UN told of coup cycle, peacekeeping link

Top of the morning bloggers. Well this article is taken from FT. SV wholeheartedly agrees with PCSC’s Tagicakibau and as we have stated in previous posts, the Military goons cannot go and Peacekeep abroad, when they brutalise their own citizens at home. Charity begins at home. SV urges the UN to seriously consider the links between the Military goons and its reputation to continue as its representative as Peacekeepers all over the world. Imagine Vore telling the UN the professionalism of his men and women? Those who stayed behind to listen must have been thinking, is he for real or what? On another related tanget, one Major Moti Jattan, former head of the Sukanaivalu Army Barracks and FICAC Office in Labasa is currently under Police investigation for alleged fraud whilst a Board Member of Rewa Rice. So much for transparency? How come Major Moti Jattan is being investigated whilst other soliders implicated in the murders of Sakiusa Rabaka, Nimilote Verebasaga remain at large? SV urges all coup apologists to rethink their professional stance because they have disgraced themselves, like Durutalo, Ratuva. You cannot suppress the truth and it is the truth that will set you free!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

THE United Nations has been told to consider links between Fiji’s role in international peacekeeping and the coup cycle. The call comes just days after interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama appealed to the UN for a greater role for Fiji’s peacekeeping soldiers.

Commodore Bainimarama appealed to the UN to take into account what he described as the “proud track record in UN peacekeeping operations of professionalism, discipline, compassion and ability, training and ethics”.

However, Pacific Concerns Resource Centre spokeswoman Ema Tagicakibau said the knowledge gained by the troops helped them carry out coups at home. “It is time to seriously weigh the economic benefits from peace-keeping against the economic, political, social and legal costs of the four coups,” Ms Tagicakibau said.

“The credibility of the UN will be at stake if it turns a blind eye to the fact that these professional peacekeepers are the very ones breaking the peace at home. “After all, a military force that terrorises and violates the rights of its own people and intervenes in political and democratic governance, has no business cleaning up the affairs of other nations.”

Ms Tagicakibau said this could be seen as a downside of UN peace-keeping operations. “Commodore Bainimarama’s reference to Fiji’s “proud track record in UN peacekeeping operations – of professionalism, discipline, compassion and ability, training and ethics must first be displayed at home,” she said.

“The UN will be held accountable according to the Capstone Doctrine for peacekeeping operations, for the professional conduct of its peacekeepers, so the very real links between peacekeeping and the coup cycle in Fiji may well put the UN in a most embarrassing situation.

“Thirty years since the first peacekeepers left our shores, and four military coups later, with military personnel being the common factor in all coups, there needs to be some soul searching, by the military and our leaders.”


20 Responses to “UN told of coup cycle, peacekeeping link”

  1. Striker Says:

    Keeping peace for the world while tormenting the people and depriving their freedom and their choice of government at home. The military should “first remove the log from its own eyes.” Then it would see that the people of Fiji, of all ethnic and religious convictions are agreed: there is no need for any military force in Fiji, that the only effective way of getting rid of the coup culture is to take away the military and their guns.

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    Problem is our boys dont go overseas to enforce the law or the UN ideals.

    It is all about the money!!!!

