Charter untouchable says Vesikula, but we at SV say you are dead wrong!!!

Top of the morning bloggers. Well Vesikula who used to have some shred of decency in the past has now shown himself as someone unworthy of any position of power. Remember he was in Rabuka’s Interim Government after the 1st 1987 coup and on 4 Corners that year, he told Reporter Gillespie, that he felt he was ‘called by God to come and lead Fiji?’ Well now we have this. What SV finds astounding, is that Vesikula and Tevi are now claiming that no Political Party will dare change the farter Charter after it is being accepted by the people! We ask Vesikula, how can the people accept the farter Charter, when they never had a say in it in the first place? Vesikula and Tevi, the supposedly ‘chosen few’ by Iloilo, who have no common touch or are people friendly are so out of sync with the rest of Fiji, that they simply will not acknowledge the people’s repudiation of the same all over Fiji. We now have the SDL, NFP & Methodist Church sending out its own forms to its members to fill in saying they reject the farter Charter! As for claims of corruptive practices as the cause of Fiji’s problem, Vesikula fails to inform his audience that the Qarase Government was removed on allegations of corruption during the ‘Clean Up Campaign’, however 18 months later, not a single SDL Minister has been charged with corruption and convicted! The illegal junta on the other hand has been carrying on with corruptive practices since the ‘selection of the 1st interim Cabinet’ in January 2007 and the most recent the mother of back-pays to Vore and 40 of his Senior Officers, which were authorised by Chodo ‘Robin Hood’. SV wishes to remind Vesikula & Tevi, that neither of you speak for any group of Fijians, so can you both just shut up. Each time you open your mouth with those verminous lies, it only makes you look more stupid than you already are because the great majority of Fijians never has and never will support the illegal farter Charter irrespective how long the consultations will be extended for, so we at SV say piss off and find a life!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Taken from / By: FBCL

National Council for Building a Better Fiji member Ratu Meli Vesikula says no political party will dare touch the peoples charter if it is being accepted by the people of this country.

Ratu Meli made the statement at the Tailevu North charter consultation yesterday. Ratu Meli stressed the charter will take away the work of corruption that has been circulating the country in the past.

His counterpart Loraine Tevi told the audience that 50% of the students that attend kindergarten do not make it to primary schools and 50% of whom that attend primary schools do not make it to secondary or tertiary institutions. Tevi says this was the effectiveness of poverty in the country. She says the country cannot continue on that path and it is the individual decision that counts in building a better Fiji.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation LTD

21 Responses to “Charter untouchable says Vesikula, but we at SV say you are dead wrong!!!”

  1. newsfiji Says:

    Who mada is this Ratu Meli Vesikula? Full of shit!

  2. iceman Says:

    He is one of the Insignificant boci leki the IG members

  3. Nostradamus Says:

    Wannabee chief heavily in debt and selling his grandmother to pay off the debt.
    Why listen to these Judas mercentary basturds?
    Send him back to the village for an education.

  4. Push Tailevu Says:

    Hey, I only know Ratu Timoci Vesikula, whose this fellow……this is corrupt..unlike Rt Timoci Vesikula who work tirelessly for his country during his term in parliament back in the 90’s

  5. ispy Says:

    Why do these dimwits in the NCBBF keep saying that the Charter is accepted by the people.

    Everywhere their Charter teams go, there is widespread opposition.

    In every single village they have been to so far (even Bainimarama’s own village), an average 95% of the villagers simply refuse to turn up at the Charter sessions. Of the 5% that do turn up, an average 95% of them turn up of pure curiosity, and then walk out when it comes time to sign.

    In the face of all this opposition, how can anyone NCBBF or otherwise conclude that this Charter has the people’s support?

    Its absolutely mind-boggling.

    Either they are pathological liars or they are deluded beyond hope or repair.

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    All ball greasers pandering the ig desperately for the $100 allowance which is why they are requesting for the extension to the consultation exercise. Meanwhile Lo teve talks about poverty whilst they score more than what the poor need for day to day living. What hypocrites we have in the ncbbf. I bet they can’t show by example on helping the poor by giving half their allowance to the poor.

    And this mug Vesikula dribbling nonsense saying no political party will touch the charter once accepted by the people. Sorry to have to remind this insignificant pile of poop that the political parties legitimately represent the very people he is talking about. Unlike them who do not have the peoples mandate to do what they are doing and saying.

    The more one listens to these charter farter hopeless team the more one tends to dislike the charter more. Bloody pathetic bunch of losers.

