Fiji PM needs “bitter truth”: Chaudhry – you too says SV!!!

Yadra bloggers. Well it is interesting to see the ‘father and son tag team’ continue their verbal assault on the illegal junta. This latest episode from Chodo Jnr now claims for the last 4-6 months, Vore has been misinformed or ill advised by Pramesh Chand and slippery Samy. How convenient in trying to lay the blame on others after Chodo Snr was sacked by Vore, following advise from these 2. The bitter truth Chodo Jnr will need to learn is that Vore was ill-advised right from the start before executing his coup pre-December 2006 by people like none other than his father Chodo Snr and he will be held accountable for his role in the coup! Chodo Snr on the other hand continues his usual scare and bully tactics, by filing lawsuits here and there to shut people up, but like his billion dollar defamation lawsuit against the Fiji Times, it’s the same as his lawyer G.P. Lala, all huff and puff, but no real substance! Vore now claims that there will be no GCC, if Provincial Councils do not put forward their delegates. Where is this tamata macawa $2 Jo who was making false claims that they had the numbers, etc! Why are all these people in the illegal junta lying to the people? How can they profess to ‘Clean Up’ when all they do is the exact opposite? Bloggers, we should not allow this bastard Vore to continue dictating how we should live our lives but start looking at means and ways to eradicate this bastard and his cronies once and for all. SV urges it bloggers to start being pro-active in small and constructive ways because all good things start from small things and hopefully it will infuse courage into others and start a domino effect. Remember Neil Armstrong’s first words from the moon ‘that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ What small things are you going to do today to start crippling this illegal junta?


The son of former interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry, lawyer Rajendra says Fiji’s leader is getting the wrong advice and needs to hear the “bitter truth”. Chaudhry Jnr said the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s decisions in the last four to six months have been generally “flawed”.He puts the blame on Bainimarama’s close associates – PM’s secretary Parmesh Chand, interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and People’s Charter lead advocate John Samy  – whom he calls “political misfits” “For example, the decision by the PM on UN matters and the many portfolios he has, shows he has not been properly briefed,” said Chaudhry.

“He is not a career politician but a military commander. He has been informed of what he wants to hear. “These civil servants are not giving him the proper advice. They are not impressing urgency on the need for early election. Chaudhry said that perhaps the most glaring oversight is the delay in the recalling of Parliament to plot a legal way out of the political impasse.

“Most importantly, the changes he is seeking requires major constitutional changes. How can that happen without a Parliament in place? “This breeds uncertainty and affects investments and much needed jobs for our people. “The PM needs an independent group of advisers. “Some truths may be bitter but he needs to hear them.”



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  1. Striker Says:

    The political-economic scene is a quagmire to our elected university trained, qualified leaders, what would it seem like to a fighter ant?

  2. delano Says:

    Hang on a minute folks…after reading what Rajen Chodo jnr had to say, I somehow cant help but agree with him that (1) Bainivore is being wrongly advised by the reptilian John Sami, as well as ‘Agi Piche’ Kaiyum and Prmesh Chand (2) the aforementioned three are not impressing upon Bainivore the need to hold early elections (3) the current situation is not good for investment (4) the need for an independent group of advisors.

    I have problem though with (4) as Bainivore will only take on board what he wants to hear from apologists to his cause. Can you imagine how he would respond if (say) Qarase or ex members of Govt were to be included in the independent group of advisors that Rajen Chodo is advocating? Who would be the appointing authority? If it is to be the President, then this guy with a marshmellow brain will sign any bit of paper put before him.

    The other problem I have is the term Rajen uses to describe Bainivore as a ‘military commander’. OK, granted that his appointmment allows him the be referred to in such a way, but other than commanding a small patrol boat in Draunibota Bay (Teleni, Naupoto, Natuva etc are all in the same class), Bainivore has not distinguished himself on active service overseas. Where was he (and Teleni and others) when our troops in Lebanon were coming under fire and taking casualties in the early 1980’s? When the Fiji Government agreed to send a battalion into the minefields of the Sinai desert back in 1982 where was Bainivore and his cronies?

    True, Bainimarama subsequently served in Sinai but he went across as the commander of the Battalion’s Transport Platoon. He spent all his time in the safety of the base camp drinking yaqona and playing volleyball with other base-wallahs. In fact, he underperformed that his Commanding Officer at the time recommended he be repatriated back to Fiji for non-perfpormance. After that, Bainivore was never considered for Lebanon service because it was too challenging for him.

