Finally… the jury’s back from their round-the-globe tour!

2006 coup case: Court has a verdict

Seven months on, the much-awaited court ruling on the legality or otherwise of the 2006 coup will be delivered by the High Court tomorrow. Lawyers in the case were notified of the latest development this morning. Lead plaintiff, deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, who has consistently expressed concern at the “unnecessary delay” told Fijilive today that based on the precedent on the Chandrika Prasad case after the 2000 coup, he is expecting a ruling in their favour. Qarase and members of his multi-party Government have asked the court to make several declarations, including the legality or otherwise of his December 5, 2006 ousting by the military, and other ensuing events such as the appointment of the interim regime. It is understood that several legal actions, either before the court or yet to be filed, are waiting on the decision of the High Court tomorrow.  “This is a very important case. All the peopled are waiting for it,” said Qarase. The three-member High Court judges, led by acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates, will deliver their ruling at 9.30am at the High Court in Suva.

Whatever the shade of your politics, people should demonstrate their support for democracy and the rule of law by fronting up at the High Court in Suva to hear the verdict which is expected to be in favour of Qarase and his ousted democratically-elected govt. What say you bloggers?


40 Responses to “Finally… the jury’s back from their round-the-globe tour!”

  1. Push Tailevu Says:

    Finally, they rounding of their tour….These bunch of lawyers, must be sitting under Vore’s gun…that is why they not revealing anything. I hope my Tauvu LQ and his associates plus the democratic maniac people of fiji will be happy. I wont be surprise if there’s a change tommorrow which will be instigated by the IG…..waraka namaka…..

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I posted this previously, But

    BTW, I’ve got a carton of SP greenies to say that injustice gates will rule against the jaundiced junta tomorrow and bananasinpyjamas will abrogate the constitution on Friday.

    Any takers.

  3. benhur Says:

    OK people its time to take action and i will definately be there to hear the illegal Chief Justice make his finding? If Gates make the wrong declaration i swear to my dead grandfather that i will cast the first stone at him. So those of you who choose to appear tomorrow please come along with one small rock inside your pocket and cast them at Gate if you don’t like his declaration.

  4. Jone Says:

    Why do I have the sneaky suspicion that this is the reason Jo Nawalowalo was so cheeky in his statements today calling Bainimarama to get off his high horses etc. and also readily admitting for once the truth of the widely rejected charter.

  5. tevoros Says:

    @benhur – ok, what colour shirt will you be wearing so I can take a shot of you from my camera-cellphone throwing yr stone at my favourite Judge. Sa!

  6. IslandBoy Says:

    They are falling apart guys, read this from RFN
    Sparks fly between Frank and Khaiyum
    October 8, 2008
    The heat is on as Fiji counts down to the 9.30am Thursday (Fiji time) ruling to be deliberated by Anthony Gates. That will only be one day out from the military parade Fiji Day celebration on Friday 10th October at Albert Park.

    But celebration is going to start early on Thursday morning soon after the Qarase win is officially announced. Thursday will be a celebration day for freedom, justice and liberty for the people of Fiji while Friday’s one is best left for Frank and his illegal regime. Will the principled military officer(s) rise up to the occassion and carry out the inevitable backed with the confirmation of Qarase’s win court ruling or will they continue to blindly follow their terrorist leader to doom?

    Word from 4th floor is that Frank is extremely angry with Aiyaz Khaiyum for not being able to convince Gates to defer the ruling until after Fiji Day. Weighted swear words were heard ringing down the 4th floor corridor as Frank blasted Khaiyum off. His anger was rehearsed at a media interview when the enraged Frank shouted out loud, “I am the leader of this country and what I say goes so whether they like it or not elections isn’t going to happen next year.”

    Frank is in a very bad mood, a mood that is unlikely to swing come 9.30am on Thursday. He has no other choice but to reinforce his only power base, the military, navy and police forces but then again, most of these men and women are only in it for the money and not out of conviction. They will definitely turn against Frank when the opportunity presents itself.

    As for Khaiyum, he will appeal the judgment delaying matters for a further 3-6 months and meanwhile Mahendra and Rajendra Chaudhry will gleefully rub their hands in excitement as they wait for their turn to dagger Khaiyum and skin him alive. Workers at his Suvavou House office say he seem to be in a daze today and is clearly restless with worry.

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  7. IslandBoy Says:


  8. LUVfiji Says:

    Me da sa sarasara ga. E sa maleka!!!

