Methinks the bipolar ones desperate plea for his insignificant ig to be recognised by the UN will fall on deaf ears again. It’s the same old same old – broken record of lies.

Methinks also that if his URGENT plea for world leaders to include Fiji soldiers in new peacekeeping missions is vetoed AGAIN – he will fall on his own sword.

He’s over in New York trying to sell his mantra to the world, but doesn’t have any idea, not a clue, not one iota that the world is really and truly fed up with dictators – especially a near illiterate one like him with nought to contribute towards the well being of Fiji nor the world at large. He seems to have missed the fact that his heroes musharaff and mugabe are out of the picture and have been and will always be condemned in their own countries and every else, so get with it voreqe bhai.

I wonder if Ratu Epeli Nailatikau deliberately declined to go with the bipolar pig to the UN because of the acute embarrassment he would face there for being associated with the ig. He is well known and popular in the diplomatic circles and would be hardpressed to answer the vital questions put to him by his colleagues for why he accepted illegal ministerial positions. The embarrassment would continue with the inevitable jokes made about the ig, voreqe bhais inability to distinguish right from wrong or to give a credible answer in plain English to his hijacking of a legally elected democratic government, apart from the mantra – “Cleaning Up Corruption and Good Governance”.

They would then shift to the expatriate lawyers who have suddenly attained positions within this ig that they would never ever reach in their home countries. The likes of Gates for one and Jocelynne Scutt another – scut being so close to the part of the anatomy that excretes waste – all scuts nevertheless. Can you imagine the hoots of laughter and derision. Ratu Epeli was wise not to go to the UN.

So off went the piggy to market with his floozies in tow – all three of them with hides as thick as all hell – and brains to match – so full of themselves in their cheap suits. Oh the shame! Yet these idiots think they represent the Nation of Fiji. Man I’m just cringing at the thought – uuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

Let’s wait for their return and how they will recant everything and come up with some spin – “aaaaah no wun unnasans me man” well they better come up with a jolly good spin for the military – no peacekeeping jobs – no kana ra sotia – maybe then the worm will turn.

Do we have another TAVIOKA PATCH DASH coming up – get those video cameras and mobile phones ready to record it in colour.

26 Responses to “TO MARKET TO MARKET”

  1. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka SV – too right, Nailatikau is showing some wisdom in not accompanying Vore. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he heeds Cassandra’s excellent suggestion and bands together with – oh, whoever! – to usurp Vore in his absence.

    Fiji Islanders in the Big Apple – PLEASE PLEASE take some time to go to the UN and publicly protest Vore’s grandstanding, presenting himself as our representative at the UN. The world’s leaders are riding a high wave right now for condemning Bush’s hypocritical bailout of AIG. Vore does not deserve to be in their presence. I pray his pleas for mercenary money go unheeded. I pray he is usurped, or upended. I pray the President wakes up to himself and declares the regime to stage free and fair elections in March 09.

    God bless Fiji

  2. Tim Says:

    You’re correct SV in that the world is heartily sick of dictators that think they know better. But by recognising that, I hope they also don’t lose sight of some of the driving forces behind them. In Fiji’s case there are a few opportunists that have been winding up Frank’s dimwitted mechanisms. They include some ageing hippies who’ve been prepared to sacrifice their own principles for the sake of a steady supply of dak and other good fortune, their little protoges and stooges with ever increasing flabbiness, and a few others – bitter old queens who are basically shitting themselvs, and none of who should liken themselves to murdered heros simply on the basis of their sexual proclivity.
    And if that isn’t clear enough for them, a Gates or a Barr or a number of others comined will never comprise the spirit and fortitude of a Scott.
    Personally I feel sorry for that poor bitch that’s married to Frank, but then again, more fool her – she has more intelligence than he does.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    If I was Prime Minister , the 1st. thing I would do is disband the Military .

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Why don’t the UN realise that this idiotic dictaker only speaks for himself and his military cronies since all the political parties have distanced themselves from him and his goals except of course the NAP which is a “military” backed party. The FLP who was initially in support of Voceke are now singing a different tune. So my question is why can’t the UN see this. So instead of inviting Voceke the UN should have invited Qarase being the legit PM as he had not resigned his position to date. Is the UN becoming a lame and brainless body not to see this and condone coups and their perpetrators by inviting them to the UNGA? I therefore do not have much regard for UN and think they are hopelessly useless to our cause. The EU has more mettle when it comes to integrity.

