Possible that this was a state-sponsored terrorist act, folks..?

With all due respect to the victims and Hindus in this country, there is a much stronger possibility that it is the Rottenfmf themselves that executed these outrageous sacrileges acts to order to discredit the indigenous Fijian community and KEEP THE TWO MAJOR RACES APART, SUSPICIOUS AND HATING EACH OTHER and FROM ULTIMATELY JOINING FORCES TO OUST THEM, THE THIEVING IIG-RATS FROM POWER!

What say you bloggers??

Fiji PM orders investigation into sacrilege – 6 Oct 08, FBCL

Two temples were looted while the other burnt in the weekend. Taken from / By: Google

Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has directed the Commissioner of Police to carry out a full investigation into the acts of sacrilege and desecration carried out over the weekend on Hindu temples. Showing deep concern, the Interim PM says those responsible should face the full brunt of the law. Commodore Bainimarama has out rightly condemned the acts as one of irresponsible and criminal in nature. He says he is concerned with the fact that the three incidents took place in Nausori in one night on the same weekend and appeared to have similar patterns.

He adds “The Interim Government condemns this irresponsible act and will do everything possible to charge those responsible for it.


20 Responses to “Possible that this was a state-sponsored terrorist act, folks..?”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV, just change a few words from this statement and you have an expression of hope.

    “””The Interim Prime Minister has condemned the acts of sacrilege on the Fijian Constitution and its people over the last 2 years.

    Frank Bainimarama in a statement today said, he was deeply concerned and had directed the Commissioner of Police to carry out a full investigation.

    He adds, the interim government will do everything possible to charge those responsible for it.

    Meanwhile, Police investigations continue.

    Five of the citizens have been murdered by the rfmf, while the economy has slipped into critical condition.”””

    Of course the temple burning was done by bananas and his gang of thuggs.

    Same as the burning of the judge’s house and the ‘bomb scare’ at a political meeting.

  2. Billy Says:

    You said it SV, just too good to be true, 3 incidents in a night, all same pattern. Caka tale tiko vei cei na ka qo!

  3. painter Says:

    Thanks ExFT, was just about to mention the burning of Judge Gordon Ward’s retirement home at Pacific Harbour, that remains an ‘unsolved mystery’ to this day!

    We’re all all so tired of the fcuking BS emanating daily from the IG cronies, it’s time to steadily up-the-ante following the tried, well-trodden, old-fashioned way of peaceful passive resistance but that will need everyone pulling together without a selfish, uneducated, unenlightened ‘them and us’ mentality. Of course I don’t expect that from bloggers since we’re educated enough to surf the net and pool ideas together, yeah?!

  4. tim Says:

    Well I did mention in a previous post that Frank might try and engineer another emergency. Things haven’t been going to well for his programme – it’s met more resistance than anticipated. What better than an upsurge in crime or some other catastrophe to use as the basis of ‘rescuing’ Fiji from the hands of people he would want to portray as his detrctors.
    After all, Frank wants to “move the country forward”……just like he’s done for the past two years. Everyone thought he’d sign up to a “roadmap” till they found that Franks maps were drawn from a different GPS and more likely to plunge people off a cliff than allow them to safely arrive at a destination.
    Folks…the man is desperate. He entered a new phase when he realised noone outside Fiji take him seriously and few do within. Shades of Mugabe are colouring his complexion more and more by the day

  5. tim Says:

    By the way, Frank might want to take care in using the word “irresponsible”. Diminished responsibility might end up being his only defence sometime in the future but then when you are Frank the future either means tomorrow or when we’ve arrived in his Utopia.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Friday is FijiDay.

    Time for celebrations; NOT!

    Some illegal is urging everyone to wear blue on the day.

    May I suggest that you all wear black [as in mourning] and send your children to school out of uniform and also in black.

    If your children don’t have black clothes, may I suggest that you keep them home.

    Imagine the look on the illegal’s faces when very few children turn up to support their BS.

  7. coffee bean Says:

    Sorry Tim, both diminished responsibility and insanity ain’t available to Frank, not now, tomorrow or ever… the pathway to Naboro maximum prison has never been easier or crystal clear!