    AND THIS ONE FROM FIJI TIMES ONLINE: they are crumbling folks.. read on:

    Chief calls on interim PM to seek forgiveness
    Wednesday, October 08, 2008

    INTERIM Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama needs to “get off his high horse” and reconcile with the provinces and their people, says Kadavu chief Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo.

    Ratu Josateki says there is no other way to resolve the crisis caused by the events of December 5, 2006.

    “It’s that simple — the interim Government needs to seek forgiveness and this must start with Commodore Bainimarama who needs to come down from his high horse and make the commitment,” Ratu Josateki said.

    He was preparing a paper yesterday for the NCBBF secretariat, which suggests the need for the interim Prime Minister to initiate reconciliation because all other initiatives were doomed.

    Ratu Josateki said the churches could help the processes and the chiefs could facilitate it.

    “The Taukei can reconcile — that is possible because there are traditional mechanisms available,” he said. “We must learn from our past experiences and forgive and forget before moving on.”

    Ratu Josateki said it was obvious from the poor turnout at the charter reconciliation drives that the initiative was not accepted and that the rejection of the new look GCC was also a problem.

    “We can see the implication of unforgiveness is dangerous, we need to learn from countries that have moved on.

    “Reconciliation is a two way thing. The charter is not accepted by the people because there is a missing dimension.

    “Everyone is fighting and there is no consensus.”

    Ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase said he had long forgiven Commodore Bainimarama and that the way out was through political dialogue.

    “With Fijians there is always the element of forgiveness but we need to go to an election first,” Mr Qarase said. “I have forgiven Bainimarama but it does not mean I support his actions.”

    Burebasaga Confederacy head Ro Teimumu Kepa said Commodore Bainimarama was the one calling the shots and must do something.

    “There is no point approaching the provinces for forgiveness – what needs to be done is for him to take Fiji to elections,” she said.

    Ro Teimumu said the reflection in the charter reception must indicate to the regime that the people have rejected it.

    She suggested the military form a political party and use the charter as its manifesto.

    Ro Teimumu said asking Commodore Bainimarama to reconcile was far fetched.

    Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu said the call from Ratu Josateki was interesting.

    “It is a good idea and an interesting one too but we have to see how it goes because reconciliation has to be a commitment made in the open,” he said.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    AND.. AND..

    Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu of the Methodist Church has just announced they have received 50,000 signed forms OPPOSING the Charter, and were expecting more in a day or two. Vinaka Na i Talatala!

    crack… crack…
    Give it up, Frank!!

  10. reject Says:

    MATAMU !

    US government refuses visa for Fiji coup leader: official
    SUVA, Oct 8, 2008 (AFP) – Fiji’s military leader Voreqe Bainimarama was forced to cancel plans to travel to Washington at the end of this week after he was denied a visa, a government source said Wednesday.
    The leader of a military coup against the elected government in December 2006 had intended to represent his regime at a meeting of finance ministers from member countries of the International Monetary Fund next week, the source told AFP.
    The self-appointed interim prime minister has also taken over the finance portfolio after the resignation of Mahendra Chaudhry in August.
    The US embassy refused to comment on whether Bainimarama was refused a visa.
    “As a matter of policy, the American embassy does not comment on individual visa applications,” a spokesperson said.
    Washington has been an outspoken critic of the coup and of the military regime’s decision to break a promise to hold elections to restore democracy by the end of March next year.
    Bainimarama’s senior adviser Parmesh Chand declined to comment immediately when contacted.
    Finance Secretary Peceli Vocea will deputise for Bainimarama at the IMF meeting.
    Meanwhile, Fiji’s High Court was due to hand down a ruling Thursday on an application by ousted prime minister Laisenia Qarase for the bloodless coup to be declared illegal.
    The hearing on the application was completed in March.

  11. Imroz Buksh Says:

    Come Monday the IG will still be there and u lot in here will still be blogging…viva…Blog on people…blog on becos thats the best u can do for now blog on….bluggers!!!

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    Folks, a few questions please.

    1. How much time do you think we will have between the Gates decision and Frank’s abrogation of the Constitution?

    2. If the constitution is gone, are we then under martial law?

    3. Will he then be able to suspend our rights formally instead of pretending we have them like he is doing at this time.?

  13. Wailei Says:

    @ IslandBoy;

    I am not a qualified political scientist so I am analysing in my capacity as a lay woman and using some educated guesses here:

    One possibilities as to why Frankie will abrogate the Constitution is that Gay Gates ruling will be a positive one for the SDL party. Which means that All IG members and their hangers on are all illegal Aliens which opens up Pandora’s Box of suing/criminal chargers against these goons by the legal Government.

