Fiji army renews bid for UN missions – too bad says SV

Bloggers following in the same vein of the 2 previous posts, we have Vore’s plea to the UN to include Fiji soldiers in new Peacekeeping Missions. We now know, Fiji soliders have been out of the invitation loop for over 12 months! Must be hard on their pockets! Vore is so devoid of any intellect or moral attributes, that he does not see the irony of his plea? How can Fiji soldiers be invited to Peacekeeping Missions overseas, when they are brutalising and violating their very own people’s human rights at home! How can these stupid goons extend peace all over the world, when all they do is inflict terror in their own backyards? SV asks the UN to temporarily freeze all UN engagements until democracy and the rule of law is restored in Fiji. SV also wishes to remind Vore and his military goons: Charity begins at home or as they say in the Fijian Heartland…Me tekivu mada e Jerusalemi.


Fiji’s military head Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama today urged world leaders to include Fiji soldiers in new peacekeeping missions, a year after he made a similar request. One year on, and still no offers to Fiji, Bainimarama admits that the relationship between Fiji and the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations(UNDPPKO)  has been under strain because of the Fiji Military’s involvement in the Government in 2006.

“It would be less than honest on my part if I did not observe that undue external influence appear to have been brought to exclude Fiji from participation in new peacekeeping missions,” he told the United Nations 63rd General Assembly this morning (9.30am FJ time.) “I express the hope that the opportunity will be extended to us to participate in new peacekeeping missions.
“Fiji’s Military Force has shown that its training and ethics are an asset to peace-keeping operations. “We continue to work very hard to keep intact this exceptional record.”


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  1. Jone Says:

    Dina sara. Bidding to caretake other countries’ upheavals when they are the cause of troubles in their homeland is the joke of the century.

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    So those many e-mails to the U.N. at the beginning of 2007 were not a waste of time after all .
    So how long before either the funds dry up or the Soldiers declare that they’ve had enough and make a stand for Democracy and the rule of Law . Whcih of them will show real leadership and courage above and beyond .
    Thank God for Elvis is all i can say because without him , where would we be ?
    Go 38 seconds into the recording , filmed in Hawaii in 1968 , the 1st. ever telecast around the world via satellite , to 600,000,000 people .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    the master , of Jazz !

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    The master , of Jazz

  5. Jone Says:

    Nope. Not a waste of time at all MM. Those kinds of things actually work. From right here in the comforts of our own screens. Good job.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    When I 1st. saw this singer , it brought tears to my eyes as I could see that , despite the trauma that Fijians are going through , their songs will bring them through it all . I know this guy Israel is Hawaiian , but the Islands look similar and you guys all look the same anyway !

    But hey , the sentiments in your songs are the same .

    unbelievable , some people have no idea , if that was my hotel , I’d be asking them to sing louder .

  7. Mark Manning Says:

  8. lele Says:

    We have to pressure the UN more. Parkistan with all its coups is the biggest troops contributing country to UN missions followed closely by Bangladesh. They still have Fiji soldiers with the UN in Iraq and the numbers were increased recently. Fiji soldiers are also resigning and still joining the UN. Fiji Military officers are serving in Sudan and the police have also flown out on a new mission in Africa.

    Can we write direct to the UN?

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    SV –

    I wonder if those who keep records of the desease Aids and how the sufferer contacted this insidious desease have correlated it and if there is a connection with the peacekeeping forces.

    Just a thought and I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this.

    As for peacekeeping for the UN – right – what about trying to keep the peace in Fiji and returning the SDL and Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to government.

    I am all for everyone being employed but the military can’t hope to be employed by the UN nor anyone else if their behaviour in their home country is abominable to say the least. It seems to me they’ve learned some really bad habits from going on these peacekeeping forays.

    I have flown back to Fiji several times with these very soldiers on the same flight and I can tell you here that the ones I have spoken to were always so relieved and more than ecstatic to come home. God they always look so fit and strong and are always so well mannered and impeccable in their dress – I have always been really proud to see them and really feel bad that they have had to be put in a position where they now earn the wrath of the Nation instead of respect. I really hope that none of the soldiers I have spoken to and shaken hands with while waiting for my baggage were involved in the killings of the innocents here in Fiji.

    I have actually stopped fights outside nightclubs where a group have tried to buturaki someone – I – a woman have actually stepped in and screamed for them to stop it and they have – you see you only need one person to step in to stop the madness. If only one soldier had used his commonsense and told his fellow soldiers to stop bashing the person – if one had just stepped in and said – KUA! he’d be a bloody hero not a murderer because as we’ve seen there are soldiers out there who are tainted forever – killings in time of peace is murder – noone is at war in Fiji.

  10. Mark Manning Says:

    Fiji’s new Military :-

    I always find this amusing , even 30 years later .

    Maybe you can pass this onto your family members in the Military so they don’t take themselves so seriously .

