From Cassandra’s Desk

My dear readers, have you ever wondered how a pair of shameless old scoundrels might possibly become heroes in the eyes of practically every man, woman and child in our beautiful Fiji ?Of course, I realize none of you has ever wrestled with such a bizarre question, but that’s not going to stop me taking you through it anyway.

First, which old scoundrels ? Well permit me to introduce them, notorious as they are.

For some time now your humble correspondent has held a very low opinion of the two Epelis (Ganilau and Nailatikau) in Frank Bainimarama’s illegal and hopelessly inept “interim” government.

Their present roles have lost the public respect, notwithstanding the fact both are highly educated former commanders of the RFMF who also bound through their kurau relationship to the Mara clan.

Until January 2007 each had a record of outstanding military and public service.

Then each of the chose to mortgage his honour by becoming ministers in Frank’s phony and fraudulent “interim” administration.

That single, treasonous act made a sick joke of the values and ideals that each had previously publicly upheld and, we must presume, attempted to live by.

However, over the next few days, those two scoundrels have a golden opportunity to redeem themselves. Ganilau and Nailatikau could become national heroes.

How is it, I hear you ask. Well dear readers, let me explain.

With the dictator out of the country the two Epelis have a golden opportunity to save their nation, and, incidentally, save themselves in the process.

All they need to do is call on President Ratu Josefa Iloilo and make the case that nearly two years of non-governance by an llegal “interim” government has wrought huge damage to our nation;s economy, population and international prestige.

Who knows ? Our ailing and rarely seen president might be stirred into action if someone tells the truth for a change! Surely we must assume he has the best interests of the country at heart.

The idea is not as far-fetched as you might think. And, most importantly, its a plan that could be executed without violence.

Ratus Epeli Ganilau and Epeli Nailatikau are both former heads of the military and Ganilua is acting interim Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, so they are well-positioned to take the RFMF with them, espeically with Pita Driti currently in charge of the shop.

Whatever else you think about Ganilau, Nailatikau or Driti, somewhere in their hearts they must surely harbor a lingering sense of loyalty to the RFMF and therefore share a desire to see the restoration of that institution’s once proud reputation.

Well, they can make all that come true in their own lifetimes by acting for a chnage like the loyal and professional soldiers they once were.

All they need to do is dosown that raving madman, Frank ($184,000) Bainmarama, and re-pledge their loyalty to our wonderful nation and her beautiful people.

And then there’s Teleni. If the two Epeli’s fronted him with their proposal and simply asked him to do his part by instructing the police to maintain the peace, is it not beyond reason that the police commissioner might also seize upon this opportunity to be patriot and true son of Fiji (and avoid an otherwise inevitable lengthy spell in the clink)?

OK. Lets suppose for the moment that the two Epelis, Pita Driti and Esala Teleni actually have it in them to act like true men. What next ?

My suggestion would be that they propose to the President that the interim regime be instantly stood down and replaced with a multi-party ruling group led by a respected figure, whose main taksk would be to organise free and fair parliamentary elections no later than March 2009.

Several possible candidates for this vital interim leadership role came to mind and include the likes of highly principled individuals such as Commissioner of Prisons Iowane Naivalurua, former minister Kaliopate Tavola or former Vice President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.

But I hear you ask, what about the unprincipled feral pig, the dictator ?

Well, what’s the betting he would choose to return to Fiji once he knew he had been profoundly but peacefully usurped ?

Dont forget how he’s demonstrated to all of us that he’s a towering bully while he’s got the guns, but I’ll wager he’ll be reduced to a sniveling, craven coward once he knows they have been taken away.

So dear readers, that’s my rough blueprint for our immediate, peacful return to the path of prosperity.

Its a blueprint that I strongly commend to the two Epelis, Pita Driti, Esala Teleni et al.

And I once again remind them that they only have until this Tuesday to save our nation, and their own skins to boot.


18 Responses to “From Cassandra’s Desk”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks CASSANDRA. If only it was that easy.

    The first thing we should do is to get advice from the Former VP who was sacked because he doesn’t believe in breaking the law. While he was the VP he was the one advising the President.