    So, It is not a coincidence that LQ’s case will be known tomorrow as per Fiji Times today( How timely that rumors have started to twirl that the constitution will be thrown out on Friday? I hazard a guess that Frankies team of idiots already know the results of the Gates ruling and the only reasons why they are abrogating the constitution.

    The Abrogation of the Constitution

    1. Basically to cover their bottoms from getting criminal charges laid against them.
    2. Frankie can write a new constitution which would cover them and make the Charter Farter legal. ( Remember what a certain Academic said not long ago. That to implement the Charter, Frank needed to abrogate the Constitution. So, that the Charter can and only than be a legal document).
    3. Frankie is the new President and Prime Minister.
    Country will certainly be in Martial Law.

    I think those are the main reasons for the abrogation of the Constitution of Fiji.

    GOD BLESS FIJI AND NOT Frankiegitis

  14. Puf-Military Says:

    The truth will previal in the end. The rats are deserting the sinking vessel, lets hope the commodore goes down with it too and we return to democratic rule.

  15. corruptionfighter Says:

    Hei bloggers, lets look at another scenario: could it be two to one, Gates in favour and Pathik and Bryne against SDL…so lets hold the celebrations until things are clear

  16. patience Says:

    I hate to rain on the parade fellow bloggers, but yes, lets consider the unthinkable. CF’s option of 2-1 with Gates in the minority allows Gates to be consistent with the Chandrika judgment, but keeps them all in their socks ie they are not forced to resign by an abrogation, and keep their jobs, allowing them all to further impose their vision and further corrupt the judiciary. Remember all these judges have burnt their bridges internationally and lost all judicial credibility. They only attend each other’s parties and won’t go to anymore regional or international judicial conferences. But by ruling against Qarase and SDL and the people of Fiji, the 3 stooges keep the Naz(i) happy, and they and the IG live to feed themselves another day. See the 10 marquees that have been setup in Albert park – theres a big celebration planned on Friday Fiji Day – and all on taxpayers money too. Lud, me dua ga na bomb se tsunami ena Vakaraubuka!

  17. orion Says:

    Beleieve, if he abrogates the constitution, there will not be any difference to what he is doing now. Ineffect, up to now he is using the constitution to hold his opponents in check whilst on the other hand, he over rules it willy nilly as it suits him. Someone above asks what if the constitution is abrogated. Well in my opinion, nothing will change very much, except perhaps voreqe will be come the “halal” emperor and he will rule as he pleases with his muslim taliban advisors. And it will be an opportunity for Fiji to draw up anew constitution when he is overthrown after that.

  18. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Bananas is certainly cracking up.

    See if you can spot the illogical stupidity in this statement.

    “No matter what these people say I will run the country the way I like it – nothing is going to change.

    “I want this country to be a multiracial one where people’s freedom is not restricted and where people will live side by side without any segregation.”””

    What this means is that you are free to do exactly what the lunatic says.

    I don’t think to many Fijians will support that silliness.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    How long before people start asking for forgiveness and reconciliation ?

  20. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The jaundiced junta can’t provide money for medicines in the hospitals but yet they can waste it on a police unit to intimidate the peole.

    “””The Police Ready Action Force, formely known as the Police Mobile Division, has also been outfitted with a new blue camouflage uniform to portray its new image.”””

    I wonder how many bandages could have been bought with this money.

    Look for the pretty boys with their nightsticks outside the courthouse tomorrow.

    What a sham!

  21. Wailei Says:

    Dear All Fiji Citizens who are residing in Australia.

    I and a few friends (Pro democracy and Friends of Fiji) will be staging a protest and have been granted permission by the Australian Federal Police to protest on Friday 10 October.

    If you live around the area of Canberra and Sydney. Your support in attending the Pro democracy group will be much appreciated.

    Venue : Outside the Fiji High Commission 19 Beale Crescent
    Deakin, ACT 2600.
    Time: 3pm – 6pm

    The Federal Police will be there to monitor our little group of Pro Democracy. We will be making it big by calling the Canberra Times and TV stations. Please I implore you to help us out and turn up. As we believe this is the right time to Protest.


    God Bless Fiji.

