Every which way but loose, eh Pig?

It seems that wherever they turn or whatever they do these bunch of thieves in the NCCBF and the illegal Government are cornered from all sides and are on their last lag.

Just read below how the SDL have welcomed their extension of the Charter consultation.

Pssst Pig, if you reading this blog, I think you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place mate! Its check mate Frank!!

SDL welcomes new Charter deadline

The extension of the deadline for public consultation on the draft People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress has given more time for its critics to campaign.

“This is a good thing and we are happy because we too can reach out to the people with our message,” said Peceli Kinivuwai, the national director of the former ruling Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua.He said the party has had only three weeks to campaign against the proposed Charter.

The party has so far reached villages in the provinces of Naitasiri, Namosi, Rewa, Tailevu and Cakaudrove.

“We are progressing very well but we haven’t got any statistics at the moment, but should be available soon,” Kinivuwai said.

Like SDL, the Methodist Church and National Federation Party are also advising their members against supporting the Charter, an initiative of the interim regime to take Fiji forward.

Meanwhile, the National Council for Building a Better Fiji moved the Charter deadline to mid-December, optimistic that it will get the majority backing of Fiji’s people if given more time.

NCBBF member Reverand Akuila Yabaki said teams will be appointed and trained, books will be delivered to households and people will be encouraged to read and understand the draft Charter.



43 Responses to “Every which way but loose, eh Pig?”

  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Absolutely SV. Add to that is the latest on Fiji Times on the “support for charter in Lomaiviti” reading and believing that story until I got to the end “Jiko Luveni says”
    Yar right!

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    The more people who actually read this ridiculous attempt for a document, the more people will reject it.

    It lacks credibility and fundamental logic.

    The more people who read it the better I say. I read it and I reject it even more strongly now….

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ KB,

    Jioko Luveni is getting paid by the taxpayers to push the farter Charter in Lomaiviti, whilst pretending to be doing her Ministerial duties, never mind the fact she is an illegal appointee….

  4. Striker Says:

    Pillar 10 of the charter promotes private sector involvement and outsourcing. Part of this is dressing visit to homes by some nurses. The pathetic result, if patients are lucky, they are visited twice a month after which they are told to do their own dressing. Herbal medicine including ginger juice and the juice of the eggplant is being used by some of these home visit nurses to cure wounds after surgery. If you are reading this Jiko Luveni, realise this is happening under your very nose. We don’t need the charter and dreams of a better tomorrow to fool us; we need better medical service and care now!

  5. Billy Says:

    Sorry for diversion, but as the saying goes, lesu tale na koli ki na nona lua.”

    Bainimarama lobbies for forum support
    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    INTERIM Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has written to the Pacific Islands Forum chair and Niue Premier Toke Talagi lobbying proposals on the way forward.

    The permanent secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Parmesh Chand, said they were still waiting on a response from Mr Talagi after writing last week.

    Meanwhile Fiji has agreed to attend a special Pacific Forum leaders meeting later this year scheduled for Papua New Guinea.

    Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Fiji was open to the Forum and the only reason they pulled out of the meeting in Niue was because they were not granted visas by New Zealand to attend bilateral meetings in Auckland.

  6. Billy Says:

    Every which but loooooooose indeed!

  7. Billy Says:

    ooops ” which way”

  8. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    The illegal junta is only making noises about attending the Pacific Forum in PNG because Vore’s non appearance in Niue was met with unanimous condemnation from the whole Forum, including the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

    So they have to say what they are saying now, to make it sound nice that they will be attending, to buy some support, but the Forum is not naive and will continue to demand they meet their undertaking, such as holding General Election in early 2009, if it wants any credibility.

    As for that smart arse no experience illegal AG, NZ PM Helen Clark had made it very clear that she herself had directed her Government, that Fiji delegates be allowed into NZ for the bilateral talks, so what is on about.

    They continue to spin their web of deceit, but in the end folks that have trapped themselves because they have fallen for their deceit, as they are no longer rationale or objective.

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    OMG the pig is wasting our valuable taxpayers money on useless activities. Extension of the charter farter awareness and another excursion to the UN. I am now of the firm belief that the UN is a body with no respect of law and ethics to allow criminals to attend its meetings.