    And so are all these damned Coups…

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    There are few factors to take into consideration here , when dealing with the Military , particularly in Fiji .
    And I’m sorry this is going to hurt !
    Some within the Military , are uneducated , small minded despots : -http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/despot
    You would have to be uneducated in the 1st. place , to not know your role within the Army or Navy !
    A small minded despot , because outside the village , put into a uniform of authority , must be an awe inspiring event !
    Imagine how impressed the girls must be !
    You then get thrown into war torn countries where violence , death and destruction is the normal part of every day , where no authority is respected .
    You are sent there , not because you have a reputation for being peace keepers , but because you are not that important , it doesn’t matter if you die in the line of fire , you are expendable and cheap to hire !
    But most of all , you actually have a reputation for being the most oppressive , aggressive nasty and frightening soldiers on the planet . You are warriors !
    Sadly , on returning home , you are not given any counselling , your mind has become desensitised to the atrocities you have witnessed while overseas and you become either full of your own importance or mentally deranged as a result of what you witnessed overseas . You are either in denial , traumatised mentally or suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome . Your basically a piece of wood , no emotions, no feelings , unable to function , unable to love as before . And as a macho society , your not allowed to cry , unless at a funeral . you are a dysfunctional human being .
    Your reputation as peace keepers precedes you , but it’s not that you are a man of peace , you are in fact , a man of war , brutal , uncompassionate , expendable , a force to be reckoned with and very very expendable .
    That I suggest , is the true reputation of Fijian soldiers .
    So remember , when you are called to arms for peace keeping , your being insulted , not revered ! you have no value to the United nations , other than to save them money and to go where and do that which no other soldier is stupid enough to do .
    So consider will you , looking at peace keeping , from a very different perspective . The price your society has paid over the years , is just to great . At an emotional level , a human level and at a financial level . Your men are warriors indeed , but they are too great to be allowed to continue to be treated this way . so keep your loved ones at home , educate them and have them remain in the safety of their homeland for you , your children , your parents and friends to enjoy . The short term financial gain , is not worth the loss that many of you have already suffered . Peace keeping has become Fiji’s Achilles heal .

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Great post SV

    OF interest in the FijiTimes letters was one by chopu$$.

    Not the rubbish he wrote by his sign off; ‘chaudhry, FLP’.

    Gone is the tag line of ‘leader, FLP’.

    Has something major happened?

    Has Jo cabbage told him that he not the leader of anything?

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Another interesting letter was this one’

    “””Police inaction

    MAY I use this column to contact Police Commissioner Esala Teleni regarding a report I lodged at Lautoka Police Station about an assault on me.

    I got the medical report examined by the doctor and four witnesses, including my neighbours. Until today, nothing has happened.

    I reported a case of assault on August 31, 2008, at Lautoka Police Station.

    On that day, I was sitting in my car with my daughter. As I was about to move my car a man tried to snatch my phone and car key.

    I suffered bruises to the chest and a cut on my upper lip, Also my dress and bra were torn.

    Esala Teleni, I just want justice.


    It is obvious that the police are incapable of doing their duty as they are fully stretched across the country intimidating people to sign the military charter.

    The solving of crimes such as assault and treason are not important

  6. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ EFT,

    I don’t think the Police incompetence has to do with their being over stretched in wrongfully prioritising their duties, but more to do with their unwillingness to attend to their duties as prescribed under the Police Act of Fiji.

    In other words, they have become morally bankrupted and no longer have the mandate to carry out their duties by blindly following ketepoka Teleni and the illegal junta.

  7. lele Says:

    SV we may be having it wrong. A soldier has appeared in the Nausori Magistrates Court for the death of Verebasaga and a couple in the Lautoka Courts for the death of Rabaka. The court cases are coming up and we should be able to get the dates from DPP. Wilisoni Kurisaqila is the prosecuter for the Rabaka case. The Rabaka case has already been called twice and so as the Nausori one.

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    When I first saw Ema’s comment in the FT I thought to myself what a great and appropriate comment to make in the wake of the stupid pig’s kerekere at the UN for more peace keeping duties. It is highly idiotic to expect one to rewarded for bad behavior.

    Way to go Ema Tagicakibau. This is how to battle the ig by speaking out and getting your voice heard through the media and to the intended audience. Doesnt take much effort just tell the truth thats all. Hope the UN hears and takes note of this comment if they are still pondering on the pigs request for peace keeping jobs for the pigs mercenaries.

    Youre very true there StS. Its all about the money as we can see what the army is doing right now – getting well paid civil service jobs and paying themselves backdated leave pay. Thats why the soldiers followed the pigs order to commit a crime because he promised them more money with some others lies which the soldiers foolishly believed. Thats the only incentive that drove them into doing this and not concerned about the consequences of their illegal actions.

  9. solivakasama Says:

    @ Lele,

    thank you for that update and can we have more clarification on these court mentions because somehow, it has not been taken up by the news media.

    Vinaka and keep blogging ragone!

  10. KaiFiji Says:

    SV..The above message was from Ema Tagicakibau and not PSC’s Taina Tagicakibau..as stated on the blog..E dua e Tagicakubau vinaka ka dua e Tagicakibau ca…lol

  11. solivakasama Says:

    @ KF,

    thanks for the correction. We meant Ema Tagicakibau, ‘the good one’ as you prefer and not Tania Tagicakibau, ‘the arse kisser’. We apologise for any confusion as we incorrectly wrote ‘PCSC’ instead of ‘PCRC.’