  22. patience Says:

    @ EFT – teletubbie has been wearing his teddy outfit the last year. I will larf if I see the ready action force wearing teletubby outfits tomorrow! how on earth is that bright blue and white outfit supposed to let them blend into the environment, unless theres a village people convention at albert park (YMCA!!)…

    are we to believe the 3000 soldiers doing exercises at the GPH since Sunday in the tents pitched next to the GPH are all being fed $250,000 the IG says is being spent on the 10 Oct festivities??? The rehearsal tonight had 200 of them in full meke costume – we the taxpayers footing all that.

    If the court rules for Qarase or for Voceqe, the Friday party will still be OBSCENE, with families struggling to send their kids to school, hospitals running out of medicines and supplies and schools running out of textbooks and equipment. Meanwhile, the kanaloto gang continue feeding their faces – whos catering tea, sandwiches and lunch and the independence cocktail for the illegals??

  23. patience Says:

    Vinaka vakalevu @ Wailei and friends of democracy in Fiji, for organising the protest in Canberra. Have to start somewhere, even if its only a few. I’m praying the demo swells with anti-coup protesters and wishing you all the best. Wonder if you’re organising transport for our people there who may need it? All kudos to you Wailei!!

  24. Wailei Says:

    Vinaka @ patience. Unfortunately, Im willing to pick up people around the Canberra vicinity. For NSW and QLD if you can make it that will be great. Most welcome to crash at my place.

  25. patience Says:

    Props to you Wailei for the initiative! Glad you got the permit 2 days before the protest. That gives freedom bloggers in your vicinity and friends of democracy there some time to plan and make arrangements. Have you publicised an email or contact number for those who want to attend?

    I wonder too if the Fiji HC there has organised a Fiji Day celebration, or is it open as usual that day? If there is a celebration, is it at the HC or at Arya’s residence? be great to see him stutter and flail on australian tv, if the protest disrupts Fiji day festivities organised by the HC.

  26. Wailei Says:

    There is certainly a Fiji Day Celebrations tomorrow and Friday. We are planning to hit on Friday as that is the crucial day. They are having the celebrations at HC. So, We are meeting tonite to make arrangements of what we are going to need on Friday. So, crossing my Fingers I hope there will be a large turn out.

    Anyone needing my email; Please ask the SV team. Can people please circulate far and wide… Vinaka vakalevu for your support. Cheers.

    God Bless Fiji!

  27. Wailei Says:

    Oh yes, the repercussion of protesting here is that I and my friends would not be able to come to Fiji until there is an elected government. So, we are risking alot here that is not seeing our families back home. Io sa da toso mada ga.

  28. patience Says:

    understood Wailei. Kudos to you who are giving up coming to Fiji. Perhaps write up the protest info and send to SV to add a post, with the attendant risks. If you are recognised on tv and media coverage by the goons, there might be repercussions for your families here too, especially if the Constitution is abrogated and the security forces act with more impunity. Martial law means newspapers may be shut down and coup critics silenced and maybe injured and locked up or even killed with impunity, truly putting Fiji on the path to zimbabwe or or even worse cambodia.

    I think abrogation is unlikely because it will force judges to resign and the IG may lose the coup beneficiaries and apologists like Archbishop Mataca, Barr, Burness, Rouse, Yabaki etc who swear up and down by the Constitution. Plus sanctions may be imposed. which neither the judges, nor FB want. But whose to say what is going thru the nutter’s brain. The risks for those who take part will become clearer tomorrow once/if the judges are able to deliver their judgment.

  29. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Well done mate.

    this is exactly what is needed.

    you are to be congratulated on your initiative.

    I won’t be able to be with you in Canberra on Friday but I will be with you in spirit.

    Best wishes for a successful protest.

  30. Peace Pipe Says:

    Good one Wailei. It really needs something like this to stir things up. We really gotta walk the talk to be able to achieve anything. Just call up some kaivalagis to join you I am sure they will support our cause. We are encouraged by your initiatives and I know it will build up like a snowball into an avalanche.

    What we will do really hinges on the outcome of the court ruling tomorrow morning. There are only two the ruling can go – for or against Qarase. So lets consider the scenario for each decision. If its for Qarase what will the pig and his IG do. Ignore it at their peril or abrogate the constitution as we have been speculating so far because he sure as hell will not return govt. Either line of action would be detrimental to the ig and either way they are fcuked.

    And then there is the other possibilty that Qarase loses the case based on some cooked up technicality loophole or soemthing like that. This would trash the credibilty of the courts in Fiji as the case proceedings leant heavily in Qarase’s favour and precedent has been set in Chandrika Prasad’s case. This however is the opening we all have been waiting for i.e. to demand the return to office by Qarase or cry foul and protest at the justice system. Everything in their replies seem to say that we need to wait for court case outcome and is therefore sub-judice.

