Ratu Epeli heads new ministry

Bloggers, this must be a demotion for Eveli Ulukau, now being relegated to Minister for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs. Although it maybe seen as a strategic move by the illegal junta to try to win over the sympathy of the people by putting Ulukau there, SV believes it will not go down too well with Eveli Ulukau. Imagine with the Pacific Islands Forum Special Meeting in PNG in several weeks, Eveli Ulukau at least had some familiarity with the Stakeholders, now it will be interesting who will be approached by Vore to take up the job. Desperate Bole may be lined for the position, as he has experience in diplomacy or Santa Claus Vunibobo may be vying for the position, and what a time to lobby Vore whilst he is in New York. Both Eveli’s who have been influential over Vore must be seething when they are seeing others like Slippery Sami and Pramesh Chand having more control. Imagine Vore now acting Foreign Affairs Minister plus Finance Minister and interim Prime Minister. This bastard reminds me of Idi Amin Dada, who had so many titles next to his name. Lord Denning once wrote when made Ambassador at Large, that he hopes he never fits into the definition of a Diplomat as being ‘an honest person sent abroad to lie on behalf of his country.’ Vore does not come within this definition because he is ‘a deceitful man, who goes aboard and lies on behalf of the country he usurped.’ Have a nice weekend and let’s hope the weekend brings good news.



24 September 2008Update: 12:39PM


Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has now been appointed the new interim Minister for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs. Ratu Epeli earlier looked after the ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation and Civil Aviation.

Ratu Epeli takes over the responsibilities from interim Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, who held the portfolio of Minister for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs in addition to his other portfolios. 

Commodore Bainimarama, before leaving for New York yesterday, said Ratu Epeli will take up his new role from October 5, 2008 upon returning from the Heads of ACP States Meeting in Accra, Ghana.

“I have decided to give him this new responsibility given his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on the workings of the Civil Service, Governments role in rural development and the sources of assistances available to facilitate such development,” he said.  “He also has excellent public relations appeal, which is very much needed in outreaching and inter-facing with rural people.”

Commodore Bainimarama added the Ministry for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs, in addition to its existing role will have broader responsibilities to oversee the development of infrastructure, particularly in rural areas and outer islands.  The responsibilities the ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation and Civil Aviation will be handled by the interim PM in the meantime, until a new Minister is appointed


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  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    SuffeRRRRRRRR Eveli N!!

    And while you’re on your way out, please take your lackey Ross Ligairi with you (who we hear from the hallowed halls of bureaucracy) is very much joining forces with the Fugly Taina T of PSC & Peceli Vocea in getting many senior and well-known indigenous Fijian civil servants (out of gainful and meritorious employment) to join the Charter Public Relations Crew against their personal wishes…excuse me for a moment while I puke.

    I don’t know what its going to take to get this into their THICKNESSES, but they continuously fail to see that it doesn’t matter who the messengers are, their gospel message of the Charter will remain unpopular.

    Bottom-line for Ross, Taina and Peceli is that when the Charter doesn’t get the life that John Samy promised Frank it would, they are all gonna have to bounce the fcuk out of their jobs — get ready for unemployment you losers!

  2. FIRM Says:

    I apologise to SV for what I am going to say is not in line with this posting…I wander now if the Australian ambasy will be fooled by Chaudary to let him come to Aussie land or will they stick to their guns and not let anyone in who has slept with the devil and still sleeping with the devil consideribg that the Choro is starting to bark against or back stabbing the devil.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ FIRM: I think the Aust Govt is not isolated in relation what’s going down in this country.

    EVERYONE knows that Ma’chaud and Son still have their sticky paws firmly entrenched in much of what’s happening with IIG. He is after all the “King of Whopping Big Lies” and despite him barking from the outside, we all know he’s still very much a member of Frank’s inner circle.

    For Frank to take one of Ma’chaud’s disciples, i.e. John Samy, to the UNGA over his once-upon-a-time Interim Foreign Affairs Min Eveli N, lends itself to this.

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    A message that is loud and clear from this reassignment is that all is NOT well within the iIG. First, AdiK doesnt get the FTIB job she expected and now this. A bit much to stomach in a matter of days! Hmmm.. I just wonder if there will be some form of retaliation from the family’s pet boy up at Camp? Only time will tell..

    That said, I think the vore isnt happy with advice given him by Ratu EN and team at Foreign Affairs with regards to their “no-show” at the recent Pacific Forum Leaders’ Meeting. Its made him look more the fool. Fiji’s foreign relations is at its all time low right now.

    Are we nearing the beginning of the END? I think so..

    Blog on, ragone! Something’s cookin’ ..

  5. newsfiji Says:

    Wa..hu! Something really cooking!

  6. Excutioner Says:

    This swine is worse than Idi Amin Dada.I wonder when is Voreqe going to give himself a decorations and or medals?

  7. Tuks Says:

    “They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”…that, we can not run away from and Voreqe and his Rebel gangs within the Fiji military must know that they too can never run away from that truth…..

  8. Billy Says:

    Fully agree with that! Reap what we sow! When the falling and fall out comes it comes down heavy, like a big humpty dumpty fall.

  9. moz Says:

    @FIRM. Travel ban still on. See Fiji Live below. Its not as easy as one thinks!

