Help us remove coup culture boci Vore urges UN

Bloggers, the boci Vore just doesn’t realise how stupid he looks in the International Community when uttering these foolish words. To claim his overthrowing the Qarase Government was to break the coup culture is simply nonsensical! We ask this boci, how can his coup, stop future coups? It can’t. but will only perpetuate more coups! Imagine World Leaders looking at the Fijian Delegation and seeing 2 Indians accompanying this boci, when he is uttering these words. We are not racist at SV, but perception speaks a thousand words. SV says the only way we can stop the coup culture in Fiji, with the UN’s assistance is to hold boci Vore accountable for treason together with all his cronies and supporters, including all those in the illegal junta, appointees, etc. What say you bloggers???


Fiji’s interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama this morning asked the international community to not focus only on the removal of government but to rally behind his regime move Fiji forward. In speaking at the 63rd United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, Bainimarama stressed on how Government plans to remove the ‘coup culture and to commit to democratic and just governance and the rule of law.He said that while the coups of 1987 and 2000 “were executed in the interests of a few, based on ethno-nationalism, racism, and greed”, his overthrow of the Qarase Government in 2006 “were not for any such extremist motivation”.
 “I wish to assure the international community that I am, personally, deeply committed to breaking the cycle of coups. Equally important, I am committed to breaking the cycle of bad and unjust governance which Fiji has suffered, since May, 1987. 
“…it is imperative that policies which promote racial supremacy, and which further the interests of self-seeking political, religious and traditional elites, are removed, once and for all.” Bainimarama said that he had anticipated the international community to support the noble goals in helping move Fiji forward, but “regrettably, so far, this has not happened”.      
“Travel sanctions continue, imposed particularly by Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA.  “These sanctions have had significant, adverse effects on our economy as well as on the functioning of our key institutions of State, those on which we rely, to promote good governance and accountability.”Pressure has been mounted, on regional and multilateral agencies, not to extend to Fiji the much needed financial, development, and technical assistance. “As a result, we have not been able to make as much progress as we should have.”Fijilive

13 Responses to “Help us remove coup culture boci Vore urges UN”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Well said, SV.

    I fell off my chair laughing when I read, “he had anticipated the international community to support the noble goals”.

    I wonder which idiot promised him that the world would support his coup d’etat? Was it chodopu$$ saying that the world still felt sorry for him and he would get all nations to support him?

    There is nothing ‘noble’ in anything that bananas says or does; the coup d’etat was conducted to stop bananas from going to prison for murder.

    I would imagine that the diplomats from other countries would be comparing bananas’ ranting with magabe’s silliness yesterday.

    I think bananas would win; you have a coup to stop coups. St Giles, be ready for a new patient.

  2. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    We will help him along in the very near future rid Fiji of the coup culture. When we are done with you .. never again will anyone plan or execute a coup in Fiji. Let us bring this regime to its knees.

  3. benhur Says:

    Please shoot this idiot for ambarrassing the citizen of Fiji to the international communities.The man doesn’t need St Giles we need to put this mother 6 feet under?

  4. Tim Says:

    I now know why Bainimarama sounds like such an idiot to most that witness his outbursts daily – it’s because he speaks with a forked tongue.
    Let’s not forget of course that he did not write his own speech, but another well versed in the art of deception, buzz words and bluster did. Not that long ago, many people thought Mugabe was a saviour – now its only those on the gravy train, and even Tabu Mbeke may now be regretting ever having encountered that nutter.
    Let’s hope that before any of Frank’s audience even consider taking him seriously, that look at his record – both since December and prior to it.

  5. Tim Says:

    * that look at his record = they look at his record

  6. Billy Says:

    Those who had the misfortune to listen to this raving lunatic must be wondering how come he is not already in a mental institution? Can he hear himself talk about good governance, anti corruption, merit, etc yet the very opposite of all he says! Laurai ga na levu ni ululala, kei na bavulu! This guy really gives Fiji the stink! Caka tale tiko vei cei gonei?

