Even though Chodo was seen to be kicked out of the illegal regime, he left on his own terms. I have not been on line regularly so I do not know whether SV has posted this story, so I will do so now anyway.

It was in 1999/2000 when the snake was prime minister, just before George Speight kicked him out on his slimey ass. The occasion was called ”The birthday bash of the century” to celebrate Lady Lala Mara’s 80th birthday.

I have been reliably informed that her two penniless sons-in-law, Eveli&Eveli, in collution with the arrogant pig, took (stole?) close to $200,000 out from the controversial Regimental Fund to spend on their family birthday bash. It seems that somehow, the snake came to know of their (hidden) crime and held it over their heads ever since.

With the addition of the bogus back pay to the pig and his minions, it is no suprise that the fat-assed pig protected Chodo during the tax evasion scandal.

So if you’re still wondering why the pig acts as if the sun shines out of the snake’s cici, well, now you know.

I urge Fiji Times journo Verenaisi Raicolo to gather the evidence which is out there.

Natewa Prince.


14 Responses to “WHY THEY WON’T SKIN THE SNAKE.”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    That should read ”century”.Sorry for the typo.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Wailei,sa levu dina na typos.Dou vosoti au na wekaqu.Qo gona na ca ni gunu yaqona va sigalevu.

  3. Billy Says:

    No problemo there, the main thing is the message! I have always maintained that it is ppl’s personal sexcreta (deep sh)* that motivates them into committing the most bizarre of crimes to cover their ass, and for our leaders, it is I scratch your back and you scratch mine. All things said, most things are pointing to the penniless sons in law and their dynasty. Until this rot is cleaned up, we can not be the utopia we aspire to be!! Vinaka valevu Prince! More pls.

  4. painter Says:

    Welcome back NP! Where hve you been? Isa, for a moment there, thought it was the 2 old blog buddies at it again – you and Big Bill.

    Well, thanks for reminding us what those thieving idiots did. It’s the usual menu thanks –


    For the in-famous, corrupt Eveli&Eveli families, it’s a combination of 2,3 & 4 and they know they are screwed whichever way they’ll try to turn 🙂 For Princess Fiona & Dr. Blondie Doolittle, its combination of 1 & 4. For Snake & labour cronies, its #4. For the Pig & military council, its 2 & 3. For the corrupt judges, its all 4?

  5. painter Says:

    Ah btw @ MM, PTSD does not feature here since their spy goony-loonies told us right here on this blog that their officers are an intelligent, relaxed lot since they always de-stress by drinking kava. Hmmmm….

  6. Dauvavana Says:


    Welcome back taciqu, au sa sega soti ni dau comment ni ko sa yali tu vakadede. E vaka meu sa mai galili voli. Hope you hang around for a while.

    Ia keitou gunu yaqona tu ga oqo e Waila ka se waraki iko tikoga na nomu bete mai Gau me meitou mai qaravi iko mada Kaila!!

    Dua ga vei kemudrau na sunshine cookie!!

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    does this mean the 3 of them will share the same cell ?

  8. Jean d'Ark Says:

    This incident must have just happened after the Thorpe Commission Report wsa shelved by Uluinakauvadra (the report investigated the Fund’s operation and found Epeli Qanibulu’s pilfering it for Ateca’s shopping jaunts overseas).

    The dropping of that report by the Peoples’ Coalition must have been seen as a green light to “go for your life boys!”

  9. lollipops Says:

    More like ‘go for your lives THIEVES’! Shame! Shame! Shame! to the mara, nailatikau and ganilau rotten families – thieving from poor taxpayers. No wonder the grandkids are also at it so young, all learning from mama and papa, aye?

  10. kaiveicoco Says:

    welcome Ratu Natewa Prince, we sort of thought there was a missing link now you are back.Tremendous revelations so what do we expect now, will it be more of the same or serious inestigative journo will really take off?

