Goff supports Commonwealth call and so do we at SV!!!

Top of the morning bloggers. Well the illegal junta is continuously under pressure and this time it is interesting that the NZ Government has acknowledged for the first time, that the majority of people in Fiji object to the farter Charter because they believe the only legitimate way and change can be proposed is through a democratic elected government. The NZ Government has in effect rubbished John Samy’s futile efforts in trying to support Vore and his cronies. SV asks the NZ Government to review John Samy’s residency papers and see whether he has brought NZ into disrepute through his involvement with the illegal junta. We also ask the NZ Government, to investigate allegations made by Victor Lal that John Samy months before the coup, had been approaching several Government Officials regarding the draft farter Charter. If this is true, then John Samy is guilty of treason and we hope that NZ will try him for his crimes.


Monday, 29th September 2008.

Goff says it is clear that the Interim Government’s efforts to pursue electoral and constitutional change in Fiji through the people’s Charter is being met with significant opposition.

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Monday, 29th September 2008.
The New Zealand Government representative in the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group Phil Goff has welcomed CMAG’s reaffirmation of its strong support for the Pacific Islands Forum to achieve the restoration of a democratic and constitutional government in Fiji . Goff made the comments after Action Group held it’s 13th meeting on Saturday in New York.
Speaking from New York, Goff says the Commonwealth has made its support clear for the Forum roadmap to return legitimate government to Fiji.He says the Forum in Niue earlier expressed its support for the Commonwealth-led process of independent and inclusive political dialogue to be advanced and the two organisations are clearly working in a complementary way to see the situation in Fiji resolved.

The New Zealand Trade Minister says Papua New Guinea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Abal and he were able to update CMAG colleagues on the recent discussions among Forum Leaders in Niue and to highlight the viable ‘exit strategy’ the Niue Communiqué roadmap provides to assist the interim government and political stakeholders to resolve the current impasse.

Goff says it is very clear that the interim government’s efforts to pursue electoral and constitutional change in Fiji through the People’s Charter is being met with significant opposition, not just because there was no consensus at this stage on electoral or constitutional changes but also because it is increasingly recognised that only a legitimately elected government can pursue such changes.

He adds that the only viable way through the current situation is to proceed to advance preparations for an election under the current Constitution, and at the same time pursue parallel efforts at political dialogue between the interim government and political stakeholders.

Goff further added that New Zealand would continue to work within the Forum and the Commonwealth to encourage the interim government to engage constructively on both election preparations and an appropriate political dialogue process.

The 13th meeting of the Action Group held in New York on Saturday has resolved that Fiji must adhere to the Mrach 2009 deadline for the General Elections and the engagement of the Commonwealth in Fiji should continue to be based on encouraging a comprehensive political dialogue that is broad-based and involves all major stakeholders of Fiji.

It affirmed that any changes that may come about through this dialogue must have due legitimacy and be implemented within the framework of Fiji’s existing Constitution.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


35 Responses to “Goff supports Commonwealth call and so do we at SV!!!”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    What can we say the country is ruled by the leader of a coup. He is a freak who hallucinates all the time that he is doing something worthwhile when everyone else knows he and his advisors are cheats, liars, corrupt criminals who should be wasting their time in jail.

    Sadly, 14th of May, 1987 was the beginning of anyone wishing to throw away the constitution which is supreme law and the end of using its constitutional powers to changing the laws of the nation.

    It is also beginning of the coup culture and the end of total respect for democracy where Parliament is the best forum for a consensus on electoral reform.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Has Mr Sammy broken New Zealand Laws , Fijian Laws or International Laws or do we need to introduce new Laws to stop people supporting overseas coups such as was done with tourist going overseas to exploit children for sex ?
    If Fiji Laws have been broken , then I would suggest that not only John Sammy should be held accountable , but also anyone who took appointments from the illegal regime , including the Lawyer or Lawyers in New Zealand , who originally gave Francis and Co. their Legal advise . There is also the question of whether or not , either the Indian Government or citizens of India , were knowingly involved in supporting this coup by supplying funds through the Indian consulate in Sydney , by depositing funds into Chaudhry’s Account . There also remains the question , how long before December the 5th. 2006 , did Chaudhry know about Frank’s final intentions ?
    Just how many people are under suspicion for supporting this illegal regime ?
    The very organisations Frank and Co. turned their backs on , he now begs support from .