  7. LUVfiji Says:

    This is one who has this misconception about himself being God’s divine gift to the country. Go get a life!

    From Ucunivanua, Verata. He is of the chiefly stock of Ratu mai Verata – and I hear he just loves himself. Ex British Army – served away all his life and thought when he reappeared here he was to become Leader. Another opportunist pissing all over himself!

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    By the way any report on the numbers that turned up at the Tailevu North presentation? Be nice to have a daily report on the attendance. That is probaly how they achieve a high percetage by counting the forms against the attendees. We must expose the failure of this process that will cause the others not to attend these waste of time meetings.

  9. Tuks Says:

    Ratu meli Vesikula – the waanabe hero and Taukei Nationalist of Rabuka’s 1987 Coup. He was appointed Minister for Fijian Affairs and I recalled one of his speeches in Fijian thanking some Turaga ni Koros at one of the Seminars. Ratu Meli in Fijian told them..” Vinaka Vakalevu sara na vakacobaisausau baleti keda kei na noda Vanua. Qo na noda Vanua na i Taukei ka solia vcei keda na noda Kalou me da maroroya tiko ka me da vakaukauwa ena kena taqomaki. Keitou na veiliutaki qo , keitou sa bolea na mate me maroroi ga na veika talei ka nona i solisoli vei keda na noda Kalou”.
    Now the wannabe pretender has revealed his true color and made a complete turn around for his own sake and interest.
    Sa oti vakadua –you are finished Meli Vesikula!!!. You are unworthy to be a chief and be a custodian of our Fijian heritage and rights.. Go away and die slowly ..painfully it shall be…Go! away !

  10. Ablaze Says:

    This is what Tui had to say in another SV posting.

    It is extremely good and tell us loud and clear what is happening in Fiji and what we should be doing.

    For years we have had people like this Vesikula using their chiefly titles, their education, their knowledge and work experience, only to turn around and deny their own kind of their future.

    Tui Says:

    September 26, 2008 at 10:04 am
    Morning bloggers. Interesting comments from Tracker and Orisi.
    Someway somehow, we must turn all these negatives into many many more positives and hope for Fiji.
    I was a young man during the first coup of 87′. Fiji at that time was on the brink of becoming a force to reckon with economically. Fiji would have been where Singapore is today. That is history now.
    In time Tracker, we will know the real reason behind the coups. Remember the first “unofficial” coup was in 1977, following Mara’s “advice, to the then Governor General, Ratu George Cakobau, not to allow NFP to form the next government. Most of us are related to the “60 handpicked” soldiers who helped Rabuka in 87′. We have fathers, uncles and brothers who are in the military who were in the RFMF then and today.
    It is no secret to us that Ratu Mara personally requested Rabuka to execute the first “official”coup, having a taste of it in 77′. It is no secret to us about his involvement along with the Ganilau’s in the NBF 200 million scam. It is no secret to us about the many corrupt deals that the Alliance was deeply involved in, the same goes for the SVT, FLP and SDL.
    Democracy may not be the best system but it is all we have right now. Any other options like a military dictatorship has diasatorou consequnces. Just look at the state of our roads!
    People in fantasy land like Peni Moore and Jone Dakuvula know full well that they are only kidding themslves that an unpopular concept such as the charter will be the answer. Not when thinly veiled words give the military more powers in the next govenment to meddle with government policies amd matters.
    The Indian race may not be the best race to live with in Fiji but we must accept it is the only race to negotiate and dialogue with. The Chinese do not bargain, negotiate or reason with you. Ask a Chinese shopkeeper to give you 1 cent credit and see how far you go. Okay so Lady Jim is bringing in all these Chinese investors while at the same time you have the baby milk scandal following behind. I guess that is trying to tell us something about the value of human lives in China.
    During the investigations into the NBF 200 million scandal, my late uncle was recalled into the CID to be part of a team of officers of the ” NBF Commission”
    A few months before he died, I visited him with my father for a little grog session. He later revealed that when he was about to conclude his investigations, he was advised by the Prime Minister’s office to stop all investigative work. He did mention that some “great” chiefs were right in the thick of things. I idid ask him to name one, he named two as Ganilau and Mara. Besides Rabuka, George Kwong, Matatolu,Makarava, Vunibobo and just about the SVT cabinet, I wondered then just how long will Fijians continue to rob other Fijians of their destiny. How long will our leaders use their chiefly titles, their education, their knowledge and work experience, only to turn around and deny their one kind of their future.
    My people were robbed of their lands by other chiefs, other Fijians. We have been made as landless Fijians because of the greed and veiqati of chiefs and Fijians in leadership at the time.
    So I leave you with this humble thought for a beautiful weekend. Lets turn this around to our benefit. Let’s change our mindset and think positive for a change. Above all lets think good thoughts, and do good deeds.
    Bainimarama says no charter, no elections, what say you?
    Have a good one folks.