  5. Billy Says:

    @PP,Yep not much ‘ope there at the UN what with some of the biggest villains in its security council etc. UN body itself is a contradictory in terms, with its slow moving bureaucratic policy of non-interference in sovereignty of a nation having seen some of the worst cases of genocide in the world (Rwanda, Iraq vs US war, etc) while the UN drags its feet on decisive decisions. Much better to rally round PIFs, Commonwealth, EU and AU (they have a lot to offer us in terms of their own experience with dictators- Uganda, Congo, Zimbabwe, etc etc or even Latin Americans with their experience of military dictators.

  6. Save the Sheep Says:

    Excellent comment Peace Pipe

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Oh dear!

    How do I sue bananasinpyjamas?

    He has just caused me to fall off my chair laughing and I have hit my head on my desk.

    I was watching Fiji TV 6 o’clock news and felt embarrassed for you Fijians with the fool mumbling nonsense.

    When he tried to appeal for support, well that just cracked me up.

    Wasn’t it great to see that the Un chamber was almost empty.
    bananas would have felt at home; almost like talking to one of his military charter meetings

  8. Billy Says:

    So much for the hype of going to the UN to promote their chattabull. Thought they could insult the intelligence of the UN’ers… they are so dumb, every mad utterance is causing diarrhoea or constipation. @eFT he should also be sued/surcharged for misusing taxpayers $$ for a dumbass trip for nothing!!. This is getting hilarous, the more they try to be self-important the more they expose their gross indecency. Sa ra dradraluka mai.

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    eft this pig will just raid the govt coffers if you sue him and won. My God to think that that this idiot is actually the finance minister too is sickening and a grave cause for concern and worry for the nation since he will have a free reign on our hard earned money to further enrich himself and his entourage.

    He actually looked very odd and very poorly presented at the UN. He seemed to have no neck like his head was just attached to his body. He looked like what someone mentioned like a potato. What a sight. Truely a poor performance by an idiot who is out of touch with reality.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    OK PP. I won’t sue him.

    I’ll save up my money to come to Fiji for a holiday to meet all of you freedom bloggers.

    I’ll spend my money on buying you good people a few drinks instead of paying a lawyer.

    I just can’t get over how empt the UN hall was; it still reminds me of a military charter meeting. You know, the panelists, the police and military and 3 people who came in for a free cup of tea,

  11. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    The same treatments meted Chavez and Castro whenever they took the floor; too bad no one warned Bainimarama but good for us. The Fijian population made up the few occupied seats. UN knows how to deal with these dictators. Maleka sara. Wonder if finally gets the picture now.

  12. Nostradamus Says:

    See and hear the tearful puppy dog speech.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Fiji seems to be going around in ever decreasing circles , and I fear the circles , as they continue to decrease in size , will mean it will inevitably disappear up it’s own bum !
    The Police in Fiji have a weird sense of Justice don’t they ?
    An escaped prisoner beaten to death by Police , the various murders allegedly at the hands of the Military in 2000 and since December 2006 are not important enough to investigate , but spend $15,000 on food instead of fuel and your arse is mine !
    Justice Pacific Island style perhaps!
    And how is Francis confirming @ the United Nations that there won’t be free and democratic elections in March 2009 , while @ the same time , begging that Fiji be included in future peace keeping deployments !
    It will be interesting to see the reaction of the Military once the honey pot dries up ! Will that be the catalyst we’ve all be waiting for to end this coup ?

  14. Jone Says:


  15. Jone Says:

    @MM the coup will end in 15 years or to be exact 13 years by this December 5th. When the honey pot dries up before the 15 year mark they will just find something else to chew on.

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    I still find it mind boggling as to how those in the Military can justify making $150,000,000 from peace keeping every five years , but @ every coup , lose the economy $2,500,000,000 every five years . That is a loss of $2,350,000,000 in five years or $470,000,000 every year since 1987 !
    Don’t they understand , if the Military is doing such a great job , why do they need the peace keeping at all ? They are now realising , that it is being used as a sweetener for them to continue to support each corrupt regime since 1987 , but the million dollar question is , will Soldiers and Sailors sworn to protect Fiji and it’s citizens , accept their mistakes and return Fiji to Democracy , for their own sakes , their fellow countrymen and their children and children’s children .
    Fiji has the potential to become the bread basket of the Pacific , as was Zimbabwe , not the basket case Zimbabwe now is !
    What say you loyal Military personnel , have you had enough of being deceived by your Commander and those who tell him what to do and say ?

