posting on this blog – yeah I know about Nacewa – man, do we even know if the Pres is still alive or what? It’s just frustrating that we are spiraling further down the abyss and all we’ve done is piss and moan – and the imbecile is ruining our nation further – our people are desperate and he prances his muri kanikani around the globe as if he was someone of importance when the pigs in my farm have far more worth then him. Sorry SV, just venting.

  31. Talei Says:

    Spoken like a true kaisi bakola. Keep it up you idiot, I see that bullet coming very soon and from within your own ranks.

    I’ll run the country the way I want: Fiji PM
    Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says he will run the country the way he wants and no one is going to change that.

    His comment came in reaction to remarks by Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry, the son of Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Chaudhry said earlier that the interim PM had been given poor advice by certain Cabinet ministers over the past six months.

    “Whatever his comments are on people advising me or for the interim Government to carry out elections as soon as possible is only for us to know and how or when the country will hold its next election is up to me,” Bainimarama told Fijilive.

    “No matter what these people say I will run the country the way I like it – nothing is going to change.

    “I want this country to be a multiracial one where people’s freedom is not restricted and where people will live side by side without any segregation.

    “But unlike the SDL party and the Methodist Church their stand is firm and that is to segregate the people.”

    The PM said if Chaudhry wanted to side with such people he could go ahead.

    Bainimarama stressed that indigenous Fijians should stop worrying about feeling insecure in their country.

    “Nothing is going to change and everything under them will not be taken away,” he said.

    “We cannot take away their land, qoliqoli or even change their faith because all this is sacred to the indigenous Fijians.”

    He said Chaudhry Jnr should shut up and try to support the People’s Charter and the interim Government.

    “He (Chaudhry) should concentrate on his law practice and leave the responsibility of running the country to us because his contribution is not needed,” Bainimarama said.


  32. patience Says:

    big time @ Talei

    I wonder if the Pres is alive. FB has been moaning loudly today, about SDL, the Methodists and the Chiefs, upset that the chiefs are uncooperative with his new GCC vision—getting desperate for a replacement Pres or to be himself appointed Pres. Maybe he was just mad he’s not going to the World Bank meeting in DC. Who knows.

    I am heartened by news about the approval of the protest at the Fiji High Comm in Australia though, by Wailei and friends of Fiji democracy. The opposition is solid and crystallising too, take heart.

  33. Wailei Says:

    Dear All Fiji Citizens who are residing in Australia.

    I and a few friends (Pro democracy and Friends of Fiji) will be staging a protest and have been granted permission by the Australian Federal Police to protest on Friday 10 October.

    If you live around the area of Canberra and Sydney. Your support in attending the Pro democracy group will be much appreciated.

    Venue : Outside the Fiji High Commission 19 Beale Crescent
    Deakin, ACT 2600.
    Time: 3pm – 6pm

    The Federal Police will be there to monitor our little group of Pro Democracy. We will be making it big by calling the Canberra Times and TV stations. Please I implore you to help us out and turn up. As we believe this is the right time to Protest.


    God Bless Fiji.

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    @jonno – following up on your message to LUVfiji, please allow me to suggest the following.

    The best option is for you to contact Fiji Times directly via their website and place the ad by wiring them the money.

    It need not be a full page, whatever you can afford but it will be the first time the “undeground” movement is surfacing in the mainstream.

    If you simply had the website adress and a simple but effective tagline like say Freedom for Fiji, the hits would multiply like crazy.

    Just specify the size of the ad, the font etc, you could even send them a word/pdf attachment.

    That way the ad cannot be traced to any of us. Lets hope some US and Oz based Fiji folk also pick up on your generous offer.

  35. Nostradamus Says:

    Has Archbitchup Mataca seen the light with his new glass eye?
    Ratu Jo is a new convert too, seeking redemption for Voreqe.
    Are they all running to redeem themselves on the day of the first treason conviction?

