Forum delay to prolong regime’s reign – Enough is enough says SV!!!

Bloggers, now we have it from the arse’s mouth. The bastard Vore has finally declared publicly that Elections is no longer a certainty. What this means is that he has become a dictator and will continue to destroy Fiji and its people. No longer can civil servants who claim they are against the coup, continue to work with the clear conscience knowing they are effectively colluding with the illegal junta in achieving this end. They continue to change the ground rules as the previous one is proven false or fails to materialise. Fiji’s only hope now is for its people to make a stand and say to Vore and his cronies ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!’

SV wishes to encourage it Bloggers to get in touch with their friends and begin to organise civil disobedience protest marches, etc because Vore will continue to hold onto power and he does not give a damn what happens to the people of Fiji, so long as he is not prosecuted. Come on ragone, let’s start organising and make a stand this FIJI DAY!!!!

Fiji’s military-led Government may remain in power for at least four years due to the delay in electoral reforms. And some of the blame for Fiji’s early return to democratic rule since the December 2006 military takeover has been put on its larger international neighbours.Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says that opposition to the interim Government and delay in assistance sought from the Commonwealth Secretariat and the United Nations is hindering Fiji’s progress. A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office today confirms that Bainimarama and his Fiji delegation raised the matter again in consultations with a number of Fiji’s bilateral and multilateral development partners early this week.
The UN and Commonwealth, who have been asked to facilitate the all-important Political Dialogue Forum by Fiji President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, have yet to respond. Bainimarama says the “long delay” in getting the Forum underway is a concern.

As it is, the Forum is expected to convene at its earliest at the beginning of next year, following the finalization of the People’s Charter. The Forum, which would bring together all key stakeholders, including all registered political parties, may need several meetings before reaching a broad consensus on changes to the electoral system, if at all.

According to the Electoral Commission and the Elections Office in Fiji, it would take between 12 to 15 months to hold an election from the time the new electoral system is decided.        



20 Responses to “Forum delay to prolong regime’s reign – Enough is enough says SV!!!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    We didn’t see this coming !

  2. Billy Says:

    Hey Mark of course we saw it coming, didnt we say Oct 10? Time now for the Methodist church as conscience of the nation, to call on everyone opposed to the dicktatter to assemble at Centenary, and all churches throughout the country with prayers’n fasting. Time to clog the pressie/pm office with emails..SV can you just put a well-worded brief but punchy linethat we can forward to all these govt offices. Give back our democracy ! Stop the theft from the ppl. Restore the rule of law. Down with dictatorship. Power to the people.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    it’s an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence .
    I was being cynical !
    Actions speak louder than words , just don’t turn up for work .

  4. Billy Says:

    Sorry @MM I didnt catch that xclmn, must be getting blind! Yes but there is a need to meet first, weigh likely options- non-violent, lawful (as we know it, not their bullshit decrees), guarantee safety and protection of property, and leaders to mobilise. If ANC/Methodist church did it in SAfrica, SDL & Methodist church should do it here!!! No taxes.etc . but we need leaders to take control of civil disobedience.

  5. at least Says:

    Constitution Likely to be Abrogated
    Publish date/time: 04/10/2008 [13:17]

    Ousted Opposition leader Mick Beddoes has told the Australian media that the 1997 constitution is likely to be thrown out by the Interim Government soon, if proposed changes put forward by them are not accepted by the people.

    Beddoes told ABC news, that there are rumours that if there is no support for the changes he wants to make, like the Electoral Reform and the proposed Draft People’s Charter, then Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama will likely abrogate the 1997 Constitution, so that the changes can be implemented.

    Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has refused to comment on the matter when contacted today.

    However, Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said it’s unfortunate for Mick Beddoes to make such speculative comments.

    Khaiyum refused to comment further, when questioned whether there is a possibility that the Constitution could be abrogated.

    The National Federation Party wrote a letter to President Ratu Josefa Iloilo to dismiss the Interim regime as well as ousted Speaker Pita Nacuva.

    There has been no reply from the President’s office.

  6. at least Says:

    sa qai laurai ga ekerina nona sega ni via lusi na tamata viavia levu qo o vore…Io baleta ga ni se bera ni rau sota vinaka tiko..Walega sara ga qo erau sa na qai sota kei nai sau ni nona i valavala…vakarau sarava….