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    we all know that child prostitution and trafficking in the sex trade in Fiji is increasing at an alarming rate and that the Policing of this , is less and less , if it ever existed in the 1st. place !
    As the honey pot dries up , keep an eye on your children male and female as taxi drivers , Police and Military are more than likely involved in this trade , and it’s the C.I.A. that’s saying that , not me . There will be and probably already is , an increase in drug running and in time , weapons trading as this is usually what the money raised from drugs, people smuggling , prostitution and child pornography etc. is inevitably used for .
    Instead of the pearl of the Pacific , Sadly , Fiji is becoming the cesspool of the pacific .
    cess·pool (sspl)
    1. A covered hole or pit for receiving drainage or sewage, as from a house.
    2. A filthy, disgusting, or morally corrupt place.

    What a difference 21 years of coups make !
    Thank you Colonel Rabuka , well done .

  18. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Mark M. but I hope it doesn’t get to that stage before all of Fiji realizes. It will be the saddest day on this planet for me.

    That is why I say blog on and lets ride it out, lets see where the Regime is going to take us and allow them to be their own downfall.

    The people of this country will have to find out for themselves that coups are never the answer to the country’s problems and solutions can only be done in a legal way.

    Lets us make this the last coup, even if it is going to take a long time and suffering to achieve.

  19. newsfiji Says:

    Ablaze i agree with you totally on your sentiments. Even though at times we just want someone to take a gun and shoot Bainimarama in the head – the best thing is for the whole of Fiji to really experience the effects of this particular coup! We’ve just got to learn the hard way – i feel this is definately the last coup provided that Bainimarama and everyone else who plotted, supported and accepted appointments be charged and jailed for Treason – Life Imprisonment!

    That will put the nail on the coffin – no more coups in FIJI! Hip Hip Hooray! That’s why i keep saying that we should forgive them BUT THEY must SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS.

  20. Ablaze Says:

    Newsfiji I to feel this is going to be the last coup and lets blog saying whatever we want to say to rid of our frustration, anger etc. Apart from learning a lot it is therapy for me as I wait patiently.

    I post what I said to Katlina in another posting of of mine.

    @Katalina when I said “talk” I meant just what we are doing now discussing stuff and coming to some understanding, exchanging ideas, admitting you are wrong, thanking others like yourself for the good ideas and knowledge posted etc. I didn’t mean talk about your plan to rid the Regime. It is a good one and it should be done but like everything else we have suggested so far nothing has been done thus the “Good Luck”

    If the Regime could behave like we do we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    I to have been frustrated, angry and at times felt useless especially when friends and relatives won’t even discuss the situation with me because they feel it is out of their control and no use talking. That is very seldom though so no worries. I’m more of the “Tabu Soro” type.

    For the time being as I blog to rid my frustrations, anger and talk, talk, talk I will take comfort in the fact that the Beast in his own making will eventually devour its kind and enjoy them making complete fools of themselves. eg UN saga.

    OK alls well now and as they say; U rite gud Man!

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    Ablaze , too late !

  22. Jone Says:

    Yes MM the Police and Military are gonna up the ante when the pot dries up. The military concern for themselves and their pocket books is all the reason we are here now that has been made abundantly clear.

  23. Adi Kaila Says:

    @ NewsFiji & Ablaze – I just want to hug you both, but because I can’t do that I send you Butterflies to keep you happy.

    The same for all you bloggers – don’t give up – keep up the momentum – when you see a Butterfly flutter by remember that as we are the descendants of those who fought for our sovereignty and the betterment of our Nation we must uphold the truth in our hearts and remember that we can also make a huge difference as we are being watched and kept safe.

    My Great Grandparents and Grandparents worked tirelessly for the Alliance Party and what it stood for – Democracy – everyone would be equal no matter what, always in the background not wanting any reward for their campaigning except the best for Fiji. They really believed that being isolated in their own country would be thing of the past. They grew up in the times when they were discriminated against for being FIJIAN in FIJI. They gave up their weekends to go out into the community to explain the Alliance Partys mandate & how it would benefit Fiji and generations to come.

    Can you imagine their disappointment when they realised that nothing much had been accomplished as far as equality in everything, nepotism and cronyism seemed to be worse and some were more equal than others. Nevermind they naively thought, give it time, Fiji is young as far as self government goes.

