Beranaliva says SV! Ia, me kua ga ni totolo-calacala eh!

One arrested for temple sacrilege – Tuesday, October 07, 2008. Fiji Times

Update: 5:22PM Police have arrested one suspect in relation to the Nausori temple sacrilege and he is expected to be charged later today. Assistant police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri said police have more leads to the other suspects and they would be arrested as soon as possible. Three temples were looted while one was partially burnt one in Nausori early Sunday morning. The three temples, located within less than 5kms of each other, are believed to have been entered between 2am and 5am (on Sunday). Yesterday, the Commissioner of Police was ordered to carry out a full investigation into the looting of temples and for those responsible to face the full brunt of law. The directive was received from the interim Prime Minister Commodore Bainimarama, who had outrightly condemned the acts as one of irresponsible and criminal in nature. Police investigation into the matter is continuing.

SV says – Yeah Franky, a classic ‘pot calling the kettle black’ huh! Keep your goons brainwashing the ignorant villagers and the unemployed into carrying out your dirty work! Na dina ena qai ceburaki koya ga mai.  Now, if only the police investigations into the untimely deaths of those young men “on your watch” were done with lightening speed as well!




14 Responses to “Beranaliva says SV! Ia, me kua ga ni totolo-calacala eh!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Only a matter of time before this poor bastard is beaten to death !

  2. Billy Says:

    Yep, the scene of crime is near to that part of the province where the deceased Rabaka and Verebasaga come from.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    Frank talks like he is one ardent Hindu worshipper himself demanding a full scale investigation on petty things compared to other more grave issues. How about demand a fullscale investigation on himself and his crime of treason, abuse of human rights, murder and so on. His action will raise the anger of the Fijians and bring more vandalism and crime.

  4. coffee bean Says:

    @ PP – Sacrilege is no minor offence, it’s a felony (very serious crime) that attracts a 14-year maximum imprisonment sentence and goes to the heart of a Hindu’s Constitutional right to manifest & practice his religion as he deems fit.

    Y’see PP, we’ll be playing right into Franky’s hands if we get our people to take it out on them Indo-Fijians. I would hve expected to hear that kind of sentiment from the streets than here on the blogs where we’re supposedly the ‘educated, enlightened, determined-elite’… having the privilege to access internet and all that, yeah?!

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Manning. lol! lol!

    I always find yr smart comments amusing. Blog on, mate!

    @ coffee bean – Yep and well said.

    mmm.. I guess Im due for a cuppa right now!

  6. Cama Says:

    Sacrilege is felony and max 14 years but murder is a Life sentence if found guilty. they should all be investigated fairly without biased. what say?

    I think, that this is what PP is refering to coffee beans

  7. coffee bean Says:

    Agree Cama and I stand by my earlier post as well.

  8. Striker Says:

    You don’t fool anyone Frank. Your actions speak louder than words. There is no justice where people do not stand equal before the law. While the full brunt of the law is being applied in cases such as this one, in others involving IG leaders and the military, there is no committment to investigate cases of murder, loss and impairment of life, and treason from the 2006 coup. This lends no meaning to the values of equality and dignity of all citizens, recognition of human rights and fundamental freedoms and respect for the rule of law epoused in the draft charter which, you’re better off chucking up John Samy’s backside!

  9. Push Tailevu Says:

    Vore seems to be more inetersted in investigating unmoveable and breathless objects, rather then focus on human, which he shed blood.

    Isa the i taukei will definitely not happy about this….one day kona maaateee…teivovo, teivovo..rai tu mai, rai tu mai, au na viriviria kemu bai!!!!…kamate, kamate

  10. tevoros Says:

    People, check out the immovable, stiff, matakaus lined up at Albert Park. Na sun tan jiko vei ira, lol…

  11. Push Tailevu Says:

    well you’ll see our yehdo matakau’s lining up and gracing our Mr. President…who normally salute and waving at the same time….

  12. coffee bean Says:

    Do check out insider RawFijiNews blog confirming Franky’s boys were indeed behind the sacrilege acts! Tobo tale tu o van damme. Power to the bloggers and the people!

  13. Push Tailevu Says:

    thats patrt of their tactics….so stupid of them…they want to justify themselves…cava qo self proclaim or wot….

    The greenies need some stick

  14. Billy Says:

    Some of us should just front up to alberto to check out these imbeciles fooling themselves, beginning from ole pressie, shakily waving and saluting to the nutty illegal pm, and all those freeriding kanaloto evelis, isa ko viti! Vakalolomataki iratou. Dradraluka!!

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