Ratu Isoa Gavidi new Foreign Affairs Secretary

Top of the morning bloggers. Well it was disappointing to read Isoa Gavidi agreeing to take on the position of PS for Foreign Affairs. He was in retirement but was lured back by the green back. Isoa Gavidi needs to realise that he too will be held accountable for his personal decision to join the illegal junta. His effectiveness as a diplomat was highly questionable during peace times, but now representing an illegal junta; he will find his former ‘friends’ act differently towards him. SV wishes to remind Isoa of the saying ‘in politics, there are no permanent friends only permanent interests’ and Fiji’s interests today is diametrically opposed to that of the South Pacific Forum, EU and International Community. You have willingly tarnished your reputation for temporary monetary benefit and you will live to regret it for the rest of your life. SV asks, is it really worth it Isoa?


One National News

1 Oct 2008 02:17:08
The new Permanent Secretary for the Foreign Affairs is ready to take up the challenge of improving Fiji’s relations with its overseas partners. Ratu Isoa Gavidi – who officially signed his contract this afternoon – wants to see Fiji re-engage with its partners and improve relations with them.A former diplomat and high commissioner – Ratu Isoa Gavidi isn’t a stranger to this job. The new permanent secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on his way to sign his contract at the Public Service Commission this afternoon.Returning to an old post he held years ago, Ratu Isoa says, its a personal decision for him to re-jojn the diplomatic service. The new PS says, the ministry has a wide scope of work. But the one he wants to work on is the relation with its overseas partners, particularly Australia and New Zealand.While he stressed that dialogue is most important, Ratu Isoa believes he has the wealth of experience to take Fiji to another level. And the current travels sanctions by Australia and New Zealand won’t deter him in his work. Ratu Isoa officialy starts work tomorrow.

21 Responses to “Ratu Isoa Gavidi new Foreign Affairs Secretary”

  1. LUVfiji Says:

    I guess we need experience such as his considering the critical state our foreign relations is in. But then again, he has chosen to serve an illegal government – will our international ‘friends’ listen to him? Only time will tell..

    Whatever it is, he still is far better than Ross who was no help to the regime’s wounds created in the diplomatic circles which now has to go through a long and hard healing process.

    I wish him bloddy luck!

  2. Ablaze Says:

    Man can’t understand these people. The problem in Fiji, like the Maras have had everything given to them on a silver platter. They seem to think that it is the way it is going to be for the rest of their lives and do not have to prepare for retirement. When one reaches a certain standard in one’s lifestyle one wants to stay there so prepares for it. It is not get up, live it, abuse it and then “kasura”

    Ca ga diplomat and socialising with the elite etc – come time for retirement sa sega nei lovu and the Mrs can’t show off anymore so Hubby have to resort to immorality for the dollars.

    Lady Emi, sa levu ga your want to be! “Stop buying those wigs” it makes you like mutton dressed up as lamb.

    Dr Luveni said while she respected the creativity of artists, she had no qualms about supporting the removal of songs that have no value as a form of art.

    She said the songs just promoted a lowering of standards, were indecent, profane and immoral.

  3. Ablaze Says:

    I was going to say in my last post that how dare Jiko Luveni talks about the lewd lyrics in the songs in that in it lowers standards, indecent, profane and immoral. Like Isoa Gavidi, Luveni and bang lot of them Wailei its “Pot Kettle”

    They are the one’s lowering the standards our beautiful by being indecent, profane and immoral to join Frank’s Pig Brigade.

  4. Ablaze Says:

    The stinky Mozzie is back. Please SV delete the above! Has nothing to do with what we are fighting for. Too long to read.

  5. solivakasama Says:

    OK Ablaze, we agree with you and done!

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    A good site to spread around to promote tourism , it has 5000 photos .
    Comment 84 and 85 :-Note the date !

  7. Billy Says:

    Only time will tell whether it has been worth it for someone in retirement to come back to an 8-4 job. There are more recent diplomats that could fit the bill, Mr Boladuadua, Mr Amraiya Naidu, though I do believe they are too principled and not as desperate. Hate the way ppl like Gavidi make it sound like they are matyrs ready to sacrifice for the love of one’s country, bull*&%. Sa via ga na i lavo! No one ever sacrifices for greater national interestes, like the pig stealing the govt. There is a real personal motive at stake.

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    There must be something in the air. Suddenly its the season for all opportunists to come crawling out of the woodwork.

    Look! Even Micky Beddoes has done a double back-flip again when he’s only just begun to redeem himself from the to- & fro- gymnastics the NCBBF.


  9. hopefiji Says:

    Mick….is ##@@# opportunist ass who flips and flops…he has no credibility and principles… a politician right to the rotten core….Fool thathe is now…trying to crawl back like a snake .