  10. kainasau Says:

    Another waste of money exercise – the extension of the f**en charter I mean. Who do they think they are fooling? There are people, citizens of this country who are living in poverty; barely managing to put food on the table, send their children to school, etc. and yet they find it fit to extend the rejected f**en charter. Weren’t they supposed to be the experts at ‘reading between the lines’ or do they only do it when it suits them? What’ll happen at the end of the extension when the result is still the same? It’s about time they start thinking with their bloody mona’s and not their bloody sona’s. And now the pig is going to attend another UN meeting. To do what I don’t know, all I know is he’s having a good time ‘f’ing’ around the globe at our expenses!

  11. at least Says:

    I wonder what these rugby boys learn from the field…please read the following..

    Fiji 7s rep in Baleiloa death probe
    September 22, 2008
    The future of a senior member of the Fiji 7s squad could be in jeopardy if he is implicated in investigations into the death of prisoner Josefa Baleiloa.

    Fijilive has been reliably informed that the 7s rep is among those under investigation.

    Baleiloa died last week at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva.

    The player is also believed to be eyed by new coach Waisale Serevi for the forthcoming IRB 7s tournaments in Dubai and George in November.

    Fiji Police Force spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri confirmed that an internal investigation was under way and involved security personnel being questioned over the death of the escaped prisoner.

    Meanwhile, Serevi is expected to name his Dubai and George 7s squad on Wednesday after consultations with Fiji 15s coach Ilivasi Tabua.


  12. kaiveicoco Says:

    Perhaps Akuila Yabaki and his CCF should concentrate on the understanding of the 1997 constitution like they did in 2000.If I were hinm I would go to his village and start from there.bottom up rather than top down.

  13. kainasau Says:

    Dina sara kaiveicoco! But first of all the ex Reverend has to find out if he’s welcomed in his village.

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ Jese true’s up. Just visited FT

    Mary Rauto’s Health Crisis topical discussion sums up pretty much Jiko Luveni’s preoccupation. Pity.

  15. Cama Says:

    The CCF should be abolished because it is working on something unconstitutional. I am sure that his exit from the Methodist Church is a devine call because of the type of person he is and only God knows better.

  16. Cama Says:

    The CCF should be abolished because it is working on something unconstitutional. I am sure that his exit from the Methodist Church is a devine call because of the type of person he is and only God knows better. He will surely lead the flock astray

  17. Billy Says:

    Fully agree with you @Cama. I don’t know why they call it the Citizens Constitutional anyway, which citizens? It seems that the same ppl in CCF & ECREA, academics hiding behind dumb ppl like chantel kahn, AY. Its Unconstitnl forum now no matter what they say.

  18. benhur Says:

    Someone should roll-up these 67pages of garbage and shove it up john samy’s backside! Afterward, do the same to Voreqes derriere cause thats where the charter belongs!

  19. Imroz Buksh Says:

    Its sad that some people in this forum really believe that the SDL, Methodist Church, NFP and other like minded people would succeed in whatever they are doing. The Commander has made it quite clear that he is determined to see the Charter through, for all of you who don’t understand what he means by this I will try and make it simpler:
    1. No Charter no elections
    2. No elections no elected government
    3. No elected Government-Interim Govt remains
    4. Interim Govt remains – Clean up continues and Charter followed through, reforms followed through.
    5. Its either that way or all these opposition groups will just have to take the highway.

  20. Tuks Says:

    You remind me of George Orwell’s character called Squeeler in his book -1984. Specially developed to keep positioning their Regime with all the rubbish and misinformation with a view to defend at whatever cost your ig’s illegal action. Pity you can never see the other side of the coin. You must be totally blind.

  21. Billy Says:

    Reality check @imroz imbecile, when it comes to the crunch, the ppl dont care abt guns or what – the power of the ppl is what will win in the end, they can withhold taxes to starve your fat asses from the free riding, they can boycott all those corporates/services/etc. that pay their taxes to the govt, so we will see who wins in the end. Real power is in the people not the guns, you bunch or lamusona, you want your precious Vore to do another 100m dash thru the cassava patch in 2 sec? Haha….

