Pssssst at SV’s candy lovers!

Just a small digression for those of us at SV who love candies or have kids, nieces, nephews and grannies who love them, please be on the alert! Given the brain drain in our medical field such as dentistry, we would not want to be caught with a sudden severe toothache with a novice in dentistry staring down your throat.

Health dept alerted of toxic melamine

White Rabbit, a Chinese made sweet, which is being sold in Fiji carries the organic product melamine that has caused infant deaths in China. Melamine is used to manufacture plastics and pesticide. Consumer Council of Fiji spokeswoman Praneeta Singh said this particular sweet has been found in small Chinese stores in Fiji and children are more at risk as they tend to frequent these shops in their neighbourhoods.

The Health department has been put on alert as a result. Although Fiji does not have infant formula or milk from China containing melamine, no steps have been taken to ensure that products manufactured in China and other parts of Asia such as Indonesia, contain milk that carry melamine. Melamine, traditionally used to create durable dishware and clear resins, has been used in recent years to produce consumable products.
British candy maker Cadbury announced a recall Monday of chocolate made in its Beijing factory after it was found to contain melamine, the industrial chemical that has sickened tens of thousands of Chinese children.
The 11 recalled items were sold in parts of Asia and the Pacific, the company said in a statement. Cadbury’s chocolates sold in the United States were not affected, said a spokesman for Hershey’s, Cadbury’s sole U.S. distributor. Meanwhile, Kraft Foods, the maker of Oreo cookies, and Mars, the maker of M&Ms and Snickers candy, questioned the findings of Indonesian tests that identified melamine in samples of their products made in China. Both Kraft Foods and Mars said they would comply with an Indonesian recall but planned to conduct their own tests and look into the possibility the tainted products were counterfeits. Melamine-laced baby formula and other dairy products in China have been blamed for sickening nearly 54,000 children and leading to four infant deaths. The industrial chemical, which is high in nitrogen, is believed to have been added to watered-down milk to mask the resulting protein deficiency and fool quality tests.



4 Responses to “Pssssst at SV’s candy lovers!”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    Wailei SV our Govt is just toooooooooooooooooooo Bussssssssssssssssssy trying to sell the charter farter than to worry about those products that may contain melamine.

    Hey you must also remember that this is CHINA you are talking about – the country our leaders have turned to save the people of Fiji. We have done away with countries like Aust, NZ, USA because their are bullies. Jimmy Boy, Soft Loans, Ethanol and why not melamine products?????????

  2. Billy Says:

    Well, what can we say? That’s China for you, land of imitations, fakes, lasulasu, qaseqase ca. Birds of the same feather flock together as they say, as the regime finds comfort in china, so is it attracting like similar characters.

  3. Striker Says:

    If no one’s buying Chinese made products laced with melamine, should we not first do a market study on cassava based ethanol proposed by Sir James Ah Koy? Or why is he so keen on pushing this Chinese loan?

  4. kai zolo Says:

    Naita Jim,
    Kua na vesu,we are not the ‘Kai Viti’ you think we are tell that to your kai vata in the land of your father.YOU IMITATION KAI VITI

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