    Then of course we had the mutiny of November 2000. When under fire what did Bainivore do? Instead of standing his ground and defending his position like a true soldier or ‘military commander’, he did a runner!!!!……slithering down the slope at the back of QEB…taking with him tavioka branches, dalo leaves, wa bosucu (mile a minute creeper) uprooting guava trees etc in the urgency of his escape. What type of conduct is that? Bottom line is that when faced with challenge he cut and ran! This is the true form of a wannabe dictator and bully with no substance

    Bainivore only got the Commander RFMF appointment on the strength of Epeli Ganilua’s recommandation to his father in law (Mara) who was President at the time. Ganilua recommended Bainivore NOT because he was a competent military operator but because he needed Bainivore to cover his (Ganilua) abuse of the Regimental Fund ! (refer other posting on this Forum). What is currently happening in the higher echelons of the IG and the Military Council is the mutual back-scratching and peeing in each others pockets that can only come about because of the lack of accountability and transparency that currently prevails. It is ironic that the Dec 2005 coup was mounted because of the purported lack of application of the two aforementioned principles by the Qarase government. What a sham this whole IG is.

    Sa dri yani

  3. Billy Says:

    Wananavu dina na wiliwili e na mataka e dai @delano! One question, I did recall Bainivore went for an interview for some post at the UNIFIL or somewhere and he needed to up his rank. Of course he failed the interview for all the reasons you gave above (and more). Wishful thinking now if they had only hired him even if only for Transport logistics guy. Anyway, look forward to more!

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    @Delano – for a long time, most of us in Fiji have needed more guys like you, obviously having served or are still serving in the army to tell us what you honestly think, based on the real-life, real-time experience.

    The little clues we get are the volleyball games of the base wallahs and the repatriation notification due to non-performance, most of us did not know the finer details of his time in the service.

    If you were not with one very select media crew on the Namadi Heights bank of the gully when he surfaced after doing the runner you would not know he was trailing strands of wa bosucu. Well done delano – you the man!!!

  5. IslandBoy Says:

    Right on Billy – refering to the naval base at Kalokolevu as Draubota is a the dead give away indicator of an insider. Don’t go back into read-only mode delano, we need to hear more of what you have to say.

  6. Billy Says:

    Another excellent editorial in the Fiji Sun today SV.

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Can you give us more details as to who was bananas’ commanding officer in Lebannon?

    It would be great for Fiji TV to interview this former CO and find out more of the weaknesses of bananas.

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    You have to agree with R.C. Jnr

    But hey! did someone give him a strong cuppa coffee or what..?

    Tell us something we dont know Rajen!!!!

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    Remeber the empty desolate surrounding at Albert Park at last years Fiji Day celebration which was made more miserable by the bad weather. It was attended only by the army and police and their families. A very pathetic attendance like those in the ncbbf consultation meetings.

    We do however welcome the attacks on the ig from the chodo tag team. They would add some oomph on our assault on the pig and his ig.

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ delano,

    malo a vakamacala.

    I marvel at the brute strength of Vore as you explained in great detail what he uprooted when fleeing for his life down the gully mai Delainabua. It is one thing to uproot the wa bosucu, but something else to uproot the vuni guwawa!

    Over to you my Tau IslandBoy!

  11. delano Says:

    Bula to Island Boy, Billy and Ex Fiji Tourist. Thanx for your comments. Hope it helps you better understand why things are going the way it is. Yes, you could refer to me as an ‘insider’ having recently served. Many of the real soldiers in QEB feel as I do. You must understand that soldiers operate in a comannd environment where orders from above have to be followed. Many of them are decent men who are deeply disillusioned with what is going on.

    The whole rot in the RFMF started with Rabuka in 1987. Here we had an ambitious officer who throughout his service (and even now) is always engaged in the politics of self promotion. He promotes himself beyond the level of his competence. You only have to read his articles in th Fiji Times to establish his level of intellect. He is the only guy in Fiji who can talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. Sa du!

    Anyhow, Rambo took control in May 1987 and the proud reputation of the RFMF has gone down the drain ever since. There was only one officer who was the most highly respected at the time and Rabuka was envious of this man’s better record under fire. I will not mention this officer’s name but it certainly was not Ratu Naulukau (Rabuka, quite justifiably, felt that Naulukau was appointed Commander because he was a chief and Mara’s son in law). The officer I am referring to is the only officer to tell Rabuka straight in his face to go shove his coup up a part of his anatomy where the sun does not shine. In my opinion, if the RFMF is to be reformed and professionalized he is the sort of person we need.