    But when Dr Bavadra was treated the way he was it was truly a rude awakening and they were disgusted. Although noone cared to admit it in public the reasons were discussed quite openly and they never trusted ‘you know who’ anymore. They could not beleive that Dr Bavadra could be treated with such disdain, and I must state here that it was not because of kinship with Adi Kuini. The sorrow they felt for Dr Bavadra was enormous and they felt cheated that this man was not given the opportunity to lead Fiji, this very clever man and his very clever wife they felt should have been left with their political party to carry on & if they made mistakes then it would show at the next election and then hpoefully the mistakes would be rectified by the party that wins.

    Alas – it was never to be. There’s Sitiveni Ligamamada sitting pretty in the house that was paid for from the government coffer.

    So ragone – let’s sit this out – we are better placed to condemn condemn and condemn the ig coupsters here on this site as it will wear them down. We aim for the emotions that the feeling of displacement can cause & we all know how vainglorious the military and the ig coupsters are, once they realise that everyone distrusts them and their motives and that we all know how insignificant and irrelevant they are to our lives it will break them down mentally.


  24. patience Says:

    voreqe, parmesh and samy are lobbying their little black hearts out at the UN corridors. Remember the Commonwealth CMAG is meeting on Fiji tomorrow. The IG realise the massive cala it was not to go to the PIF in Niue. Now they are trying to retrive their reputation. Samy and Parmesh want to prove to Commonwealth leaders that they had really good reasons not to go to Niue where by not attending they slapped 15 Pacific leaders in the face. So the early trip to NY was to try to show that voreqe is not bipolar/manic/crazy. The IG also need to amend the offence they caused the Commonwealth by leaking their decision to kick the Commonwealth special envoy to Fiji, Sir Paul Reeves. To prepare the ground, samy penned a letter to the PIF Chair, Niue PM before they left for NY. So lets wait and see if the UN and Commonwealth are as stupid as voreqe thinks they are.

  25. patience Says:

    hahaha ———– looks like the lobbying by slimy samy didn’t work!

    CMAG expresses concern on Fiji’s election delay
    Radio Fiji News
    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    The Action Group has expressed disappointment with Bainimarama’s statement to the UN, that he would not be able to meet the deadline.

    The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group on the Harare Declaration has expressed serious concern at the lack of progress towards elections by March 2009 as pledged to the region, the international community and the people of Fiji by the Interim Government.

    In it’s 13th meeting held in New York yesterday, the Action Group expressed disappointment with the statement of the Interim Prime Minister to the UN General Assembly, that he would not be able to meet this deadline.

    The Group strongly reaffirmed the importance of the March 2009 deadline for elections and urged the Interim Government to adhere to this deadline.

    CMAG underlined the centrality and importance of the Commonwealth’s fundamental values as set out in the Harare principles, particularly with regard to constitutional democracy.

    It noted in particular the Communique on Fiji issued by Pacific Islands Forum leaders on 21 August 2008, following their summit in Niue and expressed its full support for the statement.

    The Group noted the Interim Government’s decision to re-engage with the Pacific Islands Forum Joint Working Group and the Forum Ministerial Contact Group. In particular, CMAG welcomed the agreement of the Fiji Interim Government to a visit by the Forum Ministerial Contact Group before the end of 2008.

    They recognised that this visit could provide an important opportunity for constructive engagement aimed at progressing a return to democracy.

    They agreed that the Commonwealth Secretariat should work closely with the MCG in this regard.

    CMAG reaffirmed that the engagement of the Commonwealth in Fiji should continue to be based on encouraging a comprehensive political dialogue that is broad-based and involves all major stakeholders of Fiji.

    It affirmed that any changes that may come about through this dialogue must have due legitimacy and be implemented within the framework of Fiji’s existing Constitution.

  26. Billy Says:

    Looks like the doors and windows are closing in on these silly nincomps! Thought they could pull the wool over the the international community, forget they are dealing with much more experienced and intelligent ppl. So it’s back to square 1- elections by March 09 or nothing!!! Viavia vaqakoro on the Niue forum, yet they are back begging, to look good in their statement in the UN.. ha ha, the PIFs are having the last laugh. As for the Commonw/EU/UN they all take their cue from PIFs. So Fiji better start honoring our own before trying to entice India or China. Ha ha, laughter the best medicine!!!

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