  7. lele Says:

    Well arent we contributing to no elections by what we are doing! I thought that was the whole intention just to collapse the regime which they wount allow to happen.

    Takes me back to an earlier post….pretend to support the charter and lets vote who we want in who in turn will throw out the charter and get them to prison.

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    bananasinpyjamas has no intention of having an election in Fiji as he knows who would win.

    He also knows that the first priority of a new government would be to round up all of the coupsters, try them, strip them of their assets and throw them into jail for life.

    The way forward for Fiji is for NZ to set up a RAMSI like intervention in Fiji to lead up to and beyond the elections in March 2008.

    This could be achieved with help from the UN.

    The Fijian army should be given a deadline to hand in their weapons to this international body.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    @ lele – No. We must not succumb to the Charter process. Once we render our support and get that one through, he is for sure to come up with something else. Remember, he is full of lies and deceipt.

    Election time will depend on Eveli Ganilua. The man is broke. He is unemployable. He is power hungry. This is the only way he is able to fill his pocket to put food on the table for his family. The bastard MUST GO!

    Lets rise against this junta!! Thanks SV! Thats the call we’ve all been waiting for. Now lets get the ball rolling. And lets TEAR this regime apart!

  10. Tuks Says:

    I read with interest the Bible story of how Haman plotted and planned to destroy God’s people using his own King’s support and blessing. Everything was working very well for him initially but there was a small thorn, – [Mordecai’s action and unwillingness to bow to him]. These ignited and fuelled Haman”s personal hatred which led to his mission to secure his King’s permission for the destruction of all the Jews people.
    Because of his own obsession to power added with his personal pride , Haman was in no position to see and realise that the very things that he was planning to use to destroy his enemies, later became God’s own instrument for his personal destruction..
    That folks is what I believe is the case with Frank and his cronies. They will die by their own swords [or guns]. That is their ultimate destiny.
    Only time will tell….Lets keep blogging and applying the pressures..

  11. Talei Says:

    No more Mr. Nice Guy – shoot to kill the bastard already. Yes, go ahead and waste a friggin bullet, it’s worth it now.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when the President and Francis are having a chat !
    Could you imagine how it would sound ?
    A demented old man mumbling incoherently and Francis babbling on like a deranged idiot making no sense at all , unless his conversation was written for him before hand .
    It must be an absolutely hilarious thing to behold !
    Nothing the President says would make sense and Francis would be answering as if it did and the President would be listening to Francis thinking , I actually understand and agree with what he’s saying .
    As the song from year ago in New Zealand says , how bizzare how bizzare !
    And Billy , your forgiven , it’s just my English humour . (originally from there).

  13. vakatakilai Says:

    SV, I agree that it is time we start to constructively work on organising some form of resistance to this illegal govt.

    However, we should learn from what these criminals have done and organise ourselves methodically so that whatever we do is effective.

    I suggest a long term plan. Now that we know that they may be trying to hold onto power for the next 4 years, let’s strategise our plans to put up a more effective resistance in addition to exposing them effectively in our blogs as we currently are doing.

    1. Let’s get some figures on how many bloggers altogether are there that participate here.

    2. How many will support the movement and how many are the enemy?

    3. How many are blogging from Fiji and how many like I am, are blogging from abroad?

    These are some of the base figures we could easily get from your web manager that we can start from in organising something that will be effective.

    There was some idea floating around in the past for a SV t-shirt. If we sell this, that will give us a fair idea on how popular the SV ideas have been to the readers. Note some only visit the site to read and donot contribute in the discussions.

    Why don’t we open an account in a bank overseas (so they cannot touch it) and start encouraging supporters to contribute. We should be able to get some idea too from this on the support we have.

    We should also emphasise the need to encourage ‘Passive’ resistance and not riots as we’ve seen in the past.

    One thing good about raising funds now is that as we become more organised, increase in number, and more educated on the events unfolding, we will be able to strategise according to the funds we have.

    We could even have a radio transmitter off shore that we can broadcast unedited messages to those who support us and ask for other peoples support.

    These are some ideas that can be implemented now so that we can begin to organise ourselve into a more effective force that will keep this illegal govt on their toes and eventually bring them down on their knees.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    I believe you need to target the individuals who support the coup . Put their families under the same pressure your families have been put under and you really need to get emotionally tough with Military in your own families . Because they are the only ones who can stop Francis and Co.
    Then , when they’re all in jail , invite me over and we’ll party !