  3. Tui Says:

    Hey folks, was it a full moon on Friday? Just wondering why the pig was hallucinating again!

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is very heartening to hear the Commonwealth maintain their stance against this illegal regime and reiterating their demand for elections in 2009 despite the pigs announcement in UN of no elections in 2009. It is also pleasing to know that the CMAG are aware of the opposition of the charter by the majority of the people of Fiji. Its like music to my ears when I hear them say that they still recognise the constitution and all actions taken must follow the constitution. Actions like electoral changes and enforcement of the charter. Whilst the pig tries to circumvent the legal framework of the constitution he is being constantly reminded in no uncertain terms that changes cannot happen outside the constitution. The circle is closing in and the pig is becoming a vicious beast fighting back through instinct.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    it’s got nothing to do with the moon !
    Francis and Co. are living in a realm of their own .
    Have you ever heard of , The Twilight Zone ?

  6. Mark Manning Says:

  7. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s got nothing to do with a full moon !
    Francis and Co. are living in a realm of their own .
    The Twilight Zone !

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Francis and Co’s real intentions known at last !

    Watch it to the end !

  9. Mark Manning Says:

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Francis and Co’s real intentions , un-Earthed at last !

  11. Mark Manning Says:

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    Pre Star Trek !

  13. Peace Pipe Says:

    Can someone please tell what slimy sami has done so far while in NY. Is he on some sort of free joyride on the pretext of promoting the charter farter. Haven’t seen any activity from this weasel so far. They seem to be all just bunch of free loaders wasting tax payers money.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Watch to the end and the 2 of 3 ! Enjoy !

  15. Mark Manning Says:

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    Watch part 2 as well !

  17. Soul of Fiji Says:

    MM, Chaudhary was in the know long before 2006, I started receiving e-mails of FLP supporters at the begining of 2001 of their recruitment to destabilise the then Interim Government of LQ. Their main target was to weaken the army which was seen as their main obstacle to getting what they want, which was to rule Fiji.

    When the PIQ started sounding like the FLP mouth piece around 2004/2005, I knew the PIQ was already in the hands of the Master Manipulator in the Choro. The PIQ started commenting on Political topics, which was supposed to be debated by politicians in parliament.

  18. patience Says:

    As much as voreqe and his handlers/puppeteers like samy, parmesh, ah koy, aiyarz etc try to create wiggle room in their dealings with the people of Fiji and the international community, sa sega ga. They rode on the anti-corruption vehicle until that ran out of steam, then its the charter vehicle, then they hop onto the electoral reform vehicle, then the political dialogue vehicle, continuously changing cars without actually arriving at any destination. Meanwhile they get fat on the cream of the hardwork and sweat of Fiji’s taxpayers, junkets galore, per diem heaven. So did Mary buy any new jewellery in NY? baci what will be sparkling on her fat neck when she arrives? The international community are working to a framework set in place to deal with problem countries like Fiji which have been hijacked by greedy losers like voreqe and his band of thieves. They have told the IG in no uncertain terms the steps they expect the IG to take, tied to clear timelines. No amount of hankerchief wringing will hoodwink the people or the region and international community.

    As SV has noted, there is no honour among thieves. While chaudhry and FLP have been kicked to the kerb, Rajen today attacked aiyarz, parmesh and samy, labelling them political novices. Da sarasara ka dredre!!

  19. Talei Says:

    Ulukau Mara says that 53% of Vanuabalavu support the farter charter — buahahahahahahahaha! LIAR!!! Good on you Qarase for making it clear that accepting the sevusevu does not mean they support the farter LMAO! Your heads coming off first Ului!

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    soul of fiji
    it would be good if you present those same e-mails of evidence of them , to the International courts etc .

  21. basta! Says:

    @ Talei

    Baci rau tonoki ganedrau orau na buinigone ca o koila kei yateca. laurai mada na wiliwili ni lewenivanua e vanuabalavu, kei na kedra iwiliwili na lai vakarogoci ratou na lasulasu eratou lai vakamacala taka na charter, o roko tui lau, ko gone vei voceke. Me vaka e kaya o Qarase, 53% of what? 53% of four people in the audience? Sa siova o Ului na itutu nei tuakana. Caqeta, caqeta tiko….