    Chaudhry, ex-ministers remain banned

    Former interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry and two Labour Party colleagues remain banned from traveling to Australia despite exiting Cabinet mid last month.

    A spokesman for the Australia High Commission in Suva said in a statement:

    “For the time being, those who have served as interim Ministers in the interim Government remain affected by travel sanctions, on the grounds that their actions have identified them as high profile supporters of the coup.”

    When asked for details, the spokesman said “we don’t comment on individual cases”.

    Chaudhry, former interim Local Government Minister Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi and interim Tourism and Communications Minister Tom Ricketts resigned from the military-led interim Government on August 18.

  10. Ablaze Says:

    Oilei we are just going around in circles. Ca ga our big chief and big politican, big ga everything participated with Rabuka after the first coup.

    A good letter in today’s Fiji Times by Rosalind Pratt – It was not what Ratu Mara did but what he didn’t do that changed the course of Fiji’s history.

    Imagine if he was not with Rabuka – Rabuka and others would be in jail and we wouldn’t have to put up his children, the 2 Evelis especially the skirt chasing Ulukau.

    To me Ratu Mara is not the chief politican that I once respected and worshiped.

    He should have been there for his people and he wasn’t.

  11. Ablaze Says:

    We will have to educate the youth of today that no one is allowed to break the law.

    This first than “democracy”

    No respect should be given to anyone that breaks the law may it be chief, politican, military, President, Vice President, Chief Justice, Judges, I mean anyone.

    If you take this into account we should have people like Ratu Mara, Ratu Penia, anyone in the judiciary, all the politicans, etc etc etc that participated in any of the four coups.

    Not unless we make this known to our youths shall we be able to end the coup culture.

    If these bavulus get away with their charter farter who is to say that other lunatics will not do the same.

    We shall keep fighting and will not give up.

    Write letters to all the papers and keep hammering it in folks.

    Hey is it true that Koila Mara fancied Rabuka during the days when Rabuka had the power and was Fiji’s stud?

  12. soro Says:

    Well said @ Ablaze …. this is the kind of thing that persistent Bubu keeps harping on about … morals, ethics, integrity etc etc .. our young people DO need to ensure these values are enshrined in their upbringing so we never head back in this lawless direction .

    As for Rabuka – what a dithering old piece of shit. Mumbling along in the papers swinging opinions this way and that, just like his dick.

    He should just wither away and shut the F%KC up. What a wanker !

  13. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Vinaka Marama Nite – help me out here please. I cannot recall where I read (but it was some blogsite) that Ratu EN is being posted to Provincial Development so that he can be in a position to use his traditional chiefly links for:

    1.get himseld an Frank back into the good graces of the chiefly households they have alienated and insulted,

    2. use the Ministry as a platform for rewarding provinces, tikina, villages and people who fall in line,

    3 use the Ministry’s funded projects and budget as a slush fund to shore up New Alliance and IR activities and reward supporters.

  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    oooops…….looks like the Nailatikaus are out of favour with the ig…..hmmn

    Maybe it’s to divert our attention from some other skullduggery they’re going to spring on us all.

    I just came across an email that was sent to me on 1.11.06 that the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase was going to address the Nation at 7pm that night on FijiOne TV re the Army-Government impasse.

    The email also says that Prime Minister Qarase had already asked Government House to intervene the day before – which would’ve been 31.10.06 & it had been suggested to the President that he suspend, dismiss or force bipolar pig to resign but of course President Iloilo did not agree……..and there my fellow bloggers is the beginning of the debacle.

    BTW does anyone remember the removal of the ammunition from the wharf? Well it goes like this…….full chow was acting commander as piggy was overseas at the time so he met the Com Pol at the time Andrew Hughes on 31.10.06 about the shipment as Mr Hughes in his position of Com Pol was the only person qualified to issue the import licence. Because of the way the military was behaving the Commissioner decided it would be unwise to release the container of arms. After his meeting with full chow tele ni and an assurance from the army that the ammunition would NOT be used to overthrow the Government, full chow tele ni and the Commissioner decided to address the media at 9 o’clock on the morning of 1.11.06. Well true to nature….and before the meeting with the media the army went ahead and removed the container WITHOUT A LICENCE – so in effect they stole the container and worse still went back on their promise to the Commissioner. That’s the fmf for you…….just like their bipolar leader…….liars & thieves – the whole bang lot of them.

    Now they want to take the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase to court – what for? For trying to lead this Nation as he was elected to do? What abuse of office are they talking about pray tell………CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER..

    WTF is this bullshit about hosting……yes HOSTING the Pacific Islands Correctional Conference…………wonders never cease to amaze. An ILLEGAL GROUP OF WANNABE LEADERS AND BLATANT THIEVES AND MURDERERS hosting a conference such as this is CRUEL joke.

    I can just imagine what the delegates are saying amongst each other – ‘ok let’s go to Fiji and have a jolly good laugh at that ignorant bainimarama – we can say anything and he wouldn’t understand, full chow, beautiful girls, beautiful hotel, lot’s of booze – it’s a holiday – yeah let’s all meet up and have a good laugh at his expense.’ Meanwhile the taxpayer who is paying for all this extravagance goes without. Good one ig! Sa wawa tiko na kemudou moto!