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
    Acquired : – through sharing bodily fluids during vaginal or anal intercourse .
    Immune : – your ability to fight off other illnesses is decreased .
    ( people with aids often die of other illnesses , not the AIDS itself ) .
    Deficiency : – means lacking in ability to fight off another disease .
    Syndrome : – the way it manifests itself ( shows itself ) .

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s thought that AIDS originally came about by people in Africa , eating monkeys !

  13. Mark Manning Says:

  14. patience Says:

    voreqe and his nutty cabinet are on another trip thinking that the UN can trust them again, while they hold the country to ransom and two civilians were killed after being kidnapped by the RFMF in 2007 – Nimilote Verebasaga and Sakiusa Rabaka. And the RFMF is dishonest. Soldiers think they are above the law right from the top to the most menial.

    After they are charged by the DPP for the murder of Rabaka, the RFMF leadership tries to send the 10 accused on peacekeeping mission! As if that is not enough, the RFMF controlled police then kidnap 12 men, beat them up and accuse them of an assassination plot. Unlike Rabaka, these 10 and their commanding officers are walking around Fiji freely today. Free to be with their families. Its almost two years since Verebasaga and Rabaka’s killers were charged. In Verebasaga’s case, only 1 corporal has been charged, but there wasn’t only one person assaulting Verebasaga. How many soldiers were bystanders to that murder?

    And this is the force, that cannot discipline their own, that will not give them up to civilian authorities those who have assaulted and killed civilians. What planet are they on thinking that they deserve to be included in new UN missions. Kofi Annan very clearly told voreqe and the RFMF that if they carried out the coup the RFMF peacekeeping contracts would be affected. Is the UN stupid. No, only voreqe and his nuts are stupid to think the international community will trust them.

  15. Say True! Says:

    Me tekivu mada e Jerusalemi.

  16. Say True! Says:

    @MM – Dreams do come true.

  17. Billy Says:

    If anything is to come out of this LAST coup, it is time to seriously consider the pros and cons of a military force. Do we as a christian nation need a military? It has brought nothing but trouble on this nation. So the soldiers themselves may be responsible for their own demise, No peace-keeping, no military force… No army, more money to $$ for infrastructure, service, etc. We can use their service in other fields, but without guns.

  18. Peace Pipe Says:

    This army we have is a joke. Trying to keep peace elsewhere whereas they hold their own country at ransom and brutalise its own civilians. The UN must not concede to the pigs plea and demand that there will not be any peace keeping deployment if there is no return to democracy. The UN must set its demand to be met first before considering the pig’s kerekere for his broke mercenary immoral soldiers.

    It has to be accepting the return to rule of law first then peacekeeping later.

    Our humble request to the UN please do not accede to illegal iPM as he do not speak on our behalf and has no right to occupy the position he illegally usurped.

    What about his comments asking the UN not to focus on his removal of the Qarase govt but look at the progress they made so far. What progress may I ask? He is also trying to divert attention away from his initial claim that he removed the govt because of corruption which he could not prove.

    If we digest and disect his speech we could make our own analysis of it and expose all the lies in it.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    well said , what you have said reminds me of Archbishop , Desmond Tutu of South Africa when a crowd of black south Africans were trying to kill one of their own .
    They bashed him almost to death , put a car tyre around his neck , doused him with petrol and were about to light it when Tutu walked into the crowd to stop the madness that had engulfed the crowd . The man’s life was saved and no doubt God was with Tutu on that day !
    Sadly , this practise continues today .

  20. Mark Manning Says:
    Desmond Tutu stopped this happening to a man 20 or more years ago .

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    your right , it takes one !

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    Just following on my earlier post on ideas of how to remove the illegal ig.

    Another idea on how to depose this illegal government is to gather whats left of the deposed multiparty government and form a parallel government or government in exile and proclaim its legitimacy based on the constitution since the ig is saying that they uphold the present constitution. The valid reason for this is that no one had resigned from that government. They were supposedly sacked by Voceke when he illegally proclaimed himself president. But his action was illegal as it did not follow the process of the constitution which he claimed to uphold. All else being illegal following the illegal assumption of Presidency and subsequent illegal sacking of parliament having not followed the constitution the ousted government is therefore still legal albeit not physically and actively in government office. They could then proclaim to the UN that they are still there and should be recognized as the legitimate government of Fiji. We could then call in foreign media and see what the military will do. Australia and NZ and the PIF could lead in officially recognizing this government as legit and then the UN follow suit. The whole world should know that the country is unable to get justice due to the apologists put in place in the judiciary which is why the Qarase case has been taking so long to conclude and come to a ruling.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    An option to the abolition of the Military in Fiji is to have a Special Forces Unit within the Police Service , which is responsible for arresting those who carry out acts of sedition , terrorism and treason against the State etc. It was unbelievable quite Frankly , that a rogue Commander was able to speak out against an Elected Government and it’s Minister for 7 years before anything was done to stop him . Sedition , needs to be dealt with swiftly , overnight in fact .
    This elite Unit , unlike the CRW Soldiers , have arresting powers and are answerable to the Government but separate from the Military . Another deterrent , must be the immediate arrest of all those in the regime , those who took up illegal appointments under the regime , including judges , lawyers , police , military personnel and civilians . This must go hand in hand with the confiscation of all their assets and any they have shared with family etc.

