There’s No Going Back: Sukanaivalu

Bloggers, we must give credit where it is due, so SV wishes to thank Netani Sukanaivalu for being honest in admitting that the coup is illegal, although we disagree with his conclusion. It is good to see that certain interim Ministers know that the coup was illegal, so they still have a conscience. SV is alarmed at the fact Sukanaivalu knew all along it was illegal, but still agrees to join the IG! His situation is very much like the previous post, which attracted many comments and we at SV believe that in agreeing to be part of the IG like Sukanaivalu are guilty as well of treason. What say you ragone.

Publish date/time: 03/10/2008 [16:56]

You cannot turn the clock back and an illegal action had to be taken to pave the best way forward for Fiji.

Those were the words of interim Lands Minister Netani Sukanaivalu as the SDL, NFP, Methodist Church of Fiji and Fiji Law Society maintained that the Charter initiative and the December 5th takeover was illegal.

Sukanaivalu said people should realize that if there is an agreement on the Charter then there will be no coups in the country.

Sukanaivalu also stressed that parts of the 1997 Constitution needs to change.


12 Responses to “There’s No Going Back: Sukanaivalu”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Oh dear, this idiot can’t see the stupidity in his statement.

    How can appointing the military to oversee the parliament [as in the military charter] stop coups?

    All it would take is one idiot like bananas to have another coup. If these galahs can’t obey the Constitution, then why would they take any heed of a useless piece of paper.

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Great to see the real PM stepping up the ante;

    “””Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says the People’s Charter is in fact the initiative of former interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and only written by John Samy.

    He has also likened the draft People’s Charter to the manifesto of the Fiji Labour Party.

    Qarase’s comments come after the “i taukei” members of the NCBBF and vanua chiefs issued a statement on why they believe the indigenous Fijians should support the NCBBF, and the draft People’s Charter.

    He said none of the 16 indigenous Fijian members and vanua chiefs signed the statement.

    “It would appear that most of them have not seen the statement and were not part of its preparation,” he said.

    “The authenticity of the statement is therefore questionable.”

    Qarase said with due respect to them, their contribution to the NCBBF and the People’s Charter has been minimal.

    “In fact, copies of the Charter were leaked to us in early April, 2007, by FLP supporters based abroad months before the establishment of the NCBBF,” he said.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Any changes that needed to be done , if indeed there ever were any , could be done by legal means through a Democratically Elected Government .
    There was never any need for a coup .
    The only motivation Francis had for the coup , was Andrew Hughes investigation of Francis’ role in the murders of the CRW soldiers , and you can’t turn the clock back on those murders either !
    How come , some in the regime can admit that some actions are illegal and others don’t even get a mention , such as the illegal detention , torture and murder of many of Fiji’s civilians , men and women .
    It’s simply a ploy to try and justify their involvement in order to reduce the outcome in a Court of Law when they are finally brought to justice for their treasonous act .

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Setani Dukanaivalu is a lost soul. Being on the gravy train he is blinded and cannot see the numbers stacked against the illegal ig. All the major political parties are against the charter and demand a general election.

    So when he says there’s no going back what does he mean by that. Does he mean that even if there is no majority support for the charter farter it will still be implemented? Or if it is rejected there wont be a return to elected rule? He is in a way passing a veiled message to us that the charter will be implemented or else the regime wil remain in power indefinitely and are bent on pursuing their objective and will not concede to the will of the people.

    Thats a sick joke that if we accept the charter there wont be any more coups. How can he guarantee that the stupid idiot. By making this coup happen so easily there will always be easy opportunity in future to conduct coups. No words, promises or charter or document will stop it from happening. The main culprit in this coup is Frank himself and he should be brought to bear the consequences of his actions without any mitigation. This fact can never be hidden even if they try all sorts of diversionaries such as the farter charter.

  5. penshu Says:

    There is onr going back – to the old treason trials – and that is where this Satani will go – and end up where Speight went back to – PRISON

  6. tim Says:

    @ Mark – couldn’t agree more. The longer this bullshit goes on, the clearer it becomes hopfully to most that the entire reason Frank and others offered for this coup is based on a firm foundation of solid bullshit. I feel a little embarassed as a NZer and an Australian, that our governments even continue to indulge these junta fukwits as they do. Helin Kluk! puts her faith in dialogue – which is all well and good I guess. But it would be better if the multiparty government prior to the coup got together and indulged in that dialogue. Everything that has happened since is, and has been so pathetic that it beggers belief.
    Why are our DFATS being such utter wooses? As if they haven’t fucked up enough in the past!
    The only dialogue they should engage in is with the legitimate government and its agents. Aus and NZ should also look a little deeper into the activities of the interim Bugger’s Muddle and its supporters and deal with any that hold Aus or NZ citizenship or permanent residency accordingly.
    I know Helin Kluk has an election on her mind but really, the PC bullshit even as regards what is coming out as foreign policy will end up being the reason she loses the next election. (We still have them in NZ)

  7. tim Says:

    I’ll try again because the last contribution disappeared up its own ass.
    Mark – you are absolutely correct.
    It’s a shame both our governments’ DFATs are behaving like wooses. I can’t understand why they even try dialogue or countenance any communication with this band of fcukwits. They should insist any communication should go through the elected representatives – Qarase, Beddoes and others as members of the Parliament.
    Dialogue with Frank – be buggered!. Why? Beddoes was right as far as the U.N thing goes too – why did they even enertain him without entertaining those actually elected and recognised as legitimate.
    You know the thing the electorates hate the most is double standards and spin-speak bullshit. If they think they’re being conned then its the downfall of gevernments.
    Even this coup could probably have been tolerated by Fijians (maybe) if people could see motives were actually genuine and there were no double standards, corruption, nepotism, murder, abuse of human rights, destruction of indigenous organisations, the economy et al.
    What they actually see is a load of opportunists who have accused others of doing half of what they are guilty of.

    Then there is the whole issue of Australian and NZ citizens active in Fiji as coup supporters and agents – a bit of a double standard there if they ever hope to justify some past actions. I mean! why stop at Foster?
    What about Permanent Residents. Are they trying to tell us that it is OK for people with permanent residency to indulge in fraud, be a party in treason, facilitate suspect financial transactions? If so then why are the rules selectively applied?
    If Tame Iti and a few ferral kids in Wellington are terrorists, then what does that make the Chodos, the Thakhur Ranjits, and any number of others?

  8. Talei Says:

    Only an oxymoron would make such a contradicting statement.

  9. vakatakilai Says:

    Let’s not be misled by stupid statements by these people who hold the whole lot of us under ransom.

    It is only to them (those who participate in this illegal activities) that have their clocks not being able to be turned back. They have gone beyond the point of no return and want to put a veil over our eyes so we can all join them and help legalize their actions.

    They have to pay for their actions so let’s just be patient and follow this to the end where we will have the satisfaction of seeing these people being led of to their jail cells.

  10. Billy Says:

    Agree, the no turning back is for them…all going to max in Naboro or exiled to another island, Nukulau is too good.

  11. KaiFiji Says:

    This crying baby Setani Suka dont know what he is talking about. Look at him saying he is Christian and is a lay preacher..We can figure out how a person could react to his own fall….Cry Baby you are no longer a man of God. you rauta me yacamu o Setani..

  12. George of Sydney Says:


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