    No shame at all……big mouth all talk, and no action!!

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    I saw isoa on TV last night and thought what a shame this man has brought upon himslef just for the want of money. He is supposed to over the retirement age taking a well earned break. But no he probably is broke and needs the dough so baly that he has sacrificed his principles if he had any. He even sacrificed his family whom he said lived in NZ and OZ saying he did it for Fiji even if it cost him his family overseas. By the way he speaks I don’t think he has the right calibre to talk and negotiate with overseas governments. He did sound like the former Foreign Minster Naiulukau.

  11. lele Says:

    I have said it before that Mick Beddoes cannot be a leader. The bastard left his wife for a younger married woman and is a bankrupt. Coral Sun ltd was never his company but his first wifes shares in the company that got him that job. How can we believe a fat arse pufter like him? I say boci ga na boci. Old hasbeen politician from the old political era.

  12. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    “… he believes he has the wealth of experience to take Fiji to another level”

    The level of experience Ratu Isoa Gavidi has in convincing Bainimarama to soften his stance is the only issue of interests to the international communities. He can not just sweet talk his way into any kind of deal making without the goods. Deliver Bainimarama’s willingness to the table then you may have a piece of their attention.

  13. Billy Says:

    Meanwhile pls spare a thought for our forward-looking Pressie, planing one of a million trees for the Millen Devt Goal:

    One for the chief
    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    PRESIDENT Ratu Josefa Iloilo has joined Fiji’s efforts to meet the target of the eight United Nations Millennium Goals.

    Yesterday, he joined Art of Living Foundation in Fiji, corporate groups, schools and NGOs to meet the target of planting 100million trees worldwide.

    Foundation spokesperson Ashwini Prabha said one of the MDGs was to ensure environmental sustainability.

    Ratu Josefa launched the mission by planting a dakua salusalu.
    If only President could also spare his time to say something to the citizens of Fiji today, now, rather than waiting for the 1 million trees to grow!!! Welcome back RumPrezzz!

  14. jiko yasa Says:

    Dr Luveni said while she respected the creativity of artists, she had no qualms about supporting the removal of songs that have no value as a form of art.

    She said the songs just promoted a lowering of standards, were indecent, profane and immoral.

    Jiko you also lowered your dignity when Maj Yasa was in Sinai,who the f##k do you wabt to hoodwink.Kua na vesu mona you IG pigs

  15. Jean d'Ark Says:

    Maybe something IS up – just not what is being speculated here!

    Maybe Isoa & Mick are coming on board in anticipation of a long-overdue climb-down by the Regime. The “No Charter, No Election” ultimatum is basically toast now with the FLP out of Government.

    So the clock is absolutely ticking for the Regime now and the idea for a five- or ten-year reign is long gone. So they’ve got to stop wasting their time chasing red herrings, and start finding a realistic path back to democracy before it all comes crashing down around their heads.

    So as for me – I’m betting on a Regime re-think to come shortly after the Gates ruling goes against them.

  16. tim Says:

    @ Peace Pipe: It’s as I said in another post – now they’ll all come out of the woodwork tring their best to portray themselvs as martyrs. Violins are best left to the symphony orchestra.
    Maybe Helin Kluk’s comments embouldened them – let’s have a little more dialogue. That should delay things a bit longer and let us all keep the inevitable at bay.
    Except that Helin is facing an election and Australians are already conscious of a few double standards. No Rudd and Kluk and others – best keep to the honest route and leave the bullshit route to he liars, or rest assured you’ll boh be reminded of it.

  17. penshu Says:

    I think Mick Beddoes is more concerned about his business empire than the people of Fiji – so the flip flop

  18. kaifiji Says:

    would rather respect that small plant Iloilo planted than him..The tree is much more worthful than him. It produces oxygen that we live on while this fat ass President produces fart from his hi fat big Ass the asshole..Can someone remind him again that he wont be seeing that tree grow up in future as his days and hrs mins and secs are numbered…You are worthless than a tree Iloilo..

  19. Jone Says:

    He says it is a personal decision for him and who is he trying to convince himself perhaps as if that will satisfy his need to wipe away the reality of taking up post for the good old moola. Nailatikau was an old hand at the job but even he failed to make a dent. Under the illegal circumstances the diplomatic posts are there only for the purpose of international communities to put pressure on our representatives to wield to the power of the people which obviously dictators like Bai dread since he pretends Fijians have a love affair with him. Those who surround him pretend respect, love, loyalty for the sole purpose of advancing their individual bank accounts. Ratu Osea is prime example.

  20. Big Kahuna Says:

    @ jiko yasa – did Jiko Luveni lower her dignity or her skirt? Or was it both…lol!

  21. Nostradamus Says:

    Isoa and Osea two different people although both named Gavidi and maybe not even related.

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