  31. lele Says:

    I have a feeling that ruling will be in favour of SDL and Frank will announce on Fiji day parade that constitution is abrogated and he is head of state.

  32. Jon Jon Says:

    I’ll run the country the way I want: Fiji PM Baini

    Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says he will run the country the way he wants and nothing is going to change.

    His comment came in reaction to remarks by Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry, the son of Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Chaudhry said earlier that the interim PM had been given poor advice by certain Cabinet ministers over the past six months.

    “Whatever his comments are on people advising me or for the interim Government to carry out elections as soon as possible is only for us to know and how or when the country will hold its next election is up to me,” Bainimarama told Fijilive.

    “No matter what these people say I will run the country the way I like it – nothing is going to change.

    “I want this country to be a multiracial one where people’s freedom is not restricted and where people will live side by side without any segregation.

    “But unlike the SDL party and the Methodist Church their stand is firm and that is to segregate the people.”

    The PM said if Chaudhry wanted to side with such people he could go ahead.

    Bainimarama stressed that indigenous Fijians should stop worrying about feeling insecure in their country.

    “Nothing is going to change and everything under them will not be taken away,” he said.

    “We cannot take away their land, qoliqoli or even change their faith because all this is sacred to the indigenous Fijians.”

    He said Chaudhry Jnr should shut up and try to support the People’s Charter and the interim Government.

    “He (Chaudhry) should concentrate on his law practice and leave the responsibility of running the country to us because his contribution is not needed,” Bainimarama said.

  33. sacramento fijian Says:

    Lele: My personal observation! The court ruling could favour the IG!! Just think of the timing-the celebration of Fiji day Friday! They may be planning to celebrate their court victory with Fiji day celebrations.

  34. Peace Pipe Says:

    @JJ this brainless dictator is pooing more stinken crap and it is causing nausea. So it is now his govt and decides whatever he wants eh? What a jerk this asshole govt robber is. All his claims are baseless. Especially on the racial issue. There is no such thing as racial segregation in existence everyone has their rights as in human rights. He playing politics and is actually very poor in the game. He can’t even give examples of the restriction of freedom he is talking about. I can’t even see any too. He is just full of crap.

  35. kafir Says:

    I will have to agree with SF about the ruling. IG will be the winner today and would be suprise if they don’t. Just hearing the pigs comment on the paper yesterday and today, something tells me that he knows hes been assured of the power already. The way he is shouting and yelling at everyone now left right & center gives us a clue. The pig is unstoppble in pressing on his agenda something like no retreat no surrender. The only way to stop him is a bullet thru his num skull.

  36. hopefiji Says:

    judgement will most likely be two against one…it will end of being appealed, and will take another year..ploy is to buy time and Ig entrench itself even more.

    Gates pro Qarase, Pathik and B for IG..they have made previous judgements since this coup coup, so cannot deviate .

  37. coffee bean Says:

    My bets on Qarase as the winner except what happens next, in practical terms will be for the Pig to decide upon after all he has all the firepower behind him. Oh what I would do had I been an army officer, this crisis is as good as over!
    Wot a bunch of wankers!

  38. Striker Says:

    There can be only one winner; even the most unsophisticated can tell that any coup is wrong, so what’s there to justify it? Nah, I’m on the side of the rule of law and the Constitution, even if these crooked judges say otherwise!

  39. Push Tailevu Says:

    Bomb threat adjourns Qarase judgment

    A bomb threat has forced a short adjournment into the much-awaited ruling on the case brought by deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase on the legality of the 2006 takeover.

    Our reporters at the scene say a policeman brought a note to acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates while he was reading the judgment.

    Police officers have since cleared the courtroom while officers from the Nasinu-based Police Ready Action Force is are the scene.

    There’s no indication as yet on when the judgment will resume.

    Qarase and members of his multi-party Government have asked the court to make several declarations, including the legality or otherwise of his December 5, 2006, ousting by the military and other ensuing events such as the appointment of the interim regime.

    It is understood that several legal actions, either before the court or yet to be filed, are waiting on the High Court decision today.

    “This is a very important case. All the peopled are waiting for it,” said Qarase.

    More to follow


  40. benhur Says:

    Man its stupid, don’t waste your money by giving the Money to keep this court system running and well paid. If you stop taking cases to them then the IG may have to lay-off these judges for been paid with no works? I say go to the world court if you want a fair decisions.

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