Dialogue the way forward, NZ PM reiterates

Successful dialogue among leaders in Fiji will not be easy, says New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark. “It will need skilled facilitation such as the Commonwealth can provide,’’ she said.

“But it is clear that many of Fiji’s key stakeholders have well considered ideas about ways to overcome the political difficulties facing their country. Some of the proposals already in the public domain are quite detailed and specific about objectives and how to achieve them. And it is clear that on some of these issues there are divergences of view between different groups and stakeholders within Fiji. Reaching an enduring agreement on such issues will therefore take some time.” She said given goodwill and commitment on all sides, an inclusive and independent political dialogue process could generate outcomes acceptable to all.

“Leaders of all Fiji’s political parties have expressed an openness to consider reforms, including in constitutional and electoral matters,’’ she said. “They have expressed their willingness to participate in a dialogue process, if it is independent and inclusive, without preconditions or pre-determined outcomes, and pursued within a legal and constitutional framework.”

Ms Clarke said Forum Leaders explicitly acknowledged that there were long-term issues which needed to be addressed in Fiji. “They recognised that an independent and inclusive political dialogue process could assist in developing understandings among Fiji’s key stakeholders,’’ she said. “Leaders considered that the framework for this political dialogue already exists in the Commonwealth-led process of consultations with stakeholders.” She said the vision of Forum Leaders fit the facts on the ground in Fiji.

FIJI SUN 1 October 08


13 Responses to “Dialogue the way forward, NZ PM reiterates”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    Mrs Clark – Good Luck you tried dialogue before the coup and it didn’t stop Bai from carrying out the coup. Dialogue na vuku!

    You will need something more then dialogue, Bai and his supporters seems to be getting comfortable in their jet setting lifestyle.

  2. Billy Says:

    Dialogue has to be an expressed commitment by both parties on equal grounds.When one side is based on bull*&% it is hard to take them on seriously. Not worth it. Ni da sa raica tu ga yani na lasu, cava tale me dialogue taki? Mera vesu ga ka bala yani ki na maximum! Qai laki dialogue e loma thru Yellow ribbon campaign.

  3. painter Says:

    It may take a looong while before the Pig fully appreciates the meaning of ‘dialogue’. At this stage, all the imbecile wants to do is play tug-of-war and pull everyone over to their side, as if we’re a minority in their military world instead of the other way round. So pathetic except for the fact that the pretentious imbecile and his military council are laughing all the way to the bank – WHAT A BUNCH OF COMMON, LOWDOWN THIEVES!

    I’m reminded of a blogger’s earlier words in that we’ll be rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ back to democracy…. we are, literally!

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    This pig doesn’t know the meaning of dialogue. Its been tried before couple a times and it never worked and as Ablazed said dialogue is for the schooled ones. This pig is so bent on escaping justice he is sticking to his escape plans the farter charter. Anyway dialogue would be useless since he would just lie and will not keep to his words as he had consistently demonstrated.

  5. Striker Says:

    How could one trust in dialogue with an IG which has resorted to distorting the truth and turning back on its promises?

  6. tim Says:

    Helen: its a nice idea but dialogue with compulsive liars is a waste of time until they actually begin to realise that everybody else has pegged them. Frank still thinks he’s got everybody conned and hasn’t yet realised that the only person he’s fooling is himself. Smartening up a few more sanctions with others is likely to have more effect like investigating involvement of those with Australian and New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency. If Australia an New Zealand can deem doctors and legitimate protesters terrorists, I’m sure those actually involved in destroying legitimate governments and other institutions fit the category.

  7. Linus Says:

    Has anyone noticed just how SILENT the Pig has been since his supposed return form US????

    I feel this is ominous!!

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    “Has he returned?”

    One could only hope that he has sought refuge status in Iceland or Luxembourg.

    After all, they are the only countries in the world that will talk to him.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    When I read the ruling by Judge byrne in the Hanna deportation case, I was upset about the bias towards the illegal, immoral junta and the bias against Senior Judge Jitoko.

    It is good that Judge Jitoko has come out fighting.