  8. penshu Says:

    Well, if no one is caught, than it is the military goons – also, it could be deliberate to get the numbers for the Peoples Charter = from the coolies, to claim overwhelming support – sick people, who just need to be overthrown, full stop

  9. coffee bean Says:

    @ penshu – u’re not talking sense and you know why.. I suggest you behave yourself or I’ll snowball you right here, you silly mothball..!

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    For all the Fijians who are feeling powerless under the repression of the jaundice junta, Fiji Day is your chance to make a statement,

    1. Keep your kids home from school.

    2. If you have to send them because you work, send them n black.

    3. Do NOT go anywhere near their ‘celebrations’. Imagine the TV pictures of bananas surrounded by a sea of ;’ bodyguards’.

    4. Wear black clothes to symbolize mourning for democracy.

    5. Stay home from work; after all you are suffering from bananasigities.

    6. Do not in any way allow you or your family to join in this day of mourning.

    7. Write letters to the dailies to protest the waste of expenditure by the jaundiced junta.

    NOW, if the stupid bananas gets rid of the constitution, take to the streets and protest, protest, protest.

    The international press will be taking an interest in Fiji on this day.

    It is up to you to get your opposition through to all.

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Frank: blerry ulupepa…fricking waste of space..sa wawa tiko o Naboro!

  12. tim Says:

    Has anybody else noticed how they’ve even stopped using the term “Interim” these days: http://fijidemocracynow.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2003&Itemid=30

    Or maybe Samy is hoping Qarase will “participate”

  13. Save the Sheep Says:

    I agree that it is most likely the goon brigade who is responsible.

    Have you noticed how the number of very well organised and executed crimes have diminished in the country since the RFMF came to power. Now those thug gangs have other work to do for greater rewards.

    I for one have believed that all the organised crime in this country is linked to the Army. Only they have the training to execute this type of crime, ATM at Kundan Singh’s etc. Now they are otherwise engaged….

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    While Francis and Co. have gotten away with murder and other atrocities themselves , they now call for an investigation into a criminal act !
    What hypocrites .

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    @MM, it always boggles my mind to hear them calling for investigations on various petty crimes whereas they have on their shoulders a crime much much greater than all others put together. Bunch of thieving wankers.

  16. Tui Says:

    Morning bloggers. I fully support EFT in taking this to another level. The Fiji day celebrations will be an excellent opportunity to show our opposition to this illegals. Wear black, wear a black arm band or scarf, bandanas, pompom, cap, etc. etc.
    Wear black on Fiji Day folks and lets stat taking this to the streets. My children will be wearing something black to school, cardigan, jacket etc. etc. I will be wearing my black arm band.
    I agree with RFN, in that the pig will abrogate the constitution. We have talked about that on SV in earlier blogs. That is why Gates is holding back the decision on the Qarase case. He is waiting for the constitution to be abrogated!
    Vinaka SV and team. Glad to see NP is back. Let’s keep fighting on, no matter how difficult and hopeless our cause may be. WE WILL PREVAIL!
    God bless you all.

  17. FijiGirl Says:

    100% for sure the attacks were planned and executed by the military. Our non-violent protest to date means that Vore needs to up the ante to ‘justify’ his presence. It probably also means he has something more serious in mind. Watch this space, folks. And remember, you can’t trust this b-stard.
    God bless Fiji

  18. Striker Says:

    The terrorist coupster stipulating the application of “the full brunt of the law?” Be transparent, apply that to you and the Police Commissioner first, before anyone can believe you Frank!

  19. Cama Says:

    we cannot trust the arm of the law now. they are all corrupt to the wire. they will investigate cases as they please.

    all this act of sacrelege is state sponsored and ss da vakaloloma na lasutaki tiko all the time start from 5/12.

    Sega sega sara ga na dina. Vinaka mai Gau ni lailai na dina.

  20. Talei Says:

    Well Voreke, we the people of Fiji condemns your treasonous act and will do everything possible to charge you and those responsible for your coup.

    Your statement is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black. YOU, need to be thoroughly investigated you scum bag.

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