    I found this and I think this is what we must do first before we begin on the next step. We must get to the root of the evil to stop it ever happening again.

    Find the coup-makers: ex-FLP man

    Veteran politician Krishna Datt says we need to find out who the real coup makers are and what motivates them before we can even attempt to stop coups in the future.

    Society he said, has a tendency to think in terms of an individual seeking ones own back from another with a sense of revenge.

    But he said, the way forward is not seeking revenge but in establishing the truth so that we can understand the present better and plan even a better future.

    “My interest is in understanding the real motives of those who are perpetrators of coups, knowing well that it only brings hardship to the people.

    “And unless we come to grips with the motivating factors, real understanding of the coups will allude us,” the former Labour stalwart said.

    Datt added we cannot just build a better Fiji with a massive planning document making recommendations and going through the charade of consultation “hurling big words at an unsuspecting people expecting their acquiescence”.

    “Any hired ‘tattoo’ can prepare a document for you, but if documents alone can take the country forward Plato could have established his Republic long time ago.”


  2. Corruption Fighter Says:

    I think Cassandra might be on to something, if only because the two Epelis
    have already demonstrated their knack of going whichever way the wind
    blows. And even they must be reeling from the horrible stink that is blowing
    off Bainimarama these days.

    A Pita Driti who is empowered by the support of two former commanders of
    the FMF is a far more likely possibility than a Pita Driti acting all on his own, as
    the blogsite RFN is suggesting is going to be be the case. 1 think Cassandra is
    right in suggesting that the two Epelis, Driti and Teleni would draw comfort and
    support from each other and also from the knowledge that their act of saving
    Fiji from further rule by a crazed dictator would stand very much in their
    favour when it comes to judgement time.

    Who knows, perhaps Frank’s jaunt to New York could end up being very much
    in the national interest!

  3. Billy Says:

    Nah, too far fetched Cass. I wouldn’t trust my life nor the life of the nation on known free-riders and the mentioned. Only someone untainted can take us back to the right path, not someone so deeply steeped with the blood of the innocent. Unless I am proven otherwise, I do not foresee the two Es or dri-ti or tele-ni having the gumption over the next two days to perform a miracle. As for IN, he is a disappointment, just a follower, who could have done better in Piggy’s stead, but blindly followed him around. Depend also on where the loyalty of the guys in green lie. I quite like the way of NFP- pile it on the sleepy Rumpels to rouse himself – we need to work on him let us just flood his office with letters and faxes of petitions demanding he do his job of restoring democracy in this land.

  4. Ablaze Says:

    After reading your post Billy the reward to the 2 Evelis, Driti and Teleni came to mind.

    I know they would all want to be financially secure living the life of luxury in Fiji and definitely not in jail where they should be.

    Ulukau will demand to be the next Vunivalu and the $50 Eveli will demand to replace the Tui Cakau.

    We will be back to square one.

  5. Adi Kaila Says:

    Good idea Cassandra, it’s a case of ‘if only’.

    If only they had the moral courage to execute this right now we may be on the right path. But why shouldn’t the SDL be allowed to continue, after all they did win the 2006 elections fair and square until their tenure was rudely interrupted.

    In all fairness, if such a thing was to occur the SDL should be reinstated. We have to stop putting people in government who were not legally elected.

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    I want to come to the defence of the prisons Commissioner , he’s the only decent officer amongst them and my guess is , he stayed where he is and went where he was told , simply to what he could when the time arrived . That time is very close , not to mention , he was unaware of his appointment from the very beginning , but has truly done wondrous things for the prisoners and the community at large . Unlike the others in this regime .
    It would be a difficult decision , leave and be impotent or stay and hope to have influence for the better .

  7. Adi Kaila Says:

    The two eps cannot lay claim to what is not theirs, ep n is Tugi Fisi, $50 ep maybe Tui Qeleni NOT Tui Cakau so they better get used to that idea.

