Are those numbers factual, fictional or doctored?

To have an appearance of legitimacy requires, at the very least, votes on the charter-farter are done under a secret ballot, supervised by an INDEPENDENT body.

Thus, the ordinary person on the street will always look upon these so-called ‘facts’ and ‘numbers’ churned out by the interim regime on a daily basis, with great skepticism due to the interim regime’s underhandedness in the whole saga.

Of course, this is aside from the fact that it is crystal clear to the world that this face-saving exercise by the junta is rooted in TREASON i.e. the unlawful overthrow of a democratically elected government.

Fiji’s sugar city ‘backs Charter’

Lautoka residents have so far given overwhelming support for the draft People’s Charter, according to Commissioner Western Joeli Rokovada.

In a statement, Rokovada said the Charter consultation teams in the Lautoka district have successfully consulted more than 11,000 people through house to house visits.

He agrees it is the only positive way of obtaining the percentage needed to embrace the Charter.

Lautoka district alone has recorded 10,759 people agreeing with the document while 86 have agreed with some amendment to it, the Government statement said.

The architects of the draft Charter are optimistic that the document will receive majority support of Fiji’s voters when public consultations conclude in mid-December.



30 Responses to “Are those numbers factual, fictional or doctored?”

  1. ispy Says:

    Thats a ad of crap.

    The only way to effectively and legally test the popularity of the Charter is to have an election and make it an election issue.

    The RFMF can form a political party and see if they win any seats.

    If they win, then the Charter will have been adopted through a democratic processed.

    The fact that they’re even afraid to put it to the test through a democratic election (and threatening along the way to re-coup if the Charter is reversed by a future democratically elected government) is evidence enough that they know just how popular their fuckin Charter is.

  2. ispy Says:

    sorry… that was supposed to read “load of crap” not “ad of crap”

    blerry ‘overwrite’ function.

  3. Save the Sheep Says:

    What a Crock of ………

    The teams also appear to interpret a visit as meaning support as well.

    The whole exercise is a complete farce. We need to start burning these documents publically.

  4. benhur Says:

    Ok folks what this soldiers/police group are doing to trick people to sign this piece of paper was to hand them the charter and tell them to sign acknowledging receipt of the papers! I know cause i refused to take the charter and refused to sign their paper either? although they tried to scare me by threatening to have me arrested? But they left after i threatened to call my lawyer and the Fiji Time reporters? I know that they’re using all kind of tricks and intimidations to obtained peoples signatures.

  5. painter Says:

    @ benhur – next time, try putting yr camera cellphone in their face and watch them do a 180degree turn faster than a blink of an eye 🙂

  6. Nostradamus Says:

    Here are the population statistics.
    There are 317,000 people in the western division
    Approximately half, or 160,000 are of voting age.
    So 11,000 people approving of the Charter Farter is only about 6%. You cannot legally pass anything with a 6% approval rating, though the goons and the NCBIF will try to twist it, amplify it, and come up with phoney statistics.
    Assuming that most areas were covered with the house to house blitz by the army, that leaves 94% who do not want the charter.
    It is necessary to look at any approvals as a percent of the total relevant population. When you do this, the truth becomes clear.

  7. Billy Says:

    Sounds like they will go to all kinds of low down trick to hoodwink the ppl into signing. Unless political parties and chuches continue to put pressure on their ppl not to touch, sign or even look at the freakin charter.

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    How trustworthy are the figures provide by the Commissioner Western on the response forms. 11,000 may have filled the form but are they all yes or not. How many households were visited? How many per household filled the forms.

    So what will these figures constitute? Will it mean the charter will be adopted based on the support as shown on the forms. Why don’t they come out clean on whether the signed forms will be used to determine the support and subsequently the implementation of the farter charter.

    @benhur, you did well by rejecting the charter team and telling them in their faces to stuff it up. Now we have some insights on how they are going about the charter intimidation exercise. Arrested indeed, these people are down right idiots. Like they raped the country of its democracy they are now trying to impose themselves onto the people against their will. Force line using threats and intimidation.

    Does anyone else here have families in Lautoka? Could they tell us what the visits entail i.e. how they carried out the exercise. Was threats also used? Or were the people convinced on their own free will that they agreed with the charter. Similarly try and contact those on Vanua Balavu and ask what was the real story over there. Another ploy these goons could use is to promise them all sorts of goodies to entice them to support it just like the pig did to those people in Navosa somewhere. In exchange for their support there will developments promised.

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    As an aside I was listening to the Turaga Tui Namosi, Rt, Suliano over the weekend and he was really disgusted with the NCBBF statement that Namosi had accepted the charter.

    He said in no uncertain terms that the undertaking he and his people gave to the Gone Marama Bale Roko Tui Dreketi and Na Momo Na Ka Levu stands.