    But back to your questions. Billy asked about the Bainimarama interview. He applied for the Force Commander post in Kuwait and was promoted by the Qarase Government to Rear Admiral so as to bolster his credentials (never mind that the Fiji Navy at the time comprised 4-5 small patrol boats). But the UN guys are not fools. Why have the absurd situation of a naval officer commanding soldiers in what is essentially a land operation in Kuwait? What active service experience does the applicant posess ? (being a transport platoon commander in the Sinai was all Bainimarama had to offer). What academic qualifications does the applicant possess? (Bainimarama only got as far a Form 5 in Marist and was locally trained with a local sea going certificate from the Marine Department etc). His performance at the interview confirmed his unsuitability…mumbling incoherently through his responses to questions put to him by the interview panel (very much like what you see of him on Fiji TV).

    The SDL government is as much to blame for offering him up as Fiji’s candidate for that prestigious post. He turned out to be an embarrasment.

    Which then brings me aroud to the question by Ex Fiji Tourist re who was Bainivore’s CO in Sinai. By the time he went to Sinai to command the trucks and bottle-washers in the Fiji Battalion in Sinai, the CO at the time was…wait for it…… Jerry Waqanisau! Now you understand why when Jerry was PS for Home Affairs, Bainivore stormed into his office and threatened to shoot him and labelled him (Jerry) as a ‘threat to national security’ etc. Bainivore never forgave Jerry for recommending to HQ RFMF that he (Bainivore) be sent home for non-performance.

    But there was also another officer who Bainivore never forgave in Sinai. Wait for it……John Baledrokadroka (JB)…was the Operations Officer. He was aware that Bainivore was not performing and drew this to his CO’s attention (Jerry). Despite the fact that JB subsequently saved Bainivore’s reputation by leading the counter-attack at QEB following the mutiny, Bainivore heled a deep grudge againt JB because JB was better educated and was a soldier who showed Frank up by standing his ground, rallying the troops and retook QEB under fire while Frank had escaped down the tavioka patch towards Namadi to make good his escape to Draunibota.

    I leave it to you guys to work out where Jerry and JB are now. The former was sacked from Peking post and kicked out of the civil service. JB was sacked from RFMF for counselling Bainivore against military intervention in politics. He is also currently defending a charge of being involved in the purported assassination plot against Bainivore and Teleni etc. So, the bottom line is that you cross Bainivore at your peril. That is the lesson for us all.

    Hope this adds to your understanding of why things are happening the way they are at present. A lot can be put down to petty personal animosities, hunger for power, personal greed etc. It is so sad that that the whole country has to suffer because of this.

    But there was also another person

  12. Ablaze Says:

    Wow Delano very interesting and good for us to know. Like I say let it take its course, sooner or later we will know where these people with personal animosities, hunger for power, personal greed etc will take us.

    This may be the only way that those that are doing nothing about the Regime will realize that it was all bad from the start.

  13. delano Says:

    @ Jese Waqalekaleka

    Ratu Tau, e vaka ga e qaria sobu na baba oya mai Namadi e dua na katavila D8 en nona dro sobu yani o Vore e na nona saga me bula! Tacavu kece na vu ni quwawa, dalo ni tana, dalo via, bau talega na vu ni pisi-pisi, koka, manawi kei na loga vau ka toka oya mai na qakilo vakaloloma oya e na taudaku kei QEB! Na cava na vakasasa!

  14. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ delano,

    Ratu Tau, ko sa kaya na ka dina.

    Na boci ga, na boci.

    Se kuca Tau IslandBoy?

  15. Cama Says:

    Those Officers like JB & JW have brains and protect the integrity of the Military but the military position now is an all time low. Probably similar to Zimbabwe

  16. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Cama, I agree with you.

    Also both JW & JB were both senior officers to this boci Vore. He only rose to the position of Commander because of the incompetent Eveli Ganilau, who himself was promoted past Major General Konrote, when his late father was President.

    Brigadier General JW was the 1st Fiji Military Officer to be appointed as 2nd in Command of a UN Contingent. Major General Konrote later was the 1st Fiji Military Officer to be appointed as Commanding Officer of a UN Contingent.

    This boci Vore is no where near the level of professionalism or standing as JW & JB and because he suffers from an inferior complex condition, all the smart and professional Officers have been terminated.

    Those now in power within the Fiji Military Forces remind me of the purification process of silver. To get pure silver, you need to continue heating the raw material until the dross oor impurities floats to the top. You then skim off the dross and continue this process until there is no more dross, then you have pure silver.

    In Fiji today the Fiji Military since the 1987 coup is still in the purification stage, and those in power from Vore, to Driti, to Aziz, to Mara, etc are all ‘dross’.

    Fiji looks forward to an Officer who will have the moral fibre and guts to stand up and bring the Fiji Military back to true calling. This particular Officer, will be the ‘pure silver’, so let’s get rid of these ‘dross’ trying to impersonate the ‘pure silver.’

  17. delano Says:

    @ Jese Waqalekaleka.