    These people should be financially secure as they’ve all had a far more opportunities than most people in Fiji, Parents in High Powered positions in the government, access to better education, access to better jobs, complete pampering by their Vanuas – so if they aren’t then it’s noone elses fault but their own. The Nailatikaus and the $50 Ganilaus are probably more financially secure than most others in Fiji but If they feel they need more money and more power then that does make them poor, Poor in mind, spirit and the fiscal sense.

    Sometimes people just don’t appreciate what they have, maybe they should look into the culverts they drive past in their government issue cars and see the families living there in complete squalor struggling to get a decent meal.

    If they were to pull off this ousting of the bipolar pig they would certainly redeem themselves in the eyes of the people of this Nation Fiji but the damage has been done because the trust has gone.

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    No wonder the people of Fiji are doing without essentials like water, health services and education.

    Imagine how much it has cost for a couple of loonies to sit and listen to chodopu$$ and his FLP mates tell nasty stories about Air Pac.

    “”””””Public hearings for the review of Air Pacific’s operations, have closed.
    The Chairman of the Committee, Epeli Nalatikau, says there were five oral submissions.
    One held in Suva with the other four from the West.
    He adds, the submissions are now being analysed with a draft report expected to be completed soon.
    Epeli says at this stage, the use of a panel of experts is still being considered.””””

    I wonder if I could be considered to be on the panel.

    After all, I have flown on planes, I have eaten their plastic food and I have joined the mile high club.

    I think I have more experience than hairyarse and the other dickhead.

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I have just received a copy of bananasinpyjamas speech to the UN tomorrow.

    Please sit down with a stiff drink before you continue.

    “”” MR President, thank you for inviting me to address this assembly.

    As I mumbled last year, I illegally took over the government of Fiji.

    Since the, I am proud to tell you, that we have managed to kill some more of our people.

    We have seen an increase in the crime rate, a decline in our economic situation, and an increase in my bank balance.

    As you would agree, these are major achievements for a bunch of clueless morons.

    We have arranged for 3000 soldiers to sit on their arses whilst people struggle with natural disasters. Why didn’t they help? Why should they get their boots dirty?

    Now comrade slimy sami has written, sorry, the people thingo have written, a wonderful charter to get me out of the crock of s&*t that I’m in.

    We have had wonderful acceptance of the military charter.

    Why the other day, I spoke to 500 public servants who had shut their offices so that they could come and hear my words of wisdom. I thought that there were 3000 but SV tells me that it was only a few hundred bored fools. But these wonderful people accept the military charter. We shall reign forever. Why, of the 500 people forced to come to hear me mumble, 10 of them actually took a copy of the charter and 6 signed that they accepted it.

    This means that thee majority of Fijians love me and want me to rule forever.

    Thank you Mr President.


    Oh my God!

    The whole UN.

    What have I done?”””

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    levula na oral submissions, dou vei kubu ceke na ig coupsters – too many fanciful names for their mokusiga booze and full chow fests.

  11. Billy Says:

    Just more and more bulls*%t oral submissions, they should just front up and say that the public is not interested in their loud sounding nothings . POTE!

  12. Peace Pipe Says:

    While we hope and pray for deliverance from the clutches of this evil dictator and ponder on some likely means of salvation we should be realistic of the facts concerning these second string pillars of power which comprise the ex military commanders and current acting one.

    By themselves they do not command any massive support to be able to carry out any significant forays such as the ouster idea that was suggested above. After all they got more to lose than gain if they do oust the monster who has been the main boogeyman fronting and fending off ig opponents. The pig somehow has the devil’s charms to be able to sway ignorant or greedy people into following his whims.

    Alternatively there is a way these second stringers could indeed oust the pig and restore the country after which they could enter into a deal or plea bargain with the court whereby they become state witnesses and be granted immunity for testifying against the main culprit of this ill-fated coup. If however they are still blinded by greed and power then everything is hopeless and we can see clearly for ourselves that the coup was all about their own well being and shortsightedness and not about the bullshit they kept saying that it was for the people of Fiji. So our destiny will be left in our own hands for us to deal with after which these losers will all end up rotting in jail. Be rest assured that people power is stronger than military power and will overcome this oppression one day soon.