  15. Adi Kaila Says:

    IB –

    Have you wondered why bipolar piggy wants to be ‘Kailoma’ yet gives himself the title Ratu that he is not entitled to as far as the Kiuva people and the rest of Fiji say, then insults the real Ratus and Noble Families – does this piece of shit actually know where he comes from, the traditional and historical facts about Fiji or the traditional protocols at all?

    Me thinks he read (if it’s at all remotely possible) too many Phantom and Spy 13 comics and it’s become his reality.

  16. Jean d'Ark Says:

    IB – It was RFN!

    But I guess these people haven’t learned from what the Nadoi villagers did to them (accepted their bridge bribe, and then didn’t even turn up to the Charter Consultation Team’s presentation in their village).

    This is the same thing that the Fijian voters did to the SVT in 1999 and the NAPF in 2006. On the other side of things, the Indo-Fijians also did it to the NFP in 1999. So this kind of thing is nothing new, and Fiji’s voters are clearly a lot more canny than the political novices in the Regime give them credit for.

    So it is highly unlikely that they will fall for this ploy!

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    AK, these bunch of hooligans they call themselves army are just plain criminals acting outside the law and breaking it in the process of their criminal actions such as stealing the ammos from the wharf.

    The trouble is due justice may not be delivered in due course for what these criminals did. Their intentions are becoming obvious as they use the charter for their cover to escape justice. That is why the pig is adamant that it will be charter first and charter only then others like forum and elections after. The charter is the pig’s escape plan so he is imposing it on th people to accept it or he will remaining power as ipm forever like he mentioned for 20 years. He is sounding desperate as he tries to force this charter down onto the people using govt resources and supporters to try and achieve his goal. He is even behaving fanatically about the charter that he is trying to sell it even outside of Fiji like the forum and UN.

    It is therefore most importantly imbumbent on us to ensure that the charter fails. We must do all we can to ensure this by using our communication skills and networks. I like what a blogger did when he/she wrote to Helen Clark to communicate our concerns.

  18. Ablaze Says:

    What next? These lunatics are now using Ulukau’s charm to win over the villagers!

    These is the type of thing that needs to stop in Fiji. Look folks this is the type of mentality that we are exposing today’s youth to. It has to stop.

    Just because Ulukau is a chief – good for nothing chief, Bainipuaka wants him to use his charm and chiefly status to win over the villagers.

    Sad because if the villagers support the charter it is because as a chief they have no say but to give him their support. These villagers will have no idea what the charter farter is all about and that it is illegal and this arse hole will make it sound for them. The villagers are vunerable and will support any bullshit thrown at them for a better life.

    Bloggers keep showing these people up, its our only way!

    It is so hard living in this place we are so divided it is not funny! I have lost friends, relatives have disowned me. It doesn’t matter because I believe strongly in what I’m fighting for. This is not because they support the Regime, its because of what is being said about people that we are suppose to respect. This sort of mentality is what I’m talking about.

    A lot of people are lamu ga to talk but are hurting badly inside.

  19. Billy Says:

    Hold on there but ppl in the rural areas know that EN is not a Fisi chief, he has roots in Tonga, so who is he to go hoodwinking the ppl of Fiji? Looks like every which way they turn, a snake is there to bite.. Can’t fool all the ppl all the time, can we?

  20. Ablaze Says:

    Hi Billy! I do hope you are right. I would like nothing more than to send him back to Tonga.

    He can take his wife and her brothers and sisters with to settle there for ever and ever!

  21. Ablaze Says:

    Will I be pushing my luck? If Ulukau and his wife settles in Tonga they will take with them all the Maras and because the $50 Eveli is married to the eldest Mara, he will leave the country to.

    Oh how I wish!

  22. newsfiji Says:

    hey did anyone watch Airarse on TV last night talking about his newly to be formed Legal Commission of some sort…i just wanted to throw something at the TV…

    The Law Society needs to be more active – maybe this’ll get Isireli Fa and his gang to act!

  23. LUVfiji Says:

    Wow.. Ablaze is ablaze!!

    @ newsfiji – earlier in the bulletin, Isireli Fa, Law Society President did say they would be fighting it in court. They are taking action against it, thats for sure! You must have missed that section of the news.. sobo qai newsfiji tale!!

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – isa kemuni au dau segai ni doudou ena tabana qori baleta ni segai ni yaco kina na noqu kila much less my baiqan. Ni sa na veikilai vinaka ga na veta vata.

    I have never been taught (because I suppose its none of my business) about the relationship between the Roko Tui Kiuva and the yanuyanu Turaga. Perhaps you or Naita Dauvavana would be so kind as to enlighten me and the SV tribe in general.

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    How can we put it through Dickhead iarse’s head that they should refrain from promulgating left right and center all sorts of laws whilst he is in an illegal status. He is so naive to think that he is the law and can enact anything he wants. Mr Fa said that they are illegal having been there through the barrel of the gun.

    Newsfiji I had the same feeling when this a/h came on tv. It just sent me into a rage of disgust and anger to see and hear all the crap he had to say.

    Hope Fa pursues this and drag this piece of shit to court and test this infant lawyer in a real live case. He’ll probably cry for his mama…..