  24. Tim Says:

    Its a shame te RFMF has shat in its own nest. This is the 21st Century though I’m not sure Frank has realised that yet cos he’s too busy trying to reinforce his own self importance.
    Where once Fiji might have been regarded as (to use Frank’s words) “the big brother” of Pacific Island nations, its now regarded as a rogue state.
    Step up Samoa! or step up PNG!
    Samoa and PNG aren’t perfect, but at least they are sort of democracies where things are negotiable. They are evolving dmocracies which right now have damn sight better prospects than Fiji.
    The RFMF has ensured its status as a relic of a colonial era. Its fast becoming irrelevant unless it just wants to be a prostitute – which under Frank, wouldn’t surprise me.
    Unfortunately Frank and his supporters haven’t realised its potential under a representative democracy (albeit one that needs time to evolve). They’d rather interrupt the process in favour of their own agenda.
    If Frank actually gave a shit about the people he leads as Commodore, he’d be providing the with skills and trades as well as contributing to the overall benefit of a nation he supposedly holds dear.
    Unfortunately this scungy little coward nobody would rather protect his own interests and closeted skeletons rather than look slightly further than his own pinocchio nose, aided and abetted by one or two others whose achievements have only been in their own self-interest

  25. painter Says:

    The FACT that the seats at the General Assembly Hall were almost ALL EMPTY when DICTATOR BAI presented his prepared speech to the GA said it all, hah!

  26. Tim Says:

    The future of the RFMF is as a regional force, and more oriented towards civil defence and in cooperation with other island nations.
    Fat chance that has when most of Frank’s neighbours do not approve of his being a smarmy little dictator, Mugabe-like pratt of the Pacific.
    And as for his know-it-all supporters, please guys – just spare us your egos – none of them are that spectacular

  27. patience Says:

    as usual aiyarz on tv tonight to put a good spin on the commonwealth decision. the illegal government tries its best to saturate their message through the military controlled media now – lorine tevi and finau on voqa ni davui, aiyarz on close up. Sa sega ga. the lies, hypocrisy and inconsistency of the ilegal government is too obvious for the people of Fiji and the international community to be snowed or fooled by the IG soundbytes/talking points.

    You can’t pull the wool over our eyes, no matter how many talk shows or charter forums you hold. The low turnout at the forums and rent acrowds of civil servants should tell you something. You know, bad governance stuff like:

    – the delay on the trials of the Verebasaga and Rabaka murderers,

    – the mysterious and undeserved payment of $184,000 to voreqe,

    – the undeserved huge payouts to 20 ‘senior’ army officers

    – the coverup of the irregularities in the tax affairs of Mahendra Chaudhry

    – the unlawful deportation of two newspaper editors contrary to court orders and contrary to law

    – the interference in the Fiji judiciary leading to the delay in the determination of the legality of the coup of December 2006 and related issues

    – the failure to secure any criminal conviction of a member of the SDL cabinet, for ‘corruption’ that happened during the term of the SDL although the RFMF stole the government to ‘cleanup corruption’

    – the secret increase of voreqe’s salary along with his cabinet and his crony soldiers promoted and sent to the civil service

    – the death of Malasebe and Baleiloa in police custody and the lack of new police regulations to prevent the recurrence of deaths in police custody

    – the continued theft of the government and misuse of the government for the selfish holding of power by voreqe and his cronies resulting in the lower productivity of the government, the near collapse of the economy, the breakdown of relations with our neighbours and international community, the attempted imposition through the ncbbf of the views of a few left-wing malcontents on the whole nation and a flawed fake consultation process marked by intimidation and lies

    – the lies to the people of Fiji about preparation for elections and the delay and contortions of the electoral commission, boundaries commission and elections supervisor appointed by the military

    You can’t keep lying to the people and saying you’re sincere, have integrity while you do not practice what you preach. simply repeating it over and over when it hasn’t worked the last 21 months since the coup, will not take away hypocrisy – actions speak louder than words and as SV says, tekivu mada e Jerusalemi!

  28. Tim Says:

    Yep at Painter!. And you know what is so amusing: It’s the likes of coup apologists such as Yippe-I-Aye and Shaista prattling on about neo-colonialsim and selectively applying their ideas on human rights, when their pop-idol Frank desperately tries to justify his own status (that is as some colonial relic).
    I mean …….. for a start the guy is a total fuckwit who will only ever be taken seriously by those of similar capabilities, pot heads, ideologues and other nutters.
    Frank really would have been better trying to grease up to Halliburton. He could earn some real decent foreign exchange, just so long as he can bring the body bags through the back door without too many noticing.
    IF people can’t see the signs of a Mugabe in the making, I’m afraid they never will, and more fool them because once in the tent they’ve restricted their options when there is an entire world outside that disapproves.