  13. woilei Says:

    @PeacePipe .. you are right … we are doomed as a nation because these people are blinded by the money and the power/ego trips they have grown accustomed to.

    The money has bought their loyalty to the pig. Take those 48 officers that have received that massive payout. The very act of accepting this payout should tell us something about their total lack of morality.

    All those other opportunists that have accepted positions for the glory of the Charter and the illegal institutions are also of the same ilk. These are people with no morals, ethics and devoid of honesty and integrity.

    When you get a situation where money is now God and people have turned their backs on our real God, we have a very serious problem.

    Now it s up to us to get off our arses and do something to tell the pigs that they are not wanted and that they should surrender their arms and commit to telling the truth to the people of Fiji for once and returning the power base to the people who have the right to choose how they wish to be governed.

    God save Fiji!

  14. Billy Says:

    @MM, there is no honour among thieves, remember? Credit the Prisons guy with some intelligence to see the difference, he is not worth defending, he is just in the same shit like everyone else in the IG. Why, he’s even taken up board chairmanship, and now doing a good job discriminating against category of prisoners, ppl like Piggy’s bro in law now enjoy better treatment compared to the common thug and criminal. That’s your yellow ribbon campaign for you.

  15. Adi Kaila Says:

    Hi Billy

    bipolar piggys tavale is worse than a common thug and criminal – HE’S A BLOODY MURDERER and getting preferential treatment while incarcerated.

    If it was normal times he’d be getting belted up quite frequently I’d say, so he’d have to be really nice to the other prisoners – otherwise BIG LEQA!

    All the fuss about making life easier for those imprisoned is only because bipolar piggys tavale is in there with them. I bet George Speight would just love to throttle the shit.

  16. Keep The Faith Says:

    Billy’s got my vote.

    Interesting concept Casandra but I for one am not holding my breathe for 2 wanker opportunists to save the day. It will simply be a case of “same shit, different package”.

    I also worry very much about the undercurrent rumblings as is constantly being expressed on RFN re: Driti as another supposed saviour of the day…again — same shit, different package and I don’t care if he’s re-found the Lord (something I believe he tries very hard to show these days).

    Anyone and everyone tied to this IIG need to be TOTALLY ushered out (to Nukulau if I had my way). That to my mind would be the start of eradicating the coup culture.

  17. Billy Says:

    @AK, a murderer gets special treat just cause he’s Pig’s tavale, boy! that sucks what with all the bullcrap abt the clean up. As for the Pig, I can’t think of any more words to describe the category of criminal he is and his ihangers-on. Nukulau is too good for them @KtF.


    @ Cassandra and SV: We always find Cassandra’s pieces very insightful (while
    Telini no doubt finds them indteful).

    However, we seriously doubt whether the four main players in Cassandra’s
    scenario could ever muster up the innate decency to even think about putting
    their country’s desperate need ahead of their own selfish interests.

    In that respect they are no better than their greedy, mentally stunted and
    decidedly adolescent role model, Frank Bainimarama.

    Our dictator Just never ceases to amaze us. As Navosavakadua points out in
    the article front-paged on our website, there’s a genius to Frank’s stupidity.

    By way of example, instead of listing his many, many failures (and failings), let’s
    count his actual “accomplishments” since he seized power in December 2005.

    Apart from successfully pulling the coup, which we know was a smokescreen
    for burying the Andrew Hughes-ied investigation into the CRW murders, we
    can only think of one other “accomplishment” and that too was all about
    serving Frank’s own interests.

    His only other “accomplishment” (in terms of achieving an objective) was
    successfully rorting the system to filch -^is $180,000-plus “back pay” bonanza.

    Over and above the human rights abuses, murders and corruption, we feel
    what so many citizens must feel every day – a real sense of pain as Fiji’s pride,
    prosperity and prestige are sluiced down the drain by this ego-driven freak.

    You’d like to think that the revolting and humiliating spectre of Frank trying to
    use his thoroughly discredited charter as an instrument to gain credibility at
    the UN General Assembly would be enough to trigger sufficient outrage and
    indignation among his RFMF cohorts for them to do something.

    But we’re very much afraid that the rot’s way too far set in for that.

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