People forced to accept Charter: Qarase

Bloggers, well what else did we expect from these illegal buggers? Slippery Samy is trying to spin his web of deceit, but it is a well known fact, that people have been intimidated to sign the farter Charter. One disturbing aspect throughout this saga, are these Fijians who have become willing conduits to this evil regime! They all know the coup was illegal, yet the follow the illegal junta’s orders without question and continue to resuscitate life into this junta by carrying out its orders! SV is concerned that if the main body of civil servants and citizens accept this status quo and justify their stance because they need to feed their families, then Fijians are doomed. They are doomed because their silent and passive acquiescence perpetuates a coup culture and people will become immune to illegal takeovers and just go with the flow! SV says its time to up the ante and TIME FOR A REGIME CHANGE!!!


Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says some Charter teams have been using unfair tactics to force people to support it. According to Qarase, in many villages people have been told that they will only receive government assistance if they support the Charter.He did not say however how many villages were experiencing this and which villages they were. Charter architect John Samy has responded strongly against Qarase’s claim. The Charter teams should not be doing this, he said. “Strict action will be taken if officials are caught using this manner,” Samy told Fijilive. Samy has also asked Qarase to provide proof of this allegation.Fijilive

14 Responses to “People forced to accept Charter: Qarase”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Why should the Legally Elected Prime Minister be answerable to this Samy guy in the 1st. place ?
    Why aren’t fijians protesting in the streets yet ?

  2. delano Says:

    Here in Oz (and elsewhere I suppose) the fact that Fijians are not protesting in the streets etc is interpreted to mean that Fijians are (1) either apathetic to their rights being violated (2) they tacitly support Frank and the IG.

    If the former is the case, then Fijians deserve what they get if they are not prepared to defend their rights and freedoms (OK, the military has the guns but the same can be said about Pakistan, Thailand, Burma etc where people have come out and publicly demonstrated against the threat of guns). Why cant Fijians do the same?

    So, bottom line then is that Fijians cannot expect to garner international support etc if they are not prepared to do so themselves on the home front. A failure of public response or demonstrations is what emboldens coup makers. Fiji’s coup culture is built on public apathy.

  3. Say True! Says:

    The time is nigh, the scene has been set. “Legally” there is no way out for the IG except abbrogation of the constitution and military council rule. Forget the charter (red herring). Prepare for Fiji day 2008. Another historic moment awaits us I think. The writing is on the wall.

  4. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Same old fart from IG and Sami, when the soldiers started taking and assaulting people at QEB (God Save England & Queen) – just Nabua would be right, when the PIQ or his Piglet at the head of police force were asked.

    They promised that they have talked to the soldiers and they will be dealt with if found to be assaulting the people.

    Now the same line is been used by Sami “Strict action will be taken if officials are caught using this manner,”

  5. Ablaze Says:

    It was there all the time! We wanted to believe we would have the elections and everything would be back to normal but it was not to be because it would not suit their plans.

    Military rule is now official!

  6. Tu vatagane Says:

    Fiji will be in real big shit very soon.

  7. mil2 Says:

    Armed response to the current situation it being promoted by an expat fijian in the US if the constitution is abrogated. The proposed plan is to target second an third teir members of the regieme as these are unprotected. This will cause mass resignations and cripple the government.

  8. Talei Says:

    I’m agreeing more and more with you no MM, it’s time to take to the streets in great numbers. We’ve been hoopin’ and hollerin’ that we are the majority, well it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. While I appreciate SV and this venue – it’s time for more tangible actions to be taken.

    We need to show the world that we are the majority and that we vehemently oppose the criminals that is running our government. Because the shit-for-brains Bainimarama is now saying, it’s not a question of legality or illegality. WTF? How much more of his crap are we willing to swallow? I don’t know the rest of you, but it’s time to do more then just blogging and I don’t say that with disrespect, but with all due respect. I’m all for foreign intervention at this point.

    God bless Fiji and deliver her soon from this menace.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Great to hear , someone had a great idea yesterday here .
    Declare the rightful Prime Minister Mr. Qarase exiled and have him request United Nations intervention and bring back Andrew Hughes with his 10,000 Police force to finish what he started in 2001 !
    And Foreign troops to take care of the Military Officers responsible for the coup .
    Restore the Government , Law and Order , and arrest all involved in the coup and those who accepted posts under this regime .
    Well , I added a bit on !

  10. natewaprince Says:

    Sa dua na ka na viavia e tiko vei John Samy kei Khaiyum,magaitinadrau.These 2 rats will be the first to abandon this ship when the shit hits the fan.

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Theres all sorts of reports about the farter charter consultation progress. All the while there are reports from the ncbbf team and accompanying civil servants that it is getting a huge support. But these are feedbacks on the trips to isolated islands provided by the charter propagators and is not verified by independent observers. Because as we always see on tv the attendance in meeting nearby in Suva Nausori and Lami where the tv coverage is reachable the attendance and response is pathetic to say the least. We really should have a more credible way of gauging the support or not of their illegal charter like a referendum. This of course won’t happen as it will put it in their face that is a total failure and not accepted. I am really curious as to how the ncbbf or ig are going to get the charter approved. Would it be by decree or cabinet approval or would it be by the feedback forms being gathered by the charter teams. Whichever way they do it would still be illegal. Time to step up the gear like Talei said as we have had enough of the nonsense coming out of this nuthead who claims to be pm.

  12. painter Says:

    Whilst plenty of us ‘indians’ are out here, there are not enough ‘chiefs’ and leaders to do what needs to be done so to hell with the march until I see who’s at the helm!

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Once you start seeing people like Chaudhry , his son , Samy and others fleeing overseas , you will know the regime is falling to bits .

  14. Cama Says:

    This is a contrast to John Samy’s words.

    please do note that this was his actual words that he said to advice the civil servants who are promoting the charter for their bread & Butter I quote ” Go out there and be ruthless to them” this is inregards to the promoting of the charter.

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