  29. patience Says:

    Well, read the fine print on the CMAG statement ragone. The Commonwealth as an institution has a standing rule on the overthrow of democratic governments in member countries – there is a two year rule. So missing the March 2009 election deadline can mean sanctions. As much as voreqe and the illegal government WISH to put a positive spin on the CMAG statement, Fiji remains suspended and missing the March 2009 deadline means sanctions against Fiji will be imposed by the other 55 members of the Commonwealth! Waraka, namaka the EU decision as well ragone!

    CMAG expresses serious concern at lack of progress on elections in Fiji
    27 September 2008

    Concluding Statement of the thirtieth meeting of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG)

    1. The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group on the Harare Declaration (CMAG) had it’s thirtieth meeting in New York on 27 September 2008. The Meeting was chaired by Hon Rais Yatim, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, and was also attended by Hon Akwasi Osei Adjei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ghana; Hon Phil Goff, Minister of Trade and Defence of New Zealand, Hon Sam Abal, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Papua New Guinea; Hon Rohitha Bogollagama, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka; Hon Stephenson King, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saint Lucia; Hon Sam Kutesa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uganda; Hon David Miliband, Secretary of State of the United Kingdom; and Ambassador Veiccoh Nghiwete, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Namibia.

    2. The Group received an update from the Secretary-General on the Commonwealth Secretariat’s engagement with Fiji and developments in that country since it was last discussed by the Group in London, on 12 May 2008.

    3. CMAG expressed serious concern at the lack of progress towards elections by March 2009 as pledged to the region, the international community and the people of Fiji by the Interim Government. It expressed disappointment with the statement of the Interim Prime Minister to the UN General Assembly on 26 September 2008, that he would not be able to meet this deadline.

    4. The Group strongly reaffirmed the importance of the March 2009 deadline for elections and urged the Interim Government to adhere to this deadline.

    5. CMAG underlined the centrality and importance of the Commonwealth’s fundamental values as set out in the Harare principles, particularly with regard to constitutional democracy.

    6. CMAG reaffirmed its strong support for continued regional and international efforts to achieve the restoration of constitutional civilian democracy. It noted in particular the Communique on Fiji issued by Pacific Islands Forum leaders on 21 August 2008, following their Summit in Niue and expressed its full support for the statement.

    7. The Group noted the Interim Government’s decision to re-engage with the Pacific Islands Forum Joint Working Group and the Forum Ministerial Contact Group. In particular, CMAG welcomed the agreement of the Fiji Interim Government to a visit by the Forum Ministerial Contact Group before the end of 2008. They recognised that this visit could provide an important opportunity for constructive engagement aimed at progressing a return to democracy. They agreed that the Commonwealth Secretariat should work closely with the MCG in this regard.

    8. CMAG reaffirmed that the engagement of the Commonwealth in Fiji should continue to be based on encouraging a comprehensive political dialogue that is broad-based and involves all major stakeholders of Fiji. This will ensure an outcome that is sustainable and acceptable to all the people of Fiji, in addressing the coup culture and restoring civilian and constitutional democracy in the country. It affirmed that any changes that may come about through this dialogue must have due legitimacy and be implemented within the framework of Fiji’s existing Constitution.

    9. The Group encouraged the Secretary-General to continue his engagement with the Interim Government. It appreciated the efforts by Sir Paul Reeves, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative, to promote a broad-based political dialogue. It called on the Interim Government to continue to support this engagement. CMAG also welcomed the Commonwealth’s ongoing engagement with the Pacific Islands Forum, the United Nations, the European Union and the wider international community in working together with one purpose to assist Fiji in achieving an early return to democratic civilian rule.

    10. The Group recalled that by December 2008 Fiji will have reached the two year deadline envisaged in the Millbrook Plan of Action for restoration of democratic government. In keeping also with the election deadline of March 2009, it accordingly decided to meet again in early 2009 to review progress. It would then consider further measures, if necessary, consistent with the actions set out in the Millbrook Plan.

  30. Tim Says:

    There’s another thing, Frank , Shaista and Yippee as well as that Scutt and Moore pair of drooges in drag have yet to come to terms with their past. Members of the Commonwealth also have had a colonial past, which is what they collectively are conscious of, and are dealing with. They are all doing so far more constructively than those that choose expulsion. Shaista, Yippe, Scutt and Moore would far rather portray themselves as victims, and rope everyone else into that category so they can justify their behaiour.
    Tuff shit. It ain’t working because there are a damn sight more than 800,000+ people that went rhough harder times than they ever did or will have to.

  31. newsfiji Says:

    Patience so true! Watching Airarse spin his bullshit tonite of Close Up made me want to puke! Full of bullshit ga and not even answering the question – all he was doing was twisting Anish’s words…and trying to impress upon us at the above Press Release was a positive plus sign for the interim illegal regime!