  26. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ Ablaze

    On the late Turaga, I will grant your grievances as a matter of entitlement and Not to take anything away from your complaints, the Statesman was the best in his time. But beyond that is my fear that perhaps the mass subconscious’ need to NOT hold those ALIVE to a higher degree of accountability maybe subsequently achieved to our detriment.

    Front and center of our trouble and solution rests in the hands of Ratu Josefa Iloiolo.

    On a related thread FT online today “Fiji’s Leadership Problem by Tui Rakuita” I found disappointing; nowhere was there a paragraph addressing our lame duck President upon whose shoulder Fiji’s troubles rightly rests. If this chief is too much of a high chief in his noble right to NOT “work for the people” and resolve this impasse then this is the chief who does not deserve any respect.

    Tui among others should ask the question -Where is Ratu Josefa Iloilo’s leadership. Harping on the four leaders who left for the life beyond maybe an exercise in futility unless it involves a road map from which RJI can take the country forward.

  27. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    PP and newsfiji I spat on this screen at that face

    @Ablaze, that was one of my “low moments” … many of those since 5/12

  28. Push Tailevu Says:

    isa , sad day for me…..i hope IG and crew wont be backstabbing each other in later times……..we starting to see now, Chodo and others….hahaha

  29. Billy Says:

    SV can we change the topic pls? Surely there must be something new online?

  30. Ablaze Says:

    Yes the President of Fiji should be accountable but we know he is only there in name only. He does not contribute and while the Roko Tui Bau was VP he did all the thinking for Nappy Pressie.

    The only reason he’s there is because of his stupid wife’s hunger for status and money. He is useless and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Why I keep mentioning Ratu Mara is because we trusted Ratu Mara and he went and joined the Council of ministers after the Rabuka Coup. This helped stupid Rabuka and most definitely allowed the coup culture to thrive. Remember the only reason why Rabuka got away with it is because Ratu Mara was highly respected in Fiji and overseas. Today these Bavulus think they to can get away with it.

    Mara was everything in Fiji and overseas and if he didn’t back Rabuka we would not be in the position we are in today. We must teach our youth never to trust anyone but the law.

    I know I was one of those people that agreed with the Rabuka coup even when I knew that it was an act of treason. Why? Because as soon as I realized Mara thought it was OK and joined the Council of ministers I thought Rabuka had done the right thing as we cannot allow the Indians to take over our country. They can live here peacefully with us but not take over our land. We do not want to end up like the Aborigines, Maoris and American Indians.

    I was wrong so very wrong.

    Please we do not want to make the stupid mistake I made. Chiefs or anyone for that matter should only get our respect if they could at least respect the law.

    Yau sa oca so will keep trying to hammer this point across to today’s youth for Fiji future.

  31. Billy Says:

    Thank you for all that @Ablaze, your views are certainly the light that is needed to shine on the paths of today’s youths. We are in this sad situation cause 21 years ago our chiefs decided to turn their back on the LAW and think of their own survival. We must not allow the same to happen to our young people 21 years from today. That’s why, reject the Charter for all it stands for and hold accountable all those who are responsible for reducing us to this sorry state – President, FMF, Judiciary, Police etc.

  32. Ablaze Says:

    Billy you are welcome to come up with something that will rid of this Regime and prevent another coup from happening!

    These lunatics have broken the law and for a secure future in Fiji they have introduced the charter farter. They are not stupid even if we like to think they are. They will be trying to achieve what Rabuka achieved. Look where is Rabuka today? No! No! not in jail but retiring comfortably, writing comments in the F/T in Fiji where the stupid coup culture exists.

    The only thing we can do is keep shameing these people. Justice Tuivaga sits pretty today enjoying retirement. Even Qarase, Fatiaki etc all participated in some way or other so all to blame.

  33. newsfiji Says:

    Luvfiji: ha..ha…yep i did hear Fa mention that they would take this to court because it is illegal to promulgate changes to the Legal Practitioners Act other than by Parliament…however, i feel they’ve (Fiji Law Society) have been too slack in standing up for the “rule of law”. Maybe this will really shake them up huh…as for Aiarsehole Khaiyum..wailei..i had the same reaction as Peace Pipe..just wanted to throw something at the TV! Chiu..blerry inexperienced Kulina! Eu!

    Raw Fiji News: is posting some interesting developments on Driti being encouraged to remove Voreqe whilst he’s out at the UN!

    I guess only time will tell!

  34. LUVfiji Says:

    Great comments, ladies!

    For those of us here, there is mutual feeling about what we’ve been made to go through with the current political situation we’re in. I’ve just come across this line and would like to share it with you all:

    “Let go of the past and embrace the present for the future” !

    Bless yr day..

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    newsfiji – thanks. That was interesting piece at RFN, eh? But we have to ask, can he do it?

    Oilei.. me tagane madaga!

    Indeed.. WTF, JUST DO IT, honey !!

  36. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Well Ablaze history has proven useful for some of us. Cumbersome tagging nonsensical from Fiji’s past given the enormity of the task at hand. That is not to say that Rabuka should continue harping from that high moral ground of his in our dailies as if his is the last word on everything good and decent in Fiji besides the fact that it is downright hypocritical. Eradicating Rabuka from the limelight is more useful to Fiji than targeting the 4 great leaders who now deserve our respects to Rest In Peace.