    Uphold the truth
    Thursday, October 09, 2008

    THE call by the Archbishop of Suva, Petero Mataca, for the disciplined services to fight for the truth is timely – albeit two years too late.

    Mataca made the call at a mass held for soldiers, police officers and members of the prison and correctional service at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva last Tuesday.

    In his call on the uniformed service, the head of the Roman Catholic Church and co-chair of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji reminded officers of their duty to uphold the truth and defend the rights of the down-trodden.

    This message was particularly relevant on the day, the Feast Day of Saint Michael – patron saint of soldiers and police officers.

    Regarded through Christianity as one of the three main angels of the heavenly realm, St Michael is considered to stand for truth and the constant battle against evil in the world.

    A defender of the very faith of Christians, St Michael is an example toall followers of Christ that truth and justice must be cornerstones of their daily lives.

    Had this message been preached widely in the days prior to December 2006, there is a possibility that many members of the armed services would have thought seriously about the consequences of the actions they were about to take against the nation and her people.

    It is too late now to dwell upon the actions or inactions of our army and police force during the events leading up to and immediately after the military takeover.

    But Mataca’s message remains true today as it would have two years ago.

    The members of our disciplined services have sworn oaths of allegiance to the President that they will uphold the law and defend the truth at whatever cost. This oath is sworn on the holy books of the faiths of individual soldiers, police officers and prison wardens.

    That means that they have a duty to God and the nation to ensure that justice is upheld at all times for the benefit of the people of this nation.

    Justice is never served by the usurpation of powers or the removal of legally elected governments at gunpoint.

    Nor is justice served when the instruments of State are used by greedy, self-serving individuals to further or protect their own interests.

    As the nation struggles to find a way out of the current morass, the members of our disciplined services would do well to reflect upon the oaths they have sworn and remember that on the day of judgment they will be held accountable for what they have done.

    And they must be reminded that no coup must ever again destroy legal government in Fiji.

  36. Talei Says:

    All the best to Waile and the gang in OZ to stage the protest. Our civil actions must speak louder then our words now.

    Looks like the regime is falling apart as we see some comments from their adherents beginning to lean our way now, they must know the end is near and are scrambling now to redeem themselves, but their actions in support of this illegal junta has been well recorded the world over.

    And Frank sounds really constipated – the Ides of March is at the door. Maleka!


  37. Push Tailevu Says:

    Don’t be surprise bloggers, the IG will start fall part if it continues this way…but I’m sure all greenies will end up being the leaders of all ministries and governments portfolios…

    Sa da na vakaloloma ga….

  38. Talei Says:

    Hi Push Tailevu – we don’t have to be vakaloloma anymore though, we need to keep pushing forward more tangibly to getting rid of this parasite that’s sitting in a place he coveted in the most tabu of ways. Someone on the inside needs to roost him out of there in the most unceremonious way possible so he gets it once and for all, he has committed a grave sin against, God, Fiji and her people and let it be a lesson for any future wanna be dictator, na ka sa tabu, sa tabu and unless they relent and humble themself to ask for forgiveness, their fall from grace will be their most humiliating moment of their pathetic life. Frank is going to find out very soon, he leads NOTHING!

  39. Nostradamus Says:

    Gates is a beneficiary of the coup. What is he doing judging it? Blatant conflict of interest.

  40. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Well, I just spoke to Tui on the phone about 20 minutes ago. And my plea for a waiting period to allow for people to mobilize seem to have gone unheard.

    So Tui, I have emailed Netani Rika and cc: FT Web team.
    I gave them your phone number supplied here
    Along with the fact that I have spoken to you.

  41. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    I still maintain that this is moving way too fast for me.

  42. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Way too fast ? It has been 2 years !!!!!!!!!!
    Cava tale me waraki tiko.
    Especially now that we know Tui is for real? Man, my heart is swelling with pride right now. About time some real Fijians step to the plate and show some courage.

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