Qarase warns UN before interim PM speaks

Bloggers, sorry for not updating this blog, but we have been busy attending to other matters. Well Vore is attending the UN and Qarase has cautioned its Secretary General. One wonders whether any protests will be launched in the US, but all eyes are now on Driti and whether he has the moral fortitude to bring the Military into line with the rule of law and reinstate Qarase as the lawful PM. If Driti did this, it would put the illegal wannabe CJ Gates and his cronies to shame because Driti would be reinstating the lawful Government, making the Gates decision irrelevant. Imagine the mass resignations of the junta appointees. Come on Driti, repent and start cleansing your soul, by doing the right thing, which is to sack Vore and reinstate Qarase as PM now!!

Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has written to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemning Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama before he addresses the 63rd UN General Assembly tomorrow. Qarase confirms he stressed in his letter sent yesterday that Commodore Bainimarama hopes to win backing for the draft People’s Charter during discussions with some heads of State while in New York.“Many of our citizens are concerned that Commodore Bainimarama will make the General Assembly a forum for the kind of propaganda and disinformation that is the hallmark of his regime,” Qarase said. “Commodore Bainimarama is relying on the Charter to delay a return to parliamentary governance.

“He has consistently threatened that elections will not be held until the people of Fiji approve the Charter. “He has also declared that the military will enforce it if necessary, without specifying exactly how this will be done.” Qarase added that the People’s Charter, which the army says will be its exit strategy after overthrowing Qarase’s regime in December 2006, has several proposals that can only be approved through Parliament, in line with the Constitution.

He said Commodore Bainimarama has indicated that elections will not be held until a new voting system is in place. “The main purpose of this communication is to emphasis to the general assembly that the Fiji interim Government is an illegal regime, which seized power through force of arms.

“In the view of the SDL (Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua) party, it has no legal authority to establish a National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF), with a mission to virtually remake the country through the proposed Charter. “The sweeping changes that are envisaged are the job of a properly elected Parliament, not an interim administration which came to office through an act of treason.”
He said the inclusion of the Charter in Bainimarama’s address to the UN summit would be nothing more than a bid to gain some kind of validation and legitimacy for a proposal that is in breach of the principles and ideas of the UN.


25 Responses to “Qarase warns UN before interim PM speaks”

  1. Ablaze Says:

    Qarase is doing his best and let us hope the UN takes notice of what he has written in his letter.

    As for Driti how do we separate him from the others if he goes ahead with his intentions?

    It maybe the start to what we have been waiting for otherwise we have no choice but to let the process continue and let us see where it will take us. We will need reputable people to take us out of this mess.

    I am appalled at their callowness and misconceptions.

  2. Ablaze Says:

    Thanks Billy, I had to post your comments here. Like you I’m willing to forgive Driti.

    Billy Says:

    September 25, 2008 at 9:23 pm
    You know how in criminal cases one of the charged can be granted immunity in exchange of being state witness or something (I stand corrected)but I am pretty sure if D can atone for his part in the crimes of 5/12, he may escape the charge of treason. Problem is he would be seen as a traitor by his other buddies, but those he had tortured at the camp could still file lesser charges? I would be ready to forgive him if he would do the right thing NOW! Although I would expect the law to take its just course. ..

  3. Abeche Says:

    If the Officer Corp in the FMF are getting the proper intel assessment then they should know that the way Fiji is heading that blood is going to be spilt. There is a lot of frustration and resentment ouyt there. There is no way that the people of Fiji will accept what is being forced down their throat.
    Driti and the rest of the officer corp now have an opportunity to show some reall leadership, and remove Frank without bloodshed. NOW, and hand the government back to the President. Their non action will certainly lead to the confriontation that we are heading toward. Blood spilt then will in addition to those unnecessarily spilt will again be on their heads and their chidren and their children’s children.