    “”””A senior judge has complained to the Acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates about comments made against him by a fellow judge in a ruling in the case of deported Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah.
    Judge Filimoni Jitoko wrote that the remark made by Justice John Byrne’s in paragraph 18 of the ruling “is extraordinary, if it were not absurd and outrageous.”

    In a letter to Justice Gates, Justice Jitoko said: “I have just read the John Byrne’s ruling in the Hannah Stay Application. I refer particularly to his observations on how the proceedings were handled administratively.

    “First why did he feel obliged, to ask in the ruling, was the matter referred to me in the first instance when “there were several senior judges available to hear the application.”

    “This statement is erroneous to say the least. The matter was first referred to Singh J. (Justice Jitend Singh) on the evening of May 1 2008. He was unavailable.

    “The registrar then rang me at around 9pm and after which I convened the court at my residence. The Registrar can confirm all these.

    “Singh J and I were the only civil judges available that weekend.

    “In any case I am the most senior full-time civil judge on the bench in the country.”

    Justice Jitoko said what he found most distasteful was the insinuation in paragraph 18 that questioned his personal integrity.

    He said he had spent 30 years of public service to the country and his integrity “is the commodity I hold dearest”.

    “It has never been questioned by anyone at anytime in those 30 years,” he said.

    “John Byrne’s remarks have no place in a body of legal pronouncement of any sort.

    “It does not befit the occasion, the place, especially the time we find ourselves in.

    “He should have confined himself to the legal issues before him.”

    Justice Gates yesterday asked that any queries on the matter be sent to him.

  10. Billy Says:

    Even the judiciary is not spared, its good that Judge Titoko has made this stand, time to clean up the judiciary also for all the rots that has settled since 2006.

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I realise that he is a pathetic opportunist who is trying to worm his way into power to replace his disgraced father, but baby chodopu$$ sums things up nicely with this letter today about the illegal, incompetent hairyarse.

    “”””On the Fiji One television news on September 29, the interim attorney-general stated having written to Digicel on the use of the Coat of Arms by the new telecommunications company.
    Describing the decision by Digicel (on the use of the Coat of Arms) as being contrary to law and having the prospect of being referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions, the interim Attorney-General said the Coat of Arms can only be used with the written authority of the Prime Minister and this authority has not been given to them (Digicel).

    The next day, September 30, he on national television said it was not the Coat of Arms on the Digicel sim cards but the Fiji flag and that there was no law prohibiting the use of the Fiji flag as had been done by Digicel.

    He claimed to have been misinformed.

    This is a flimsy excuse and clearly not acceptable to all informed readers. As the person signing off the letter to Digicel it is Mr Khaiyum’s duty to ensure that its contents are factually correct and sound in law. By not doing so he is being flippant and derelict in his duties as the chief legal officer of the government.

    Regardless of what Mr Khaiyum says in his defence, the truth is that Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has made another bungle to add to his growing list of blunders to date.

    Thomas Sowell, writer and economist once said: One of the reasons for conspiracy theories is an assumption that people in high places always know what they are doing. When they do something that makes no sense, devious reasons are imagined by conspiracy theorists, when in fact it may be due to plain old ignorance and incompetence.

    The Coat of Arms of Fiji (Restriction of Use) Act (Chapter. 245) is legislation printed on a single page and in essence has only 15 lines encompassing three very short sections. Nowhere in the said Act is there any prohibition on the use of flags for any promotional or commercial activity whatsoever.

    If Mr Khaiyum cannot interpret simple and expressly stated legislation how can he deal with more complex matters presently challenging the government?

    Clearly, he is incompetent and a stigma on the important office of the Attorney-General. He must be sacked to avoid the interim government any further embarrassment.

  12. Billy Says:

    Well put Jnr! Keep up the fight from your end. From my end, I still see you and your papa as no better than the incompetent hareyarz!

  13. LUVfiji Says:

    No, Linus. He isnt as silent as we would all hope him to be. We’ve just been handed two big announcements: the PS for Foreign Affairs and his pet boy taking over as Chair, FNPF!

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