Well done Ulamila!

Kudos to a regular critic of Fiji’s military junta on her fine achievement.

This is an inspiration to all Fiji journalists, reporters and media personnel who perform admirably under such trying circumstances. Your work is sooooo appreciated and remember guys and gals, the world is still your oyster, so stay true to your professional calling and do not let these COMMON THIEVES in power compromise your integrity and professionalism.

Ulamila is Pacific Magazine editor



Pacific Magazine has announced the appointment of veteran Pacific journalist Ulamila Kurai Wragg as its Managing Editor. Ms Wragg was the magazine’s Cook Islands correspondent, and w ill continue to work from Rarotonga. Pacific Magazine is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She replaces Giff Johnson, who assumed the Pacific Magazine editorship on an interim basis earlier this year when the publication switched from being a print publication to an on-line magazine. Mr Johnson will resume his duties as Pacific Magazine’s contributing editor. He is based in Majuro, Marshall Islands. Also as part of the editorial leadership changes, Publisher Floyd K. Takeuchi will now serve as Publisher-Editor of Pacific Magazine. He will play a significantly expanded role in developing the magazine’s editorial direction, in partnership with Ms Wragg.

“I’m extremely pleased that Ulamila Wragg is joining us as Managing Editor. I’ve known Ula for 14 years, when we worked together at The Daily Post in Suva, and she’s one of the finest journalists working in the region,” said Mr Takeuchi.

Ms Wragg is a Fiji citizen whose late mother was a Cook Islander. She is also Radio Australia’s correspondent in the Cook Islands, a position she will continue to hold in addition to her Managing Editor role at Pacific Magazine. 
Fiji Sun 2 Oct 08 

One Response to “Well done Ulamila!”

  1. Peace Pipe Says:

    Good on you Ulamila. We often read your comment in the letters to the editor giving it straight to the stupid komada. Thanks for your regular letters which is publicly telling the world as it is. God bless you and your family and keep it up we are all with you in this.

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