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    If Driti and his Officer Corps gets rid of Vore, then I would support they be Pardoned. However, the Pardon is to be subject to very strict guidelines. For instance, they will all plead guilty to the offence of Treason, fully disclose all the culprits behind the December 2006 Coup, fully disclose those who murdered the members of the CRW, fully disclose who murdered Nimilote Verebasaga, fully disclose who killed Sakiusa Rabaka, fully disclose those who committed acts against humanity at QEB, when innocent citizens were mistreated at QEB, fully disclose those who authorised these acts of brutality, etc and resign from the Military! If not, then Driti can stay put because one day he will held accountable and Pardon will no longer be an option, but Nukulau.

    Probelm with Driti and his Officer Corps, they are cowards!!! What are joke!!!

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Good one Qarase. Its good that he is beginning to speak strongly against Voceke and taking all these actions of late. The UN must take heed of this letter and realise that the fake PM of Fiji is just a criminal con artist trying to hoodwink everyone.

    WTF has the UN got to do with the farter charter that the pig is wanting to present it there, man I just cannot comprehend. Will the UN approve the document and make it legit and legally binding on the people of Fiji who have rejected it. Does this idiot understand WTF he is doing, the nutcase. We must all show our opposition to the charter farter in every which strategic way we can.

    Not sure what can Driti do or if he would do it. The window of opportunity is very small and swift action is needed if it has to happen. I am not too optimistic but still hoping something does eventuate.

    Fiji’s real progress lies in the pig’s removal and not the farter charter period.

  6. Nostradamus Says:

    I note that Driti did an executive course in “Conflict Management” some years ago at the Harvard Business School. I wonder if he remembers any of it. I find it hard to see how a coup or beating up civilians fits into “conflict management” in any modern civilization, but perhaps he had a temporary lapse of judgement and will pull out of it.

    Whoever rescues Fiji from the clutches of military dictatorship will be a hero and after sentencing will get an extra mural sentence at a holiday resort and stand a good chance of winning in the ensuing election.

    Perhaps some Harvard strategy can be brought to bear on this.

  7. newsfiji Says:

    I doubt that Driti has the balls to overthrow/remove Voreqe whilst he’s out acting at the UN Assembly.

    It will take a real Leader and a true statesman to stand up to Voreqe!

    Why wait to till Voreqe is out of the country?

    Let’s see who has the balls to tell Voreqe in his face, cuff him in his office and arrest him!

    As for the pardon or amnesty to the coup perpetrators – over my dead body!

    They should pay for what they’ve done! Period! That will teach any young child now that if he joins the military he will not even think about overthrowing an elected government.

    Yala Kina.

  8. newsfiji Says:

    Oh and while we’re at it..this is the right time to invoke the Doctrine of Necessity! But not while Frank is out of the country – it should be done whilst he’s sitting prim and proper on the 4th floor.

    But the million dollar question is: Who in the military is willing to stand up for the rule of law?

  9. lele Says:

    Guys, why would Frank make Driti acting commander? If he didnt trust Driti he wouldnt put him in that position. If you think that Driti is going to do what you guys are saying then that is a very stupid analysis. I think that the greenies are very much aware of the possibility of blood being spilt and they would rather see ours being spilt rather than any of theirs. Lets be realistic and look at realistic ways of getting our democracy back. In the end only we suffer, the ordinary people, not Qarase, Frank, Pramod Rae, even Mick Beddoes is getting fatter by the day!

  10. Tracker Says:

    Bula SV, I thought fellow bloggers may be interested in the Draft Board of Inquiry Report on Verebasaga which was completed in Feb 2007 after the hearing in January. Has anyone been charged and convicted on this?
    There were 24 witnesses!!!

    Sa Dri Yani












    HQ LFC


    1. Enclosed pse find the BOI report into the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr Nimilote Verebasaga of Nakaulevu Village, Nakelo Tailevu.