    Fiji is indeed at a crossroads and it is incumbent upon decent ordinary folks such as yourself to direct our young generations into the new and improved coup less Fiji. Good luck.

    May God Bless Fiji.

  37. benhur Says:

    Voreqe appears to be consolidating power by removing the Foreign Ministry post from Eveli Naulukau and creating a new position for the later.Whats the matter Voceke,couldn’t fool the ordinary Fijian people with your bullshit Charter?Feel kinda stupid when no one showed up in all your pre-arranged ChARTER meetings? or those that showed up felt asleep feeling bored from your craps or stood up and left half way,through your boring and unintelligible speechs? Feeling like an outcaste,lowcaste,lowdown,nocaste,an outsider,a disliked,unrespected,non-respected and an a asshole? sorry joe, its your stupidity thats really makes you smell like s.h.i.t. So you think that Eveli could do a better job then 2 dollar Joe? or his Brother to the Fijian people? Wait a minute, is Eveli been demoted for using too much of the IG limited funds with his Foreign trips? Well, what were we thinking, you’re the star of this coup, he’s taking up the spot that should be rightfully yours? Well’ know what Voreqe, if i was you i’d also fire the IG Attorney General and add that title also, to my posts. Sure Voreqe, you can make up tags and pin them all onto your military jacket ,so people can see it and know who the asshole is?

  38. Groggymaster Says:

    SV – Vore is beginning to acquire a longish title – not too dis-similar to Dada Idi Amin.
    Interim :-
    Prime minister;
    Finance minister
    Foreign minister.
    Lets add another one – “Interim Minister for entry by the back door” at the UN – & fellow bloogers it doesn’t imply Vore is a homo.

  39. Ablaze Says:

    Isa Katalina B I wish we could get rid of Rabuka from the limelight he still seems to be enjoying without having to bring up our most influential chief and politican. Read in letters to the F/T a leader of courage and fortitude, father of the building of the nation, a believer in a multiracial society and a staunch champion of democracy and the constitutional process. Wow this is exactly the sort of leader we want but unfortunately he broke the law just like everyone else that took part in any of the coups.

    Speight is not mentioned often because he is in jail. I think it is good for the people to be reminded of certain things that happened in past to get to the root of the evil. If not reminded they otherwise can also become too complacent.

    I wish we had a choice, if we did I would be the first to bury the past, jail this lot and coups would be history.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, the IG is here to stay until they can guarantee a secure and safe future in Fiji just like Rabuka and those
    that helped him achieve his gaols during his time.

    I mention Ratu Mara, because his children have followed his footsteps and it is not the way to go for our youth. Secondly because he had more influence home and overseas compared to the other chiefs. I’m sure if Ratu Mara had refused to take part in the first coup, Ratu Edward, Ratu George and Ratu Penaia would not have agreed to take part as well.

    Gai vela ko Rabuka, the man would be in jail and we wouldn’t have to read written by Rabuka in the F/T.

    Someone correct me on this but when Bavadra asked the Queen to intervene he was refused any kind of acknowledgement because of her trust in the high profile statesman

  40. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Isn’t it great that the real PM, MR Q, has written to the UN Secretary General outlining the real situation in Fiji thus preempting the lies that will be mumbled by bananasinpyjamas.

    Let’s hope that Mr Q’s letter is read to the General Assembly before bananas get up to speak. You can imagine the laughter as bananas stumbles from one silly idea to another.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the US press asked bananas a few questions about the economy. They could play the answers on the comedy shows and get great ratings.

  41. Tracker Says:

    @Ablaze, interesting comments.

    I have not been a strong supporter of Ratu Mara but have kept my respect at a distance. I think it was wrong of him to join Rabuka’s govt but I wanted to share with you what Mara explains in his book about the 1987 coup and Rabuka’s allegations that he (Mara) knew about the coup and in fact gave Rabuka his blessing.

    Ratu Mara explains in his book that after he joined the Interim Cabinet, he tried to meet with the Queen’s Private Secretary but was given the cold shoulder. He felt bad because he wasn’t able to explain properly to QE II why he joined Rabuka and the issues that Fiji was facing at that time.

    Also, Rabuka explains in his book that in his Sunday golf meeting with Ratu Mara at the Pacific Harbour Golf Course, he asked the question (which I paraphrase) how do we change the status quo (FLP/NFP Coalition Govt) and Ratu Mara replied, “well to change the govt, you have to throw away the constitution”. Rabuka states that he took that as Ratu Mara’s blessing for him to execute the coup. There were two other friends of Ratu Mara there, the Falo Tyre owner (Samoan) and someone else. Mara & Falo deny that he (Mara) advised Rabuka of the coup!

    Also in his book, Mara states that when he heard about the coup whilst at the Parliamentary Union meeting in the Coral Coast, he almost fainted and had to brace himself. Fellow parliamentary colleagues from around the world who were attending the meeting saw him ‘visibly shaken’ and enquired after his welfare. Was Rt Mara pretending then not to know? He also states that he was looking forward to being a strong and effective opposition to Bavadra’s govt and was confident that through their inexperience.