  22. Abeche Says:

    Imroz, how many guns do you have to cover these groups that you mentioned that are against the Charter …SDL, Methodist Church, NFP and other like minded people…”

    I suggest that you rethink your support for this imbecile of a leader that is this country’s burden to bear!

    Whether you or FB like it or not the people are fed up and we are heading for a showdown and I suggest to you that when the crunch comes, those blokes in the camp will not shoot! Where does that leave you and your nimcompoop ass of a leader?

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    Imroz – you don’t have to read posts on this website, believe anyone else or run down our church or any political party.

    Just count the number of people attending any of the NCBBF team’s charter presentations and count the number of empty seats.


  24. IslandBoy Says:

    Folks did anyone catch Peni Moore at the Nasinu presentation after $2 Joe Nawalowalo spoke.

    In this huge cavernous hall there were probabaly a little more than 10 people and dozens of empty chairs. Instead of coming down from the dais and talking to the few people there on the same level, the team stayed behiind the mics and spoke down to the people.

    She was rambling on about the NCBBF becoming a permanent organisation because even after elections etc, they, “….have to engage with the Ministries and Departments because they have to see …uhmmm what’s going on.” Does she need a job?

    Earth to Peni, Earth to Peni, Come IN!! – Have a bath before going out on the presentations, you look like a crack addict.

    You’re not making sense. Is it because the weed you score from the Raiwai Hall is sprayed with a little too much Gramaxone?

  25. Billy Says:

    Someone suggested that Peni Moore should stick to the circus and puppets, cause no one takes her seriously. Stop insulting the intelligence of intelligent ppl. Pls whoever listens to such ppl?

  26. Adi Kaila Says:

    peni moore and the other duka levu shyster should use the paper the charter is written on to roll up their ganga, smoke it and poison their lungs for good.

    Billy noone takes these ig coupsters seriously – just one look at them and everyone goes – kemudou na mataqali tamata vacava qo? The public expect to see someone dignified when the charter crew arrive and are pretty well disgusted with the types that appear – a sorry looking lot – toa sawelu and all that, and no wonder because I don’t think they believe in what they’re touting either, the per diem is about all they care about – pays for the madrai.

  27. Adi Kaila Says:

    IB –

    Guess what? peni moore is now saying that Providing jobs for soldiers in government departments rather than security work is one of the strategies being pursued to end Fiji’s coup culture.

    Ahem…..I know peni exists in a purple haze but I thought everyone knew that one had to apply for a job first, whether it is for the government or private sector then go through the selection process, and finally getting the job was because one was suitably qualified as in the correct qualifications and documents to prove it, experience in the field and the ablility to actually do the job.

    Aah – I get it – she is talking about the ig coupster way of getting a job – be suitably unqualified, must have a kete poka and mu raraba to sit around rearranging pens then mokusiga until the tea lady comes around, raid the petty cash for lunch at a restaurant (sa yawa) – after 3 hours and boozed to the eyeballs – go to the Union Club and burp and fart the lunch into some innocents beer and namu like hell. End of the day – go home via kalovo lane – smack some poor kalavo around for a freebie then into a cab for a free ride home all the time telling the driver he’ll give him a job tomorrow. Arrives home, kicks the koli, kicks the door or what’s left of it, finds the bedroom and falls into a big kedru.

    Public Servant the peni moore and ig coupsters way. Oh good one peni – Clean up campaign and Good govenance -yeah and pigs will fly. Ooops I’ve put my foot in it there – the bipolar pig is flying as I write – all the way to New York with the slimy pig samy.

  28. Adi Kaila Says:

    You Know that chimp Clyde could teach the ig coupsters a thing or two

  29. Billy Says:

    Wel said @Adi K, well said. hope Peni M and her unkempt crew of charter farters are reading. This is something the IG failed to figure out, the public must first be impressed with the looks of those coming to promote the charter- just one look, oh no, what’s this? Has the circus come to town?

  30. Billy Says:

    With the ig’s desperado for support when it came to hauling in the dragnet they had to make do with all kinds of rubbish, misfits, castaways, rejects at the bottom of the sea, hence the surfacing of ppl like PeniM, JD, Joe$2, etc.