    And, what about his referral to Frank as “Prime Minister”…like that elected! – NOT!

    Come to think of it – his answers were just confusing! Blerry blockhead!

  32. Billy Says:

    The SDL, Mick B and NFP should be calling a meeting of all their supporters to sign joint petitions to send to the PIFs, Commonwealth, EU, UN as evidence that the people of this nation:
    1) want elections by March 2009 according to 1997 Constitution;
    2) suspend all peace-keeping missions both by police and soldiers until power is restored to an elected govt;
    3) reject Charter outright and have law and justice sector strengthened so that all those involved in the coup and illegal appointees incl President, IG, Judiciary, Civil servants, statutory bodies, diplomatic missions, NCBBF face the full brunt of the law as ppl who lend legitimacy and confidence to the coupsters to hang on to power;
    4) maintain all sanctions against IG and supporters until power is restored;
    etc etc. I can no longer think clearly my mind is too boggled by all the lies invented by this illegal regime..

  33. Tim Says:

    Well the SDL, Mick B and NFP are obviously a lot smarter than Frank and his hoonta ever will be. SV said something in another post in passing that was really quite relevant. That is that the world is tired of dealing with puffed up pathetic little diktators that think they know better than everyone else – there are actually more pressing problems. Frank is like a boil on the bum that can either be lanced or left to heal. A lot of people think its best left to fester under its own steam till it explodes and dies in its own poison. Excuse the crass analogy but it is kind of appropriate when it comes to such a poisonous little asshole.
    Here’s a prediction: If Fiji hasn’t made genuine efforts to return to a legitimate government (probably best if it just reinstates the previously elected one), then expect a relocation of NGOs, academic institutions, Pacific Island organisations’ head offices, all forms of aid, and a whole lot of other activity over time.

  34. patience Says:

    Check out the Millbrook Action Plan which is the Commonwealth framework for the implementation of the Harare Declaration. See here

    The commonwealth is not just making it up as it goes along, unlike the illegal government led by voreqe. CMAG is following the template established by CHOGM at Millbrook, Harare and lately, Coolum in 2007 where the CHOGM agreed to CMAG proposals for dealing with ‘problem countries’ like Fiji. The measures include dialoguing with the problem regime, sending a special envoy, encouraging regional mechanisms and imposing further measures like trade restrictions etc for serious and continued violation of commonwealth principles, even after 2 years. Thats why the CMAG notes the Pacific Forum process and encourages the Ministerial Contact Group and Fiji-Forum Working Group process. But they will not wait forever.

    The problem is voreqe has put himself in a corner. Villifying Qarase means that he will not sit down with Qarase which needs to happen in the political forum that the illegal government hopes will approve the electoral reform and recall parliament to enact the constitution amendments. A thinking person would realise the mission is impossible and they are unfit to govern. But no, its go forward rather than admit failure, even if they have to take fiji with them into the abyss.



    The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) recommends to the High Level Review Group the following remit:

    1. CMAG is a vital source of support and encouragement to member countries in upholding the fundamental political values of the Commonwealth as established in the Harare Declaration.

    2. CMAG, with the support of the Secretary-General, should provide assistance and advice to Commonwealth countries as they seek to protect and promote democracy, democratic processes and institutions which reflect national circumstances, just and honest government and fundamental human rights, including equal rights, the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, freedom of expression and the enjoyment of such rights by all individuals regardless of gender, race, colour, creed or political belief.

    3. In this regard, the Commonwealth Secretary-General might be asked to undertake periodic reviews of the Commonwealth’s success in adhering to the fundamental political values of the Harare Commonwealth Declaration.

    4. CMAG should support and reinforce the preventive work undertaken under the Good Offices role of the Secretary-General and solicit, where appropriate, the intervention of the CHOGM Chairperson-in-Office, whose ministerial representative should be invited to join CMAG.

    5. Reinforcing the interlinkage between democracy and economic and social progress and acknowledging the importance of enhancing the capacity of countries to support democratic processes, CMAG should provide broad strategic direction to the Secretary-General for the provision of technical assistance required by member governments to strengthen the rule of law, independence of the judiciary, democratic frameworks, free media and policing capacity

    6. As agreed by Heads of Government at Millbrook, CMAG should take appropriate steps to express the collective concern of Commonwealth countries and to encourage adherence to the fundamental political values of the Commonwealth where a member country is perceived to be in persistent or serious violations of those values, most obviously where a democratic government has been overthrown, but also where the Commonwealth may be constructively engaged to prevent situations of concern from deteriorating further.

    (1This paper was agreed by CMAG Ministers and submitted by CMAG’s Chairman to the Chairman of the High Level Review Group in September 2000, for its consideration.)