    Rabuka on the other hand, in his first book No Other Way, states quiet clearly that no one knew about the coup until an hour before he was going to execute it. Not even his wife. He says that Captain X, the person that he entrusted with training his men (60 handpicked soldiers) had his own suspicions and even got a copy of the photo of the parliamentary chamber as one of the imaginary targets that they were going to target. However, in his second book Rabuka of Fiji, he then comes out with the allegation of Mara’s knowledge.

    Of the two version of events, I’m inclined to believe Rt Mara’s version that the words that he uttered were in a matter of fact kind of way and not saying to Rabuka that he should overthrow the govt.

    In any case, the decision of Mara to join was a painful one for him. Mind you, the vast majority of people in Fiji including all the politicians didn’t even know what a coup was, let alone know how the word was pronounced. It was one of the most confusing times for everyone including the politicians and in Mara’s case, given his vast experience in government, he knew that all things being equal, he was the most qualified to lead Fiji out of the disaster that was the inevitable consequence of the coup. In his final report to Ratu Penaia when he was leaving the government in 1992, he wrote the famous analogy about the ‘burning house’ and said that as someone who had been instrumental in building Fiji to what it was, he just couldn’t stand by and just let the country go to ruins (which I believe would have certainly happened).

    He also stated that he felt hurt that all his friends in the international community which he had been close to abandoned him in his hour of need, except Lee Kwan Yew who gave him valuable advice on how to move the country forward.

    The irony of all this was that Mara’s stepping in helped in the quick economic recovery of Fiji but opened us up to the vicious coup cycle, which has now caused us much suffering.

    Was Mara genuine in his multi-racial stand? He also expressed his hurt that despite all he did for the Indians to be integrated, they kept on attacking him and never accepted his work to make Fiji a truly multi-racial society. I think what really happened was that the Indian leadership really underestimated the strength of Mara’s character and mana to hold the Fijians together when he was Prime Minister. Both the FLP and NFP ridiculed Ratu Mara and were very insulting of him during the campaign in 1987 and also earlier with the NFP in 1982.

    Sa Dri Yani

  42. Ablaze Says:

    All very well Tracker but he didn’t have to use that “feeble excuse” and join Rabuka’s council of ministers after the coup.

    That I’m afraid was his downfall. He should have allowed the law to deal with it. We may have lost lives then but it would have saved the nation a lot of suffering.

    If he was ridiculed by the FLP and NFP then, its worse now and sad because he isn’t here to defend himself.

    The youth of today need to know all this.

    By the way I have read all the books and more. Then again its good to talk and I appreciate your comments.

  43. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    It may not be surprising at all that the general populace is more inclined to believe the late Rt Mara’s version when lined against Rabuka’s. Rabuka also wants to be counted amongst Fiji’s great leaders but sadly history will judge him otherwise. His utterances caught the eye when referencing Qarase as “Ratu Mara’s bright eyed hope for the future” or something to that effect. That was the beginning point of scrutiny for me for prior to that his stories were just fairly good reading materials. I wondered what parts of his interaction with Ratu Mara jolted negative his negative memories. Immediately after the coup he uttered “Qarase is finished, he is history, and so on. Also notice how Qarase refuses to engage Rabuka in any meaningful exchange. It is just the latter who invites himself to our dailies since he can not do without being noticed. That was what drove the first coup. Rabuka wanting to inject himself into leadership role without the proper civilian education and training. @Ablaze, concur with most but it could also be argued that the same could be said about Ratu Josefa Iloilo in that the guy does not have to use that feeble excuse that his wife wants him to stay in power. ‘sides the job is his not his wife’s? Fiji citizens ought to hold the man accountable now and ask the tough questions about his handicap in leadership qualities. We were all here when these began and Ratu Iloilo should have lent Bainimarama packing. That he failed to execute then was the beginning of the end for all of us. We are here now and still looking to the dead to somehow rescue us ..from what. Ourselves?