    Point taken and it is good that you bloggers are alert, so let’s blogging ragone.

  12. Keep The Faith Says:

    Hmmm @ Lele’s comment.

    It sounds hopeful but what I worry about is when both cases go to the High Court as the HC will inevitably have to deal with them?

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ KTF,

    it does not matter what the HC decides because the whole world will be watching. If they decide against all common decency and sense, then that particular Judge will face the wrath of the world wide community not forgetting their peers and their reputation is gone down the drain forever.

    When democracy is eventually restored, that particular judge will get what they deserve. Something tells me that when it comes to the HC, each Judge is already planning their exit strategy and will decide accordingly to common sense because it is not worth the consequences, as the tide is definitely turning towards democracy.

  14. kaiveicoco Says:

    its a pity the soldiers are so blinded

  15. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Keiveicoco,

    self-inflicted blindness, when they choose to see only what they want to see or selective amnesia. In the end, they are all guilty of colluding together to cover up a crime.

  16. Belijo Says:

    Thank you Ema for your letter. It was in good timing and God’s timing!! Consistent prayer and a loving kindness will be the undoing of evil in the military camp.

  17. painter Says:

    I think the judges in question will use their commonsense and err on the side of caution i.e. the law, as yes, the consequences ain’t worth it.

    @lele – the fact that someone has been charged for the killings and due process is seen to be followed don’t mean a thing to me; the PEOPLE expect nothing less than a proper conviction of the right person(s) responsible. BUT given the stakes & institutions involved here, I remain ever so CYNICAL about the commitment of the rottenFIJIPOLICEFORCE and the rottenFMF in holding themselves transparent and accountable to the rule of law.

  18. Billy Says:

    Yep, fully agree there @MM. These peacekeepers are not men of peace, just for the money, they pretend to be professional gasa yawa, me ra raica na tani, but inside full of sh*%t. Sivia vei kedatou na veicavilaki, kamica na gusu e tuba, mai loma e ca. Na lasu ga is reflected in the regime.

  19. fijibati Says:

    When the PM was addressing the UN, pleading for more peacekeeping missions, he understood quite well that it was impossible under the current UN policy where contributing nations have to foot the bill (including log support) upfront. What he was in fact doing was that he was grandstanding for all the officers & soldiers in the military to ensure that he is seen as attempting to get more peacekeeping roles for them. By doing that he improves his kudos among the troops and again manages to maintain their support ……but for how long?
    MM you are way off the mark the soldiers are not traumatised….the grog sessions are more than enough to wind down and is a sort of therapy for the soldiers. It is this idiot Bainimarama who has undone all the hard work and sacrifice of the soldiers. As for being expandable…all soldiers know that they are, and understand that from Day 1.
    Fiji is ideal for PKO because the host countries know that there are no strings attached and the Fijian soldier is damn well effective in the semi-military operations of the UN….. unlike the other bigger nations (including our bigger brothers) who have to always think of their foreign policy interests before they commit their troops.
    My point is Bainimarama is known for manipulation and this ‘plea’ to the UN for more roles will be used by him to manipulate the soldiers in the camp. E na qai tobo ga mai na lasu

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    I mean no disrespect to the soldiers , but feel that they are being taken advantage of in one way . To me , they seem to have become a cash cow for the Fijian economy . The price Fiji has paid for that though , is 4 coups in 20 years and the loss of many fine men , and I think those losses alone , make peace keeping , just not worth the sacrifice . As for drinking grog to overcome post traumatic stress , I respectfully disagree as to it’s effectiveness !
    Counselling long-term , is the most effective therapy . Drinking is simply a way of hiding from the problem . My point is , the peace keeping is losing Fiji far more than it is gaining . These men are better utilised within Fiji , in my view . Another point would be , that yes , once you’ve done time overseas , a soldiers loyalty to his superior Officers is quite strong because of mateship etc. and it’s this which can be manipulated to a rogue Commander’s advantage , or a Colonel’s !

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