    Ratu Tau. Sorry to mention it but in the ‘dross’ you must include the Chairman of the Lau Provincial Council. The RFMF can be reformed. Many of us serving and recently served believe that we can reform the RFMF by bringing back some of the good professional officers who have left since 1987.

    But as you say, one must get rid of the dross first. This is the real challenge before us at this time. No point changing the Constitution and bringing in the Charter etc because as long as the ‘dross’ are still around, they will continue to threaten and intervene to protect their own personal interests whenever it suits them.

    We can all thank Rabuka for introducing the coup idea that has now wrecked the contry. It never ceases to amaze me how the media in Fiji hang onto every word he says. Now this coup supremo is to manage the Pacific Islander Team, thus proving the point that coups do pay.

  18. painter Says:

    Pure silver, gold or dross, who cares. They won’t do it for themselves or the institution that serve their best interests and you guys know it! So who are we kiddin’ here?

  19. LUVfiji Says:

    Totoka, totoka na veitalanoa ‘qo. Vinaka delano. You’re a breath of fresh air!

    In an earlier post you mention Rabuka and the ’87 coup. A name that came to mind was Jim Sanday. He is one many think that could redeem the RFMF. And of course, there are the likes of Waqanisau, Dugu, Baleidrokadroka, Tarakinikini, Caucau and a few more. Wouldnt it be great if these guys would act as true military officers and just wipe this PIG out!

    OK! dear folks.. lets continue to give power to our keyboards and bring the regime DOWN!!

    Bless you all!

  20. Save the Sheep Says:

    Great reading today and of course this is what it is all really about. Those inbred and incompetent Fijian Families that believe they were born to rule.

    The RFMF was a great institution once with its soldiers respected world wide. Now they are just a bunch of losers who are wasting tax payers money….

    It would be nice to believe that there is enough good left out there to deal with this problem but I sincerely doubt it. Greed is well and truly in charge right now and will be for the foreseeable future.

  21. painter Says:

    My point is – they all love it, hate it, can’t live without it.. for their precious institution is all they’ve known. Almost 2years post 5/12 and what hve all these ‘decorated’ pure silver, pure gold, pure dross et al COMBINED shown us, their precious civilians?? …. wait for it…. sweet fcuk all!

    Blogging is for us civilians not for you macho men who should be doing more than trippin’ down memory lane, discussing your bugger all peacekeeping duties and all that! Bunch of wankers!

  22. ispy Says:

    relax painter…

    delano appears to be saying he’s with us on this one.

    why does that have to bother you?

    i have personally met quite a few ex-military who think exactly like delano.

    personally, i’d rather they just cowboy up and re-take QEB but things are never really quite so simple are they?

  23. Ablaze Says:

    So far the only that has happened since the coup is the the farter charter which they are trying to promote for us to support and pea for brains Bainipuaka assurrance that there will NO ELECTIONS!

    What else do we want to know for proof that Fiji is under Military Rule by a Bunch of Wankers.

    We must start using reverse psychology and educate those that are navive and gullible all about what happens to a country and its people when military Rule governs.

    Keep blogging folks, showing them up, their greed, their stupidity, their naivety, their lies, the cronyism, nepotism, human right abuses, constitional breaches, underming the judiciary, intimidation and straight out vindictiveness practised by these wankers the day they snatched power.

    That I’m afraid is their contribution to developing and moving Fiji forward.

    It is a moral hazard to our country and its people but there is nothing we can do about it but blog on and wait and see where this is going to take us.

    Thanks Delano, I think it is good for us to know these things.

  24. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ delano,

    malo and kua ni leqa my Tau, I had mentioned the butabutako Chairman ni lequ Yasana lomani of Lau Mara in my 2nd last paragaph too as part of the dross.

  25. IslandBoy Says:

    @painter – I personally would want to engage with someone like delano because he adds a new perspective and body of knowldge to the debates on this board and because it is very obvious he is a ranking insider.

    IMHO he adds to my knowledge base, small as it is, abut current affairs in Fiji and helps me to better understand Frank’s perspective.

    @delano – vinaka vakalevu kemuni. I’m with naita LUVfiji regarding Jim Sanday. A close friend ran into Nani in Canberra, years ago and told me Jim was some kind of an academic at a prominent Oz Uni but as I said, that was years ago.

    In addition to the guys you mention, my list of army good guys past and present are: Sanday, Naivalurua, Seruvakula, Saubulinayau, Saumatua, Orisi Rabukawaqa, the Bukarau brothers (younger brother seems to be a little bit of an agent Vinod – da segai ni kila na vanua cava ena basika kina) Caucau and the Naliva guy who is currently Cmdr’s PSO – he seems very down to earth unliike Leweni.

    Would like to know what you think when you have time.