  44. Tui Says:

    Morning bloggers. Interesting comments from Tracker and Orisi.
    Someway somehow, we must turn all these negatives into many many more positives and hope for Fiji.
    I was a young man during the first coup of 87′. Fiji at that time was on the brink of becoming a force to reckon with economically. Fiji would have been where Singapore is today. That is history now.
    In time Tracker, we will know the real reason behind the coups. Remember the first “unofficial” coup was in 1977, following Mara’s “advice, to the then Governor General, Ratu George Cakobau, not to allow NFP to form the next government. Most of us are related to the “60 handpicked” soldiers who helped Rabuka in 87′. We have fathers, uncles and brothers who are in the military who were in the RFMF then and today.
    It is no secret to us that Ratu Mara personally requested Rabuka to execute the first “official”coup, having a taste of it in 77′. It is no secret to us about his involvement along with the Ganilau’s in the NBF 200 million scam. It is no secret to us about the many corrupt deals that the Alliance was deeply involved in, the same goes for the SVT, FLP and SDL.
    Democracy may not be the best system but it is all we have right now. Any other options like a military dictatorship has diasatorou consequnces. Just look at the state of our roads!
    People in fantasy land like Peni Moore and Jone Dakuvula know full well that they are only kidding themslves that an unpopular concept such as the charter will be the answer. Not when thinly veiled words give the military more powers in the next govenment to meddle with government policies amd matters.
    The Indian race may not be the best race to live with in Fiji but we must accept it is the only race to negotiate and dialogue with. The Chinese do not bargain, negotiate or reason with you. Ask a Chinese shopkeeper to give you 1 cent credit and see how far you go. Okay so Lady Jim is bringing in all these Chinese investors while at the same time you have the baby milk scandal following behind. I guess that is trying to tell us something about the value of human lives in China.
    During the investigations into the NBF 200 million scandal, my late uncle was recalled into the CID to be part of a team of officers of the ” NBF Commission”
    A few months before he died, I visited him with my father for a little grog session. He later revealed that when he was about to conclude his investigations, he was advised by the Prime Minister’s office to stop all investigative work. He did mention that some “great” chiefs were right in the thick of things. I idid ask him to name one, he named two as Ganilau and Mara. Besides Rabuka, George Kwong, Matatolu,Makarava, Vunibobo and just about the SVT cabinet, I wondered then just how long will Fijians continue to rob other Fijians of their destiny. How long will our leaders use their chiefly titles, their education, their knowledge and work experience, only to turn around and deny their one kind of their future.
    My people were robbed of their lands by other chiefs, other Fijians. We have been made as landless Fijians because of the greed and veiqati of chiefs and Fijians in leadership at the time.
    So I leave you with this humble thought for a beautiful weekend. Lets turn this around to our benefit. Let’s change our mindset and think positive for a change. Above all lets think good thoughts, and do good deeds.
    Bainimarama says no charter, no elections, what say you?
    Have a good one folks.

  45. Ablaze Says:

    Orisi that is my point in a nutshell. Very simple, uncomplicated and trouble free.

    No one and I mean no one should revert to any “feeble excuse” at anytime. They should allow the law to deal with it.

    Iloilo like Ratu Joni should not be there but because he is should be doing his job as the President and execute his authorities and say to the Regime enough is enough.

    Because once the “feeble excuse” is used to succumb to the compromises of politics after a coup all integrity and ethics are lost.

    The now retired Judge Sir Timoci Tuivaga used a “feeble excuse” after the Rabuka coup and believed his role was pivotal in helping the country return to normalcy because according to him the country was on the verge of chaos and anarchy so he acted on the premise that regard for the public welfare was the highest law.

    Where do we stop?

    The Constitution is the supreme law of the nation and it should be the Constitution and the Constitution alone that should determine how it could be changed. Anything done outside the Constitution is illegal and should not be accepted.

    My country is in a mess and all I want now is for someone like Ratu Mara, Ratu Penaia, Ratu George, Ratu Edward, Retired Sir Timoci Tuivaga or anyone that can use the same excuse they used to succumb to the compromises of politics, reverse it on the assumption that when the country is on the verge of chaos and anarchy which it is at the moment the concern for the welfare of the people of my country is the highest law.

    Please don’t get me wrong I detest Rabuka, reading written by Rabuka in the F/T is enough for me and all I’m saying is no “feeble excuse” should be used.

    Using any “feeble excuse” is the beginning of end of the “Constitution” supreme law of the land and its people.

  46. Ablaze Says:

    Oilei Vinaka Vakalevu Tui! Thank you! Thank you!

    Yes Please lets turn it around to our benefit. Lets change our mindset and think positive if not for ourselves, for the future of our youth.

  47. Jone Says:

    Well, Tui you almost got me convinced.

    Were you there when Ratu Mara advised the then Governor General Ratu George Cakobau to not allow the FLP to form a government? You see, it is that kind of bright eyed wild assumptions that lends your otherwise strong argument in the ditch. You weren’t the only young man alive at the time. The Fiji I lived in saw a Federation Party bickering amongst themselves about who was to hold which portfolios so much so that Fiji was rendered government-less for a period of unreasonable time frame that the Governor General, Ratu George Cakobau intervened in hs capacity as Head of State under the Constitution — And recalled the Alliance Party to form a government. It is arrogant to suggest that you were privy to discussions between the two men. What you know is the same we all know.

    And what do those events of 20+ years ago have to do with Ratu Iloio’s inability to lead today. He is our leader now. He is failing us now. He is weak and without backbone. Or for that matter those of us living and breathing now are failing to remedy the situation we face now. Forget about those who are dead. Concentrating on them is a cop out. Those who are dead are a comfortable boxing bag so to speak for those of us who do not know how to do the tough work that will save us. We look over our shoulders and point our fingers at those who were here before us as a convenient excuse because we are afraid to do the hard work that will get us out of the mess we are in. If any of those leaders were alive, believe you me we will not be in this long drawn out coup. We have our individual selves to blame. We can not unearth those who are dead to fix this. Stop looking at them and stop pointing fingers at them. Just look in the mirror and there starring right back at you is one huge potential to take some courageous action to save Fiji.

  48. Jone Says:

    correction : not to allow the NFP

  49. Adi Kaila Says:

    Wonderful Tui

    I had always hoped that Fiji would one day become a strategic place for business in the South Pacific, like countries such as Singapore and Mauritius.