    Such steps could include:

    (i) Consultation by the Chairman of CMAG or the Secretary-General with the government concerned;

    (ii) Appointing an envoy or group of eminent Commonwealth representatives to facilitate constructive dialogue in the country concerned;

    (iii) Encouraging bilateral demarches by member countries, especially those within the region, both to express disapproval and to support early adherence to the Commonwealth’s fundamental political values;

    (iv) Soliciting the support and intervention of regional organisations in promoting adherence to the Commonwealth’s fundamental political values;

    (v) After due consultations, the prompt public expression by the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth’s collective disapproval;

    (vi) Suspending the member country concerned from the Councils of the Commonwealth;

    (vii) While under suspension from the councils of the Commonwealth, a member country should not receive new Commonwealth technical assistance, other than that directed to the restoration of democracy;

    (viii) Stipulating an appropriate timeframe for the re-adherence to the Commonwealth’s fundamental political values, after which CMAG could recommend that the member country concerned be fully suspended from the Commonwealth;

    (ix) Other steps considered necessary to engage a member government on the need for progress or to express the collective concern of the Commonwealth;

    (x) Consideration of appropriate further bilateral and multilateral measures by all member states (e.g. limitation of government-to-government contacts; people-to-people measures; trade restrictions; and, in exceptional cases, suspension from the association), to reinforce the need for change in the event that the government concerned chooses to leave the Commonwealth and/or persists in violating the principles of the Harare Commonwealth Declaration even after two years.

    In circumstances of continuing serious breaches of the Commonwealth’s fundamental political values, CMAG may consider recommending to Heads of Government that the member country concerned be expelled from the Commonwealth.

  35. Billy Says:

    Right now I would much rather listen to Qarase and Mick than suffer more crap from this illegal regime. But the parties must consolidate their efforts and get on with the business of running a shadow govt or govt in local exile or whatever. They need to convene meetings in church halls etc, to mount pressure for elections by March 09. When regional and international friends see that we are taking the initiative then they will give their backing. Silence means consent so rather than just talk on their own, these political parties must gather the people. Or are we still in the bullshit emergency/public order hoodwink? Time to counter that and show real ppl opposition.

  36. Billy Says:

    The pig just unwisely declared his speech null and void through his reference to “no polls by March 09”. That’s the death knell for him and cohorts.

  37. newsfiji Says:

    Billy, your earlier suggestion for SDL/Qarase & Mick Beddoes etc to call on it’s supporters to sign petitions etc is an excellent idea. At least that will move us forward instead of waiting around for something to happen!

  38. Ablaze Says:

    Vakamaduwa taki keda, na Kai Viti this want to be Fiji’s Prime Minister, at the United Nation when he is a nothing but the coup leader of Fiji’s latest coup. Waste of time and money because his presence at the United Nation brought nothing but great shame to the people of Fiji.

    If he was there as an elected Prime Minister, he wouldn’t be trying to justify the coup and would have a much better chance of being granted the pleas he put forward to the United Nation for his people. Remember folks, it is nearly 2 years since the coup and he and his team have done bugger all, just wasting taxpayer’s money travelling the globe trying to justify the coup by saying that he had to coup to end the coup culture in Fiji! How dumb is that? Ca ga have to read out stuff he is not passionate about and written by some smart arse. He wouldn’t have a clue what he was reading about.

    “It is getting clearer by the day that the interim regime is getting bogged down in the political quagmire of its own creation from which it cannot escape says Kamal Iyer.”

    To all our Indian brothers and sister please do not support this Regime, they will not help you. You can achieve what you want through an elected Govt. You do not have to coup to solve your country’s problem and hope to live a good life. I can honestly say this because look at you mother country, they have never experienced neither a military regime nor an unsuccessful coup attempt.

    India has the 4th largest army in the world and unlike many 3rd world countries has never experienced a military coup because it is known as having a strong tradition of civilian control of the military.

    The Indian Armed Forces also have class, not like Greedy Pig’s piglets all arse. Because of the British influence the officers were trained to display the professional attributes of the British ideal of an “officer and gentleman” and are professional in the real meaning of the world with full respect for the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. Another thing, their struggle for Independence which eventually happened, not by having a coup but in a non-violent way. They have seen the ineffectiveness of military rule in Pakistan and Bangladesh as a “negative” and will not follow in their footsteps. Isn’t this just remarkable and something we should all be proud of. Fiji could have been exactly the same if it wasn’t for Rabuka, backed by Mara and other high profile politicans. ( Sa Tu Na Da ) Fiji, like India had political stability and democratic rule as British colonies until Rabuka ruined it for all of us. ( Sa Tu Na Da ) Now Bainipuaka wants to do the same telling us that the coup had to happen for the betterment of our country. ( Boi Da Da ) Ask yourselves; “But why does the Military have to assume power?”

    There has never been any tension between the Military and the civilian government in Fiji which may lead to a coup. Tension and problems only arise after the coups because the military have supported the coup perpetrators. “Silly little Piglets” Bau think of your reputation and your country and behave like an “officer and gentleman” before agreeing to support lunatics.