    He was sad that his people who extended a tradiional ceremonial welcome to the charter team, accepted their sevusevu and politely declined the charter should be so blatantly misrepresented by the NCBBF team.

    BTW did anyone see Peceli Kinivuwai single handedly take on Finau Tabakaucoro and Meli Vesikula on Mai TV’s Simpson at Seven. My man was on point!!!

    I has seen and heard Di Fi speak slowly and convince herself of her lies as he went along, but Meli Vesikula was a different case.

    Not only did he obfuscate, he just did not seem very bright, his arguments did not tie up and he would come up with a conclusion as if the audience had heard him thinking out loud.

    There is somthing very creepy about that guy, like you would find body parts in his fridge.

  10. Nostradamus Says:

    Census population figures. Compare these with junta claimed support.

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    Don’t forget folks that ‘consultation’ is the least onerous form of commitment to an action. If I tell you about plan A, I can say that I consulted you. Whether or not you agree with Plan A is immaterial. If I told you about Plan A, and you told me you disapprove, and then I carry out Plan A anyway, I can say that I carried out Plan A in consultation with you. Vore, learning from his Master Chodo, takes this to a whole other level. Don’t be fooled folks. Keep up the dissent.
    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  12. delano Says:

    To Island Boy & Others. Here in Suva Adi Finau is referred to as “Adi Kabataucoko” (for obvious reasons). In the same way there is a “Ratu Epeli Ganilua” and “Ratu Epeli Naulukau” (again for obvious reasons) as well as “Frank Bainivore” and “Mahen Chodo” etc.

    No one has yet come up with a similar take-off for the most recent traitor to have cashed in his chips with Bainivore, Ratu Isoa Gavidi. Any suggestions?

  13. ispy Says:

    What worries me is that I know these Charter pushers are not stupid.

    They can count just as well as you or I.

    So why tell an obvious lie that the Charter has 70% support?

    Are they planning on using this false information to justify promulgation of the Charter?

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    How about this gem from slimy sami

    More than 70 percent of people who attended the charter public forums voice their support for it, it was revealed yesterday.
    National Council for Building a Better Fiji technical and support secretariat head John Samy admitted that attendance to the forums were low, however support for the draft document was high.”””

    Let’s go back to that famous consultative meeting where ‘almost 40 people’ attended. This means that ‘almost 28 people’ signed the form.

    Now we know that the majority of the rent a crowd were military, so the few people who attended of their own volition did not sign.

    This also raises the question of just how many forms the military are filling out each day.

    As there is no master roll [as in an election], there is no means to check on duplicate signatures or false addresses and names.

    There is really no check on whether a green goon has sat down with a phone book and copied names and addresses onto the military charter forms.

    What a charade !!!!!

  15. ispy Says:

    ExFT, did you happen to see the Fiji TV news item a few weeks ago on the Charter team’s visit to Lami Town.

    There were about 20 people in that Hall… out of the several thousand people who live in Lami.

    70% support my foot!

    Pictures don’t lie John Sami, people do… 😉

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    @Delano – au qai kerei kemuni me ratou maroroi na marama naita mai na yanuyanu turaga, sa rerevaki sala na vakatoka yaca sa caka qori.

  17. Ablaze Says:

    How about Isoa Gadiva tu na diplomatic life he and wife were once privllaged to but now they have no money to keep living that lifestyle because wife Emi spent it all on her numerous wigs.

  18. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well ragone, the problem with Isoa Gavidi is that they are the Vaka Vanua and subjects of the Roko Sau from Totoya, but were only registered to Lasakau in Bau through their mother Adi Tui.

    Na ca ga ni viavia turaga, when they are only Vaka Vanua to the Roko Sau, who by the way gave one of his many wives namely Taurau to Rasolo, who is the founder of the Vuanirewa Dynasty.

    If you look at the Vuanirewa Tukutuku Raraba, they will show Tarau coming from Totoya and they refer to her as ‘Adi Tarau’ but she actually came from Komo.

    So this viavia Tui Lau Ului Mara is nothing like Isoa because the facts show that both are subservient to the Roko Sau from Totoya, who is a higher chief!

  19. ispy Says:

    Gavidi was not always pro-coup.

    His most recent pro-coup stance stems from the fact that he knows he can acquire tremendous personally benefit under this regime – and from the fact that he is broke.

    In fact, he almost got into a fist fight at a party recently because he kept harping on that Fiji needed a strong Bainimarama led military government and there was no longer a place for democracy in Fiji.

    Needless to say, no one was impressed with Gavidi’s views.

    Billy Singh, who is not known to mince his words, let loose a tirade of swears at Gavidi and challenged Gavidi to a fist fight. They practically had to drag Billy away before he did some damage to Gavidi’s face.