    2. Kindly submitted.

    Feb 07

    A. Singh
    Feb 07

    Warrant Officer Class II
    Feb 07


    Ser Contents Pages

    1. Terms of References

    2. BOI Report

    3. Declaration of Documents

    4. Statements of Witnessess

    1st Witness: Sgt A.L. Rabitu

    2nd Witness: Cpl M.Vuniwawa

    3rd Witness: Lcpl K.Raibenubenu

    4th Witness: Pte A. Likusuasua

    5th Witness: Cpl A.Najoritani

    6th Witness: Pte A.Badui

    7th Witness: Sgt P.Vukinisiga

    8th Witness: Pte T.Nasomia

    9th Witness: Lt Col S.Vananalagi

    10th Witness: Maj S.Tupou

    11th Witness: Maj E.S.Mateilevuka

    12th Witness: Sgt K.Tuvou

    13th Witness: Maj J.Dakunimako

    14th Witness: Sgt L.Tubuna

    15th Witness: Sgt F.J.Faktaufon

    16th Witness: WOII L.Turaga

    17th Witness: WOII R.Raileqe

    18th Witness: Lcpl I.Raratabu

    19th Witness: Cpl J.Baleikorocau

    20th Witness: Pte S.Narayan

    21st Witness: Pte F.Sosefo

    22nd Witness: Cpl J.D.Waqalala

    23rd Witness: Sgt H.Seniloli

    24th Witness: Pte F.Roqa


    5. A. Gazette Notice


    HQ LFC

    A. HQ LFC 29/5 dated 09 Jan 07

    1. The Board of Inquiry was convened over the period 11th Jan – 21st Feb 2007.

    2. The BOI was conducted at HQ LFC,HQ LSU,HQ 8th Bn, and HQ 3FIR. This was necessary to interview all personnel involved and collate as much information as possible and to determine the causes of the death of the late Mr N. Verebasaga. The statements from the Police Officers’ who were present at the scene of the alleged murder is also attached.

    3. Delays encountered were:


    Terms of Reference References

    Q1. What are the full particulars and residential
    address of the deceased?

    Ans. Name: Nimilote Verebasaga.
    Age:43years, Height: 177cms
    Address: Nakaulevu Village, Nakelo, Tailevu.

    Q2. When and where did the death occur?

    Ans: Mr N.Verebasaga died at 0640hrs on
    Friday 05th January 2007 at Davuilevu Base. Witness 21

    Q3. What was the cause of death? Pse elaborate.
    (A medical opinionis to be sought)

    Ans: Hemorrhagic shock due to injuries due to Pathologist report
    Injuries to vital organs as a result of trauma. CWM Hospital

    Q4: How was the RFMF involved with the
    deceased prior to his death?

    Ans: The deceased was apprehended from his
    residence at Nakaulevu Village at approximately 0500hrs
    by Sgt Rabitu and his patrol party. He was brought into
    Davuilevu for further interrogation. The patrol party
    Insisted that the deceased tried to escape then he was
    made to perform leopard crawl.Whilst crawling
    He was kicked,trampled and was showered with hot
    Tea as left over from last night. The deceased was very
    Weak but was told to bathe himself. He was punched
    and kicked whilst trying to reach the tap. He collapsed
    before reaching the tap. He was unconscious and died
    prior to reaching the tap.

  11. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    yes lele MB is indeed getting fatter by the day and so is your precious, the one, the only, Voreqe Bainimarama. Ands your point is ?

  12. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Thanks Tracker for the info. Shameful to be a Fijian reading through that. Are we humans or animals.

  13. LUVfiji Says:

    I wonder if the UN can act on the strength of the Qarase letter and cancel the PIG from addressing the Assembly?

    Wouldnt it be nice!!

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    Pita Driti is Land Force Commander which makes him the most senior ranked officer after Frank. It, therefore, is logical that Driti acts Commander RFMF in his absence.

    I believe Driti also did a year at the Australian War College, Canberra prior to the 2006 takeover. So the man is very well trained. But will he act? Not to grab power but to get our sleeping President recall Parliament to take the country to Elections. Can he do it? Will he get the support he needs from those in the regime? Forget Evil Ganilua. He’s enjoying his acting role as illegal PM – uuuie.. dream come true!

    Just do it, Driti.. !

  15. Push Tailevu Says:

    well, i only hope that UN assemby will boycott Vore’s speech….but Dritiliki wont do anything stupid …..but it wont be long just wait and see guys…this people will start backstabbing each other….then the whole country will suffer….I wish it doesnt happen coz i want to finish my form 7 next year.