  7. Tim Says:

    @ Billy: He can hear himself alright!. Unfortunately he’s been captured by his own narcissism (if that’s how ya spell it). Most other dictators suffered from the same illness. Unfortunately there are people who’ve made predictions most of which have come to pass – whether its the Discombobulatedbubus, SV, even RFN, quite apart from those that have access to mainstream media on the one hand, and those that have had the misfortune to have served with Frank in earlier times.
    Is there anyone in Fiji left that finds it difficult to conclude that Frank has serious problems in the head department? If there are, that may just be the problem because there are a few others who’ve been aware of it, and have taken advantage of it.
    It’s a bit like some pathetic little pecking order. The Chodos, Shaistas, Gates and self-appointed intelligensia (whether they can cobble together a thesis under their own capabilities), taking advantage of a rather thick and entirely dysfunctional and abusive nutter, who in turn takes advantage of a complete dribbler whose actual lucidity noone is actually that sure of.
    Sorry to put it so bluntly but Pressie lost the plot a long time ago but needs the luxury of his position in which to nod off with at least a little dignity (because his whanau obviously don’t give a shit); below which we have an abusive and dysfunctional village idiot who buys his whanau’s love by means of treats and trinkets; driven by a few slightly smarter people who’s egos have all gotten the better of them. And then there are a number of others that have their own rather sleezy skeletons in the closet that do their best to try and legitimise it all.
    Trouble is, they’ve yet to realise they aren’t smarter than the average bloke who knows exactly what they’re about

  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hahahahaha – exactly on the mark Tim – a big dose of narcissism alright.

    He’s such a silly man – dick tater – as in potato shaped – now that’ll put you off potatoes for good – but the point is the potato has more value than the fool voreqe bhai.

    He hasn’t quite grasped the concept that dick taters are so yesterday. But that’s voreqe bhai for you – a complete loser – while the world moves on he is still in some vacuum – that’s the story of his life to put it bluntly – how he has managed to survive is a mystery – then nepotism, cronyism and the ability to be used by others to fulfill their & his evil agendas has got him this far. Chodo has made a real fool of him and is now trying to condemn the ig – no honour among thieves eh?

    The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions lamented its ineffectiveness under the interim Government during its 3rd Delegates Conference in Suva today and are putting the blame squarely on the ineffectal ig coupsters and their pin up boy chodo. Well we told them all this right from the beginning – so why has it taken so long for this realisation to sink in?

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    What about the initial reason for the coup? To clean up corruption. How can the UN keep listening to this crap from an idiot who don’t even understand what is saying and keeps changing his tune in regards to why he did the coup. Its more about what he is lying. Its really stupid to say that he carried out a coup to stop future coups. He in fact added on to the cycle and has not come up with a valid recipe to eradicate the coup culture. He is really insulting the elected leaders intelligence.

    I have had the misfortune of listening to the idiotic pig deliver his speech. Pretty pathetic to say the least. Most disappointing to hear him trying to sell the charter at the UNand very disappointing to hear him say that there won’t be election in 2009. While at the same time he says he would re-engage with PIF who have consistently held the pig to his promise of elections in 2009. We demand elections in 2009 and nothing less. The pig just need more time of power and pilfer more from the coffers. By the way there was a lot of empty seats in the auditorium when the pig made his speech.

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    so voreqe bhai wants to remove the coup culture – first step voreqe bhai is to remove yourself and your self serving ig coupsters – fancy standing up there in front of all those delegates from around the whole and saying that – WTF – he started the 2006 coup himself – with the help of those shadowy figures who have much influence within the military. Aaghe Piche voreqe bhai.

    Apparently Isireli Fa who was the head of the Fiji Law Society did not turn up at the FLS AGM today – can’t blame him really – what’s the point in showing up when rule of law has been misinterpreted and misrepresented by the ig coupsters and their legal eagle cronies in Fiji since 5.12.2006. Some of the well known lawyers didn’t show up either – good on you People – why legitimise a farce.

    Tim shyster was a no show as well – most probably off her face again from the ganga.

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    AK I saw the idiot pig deliver his speech at the UN last night and he really like a potato as you mentioned above about the dick tater. He really looked silly and like the shape of a potato. Did you see him?

  12. Jone Says:

    The UN helped in a big way to send the message that they want the removal of the the coup culture by abstaining. The chairs were his audience is the loudest and clearest message that He, the coup maker, is not welcomed.

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    @PP – I really can’t stand the sight of him and always have to avert my eyes, then he opens his mouth – oi lei – I start bending and twisting the sasa broom, then I remember what my niece once said when we were all watching him on TV in 2006.

    “Is he deaf?” we all asked her why she’d asked that question and she replied “My teacher told us that deaf people take a long time to speak and speak very slowly because they can’t hear us so we have to look at them when we are talking so they can read our lips and eyes – she showed us a video and they all talk like that man” pointing at piggy on TV.

    I hugged her and said he was only deaf to what we wanted in Fiji. I could’ve gone on but decided to stop, I didn’t want to go on about this irrelevant insignificant.

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