    Of course with the useless coups that we’ve had right up to the Speight coup in 2000 I knew it would not happen. BUT……when Mr Qarase came onto the scene I felt that Fiji was heading in the right direction. I really felt that this man could change the way we Fijians think of ourselves and alter our work ethics considerably…….after all many more of us were better educated and could follow the lead of this man who studied and worked hard to attain the position he strived for and was able to remain humble.

    I felt that those who had studied and worked to get their foot in the door on their own merit and without nepotism finally had a chance to show their mettle. I truly felt that anyone could achieve their dream and contribute to the well being of our Nation with Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase as our leader. There are so many young people out there ripe for the leadership positions in the Government and the Private Sector who have the fresh ideas and the education and experience to show how it can be done……BUT they have been let down by a self serving ig that has almost ruined the Nation and think they can gain riches by hijacking Fiji AGAIN with another useless coup.

    This latest coup will be the last as we all know it only benefits the perpetrators. This time the educated masses have the upper hand and we will never ever allow it to ever occur again because we aren’t about to let another Fijian rob us of our destiny.

    Away with this Kaiviti makawa mindset. If there are people out there who want to live and work like drudges – well I say let them – the rest of us must move on and use the intellect of the education and common sense that we have been blessed with to stop the coup culture once and for all, and let Fiji rise up to be an excellent example of Good Govenance and Brotherhood in the South Pacific, if not the world.

    We have the courage and the fortitude to do it. Let’s go ragone – first step is to ensure the elections are held next year and elect the candidate who rids our Nation of the military that is nothing but a burden for Fiji and has become the lowest part of the backbone.

  50. Jone Says:

    hear hear !

  51. Tui Says:


    You remind me of a character who used to visit this site by the name of Bubhau. Did not not wether he was coming or going! At least he is gone for now.
    Of course I was not privy to the discussion. Read my above comments, slowly. I did say some of us had relatives in the RFMF, CID, Alliance Government, the Special Branch and so on. Some of us know those who took part in 1987 because they were our brothers, fathers and so on. Some of us know those behind the 2000 coup. Over time their secrets have been revealed to us before departing this world, or in some cases after a few rounds of Fiji Bitter. Anyway I was trying to tell you that Fiji is too small for any conspiracy to remain a mystery like the Kennedy assignation.
    It was clear as daylight that the late Cakobau acted on Mara’s advice. It was clear as daylight that Rabuka acted on Mara’s advice. There are just too many people involved like the late Veitata and the Taukei Movement. The TM were used by the SVT again in the 2000 coup!
    Wether I’m blaming dead or dying people is irrelevant. What I’m saying is bad decesions by past leaders afffect us in the future.
    Of course we can questions those decisions by our elders and chiefs who have gone before us. We try to learn from history so we do not repeat the same mistakes. The vore clearly has not learnt from the past! Your explanation that the NFP was still squabbling in 77′ was the same spin by vore and his team about the corruption within the SDL as justification for the coup!
    Tamana, there is corruption in all governments. There is corruption in the churches. There is corruption in the private sector. It’s a part of being human! We are all potential thieves and murders! It is when we stand up to point that finger that we start to play havoc with our own lives!
    I say these things about greedy chiefs and leaders because if has been my life experience. I have seen chiefs who accept tarditional gifts of tabuas and drink the sevusevu from their kinfolk, have church services to show their love of one another, in the end turn around and give their lands away as if they never existed. I have relatves and friends in Rabi Island, Laucala, Suvavou,Mago and Lovoni to name a few who are landless because greedy chifs gave their lands away to foreginers. Indians had nothng to do with it. So of course, I will dig that history out and I will question the integrity of these chiefs!
    In the meantime I shall remain as an insignificant blogger chipping away at the defensive walls of the dicktaker and his IG thugs. Little by little, day by day.

  52. Ablaze Says:

    Marvellous Tui same same I will say and do whatever and remain as an insignificant blogger chipping away at the defensive walls of the dicktator and all his IG thugs. Little by little, day by day.

    It is my prerogative and you can’t take it away from me!

    All for Tui hands up! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

    Wow this is amazingly unbelievable the masses have shown their support for this unknown blogger.


    Anyone, may it be chiefs, politicians, judges, lawyers etc who strays beyond their duties cannot escape public scrutiny and criticisms of their extra activities.

  53. Tui Says:

    Ablaze, iko baci vakamakama tiko!
    Anyway ragones, keep on blogging. Good thoughts, good deeds!

  54. Keep The Faith Says:

    Mmmhmmm as predicted. Ross is going, going, going…from FT Online this pm

    Former diplomat joins Foreign Affairs
    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Update: 5:05PM Former diplomat Ratu Isoa Gavidi is now the new permanent secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Public Service Commission chairman Rishi Ram said Ratu Isoa is most likely to start work from tomorrow.

    “PSC has approved his appointment and he is most likely to start tomorrow,” he said.

    His predecessor, Ross Ligairi will be taking on the role of roving ambassador to the Pacific Island countries.

    Mr Ram said Ratu Finau Mara was to move to Washington but this was not done for some reason and the post became empty.

  55. Billy Says:

    Sobosobo, what can we say? PPl go out the same way they came in…on whom the axe falls? One down, more to go! But why they bringing back bygones like Vunibobo and Gavidi? Are these ppl so desperate for $$$?

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