    Like India, there are a lot of people, especially out in the rural areas that are unware of what is happening politically, they just want to get on with their lives. Please think for them and do not support this Regime.

    For the time being while India’s Armed Forces continue to be a true believer in democracy and are content to stay in their barracks, India will remain a coup free sovereign country. What a huge win for “democracy” and the people of India.

    On the other hand for Fiji to end its coup culture, its Military must behave in a manner ideally of an “officer and gentleman” and vow never to support any dicktator who to the eyes of the world are nothing but egotistical bastards.

    PS wish I could speak Hindi.

  39. Barafen Says:

    After the return to democracy the army needs to be restructured into a civilian assistance force with only an elite highly trained segment of the army working for the UN or contracting overseas. The remainder of the army should be redirected into infrastructure works (roads, water, cyclone recovery etc) using the machinery parked up behind the camp on cunningham road. We have a resource of trained diciplined workers and major problem in basic infrastructure so using one to upgrade the other seems sensible. These soldiers could be retrained at goverment expense to be usefull to civillian companies and encouraged to move into the civillian area. The cost to the country would be no more than at present and the benefits to the country would be huge. With the numbers reducing as the projects are finished there would be a gradual reduction in cost with a gradual decrease in the size of our military. This would remove the danger of dropping a large number of trained warriors into a disgruntled unemployment.

  40. Mark Manning Says:

    Do some of Fiji’s problems with it’s Military date back to the tribal traditions , their Chiefly system and the warrior status amongst the many clans ? Are these societal establishments part of the macho mentality displayed by the Officers of the Military in general ? If so , how do you overcome them ?
    The introduction of more women into politics and positions of authority throughout the Fijian community may help dampen the macho image a little !
    Also , Fiji needs to catch up with the rest of the world and start thinking like 21ts. century people , not keep expecting things to improve because you all sit around a bowl of kava and agree . It’s an idea whose time is over perhaps ?

  41. Peace Pipe Says:

    Going through the resolution of CMAG I could not see any mention of acceptance of Voceke’s coup objectives nor any mention on the farter charter. It just shows nobody recognises or even acknowledges the farter charter any where or by anybobdy else except the stupid people in the ig and ncbbf.

    Now that he has openly declared no election in 2009 he has thrown down the gauntlet to us to challenge him to his statement. We had hoped that somehwere along the line he would change but this has not happened so it is for us to step up and do something instead of sitting around idly weathering this silly asses storm. Its time to act. Gather all the politcal parties and form an alliance to oppose this illegal regime. As I had mentioned earlier according to the constitution the deposed government is still legal and the ig is illegal. I think that after December we could declare the ig illegal in the context of Millbrook agreement and throw them out since they have not proven the basis of their claim for removing the elected govt.

  42. Ablaze Says:

    Yea Mark the Macho image needs to be looked at. People need to understand how important it is for our children and grandchildren to be right up there with the people of the 21st century. This will not happen if they keep couping and military govts waste time and money trying to justify the coups. The longer this Regime remains the longer and harder for our youth of today to catch up to the rest of the world in the future. To all those that support the Regime; “Time and money should be spent grooming our youth now for the future and not trying to justify the coup. eg pleas at the United Nations when it was there for the people of Fiji before the coup and disappeared because of the sanctions.

    The mentality of “what’s the use?” do something wrong today that causes a lot of suffering and tomorrow take a bag of grog or tabua even better say soro, soro, cobo, cobo and all is forgiven. Change the mentality, coups are not a frivolous state of affairs and should be taken seriously by everyone.

    Us Fijians need to learn the difference between respect, loyalty to our culture and consititution and not bastardize or abuse it.

    I’m starting to respect how hard the families of my Indian friends worked to educate their children to be the best they can be while at school and later in the workforce.

    Let us work together to give our youth of today the opportunities of tomorrow.

  43. Ravuravu Says:

    It has been announced by UN HQ in Jerusalem, that Fiji Army may be the best Peace keepers in the world, they are the most expensive to maintain.

    The damages they made to UN Veh. & facilities are huge and the unpaid personal Calls they didi not settle when they left Lebanon in 2002. total of $36,000.00 or more.

    RFMF needs thorough House Cleaning as well as Regimental Fund Audits.

  44. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Ravuravu – See macho image and wannabe. Military men should behave like an “officer and gentleman”

    Typical no money and soon as they are given anything they abuse it. Egotistcal balvulus.

  45. Ravuravu Says:

    Ablase, never forget that Andrew Hughes is now a top Officer in the UN HQ.

    That is why more Police contigents are leaving Fiji for Overseas mission.

    My once reputable RFMF has gone with the wind.

    This is what they done to themsleves.

    The Best Peace keepers who torture their own kinds

  46. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yeh and while Frank was harping on re: NCBBF this and NCBBF that the whole Assembly was saying “WTF is this fcukery when we’ve got more pressing issues like the global economy to discuss”.