  11. delano Says:

    The Regimental Fund obtains its funds from an edict put out by the Commander RFMF that every year one days pay would be deducted and paid into the Fund. Problem is only the Commander can approve spending from the Fund. Over the years the Fund has been systematically ripped off by he Coomander and his cronies to subsidise their life stlye. A few examples of such excesses are in order:

    (1) after 1987 coup and under the command of Epeli Ganilau, the fund was used to pay for Mrs Ateca Ganilau’s jaunt to Edinburgh to attend the 1998 (?) Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo where the RFMF band appeared as an item.
    (2) it was used to fund the $200,000 birthday bash of late Adi Lady Lala Mara’s 80th birthday…the bash was referred to as the ‘mother of all birthday bashes’ with crates of the best Margaret River (Western Australia) Shiraz Cabernet and Cabernet Sauvignon being flown in for the consumption of guests. Also flown in were cartons of the best Caviar milked from the virgin sturgeons from the Black Sea; Atlantic Salmon from Tasmania, all of which were capped off with a desert of mixed fruit compote washed down with a French Sauterne of the most exquiste flavour;
    (3) Mohamed paid for his doctoral studies (and living allowances) at Bond University from Regimental Funds. The ‘loan’ remains unpaid and explains Aziz’s approval of the $184,000 leave backpay to his master Voreqe. All part of the mutual backscratching by senior officers, at the expense of the lowly paid soldiery who fund these excesses by having one days pay deducted every yae;
    (4) When Ganilau was Commander, Voreqe was his Chief of Staff. The Regimental Fund was used to buy pajero’s for the wives and mistresses of senior officers. Ateca Ganilau had an insatiable appetite for shopping and having been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, had her regular shopping jaunts to Harrod’s in London and Grace Brothers in Sydney and Melbourne paid for from the Fund;
    (5) Voreqe’s annual medical checkup in NZ to monitor a heart valve problem he has, is paid for from the Fund;
    (6) Senior officers regularly draw on the Fund to meet personal expenses such as funerals, weddings, birthday bashes (ala Adi Lala’s) as well as education expenses (ala Aziz) etc…etc

    All the above is like the excesses by African dictatorships. Sadly, it is happening in Fiji. That explains why Voreqe does not want the Regimental Fund audited. He does not want the excesses of his senior officers and partners in crime, exposed. All this claim about exposing corruption in government etc as being the reason for the Dec 2006 coup is just a facade to conceal their corruption of the Regimental Fund. Ordinary soldiers are aware of these excesses but are powerless to do anything (except leak information to the outside world as to what is happening).

    What to do?

  12. painter Says:

    @ delano – precisely why I’ve said its the rottenfmf MILITARY COUNCIL that should take the fall for the rest of the soldiers. Mohammed Aziz, Bainipuaka, Eveli & Eveli families and rest of them should be and will be surcharged and their families stripped of their assets in an effort to recover what little we can from their proceeds of crime (i.e. their receiving stolen property and all that), back to where it rightfully belongs – the taxpayers coffers!

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    I wonder what the rank and file guys would say/think or do they already know about this abuse?

    It would piss me off royally if my hard-earned pay was being deducted to subsidise the lifestyles of the thieving rajahs!

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    I think this big bash was the late President, na Turaga Tui Nayau’s 80th birthday held at Government House. The Marama Roko Tui Dreketi was still her mid-70’s when she passed on. A minor correction. But it does not alter the fact that money was drawn from ‘Regimental Funds’ for family celebrations. Interesting revelation @ delano.

    This man, Eveli Ganilua, has NO MORALS whatsoever. He thinks the people of this country owe him good welfare. From what I hear Frank had to do some clean up (and coverup) when he tookover command of the Military – such as accummulated bar bills at the Officers’ Mess running into 4 figs. between him and brother, Jo. Charge whisky by the bottles; and Johnny Walker label (no less). Big throats, shallow pockets!! What a crying shame!

    The man is dooomed!

    For He who watches neither sleeps nor slumber!

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