  16. bodyguard Says:

    the military with all their amor are cowards and arseholes….they scared shit of a piece of paper – the Constitution laws of fiji islands.

    Driti is a chicken and big cry baby….NewsFiji is right. why does the military have to do this while their leader is away in New York. face ur greatest fear ur bleary arseholes….take him on face to face in his office @Berkley Cresent or QEB……..the military brought this mess onto themselves they have to take it away. kill each other if u have to …. thats the curse u aresholes will have to live with for the rest of ur miserable live….u shit.

    otherwise, whoever is saying the military is divided and this officer is double minded is just BULLSHITING everyone.

    who the fuck gives a shit if military shot each other today….the masses in Fiji will cheer and celebrate. a big feast will cooked in open lovo and feed everyone….

    rawarawa ga me tarai na lewe ni vanua….solia mai na dakai dou na qai raica kina na rarawa TU QO VEI keimami NA LEWE NI VANUA.


  17. Jone Says:

    LQ did right by forewarning the UN general secretary. Hard to comprehend what beezwax is it of the United Nations’ This is an internal matter for the people of Fiji to resolve. The UN are made aware the Charter is unpopular on the ground. How are the UN to over ride the wishes of the majority in Fiji. My brain is reeling from this one.

  18. Jone Says:

    You can forgive Driti but after you lock him away in jail. How else are we to teach all future coup makers and co participants that the coup is not the way to go. Someone said you can not just keep doing the same things expecting different results No No No. It ends here. You do a coup. Be part of a coup government you will go to prison.

  19. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    We believe that ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase was correct in writing to
    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to warn him about the dictator’s fraudulent
    propagandizing on the people’s charter.

    The truth is that the vast majority of people in Fiji do not support the charter.

    But, using the crude hyperbole spewed out by charter author John Samy, the dictator continually lies about the charter to create the impression it’s got broad support.

    The simple truth is that the charter has negligible support and the majority of the
    population wants the dictator to disappear and take the charter with him.

    Dr Brij Lal’s views on the subject, as reported on the front page of today’s Fiji Sun, are spot-on.

    The question then, about the charter is: how long can the illegal government sustain the manifest falsehood that there is wide support for the charter?

  20. lele Says:

    @ Orisi, qai nomu precious yani o Frank. Read what I’ve written and you will get to the logic that we should be taking on the greenies a different way because they are the armed ones and not us. We should be smarter and out smart them with what we do. Any amount of swearing and wanting weapons will only be to their liking. They are Fijian men too. We should be fighting them with more brain power rather than bodyguards solution. Bodyguard, go easy brother.

  21. Billy Says:

    I do believe it would be the most cowardly act for any soldier worth his salt to shoot an unarmed civilian without provocation. That is the power that the people have over the soldiers, we do not need guns to get our democracy back, we just need to demonstrate in large numbers that we want a peaceful solution to our crisis, and that we want the military to return to the barracks, go for mental treatment or maximum security in Naboro!!! But we need leaders to lead!!

  22. Tui Says:

    Thank you Tracker for the list. God bless bloggers and have a good weekend. Vinaka SV and team.

  23. Billy Says:

    Vinaka Tracker, the report shows how demonised mind-controlled subjects in the fmf have really been f*%d up with sh*t in their brains they no longer saw a fellow human being and kaiViti at that. May the blood/soul of NV never rest until the villains are well accounted for.

  24. NadroKid Says:

    Vinaka Tracker!

    Its hard to believe that the actions described in that Inquiry report are by people from the disciplined forces. We can clearly see lawlessness at work. Not only are they lawless but cowards of the highest degree to be treating an unarmed lone civilian in the kind of way they did. Dou veivutuni! Na loma ni yaloka lailai sara dou dro wavoki tiko kina qori.

  25. bodyguard Says:

    u right lele…..

    levu ga na vaqa koro tu vei ira sotia….baleta ga na dakai. sega na dakai… na bui ni koli e lobi sara tikoga nona maliwa.

    vakacacana noda lotu na lala sotia macawa qo.

    ni vosoti yau na wekaqu ena blog qo.

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