    What a slag on the issue of climate change when he say’s its a “present and very real danger”…fuckwit YOU are a very real and present danger to this country.

    Someone take him out now pahliz!

  47. Mark Manning Says:

    Ablaze , well said and I’m so pleased that this and previous coups have not been successful in turning these silly coups into a race argument .
    I’m sure that there as many Indian families unhappy with this coup as there are Indigenous Fijians . But i still think , that landownership for all Fijian citizens , needs to be looked at in order for a lasting peace to prevail in Fiji . These are just my personal views . I don’t know any Indians from Fiji , so i suppose I can be a little more objective that Indigenous Fijians on that particular topic . On the other hand , given what we’ve done to the Aborigines in Australia , I can full well understand the fears of the Indigenous Fijians and may well even agree with their stand . But what I’m promoting , is a solution for all Fijians , by all Fijians . If this problem isn’t resolved , I suspect and even fear , that it will continue to be used as a Political football in the future . But only so those of greed and frightened at their loss of power , may be enhanced to suit their own agendas . I don’t believe for one moment , that the Commander , Chaudhry or any other people in this regime or previous ones , have had Fiji’s citizens welfare at heart , Indian or Indigenous Fijians .

  48. patience Says:

    Funny thing is, its not the UN SG or DPKO or even reps of countries where Fiji peacekeepers have served that is praising the RFMF – its only voreqe praising his docile bavulu one-day-rich troops. hahahaha!

    like that anyone else agreed with him at the UNGA or outside it…. its only voreqe talking to himself…. so whats new!

    well, the rfmf remain banned from new peacekeeping contracts. Too bad Ban Ki Moon didn’t implement Kofi Annan’s decision to cease existing rfmf contracts. Hopefully he does not cave to pressure from voreqe to allow new contracts.

    But Fiji’s problem is not just removing frank from the prime ministers office. Its all the other soldiers embedded across the civil service, statutory bodies and boards. Even the soldier fronting the dateline program on sunday had some kind of chinese plum in their throat with the faux british accent! How much farther will the military embed itself in our community to ensure voreqe holds on to power?

    Militarisation is now almost complete and the charter will complete the rest of the job when the RFMF try to reinvent the private bodies like the Methodist Church /NGOs/Political parties as identified in pillar ____ where the charter talks about moderating what it calls “religious fundmentalism” and “nationalist organisations”. Enough is enough!

    We don’t need the other 4,000 soldiers in our government and community, while they introduce cadet training in schools and increase recruitment into the rfmf. If the UN gives new contracts, the career path for these one-day-rich school dropouts is further extended. No thanks!

  49. patience Says:

    *Pillar one – principle 11 of the anti-coup principles on page 15 of the charter: “Reform institutions and rehabilitate individuals and groups which are most prone to being implicated in coups such as ethno‑nationalists and religious fundamentalists.” The number one source of such individuals is the RFMF which is the key player in all 4 coups Fiji has had!

  50. Billy Says:

    Agree with you there @Patience. And next to gun-toting thugs in military uninforms, are the lawyers that go to any length to justify the reasons for the coups, shitsa and aiarze fall into this category. How come they have not been debarred by Fiji law society as happened to Rakuita? Fundamentalists- do they mean Muslims? They are the only fundas…we know who go to such self-destructive scale (human bombs) to achieve their ends. And ethno-nationalists? What’s wrong with that? That is just a term used/loved by Indian academics who l to oveplay the victim by trying to portray themselves as second class citizens when compared to Fijians. Ni ra tamata veiqati na bokala qo, so they want all things Fijian!!! And in their country of adoption, they are bloody nobodies. And in their country of origin? Oilei, they would have been marghe kalas! Either dying of poverty, religious persecution or caste system, probably dalits back home. Ra mai viavia dua na ka tiko eke! Waraka me yavala mada na tuwawa se re moce no qo!

  51. Adi Kaila Says:

    No country is going to assist voreqe bhai the bipolar pig in achieving his dream of being minister for everything – his insignificance and unpredictability is classic despotism and no country worth its salt will contribute to this type of demonic behaviour that eventually leads to more killings.

    The West have learned their lesson in indulging the likes of mugabe and creating the dictator that he is today. The same could be said for musharaff, give them an inch they take a mile and we all know the repercussions that entails.

    If bipolar piggy had any sense he would dialogue with the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and hand Prime Minister Qarase back his leadership, but that’s rather too much to ask isn’t it – like raining chocolate drops, or $100 notes – I wish!!!

  52. Give n take Says:

    You do a crime ,you have to serve your time in prison thats no two way about it, You commit robbery, breakins, assault and shop lifting you are for sure to go in so all those involved in the coup, prepare yourselves to go to heaven.

  53. at least Says:

    Did the UN knows that military personnels are all school dropouts..Well it should expect the least as these people do not know anything make it worse their advisor ASS doest not know anything about Fiji’s legal system and its operation…

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