    Don’t really know JB but I get the impression ni dau Bollywiood no vaka lada o turaga nite. Sometimes when Fiji TV is covering his court case, sa dau sivi na camera position qai dua ga na kena rai kivi o groovy.

    @JW – Malo Bula Tau, have always had the impression that Meli Saubulinayau (quite apart from the name) is of chiefly rank. He never used a Rt. prefix, just the way he conducts himself and his unfailing politeness and demeanor speaks volumes about his traditional rank. Would appreciate a little backgrounder if you can?

    I guess the old saying you can be born a chief or you can act like one rings very true, as I have always found him to be the complete gentleman, the few times we have had occasion to meet.

  26. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Vinaka Marama Nite, au baci nanumi kemuni ni sa vakatoka yaca vei Adi Finau o delano, evei beka o Dauvavana!

    Sa mai rawataki na noqu dredre @ Kabataucoko.

    I wanted to ask you where Dugu is now. At the ACSOG function I saw Di Sa with the Raivoces (and see her now and then up and down Princes Rd) but no Dugu and was just thinking I have not seen him in Fiji in more than ten years now.

  27. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy,

    Meli Saubulinayau is also of the Vuanirewa Mataqali, but different Tokatoka to the Mara clan, but remember the Tui Nayau title does not exclusively belong to the Mara clan, which they seem to believe if their birthright.

    I personally have a lot of respect for Meli and it is unfortunate that he was forced to resign, but good people like him will prevail over the dross like Vore, Driti, Aziz, Mara and other cronies.

    You can never put a good man down.

  28. iceman Says:

    I think Dugu is with the UN together with Tu Naulu Mataitini. These men together with J waqanisau are the real officers of the FMF NOT Driti, Lewena, Voraqa and Maramara

  29. at least Says:

    Thanx Delano
    you just refreshed us on what that is happening nowadays. Well to al bloggers, i am also passing my blames on Qarase on what Fiji is now..Qarase to my understanding was and is still the best PM Fiji could offer..Although he has better good and quality leadership skills, he is a weka leader..
    A weak leader in the sense that when Bainimarama was away overseas, Rt Naiqama and some other cabinet ministers have consulted him to get Bainimarama into custody as soon as he sets foot in Nadi to be trial for treason.The evidence were there the 5 senior military officers he sacked for telling the public that he was going to stage a coup..

    And you know what Qarase told them: Relax as he is not going to conduct a coup for he was not really sure at that time for what kid of man this boci is vore..Later until now he realised that whatever those guys told him should have been done to save Fiji and its Democracy..

    Qarase should know where to stand when its crunch time and not just change the foreign ministers around ..Vore rang him enough bells to sack and convict him but he did not..and what happened the whole of Fiji suffers..
    i would say that LQ was also ill-informed as to what action to take at that time..If only and only he had agreed to what people have been telling him at that time, everything could have been saved,,..

    But I think this is a good opportune for him to reflect on the kind of leadership he made..I must tell you he is the best PM Fiji ever had but he should know when to put his foot down like I said esp when its crunch time..

    LQ if you reading this, you are still our hero ..remember its good to fall and get stronger one day..

    Vore if you also reading this.. you can get through this the first time but I warn you come second you will be no longer…

    To ALL bloggers, I must thank Mr Delano once again for the kind, informative and expository remark he gave on this topic..Bravo and lets continue to fight the goods…let them eat and die by their swords..happy Fiji day to all….

  30. at least Says:

    my apology it shiuld have been weak ..leader..

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    Oh I luv that name Turaga Nite! E sa ganiti koya vinaka.

    The last I heard of Dugu was that he was with the UN Mission in Afghanistan. Yes, as iceman rightly said, he is big time like TuNaulu M who heads the UN Security in Vienna.

    @IB – By the by, who is Tu Naulu married to? Ke galala tiko… .. uuuuie!! E vosa na UN 😉

  32. Jone Says:

    Arrrhhh love that SV! .. a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. so what small things are we each doing today to cripple this regime. Good one.

  33. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Vosota LUVfiji. Tu Naulu is married to a sweet Ethiopian lady. And yes, I do agree with iceman and the rest. These officers are the reasons we used to look at the Fiji soldiers with admiration. The uniforms and the way they conduct themselves in a real gentleman manner is always somewhat outstanding and something to be admired. But when I see a soldier in unform these days, forgive me for saying this but I always have this sudden urge to throw up. I just cannot stand the sight of them anymore. The wannabe machos they think they are and the thick skull they have really render them as something we desperately need to throw out with the rubbish.

  34. Jone Biutiviti Says:


    Apologies if what I said might offend you…….But as you might understand, frustration is really setting in for the lies which is the foundation of the recent coup.