  11. Jone Says:

    What we should be doing is simply look in the mirror. Decide for our individual selves what is best to move the country forward and then do the hard work to get us there. Someone said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Every one of us taking a step in the right direction will get us to our destination ballot box. Beginning with the people of Viseisei. What can they do. Dare I suggest they take a visit to Nasese and traditionally call their chief to retire and return to the village as a way of moving the country forward. How about Fiji’s academics writing up more demands on the President to play a more leading role in moving us forward by doing some admonishing of his own towards Bainimarama and the military for which he is Commander in Chief.

  12. Jone Says:

    Loraine Tevi in her litany of school drop outs failed to attach accurate explanations for reasons that bring about those results. The economic hardships the country faces. Political instability that Loraine herself has helped brought about deprives people opportunities for growth. Those few listening to her in those rooms know. Does she?

  13. Na Dina Says:

    ‘Proclaimed intentions’

    @ Ablaze, I say Proclaimed intentions … usually bear little relationship to the outcome. Rulers who intend to hand power back to civilians and do so are rare … Rulers who say they so intend but in fact hang on to power are more common … Rulers who make no promises to hand back, or openly propose permanent military rule are very common … But rulers of this intention who actually succeed in carrying it out are most uncommon. Thus sayeth…the truth.. in study of dictators from Caesar to Mushraf.. time is ticking ..Amen.. Amen!

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Thanks Tui , you too .
    so does this suggest that the Chiefly system in Fiji should either be scrapped altogether or simply that it should be separate from politics and have no role in deciding the President and Vice President ?
    Would a change of that nature , have to be done through the parliament through an elected Government ?
    Doesn’t it indicate that the Police are not impartial and doing their job properly , without fear or favour . I said once before , that those sitting for elections , must give up their chiefly titles , this is the only way to help stop corrupt practices . But as Fiji is so small and everyone is related , it would be difficult to wipe out corruption altogether , under any system . The answer must come in the form of upholding the Law .
    You can’t uphold some Laws only , you can’t be selective and that is what seems to be happening in Fiji . Each coup has people who get away with something . There is no fear from the Law because it’s not being enforced at any level . Sitting around a bowl of Kava won’t work ever again . Things , times have changed and so must Fijians and their society . It’s time to come into the 20th century and open your eyes to those who would fool you with their titles , Chiefly and otherwise .
    For your Children’s sake and yes , Fiji should be an economic power in the Pacific , it’s not too late to turn that around .

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    That should read 21st. century !

  16. Ablaze Says:

    Hi Mark you’re back.

    Thanks Na Dina that is great I’m trying to work out which one is appropriate for the Regime.

    Enlighten me so I can compare – I think we will come up with the same conclusion.

  17. Billy Says:

    Ppl like Meli V not worth our attention. We should be looking at how to make sure they pay for all the illegal activities and swindling taxpayers’ hardearned funds for the f*&n Charter that no one needs or supports.

  18. Billy Says:

    He would be “untouchable” when he is right where he belongs.. maximum security Naboro!

  19. groggy Says:


    scrapping the chiefs is a bit too hard done. What i have been saying before and i will continue to say this is that a few chiefs you may want to count their names on your fingers has tainted our chiefly system.

    There are chiefs who have not gained anything what so ever during all this turmoil the only gain that they have got is getting their people to work together for the survival of their mataqalis, yavusas and tikinas and to some extent their yasanas.

    Look at those who have robbed the fijians this are intelligent Fijian peolpe who have abused their peoples trust. Its is a shame.

    Let me say this again its not the chiefs who have got us fijians this way. Bainimaramas father absued his position and also his brother so is rightfully saying that yes me(bainimarama) and a few fijians have taken advantage of the fijian people not the chiefs and not the people.

  20. Keep The Faith Says:

    Vesikula is in fact SPOT ON.

    The Charter is so untouchable that no one wants to touch it. That’s why the PR exercise has stopped in order for them to await the next strategy directive from John Samy.

  21. LUVfiji Says:

    Well, wasnt that SPOT ON, Keep The Faith !! You said it!

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