SDL To Challenge Teleni Decision

Well bloggers, the SDL looks like taking ketepoka Teleni to court to force him to investigate the treason complaints. This would be interesting because Gates and co have still not handed down their decision regarding Qarase’s civil challenge against Iloilo and the interim junta! Neither Gates, Byrne nor Pathick should hear this Application because there could be a conflict of interest. SV reminds its bloggers to see which Judge will hear this Application and what their ruling will be. SV says keep up the pressure ragone!!!

Publish date/time: 30/09/2008 [12:07]

SDL legal counsel Niko Nawaikula is currently compiling all the statements where Police Commissioner Esala Teleni had said that there would be no investigations on the treason complaints against Interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama, members of the Military Council and Cabinet Ministers.

The party is waiting for an official letter from the Commissioner, however, Teleni has said he will not respond to them officially as they should await the High Court decision on the case of Qarase against the Interim PM Bainimarama and others.

Nawaikula said as soon as the documents are put together, they will take the matter to court to overturn Teleni’s decision. Nawaikula confirmed the documents will be filed sometime this week.

19 Responses to “SDL To Challenge Teleni Decision”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Great stuff , it’s very important to at least have all these applications on record and before the courts . if they’re not dealt with yet , they can be eventually !

  2. Billy Says:

    Can Nawaikula pls educate Teleni on the difference betn a criminal and civilian case? Ca gona ni via laki tara e dua na tutu sega ni da kila kina e dua na da!

  3. hopefiji Says:

    I agree MM, but problem is that conflict of interest for any of the junta appointed judges to hear any of these cases..see what happened in Heffernan’s matter…

    The pressure really should be put on the three dirty stoogies to release their judgemment…..what is so complicated about the Q case.

    Only complicated…cos they dug themselves a big death trap they’ll never climb out off ….problem is that the three compromised themselves earlier on with the Heffernan case.

    If they rule in favour of Q, they are##@@, cos similar relevant issues they already ruled on in Hefferananan case. If they rule against, they screwed…cos of the Chandrika case…

    that’;s what comes with being a little too smart…LOL…so they are shitting themselves about how they are going to get out of this mess

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Imagine Teleni’s childish comment, that he will not officially respond to them and for them to wait until the Qarase case is determined. Why can’t Teleni put what he’s said in an official letter?

    This bastard is useless and just goes to show. Well he will be shitting himself and who knows, maybe Gates and Co will release their judgement to prevetn anyone using their judgement as an excuse?

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    I have a feeling that the 3 stooges judges are collaborating with the pig in withholding LQ judgement to buy time. That is to gain more time for the charter to be passed first so that when the ruling is made in favour of LQ it will be superceded by the charter which exonerates the pig from wrong doing. So its all a ploy and strategy to implement the charter first then deliver the ruling.

    Like we all said there is no reason whatsoever for the ruling to take so long to be announced. That is why the pig is doing all he can to get the charter through using threats and cunning devices to achieve his aims.

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    A major ass-whooping coming up for Teleni.

    Oh and I’m thinking that right about now Aslam Khan’s ass as with his knees are knocking big-time with Digicel flexing on its turf (and bringing Sean Kingston to boot) –

    Yeah that’s right Aslam. Apart from having a wife who is holding the judiciary to ransom with directives from her sister, this time next week you will be eating humble pie as Digicel munches into your market share.

    That will teach you to pass on recorded phone conversations to the IIG goons and allow the police access to 6-mile radii “screenings”.

    The Customer is King and your huge marketing budgets does not mean customer loyalty — but then you can explain that to your Head Office when the axe falls.

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    How intelligent , the Lawyer / Lawyers who initially advised Francis and Co ?
    Have those who have accepted appointments under this illegal regime , compromised their integrity to the point where they could be looking at either doing jail time , losing their right to practise law ever again or their standing in the eyes of International Legal fraternity ?
    In other words , have they effectively painted themselves into a corner with no way out ?
    Sounds like a very very intelligent bunch to me , not !

  8. biumaiwai Says:

    Voreqe has been telling all his crew that they will have to work harder to get the charter accepted by the Fijian population or we’ll all end up in jail? He wanted the Charter dealt with first before the election so the military could still have control over the Government. He told Roko Ului to pull a coup in the Lau provincial Government to become its chairman and to make sure that all of Lau endorsed the Charter. Failing to do so may result in his been tried for treason and end up in Jail for the rest of his life?Now this bastard is going around telling everyone that Lau has passed the Charter. We in Oneata says this, take this charter and shove it up where the sun don’t shine?

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    peace pipe
    I’m more inclined to suspect that they are waiting for the President to either become to ill to function or die .
    That would give Frank the opportunity he’s been waiting for . In either of those events , he could effectively declare himself President and elect a Vice President and then abrogate the Constitution and theoretically quash any investigations against himself and his colleagues , including the murders of CRW soldiers in 2000 and those since December 2006 .

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    I want to become filthy rich after the coup . So I would like to get the copy right Laws to the Charter Farter and script it onto toilet paper where it will help clean up more than corruption !

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s a psychological ploy , done throughout modern history .
    Create mass hysteria and fear amongst the ordinary people , and you can make any lie look truthful .
    Somehow it’s to do with our survival mechanism where we go into denial !
    Maybe someone out there can explain it or knows what I mean .
    It’s used in cases where Governments etc. want to get support for an unpopular cause .
    I imagine Hitler used it in a reverse kind of way against the Jews . He put the fear of no jobs into the average German to turn them against their own citizens and distract them from his true intent . Which was total annihilation of the world population . Not world dominance as is popularly thought . Apparently he had a brutal Father and as a consequence , it’s believed he may have had either an unhealthy affection for or sex with his Mother ( oedipus complex ) . So he effectively transferred his disgust of himself and his own behaviour , onto the Jews . Now I’m wondering where Francis gets his kicks from , what skeletons does he have in the closet ? Can anyone shed some light on this ? This means Francis’ supporters probably aren’t aware that they are supporting a megalomaniac or manic depressive .

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    Could this apply to Francis now ?
    Julius Ceasor was killed by his own senators inside the Parliament .
    Please read the last paragraph of this web page : –
    This could be Frank’s destiny too !

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    Good on you Biumaiwai – Malo – telling it like it is.

  14. Striker Says:

    The Police, including its Commissioner are garnted powers under the Constituion to enforce the law, and they are called to be exemplary in their obedience to the law and its purpose. Teleni’s refusal to investigate complaints is an act of treason.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    cowardice and incompetence would best describe Teleni’s abilities in all things legal .

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    The man is a clown : -

  17. jiko Says:

    Vinaka Biumaiwai, we the people of Ogea says this to Roko Ului its really unfortunate that you are supporting the a-s-s that ousted your Father from the Presidency in 2000. Our village and district do not support your charter and we have no intention to support and illegal document drawn by an illegal Government and you can take this paper and shove it????

  18. soro Says:

    @KTF – Vinaka for pointing this out about Aslam Khan … I was talking to some people working at Vodafone .

    Do you know that Aslam recorded all Qarase’s Vodafone calls from Mavana village and passed it on to the goons ?

    100% true.

  19. jgtt Says:

    Biumaiwai, keitou mai Vanuavatu keitou kaya vei Roko Ului, taura ga a charter i qore ko sosomakina cake i qara ni nomu i cici………ouch !!!!!!!

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