  35. delano Says:


    Agree with your list above. Have reservations though with Naivalurua and Dugu. These were the two key officers who backed Rabuka in 1987 and who took Bavadra and co hostage. I suppose they have since reflected on their actions and (may) regret what they did. Bainivore still does not trust Naivalurua because of his previous role with Rambo and was thus pushed sideways to Prisons. Bukarau got himself in the shit with the Speight crew in 2000 and has lost respect from soldiers. Saumatua is OK, does not have a devious mind like Rabuka and Bainivore. But he has health problems now.

    Sanday was a top class officer. I was told that he is with the Aussie Defence organisation somewhere. I heard that someone saw him in Perth a few months ago where he was working out of the SAS base there preparing Oz soldiers for Afghanistan etc. It would not surprise if he was doing that. Meli and all others are all good officers. All these guys were the backbone of the RFMF pre-1987. All now lost to other organisations and countries.


    I understand your frustrations but I have been out of the military now for several months. Soldiers too pay tax you know, just like civilians. They also put their bodies and lives on the line on the various peacekeeping missions that you are so much against. Where have you put yours on the line? Lets not demonstrate our small mindedness by using foul language etc in our posts. Remember bro, knowledge is power. If you do not like my posts then you have the option not to read it and gain the knowledge necessary to inform your judgements and behaviour. I will do you a favour ; I will now exit this forum permanently as I choose to avoid personal abuse from you.

    So long guys and happy blogging. As they say in my village “O au, sa’u qai”

  36. Save the Sheep Says:

    Pity to lose your insights Delano, Painter was just expressing a frustration felt by all of us. You don’t have to be a Military Man to have put yourself on the line for your Country.

    Sorry but that is the mentality that has lead to so many people being beaten up in the Camp.

    I know many people who have sacrificed their lives and families for their Country without ever firing a shot or dodging a bullet.

    Hope you stay with us and gracefully side step the flak. Your posts are most interesting.

  37. Tui Says:

    Io sa malo Delano. Good to get some information from the “inside” as they say, about the RFMF.
    My feeling is that talking about what could have been with those military officers is not going to help. We need to push forward and find the right people who are with us now! The military may not be the only option. Remember there are more civilians then military personnel. In the end the people will prevail.
    Time to move away from military might to people power!

  38. Billy Says:

    Tch tch @delano, would be a pity if you leave now. Me vaka ga na sere ya, “Keu lewa na lako me kua!” Anyway, back to business, the issue is how can we, for the love our nation, save it from the ruins of this good for nothing? Camp reports on-going practice for Friday’s celebrations, for what? I heard on FM the Vore accusing Rev Waqairatu of using intimidating tactics to have the 40,000+ signatures. Wailei, give us a break man! Who’s intimidating who? So can someone close to the Methodist church ask if they could organise a peaceful”protest” gathering in the form of a church services around the country me raica o la qo na levu ni lewenivanua era sa cata ka votivoti mai vei ira na raici ratou tiko?

  39. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s a bit ironic to hear a lyer asking Francis and Co. to hear the truth !

  40. IslandBoy Says:

    @delano – kua ni qai gonei, da vitalanoa vinaka, vakasavasava. When we break of communicatiosn we actually are doing more harm than good not only to others but also ourselves.

    @LUVfiji – kemuni sa dau vicavilaki sara ga, dua na gauna balavu galala tu kina Ro Naulu, qo ni sa qai taroga. Ena vukumuni walega sa rawa ni kacivi na bose vanua, me sa vakalesui o Ethipia i Naluwai, mo ni sa qai mai Marama Nite. Kirau beka vata i delano sa na biu ena kava ni benu.

  41. corruptionfighter Says:

    When will RC tell us about his fathers millions and what role or advice he gave on how to hide it from the nation?

  42. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    Just to review the list of those who were and made the RFMF honourable back then, the likes of Sanday (still working with ANU on strategic issues), Buadromo and Sam Pickering (now serving in the Aussie Army), Baledrokadroka and Saubulinayau (working with Tikotikoca in Qamea), Ditoka (ex-PA to Qarase), Vadei and Uraia Waqavonovono (recently retired as UN Security Head in Laos), the Bukarau brothers (younger Agent Vinod now in Baghdad with Vatu), Tarakinikini (soon to move from Nepal to head UN Security in Pakistan), Dugu (with UN Security in Libya), Mataitini (who I believe has moved as Head of UN Security in Vienna to head UN Security in Afghanistan), Seruvakula and Gucake now serving in Mataitini’s UN Security Team in Afghanistan. And add Tukana Bovoro, the Volavola brothers, Luke Ratuvuki and our last Ambassador in DC (all ex-RFMF Territorial Officers), you have a formidable line up of former servicemen who served when soldiering was an honourable way to serve Fiji.