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    I mean kaiyum , mimmi shaista and the others .

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    Now that the pig has once again said that there won’t be any election, for the next four years (down from 20 years) it is becoming clear that it was all about him and his cronies and not `about the people of Fiji. He is once again threatening the people of Fiji to support the charter by placing conditions and giving excuses. What kind of free will is this. It is an imposition thats what it is. Why do we have to suffer any longer for this pig’s own personal benefit. Two years of suppression and depression is way too long and to add four more years is unthinkable and is a mental torture.

    Vakatakilai’s post could also be kept in the same folder for consideration. Billy, eft and
    We do not accept this ultimatum from an unelected self appointed pig. So the challenge is upon us to rise up to the occasion or step up to the plate and work towards bringing down this pig. Any little empathy we may have harboured thinking he just might change is all gone and like they said “the gloves are now off” which reflects the same sentiments of @Talei above.

    We could set up a cyber think tank repository hosted by SV himself as the mediator. We could thereby brainstorm our ideas that are strategised towards the objective of achieving our ultimate goal. We need to be discreet about this since a lot lot moles do wander into this blog so email to and from SV would be the way to go.

    Vakatakilai’s content could be kept in the same folder for consideration and so too Luvfiji, EFT and Billy’s.

    Let us get a communication line open to the political parties and NGO’s and work together and in unison towards this important goal.

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    Apologies my keyboard played up and the texts get scattered by mistake in areas its not supposed to be as in the second paragraph where the first sentence beginning with Vakatakilai… shouldn’t have been there.

  18. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    I really believe that the only way to solve this problem is through international intervention.

    It is obvious to the whole world that bananasinpyjamas couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery.

    It is now time for the political parties in Fiji to lobby the UN and the Commonwealth to recognize Mr Q as the legitimate PM of Fiji in exile.

    From there, support can be given to strengthening the case for an international force of peacekeepers to dismantal the dysfunctional military and organize free and fair elections under the current constitution.

    I am sure that Andrew Hughes would just love to lead a team of international police to restore credibility to the Fijian police since its take over by the moronic military.

    Let’s start talking about and using the termm; PM in exile.

    Let’s give Mr Q and Mick Beddoes support to unify the opponents of this illegal junta.

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    EFT, for this to be effective we need the cooperation of the other political parties such as the FLP. We can forget about the NAP since they are now distributing and enjoying the fruits of an armed robbery amongst themselves.

    I did refer to the idea of a govt in exile or shadow or parallel govt. Its for Qarase to set up office and call in his cabinet ministers to verify their existence to the UN. We the people of Fiji will show our own acknowledgement to this in some form or another.

    The issue going in his favour now is what that pig told the UN and that is his govt in effective control. So you see he does have some idea of putting together strategies to show that he has so called effective control. His main strategies was to have his yes men and military people in strategic places in govt and army.

    This is what the UN must realise that his control is derived from removing incumbents and replacing them with his choice of followers and done illegally and unconstitutionally.

    A govt in exile would really shake this ig and should be recognised by the UN. This is possible as LQ and cabinet have not resigned and the pig acted outside the constitution and therefore his actions are illegal.

  20. vakatakilai Says:

    The UN, Commonwealth, Pacific Forum and other bodies have guidelines that they follow in order to intervene in some internal affairs of a country.

    I suggest that we should not rely on anybody else except ourselves. We as Fijians have been spoonfed by the govt in the past and has resulted in our reliance on it.

    We are not able to stand on our own two feet but need a stabilising stick to keep upright (govt). This has resulted in the downfall of many indigenous groups. The govt floods them with all sorts of assistance that come a time they are permanently disabled and are totally helpless on their own.

    We at SV should not allow ourselves to be taken down this lane. Let’s start a revolution amongst the Fijian people. Let’s just decide now to start the ball rolling no matter how little our number is. Our resolute determination and faith that we can win Fiji back will wake up our sleeping relatives and this small movement will snowball into an unstoppable object that even the guns of the military will not be able to slow down.

    Let’s start organising in the small groups in the different parts of the world that we are in and see the result in about a month’s time.

    We are Christians and we believe that God will always be on our side if we are true in our worship of Him who is Everlasting.

    SV, we have admired your inspiration in managing this blog for the past year or so. May be it’s time now to take it up one step further.

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