    Fiji is now like one of the African countries…pledging your loyalty to the Dicktaker Bainimarama is all it takes to elevate one’s self overnight from a failed bankrupt to a Government Minister.

    This is probably why Bainimarama manages to attract corrupt opportunistic failures the same way shit attract flies!

  20. Jone Says:

    Ka ga e ca kina ni na sega ga ni vuki na bilo ni Tui Nayau, Tui Lau, Sau ni Vanua ko Lau kina dua tale na matavuvale. Lau raraba na sega mada ga ni vakatatalo taka e dua na mataqali mosoni va ka ko ya. Veitalia sara nodratou valavala ca toka qorina gone mai Valelevu. So nice try but hell no dice. Qori a talanoa ga i nodatou dui soqulu me ka ga ni vakalusi gauna tu vei kei keta sa yala kina.

  21. Jone Says:

    One thing baffles me. Gavidi, Tuamoto and everyone in between had been put through the microscopic lenses to some degree. But there is no mention whatsoever about Suliasi Lutubula as if the guy has just been given the green light by the night owls of this forum. Why is that? His appointment to Malaysia seems to go unnoticed when in fact it should be very much talked about given Malaysia’s Embassadorial posting had been vacant since the withdrawal of Adi Samanunu. What did this Lutubula guy from Cicia had to give the Vore oh yeah the Charter. This is a pivotal figure in delivering the Cicia approval of the Charter. Only problem I see is Cicia along with all islands in the Lau group are really insignificant players in the most crucial pillars of the charter they are pretending approval. Us kai Lau do not count in the matter of landownership. Neither will our vote count for anything from our individual islands if the electoral reform passes through the barrels of Bainimarama’s guns.

  22. Billy Says:

    The long and short of it, na levu ga ni tabetabe sa dau vakaleqai kedatou! Once someone shows support for the charter,ko via lako i Malaysia? Io saka! io Saka! But these ppl should realise that once a new govt comes into office, and it better be soon, or we are just a bunch of losers!! then’s there’s no job for them. My advice to civil servants to keep still, ni tiko vakamalua, kua so na yalowai na ciqoma vakaveitalia na veivotonimoli e soli vakaveitalia tiko mai, you can never find rest or peace in sharing plundered or stolen goods!

  23. Push Tailevu Says:

    Hi just digressing in here…can anyone help me identify who are the members of the military council…..please

  24. Nasi Lomani Says:

    How are they getting their statistics? I was away at work when a couple came to my house with those 3 glossy booklets and gave them to my 13-year-old son. He was asked to sign on a sheet of paper with no explanations at all. I am flabbergasted at the way these conniving group of sleazbags, good-for-nothing bunch are trying to legitimise their baby!

  25. tevoros Says:

    @ Push Tailevu – “mirror, mirror, on the wall..” Ah, there’s yr answer 🙂

  26. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    tsk tsk tsk that is very sad to hear Nasi Lomani What a pathetically sad and pitifully desperate state of affairs… asking the 13 year old boy to sign that piece of paper. Wonder what goes through the minds of those Fijians. They are so willing to sell their souls for a few measly silver pieces. Donu me so wiliki vei ratou na qaqani volatabu nei Joe Lard.

    @Billy, 🙂 I declare you the winner on this thread ‘nough said.

  27. tevoros Says:

    Heil Billy! 🙂 Dedicate this shortened lyrics frm Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Let’s Groove” to you.. Billy, the man!

    “Let this groove, get you to move
    it’s alright, aaalriggghhht
    let this groove, set in your shoes,
    stand up, alright!

    Move yourself and glide like a 747
    loose yourself in the sky among the clouds in the heavens
    Let this groove, light up your fuse, alright
    Let this groove, set in your shoes…


  28. Jone Says:

    @Billy qori gona na leqa levu tiko vei keda. But you are nicer calling it tabetabe. I call them the ball greasers. Greasing to push one’s own agenda and to hell with morals ethics principles as long as I can get a piece of that pie. Vasisila. Vamadua. Selling the souls of their people to the devil and all for the almighty $$.

  29. Billy Says:

    Ohhhh, hey everyone, sorry was away in the bush for a while! Thank you all for your responses@ KB, coffees, Jone, tevoros, vinaka valevu na handglide 747. Euphoria mada!Ni bera ni da taubitalaki tale mai to reality and the ugly side of living in Fiji. Cheers all.

  30. Billy Says:

    @Jone, na tabetabe se masivolo! Na levu la ni wannabesomebodybigwhen we are mere small ppl. Dua la sa sureti yani sa nanuma ni sa kia na ka! Wailei su ciba! Teri kilai o ratou qori na vaqara supporta! You dont matter, all they want is the number to show that they have support. Kua mada na yalowai ra gone.

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