    Once this core group left, they took out the pride and honour of service and what you have in the main (because there are some still honourable who still serve), is a bunch of holigans who think nothing about profiting from having and backing the snooker Frankie boy. Not only do they have the treason charges to answer for, but also fleecing the Regimental Funds and the national coffers with Frankie now in charge of Finance. The same mess of the Regimental Funds will now be played out on the national coffers.

    Sa dri yani!

  43. Billy Says:

    Sobosobo, vinaka@MR, getting Frankie to head Finance is like getting the fox to guard the chickhouse. Sa na qai qacaru ga na coffers ni ra se tiko ga qo na fox kanaloto vakaitamera..Ghani, Nailati, etc. Isa ko Viti, what can we do? We need to work together with the few good men inside to bring this regime down. How we can allow these ppl to ride roughshod like this over us. Time for a revolution, down with the dictator, up with ppl power!!!

  44. Caginiwaitui Says:

    Something else people should know about Frank Vore.
    Before he joined the navy, he used to shine shoes of Cmdr Stan Brown.,to get matinee money for movies at century theatre.
    His father was in the military, Cmndr Stan browns good friend. Franko used to tag along and get the shoe shiner jobs.

    Then he joined the navy after reaching form 5 in Marist. he rose very quick through the ranks cos he was a sucker tell tale and masi polo cadet.

    He and Lesi (now Minister for Transport) were good friends in the Navy and they used to screw the girlfriends of and wives of officers who were away overseas on training or duties.
    One officer came home (he is now Head of Security in Denarau) and heard and pounded up Lesi – thats how he has a broken crooked nose today, look at his nose).

    Guess what happened to Franko!!
    He ran for his life———–(he has experience in this) to the security at the naval base asking for help!!

    The second run was in delainabua!!!

    The third and final run is coming soon!!

    Mocemada Frank!! lamulamu

  45. Caginiwaitui Says:

    Agood name for Ratu Isoa Gavidi

    Rottn Eyesore Gavidah

  46. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s dig up the dirt on all these cowards , and their school and Military records .
    If anyone knows their mental history , please leak it now .

  47. painter Says:

    @delano – pls don’t leave on my account. It’s clear many bloggers are very interested in what you hve to say, notwithstanding that I might see it as familiar dance tune that keeps us swirling in circles with no end in sight.

    And you can do me a ‘real favour’ by stop being so presumptuous. Just because I used ‘foul’ language doesn’t mean I’m one of you GUYS. So you can stop calling me brother. And I’m not yr sister either so don’t call me that too. I agree with you though that knowledge is power… and so is the TRUTH!

    @ispy and islandboy – fine, I’ll defer to yr good judgment. ‘Hate shall be a game played with cool hands’ and all that.. so let’s continue to discuss perspectives until we’re all old and gray.

  48. Malekata Ravisa Says:

    All that has been said about snuka boy Frankie boy is true. He left Marist and was a Marine Cadet before being picked up when the Fiji Navy started. But through the years, he has been able to ingratiate himself with his superior officers. He was a competent Naval Officer but he should have remained in the Navy and all of Fiji would have been spared what we are now forced to endure.

    Yes, Ganilau did pick him to replace him but guess who endorsed the pick as PM? Rabuka, who was fighting the upcoming election than and was reaching out to the Tailevu electorate. How ironic and shows a lack of professional judgement on Rabuka’s part. Now Rabuka appears to be taking Frankie Boy on. Interesting and let us see how the Military Council will deal with him. Will they back Frankie boy or will they come to their senses and do what is right for the country and the Oath that they took. Or is the oath now to Frankie boy and not to the people of Fiji?

    If they are courageous enough to do the right thing, then they should get an interim Government of National Unity to plot the way out of this mess. Just as was done in 2000 post Speight, they should leave out all politicians, bring in people who have Fiji @ heart, will not stand in new elections and are not tainted by this regime.

    A tall order but do-able. The ball is in your court, Military Council. Or would you have the Draunibota Navy to continue to run what used to be a proud Military that will soon be run out of UN peacekeeping altogether and hence the one reason why the Army size was increased under the Alliance Government?

  49. Ablaze Says:

    @Billy once again church service – nothing to organise just give us a date and we can all rock up.

    @SV we should start thinking about forming some kind of association where there is a membership fee to join.

    With money in hand its a start to a long fight for “democracy” in our country. We can at least pay for a full page advertisement in the daily papers!

    Advertisement could go something like this: Solivakasama will fight to the end. We want elections as we want a government of our choice. etc etc Pictures of today’s youth as we are fighting for their freedom in the future!

    More ideas can from us.