  22. Adi Kaila Says:

    @ patience – dou raica sara vavinaka na ‘sparkles’ nei aunty meri – voli beka mai Wal-Mart – LOL!

    okoya me levu sara nona necklace baleta ni levu tu na ‘rolls’ ni domona, coba yani edua na necklace, lobi sara na neck roll, coba tale yani…sana qai dredre na ‘jilo’ – aunty meri is one jilo levu and big kavuru!

    @ Talei – I was hoping Ului & his boys in the hood would take out the bipolar piggy when he arrives tomorrow. Sami me lau vana vinaka na matanidena the treasonous bastard.

  23. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    8 months ago, slimy sami sent in his expense account for an overseas trip.

    It read; hotel $5000, brothel $2000.

    A month later, he sent in another claim; hotel $8000, brothel $3000.

    bananasinpyjams called him into his office and told him that the young girl in the office is upset about such lurid details and that he should disguise them.

    So the next month, slimy sami’s expense sheet read; hunting expenses $6000.

    bananas called slimy sami in again and said that this was much better as the girl did not understand what was going on.

    So every month, slimy sami sent in his hunting expenses which were paid from the military charter budget.

    Today, the girl was faxed slimy sami’s expenses from New York.

    It read; “Cleaning rifle, $12000”

  24. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Not a word out of slimy sami on his free holiday; obviously did not have anything to contribute.

    The people of Fiji must be overjoyed that their dictator, whilst in New York, was able to secure an audience with the assistant undersecretary to the deputy acting assistant to the vice commissioner for trade in Luxembourg.

    This must rank as well as his high profile meeting last year with a work experience student from the navy in Iceland.

    bananas is desperately trying to find his new found friend on a map;

  25. Ablaze Says:

    Mark Manning was right the Regime is living in the “Twilight Zone” in a mixture of self contained fantasy. Just look at their record.

    They stand as role model for our youth as an illegal govt turning our hopes to despair. They want all of us living in the “Twilight Zone” of their immorality by trying to convince us to support their illegal farter charter.

    Sorry but they leave us no choice but to grasp with every ounce to our integrity and that we will do.

    It is nearly 2 years and these Bavulus and the sucker wankers that support them still believe that by staging a coup they have the right and solutions to making a better Fiji. They have been everywhere Man, Tonga Forum, United Nation singing their praises hoping desperately to be believed. Wailei hallucinating in their “Twilight Zone”

    Why don’t they get it through their thick coconut heads that all that is needed is for negotiation between all the different parties to come to a compromise and the logical thing to do is to take the country to elections and legitimacy. When that is done then Parliament alone is the only way to achieve a consensus when it comes to developing any kind of charter farter.

    Please remind them that they can stand but have to win before we will listen to their ideas.

    What is that saying? “You cannot reason a person out of a position they didn’t arrive at through reason.”

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    Watch this right to the end !

  27. Mark Manning Says:

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    God to know Francis is a man of his word , watch it to the end .

  29. Peace Pipe Says:

    Someone should have tagged their movements. It would surely have ended up some sleazy places. Imagine wasting our money for their selfish pleasure.

    That aside, is that all they have to show for their jaunt to the big apple. No wonder the stock market crashed when they arrived. Taking with them bad omen. they were very lucky to have only 2 people chatting with them perhaps out of courtesy or some con setup prior arrangement made by our ambassador there. And like the Icelandic talk last year this is just another whiff of stink air emanting from the Pig’s mouth. The Luxumbourg delegate must have regretted having met this idiot of a person.

  30. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei: i’d like to recommend to Ului to get his facts right before he talks to the media on anything that has to do with the grassroots people of Lau! Now he’s been put to shame with the spokesman from Lomaloma backing Qarase’s claim that not more than 4 -5 people attended the charter consultations! The spokesman also says that the Tikina of Lomaloma (8 villages) outrightly rejected the Charter…that’s 50% of Vanua Balavu, so if the other Tikina (Mualevu) supported the charter that’s another 50% only – where did the 3% come from? The 50% from the whole of the Tikina of Mualevu is just unbelievable as the biggest village in that Tikina is Mavana! The other villager’s are most unlikely to support the charter except for Mualevu itself which is Basulu’s village (former Lau Provincial Council Chairman)

    First of all, Ului, you should learn that you need to be “in touch” constantly with the grassroots people of the Lau Group to be able to confidently expect their support! Your title of “ratu” is not good enough in this day and age! And the rumours of you being personally responsible for the torture of people at the camp – is just not helping.