  50. LUVfiji Says:

    @ IB – Turaga Naita, sa totoka tu na nodatou marama ni Ethiopia ‘qori. Uuuie.. E dua beka na meke vinaka e toka vei kemudrau. Sa tau saraga e keri na i vosavosa ‘ya, “its back to my roots”. Isa, mayb nxt time??

    As for me, me’u sa laki cabeta tu madala na deladela kei uluiqalau, se ‘uca?

    Oh btw, where is my Marama Naita, aubatinuku-N? Shes been missing for a while now. And KB has gone quiet. C’mon.. ladies, can we have u back in the fold!!

  51. Push Tailevu Says:

    I’m with you Ablaze….great idea, thats fantastic….we should all meet, just like the members….

    We should all sit and chat for the betterment of Fiji…..this way will help educate the people of Fiji, coz all of us are from different organization..


  52. Push Tailevu Says:

    Back to the subject, its funny how chodo is against the IG…su raica ga su kila….walega qo so era na lai cici i na QEB….sa dina ga o Rt Sukuna….o ira qo ke lotu era na koi dia tiko ga…..why didnt chodo speak his mind when chodo snr was part of it???

  53. Wailei Says:

    WOW! Have not been in for a while… Reading this again has become “vely vely interlesting.” Hmmmm =====>>>>>>> shall be right back

  54. Billy Says:

    Post under another topic:

    To all civil servants, Friday’s celebration (D-Day) is the best time to show your protest against what is happening, it is your public holiday, Stay home, no one should have their pay cut just cause they dont turn up to Albert Park. Don’t be like sheep being led to the slaughter. Stand up for your children! Stand up for Fiji. Show the world that we do not support what is happening. Others in private sector have stopped paying their taxes to an illegal regime, that is their silent protest.

    Please everyone just pass the word around, STAY HOME!!! DON’T BE CAUGHT UP IN THIS FOOLISH LYING THIEVING CONNIVING GROUP OF ILLEGALS spinning more web of LIES on Fiji D-Day!. Our nation deserves better. Silent protest…Me i cavai! Let him force his way around, violence will never pay, and lying will catch up. Have no fear, respect only the law not illegals.
    Remember the saying “First they came for the (SDL) and I did not speak out cause I was not a SDL supporter, then they came for the NGOs, and I did not speak out cause I was not an NGO, then they came for the Methodists and I did not speak out cause I was not a Methodist, then they came for the Trade Unions (FTA/FICTU/FNA) and I did not speak out cause I was a union member, then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me! This is your chance, you dont have to speak out, just stay home and silently protest. Celebrate at home with your children that you have stood up on a matter of principle!!!

  55. Billy Says:

    sorry, “not a union member”

  56. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Vinaka Marama Nite – its funny how we both thought of Jim Sanday but one we totally missed is Rt. Isoa Tikoca.

    I really don’t know much about him as an officer, but one thing that used to surprise me was that he would often be seen at the Seargent’s Mess insted of the Officers’Mess.

    One day I asked him about his presence there and he said that he did go to the OM but it was full of “arseholes” his terminology not mine, so he preferred the company of the guys who did the actual work.

    Also I found him to always acknowledge and greet all of us his relatives from common backgrounds and whenever there is an “oga” voleka se yawa mai vua, he was always there to show support.

  57. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    LUVfj au se cakacaka taka toka qo na ka ga au a email taka yani vei kemudrau kei MManning .. I emailed SV last week to pass along and awaiting response from you both. I am hoping SV will make an exception and allow my message to you and MM pass through.

    @Billy that’s the spirit. I am accessible – SV has my contact and permission to put you across to me. Something is brewing and you are welcomed to join.

  58. Billy Says:

    Thanks @KB. We will need to pool all our resources for the rescue mission of our nation.
    @delano, if you do return, or Malekata R as you also seem to know the innerside, I wanted to ask another question from one of yr (delano) posts above, when you said that “soldiers operate in a comannd environment where orders from above have to be followed.”
    This seems to me to be the weakest link in that chain of command. I am not familiar with the oath of allegiance made by the soldiers, but my understanding with most oaths, is to remain loyal to the Constitution and uphold the rule of law at all times even if a civilian or military order or operation is ordered that is contradictory to the law and the Constitution, including the order to “shoot.” There must be a time in the mind of a soldier in Delainabua when your conscience must guide your final action.
    Otherwise the option would always be as you said, that the soldier will always do whatever he is ordered to do without thinking of whether or not what they are ordered to do is in line with the constitution and the rule of law. This mind set did remind me of what someone said, “If soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the army.” No offence intended here but this is an issue that begs more analysis, so your views would be much appreciated as there may never be another forum to ask this question.

  59. Mark Manning Says:

    i’m okay with sv to pass on my email address to you .

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