    Sources from “on the ground in Vanua Balavu” say that the charter was outrightly rejected and only Ului’s right hand Basulu village of Mualevu supported the charter. That’s also because Filipe Bole hails from that village as well.

    To end this whole saga – i say let’s go to the Polls and let Ului stand in Lau against Qarase! Then, we can see who’s got the support of the grassroots people!

  31. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ newsfiji,

    I am from Vanua Balavu from the Tikina of Mualevu. It is a well known fact, that Qarase will win hands down in a General Elections against Ului, Koila, Filipe Bole or anyone else for that matter.

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    By the way , remember that the twin towers were built in the mid 1970’s , while Arabs were skyjacking planes and murdering pilots and passengers . Why would you build 2 skyscrapers of over 100 floors the same time planes are being skyjacked ? Then , 25 years later , again , the Americans in America , teach , not one but several Arabs , to fly , but not land or take off , just fly a jet . It was known in the mid 1940’s that oil would be the next flash point in the middle eats . At the same time , bush was trying to get $80,000,000,000 from congress , he did , just after the twin towers went down . but how come , building 7 , which wasn’t hit by a plane at all , imploded . there was no investigation on any of the 3 buildings , but building 7 housed government agencies and their secret and the owner had just recently re-insured that same building !
    They are the only known steel structures to fall down from fire !
    So , if your going to plot something like over throwing a Government or invading a sovereign state on false grounds , you have to plan well in advance and hope to hell that no one spills the beans when you get found out . And there was no plane wreckage at all at the Pentagon .

    Check out the various footage and listen to the commentary .

    open your minds to the possibilities !

    Thermite cuts through metal , like a hot knife through butter .
    watch the second half with the car !

    from an independent broadcaster , building 7 reported collapsed , 20 minutes before it actually did ! ho so ?

    remember , building 7 although close to the twin towers , it wasn’t hit by a plane and was a steel structure , no steel structures had ever collapsed before this day , yet 3 did on this day , within an hour of each other and the metal , all sent to china before it was investigated .

    the owner , admitting to make a decision to “pull” the building 1 this is a term used in demolition !

    this clip speaks for it’s self !
    read all the way down the article .
    this senator is an honourable man , but his story was rubbished , a bit like how Chaudhry , Frank and others treat Qarase !

    looks more like a missile , there’s no plane wreckage .
    if the building had recently been renovated , could they have left pieces of a plan inside to be discovered later by a reporter ? but only 3 feet across ? would the American Government lie to it’s people ?

    a missile rotor ? and the outside walls had not collapsed on impact !
    the Russians used an attack by checnia terrorist as an excuse to invade that country and america did the same witht the twin towers .
    did the americans copy the russians by enraging the public to the point where , because of an attack against their freedom by a foreign power , it became the excuse to invade their country in return , like the russians did ? or was it always about the oil ?

  33. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Hmmm @JW follows nfj methinks it is just a matter of going between their bibles and vanua. If they stick to the bible (like Rabuka laments bible quotations) then the coups, ncbbf, charter, is tossed without 2nd thought. If they stick to the vanua (Tui – rerevaka na kal.. ka doka na Tui as Rabuka re iterates today) then coups and all it encompass gets the seal of approval.

    Rerevaka Na Kalou Ka Doka Na Lawa belongs to us now besides the glaring truth of our multi racial Fiji where everyone but Fijians have Tui

    Also helps the Fijians part ways with the coup culture.
    By “respecting the rule of law” at all times and under all conditions as supreme.

    The chiefs who have erred, will, in the eyes of the Fijian, meet the full brunt of the law. For no Tui is above it.

    Keeping status quo no longer works. The chiefs have to change with the times. A perfect example is the GMB the Roko Tui Dreketi, visiting her people at grassroots, motivating and spearheading projects in villages, and keeps herself untainted by refusing to endorse this illegal government in any way shape or form. She is the model chief of our modern day society.

  34. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Thanks Mark, agreed we have our sets of troubles here too. Just be thankful that the Pentagon will never give us a rude awakening by storming the White House and take over the people’s choice of government…. imagine that

    And when I raise the prospect with fellow Americans the answer is always the same “.. no I can not imagine ..”

  35. painter Says:

    Interesting KB, I’d say nothing wrong with ‘Rerevaka na Kalou ka doka na Tui’, but it should have been amended ages ago (i.e. like decades ago) to include something to the effect, ‘Ia, me da muria i liu na lawa! For those who now follow the law and rightfully so, I’d just say good on them.

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