  31. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – yes I read it yesterday on fijilive, it really makes me both sad and angry that we are being subjected to the likes of Peni Moore, na yalewa dukalevu qo me mai vunauci keda tiko na kai Viti.

    I thought of you and LUVfiji when I heard of Ratu Epeli G as Act PM and Ratu Epeli N transferring to Minister of Regional Development. I guess the website speculation about the transfer and handing our pre-election goodies is true after all. RFN has some very accurate sources.

    BTW did you hear that H.E. Brussels was going to get recalled and Ross get the boot. I must say I am very surprised no Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff are accompanying PM to the UN?

    In the Fiji Sun today, Maika Bolatiki identifies the handful of people in the audience at Nasinu as Ministry of information staff. That just makes their presentation more pathetic.

  32. Anon Says:

    These guys must be really proud and happy listening to their own voices, speeches in a big empty hall like at Rishikul as shown on TV last night.

    Come to think of it, the listening support team had a few who were better dressed and looked more presentable than Peni Moore, $2 Joe, etc on the panel.

    To the panel, if you read this, next time you switch roles ie. you sit on the audience and let some of your more presentable support team members do the talking from the front. Certainly they would look better on TV.

    After all its just the left hand talking to the right hand. So just make it a bit more interesting for all the team members – right ?

    Your initial aim of convincing the people is ZERO, NOUGHT, NAHI, SEGA, KAPUT !!

  33. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Fijian men @ different locations as shown on fijitv challenged the charter awareness teams about the military’s role in future governments. It was always disappointing that these genuine and most urgent queries were never addressed. Reverend Yabaki should concentrate more on the deliverance of the charter awareness teams in this regard if he is serious about giving their charter a positive spin. I doubt if the tv stations are deliberately editing. How many more times can the IG hope people read the charter to change their stand. They can begin by answering honestly when asked.

  34. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Ha! Ha! AK – very funny description of the coupster way of holding down a job!

  35. Peace Pipe Says:

    The poor attendance at charter consultations is strong enough message to the ncbbf idiots that their objectives are not popular and not accepted and they should just drop it and FO back to where they came from. Instead they just carry on and make a fool of themselves talking to mere handful of attendees and themselves. Its a sign of rejection which they just can’t realise. Instead they get an extension to the farter consultation. For what? To address a handful of people and continue wasting money.

    I heard in the radio this morning from the charter team that there was huge support for the charter in Lau in Mavana or somewhere like that. It said that although people objected verbally when the team presented the charter, the “gestapo” response forms showed that many supported the charter. Is it another lying propaganda by the charter team or liumuri by some people or what is really happening. And what will the forms be used for since slimy sami said signing of the forms does not mean support for the charter. What confusion are these wankers leading us around in. They are either deliberately misleading us or just down right stupid.

  36. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    PP – Both

  37. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @PP Qori na dai. There is zero support from the Vanuabalavu people on this charter. There was a roll call live on tv where Vanuabalavu chimed in as non supporter of charter along with various others during the Methodist Church Conference. I don’t know where that phony support out of Vanuabalavu would be coming from . no let me correct that .. I have some inkling but that particular quarter is minute in the grand scheme of things in VBalavu. They support Qarase’s government with Mere Samisoni and not this charter. Not this IG.

    Ko sa dina sara. Sa levu na veilecayaki kauta mai vei keda na coup oqo. Levu talega na cudru kei na kudru. So many of us are just really fed up. We think that by now, we are and have done away with these coups. People like Rabuka do not help one aorta what with all his ramblings where his mood predetermines what he puts out. He should just disappear into the shadows for now.

  38. Tui Says:

    Yadra bloggers,
    I have close family members in Vanuabalavu. I want to remind you that what the spin doctors are saying about the Long Island is pure and simple BS! 99% of the people of Lau do not support the charter!
    The foundation of this circus called the “clean up” was based on nothing but lies. Everything they say or do is based on lies and deception.
    How can church elders like Mataca and Arms support a movement that continues to lie and hurt it’s own people. The mind boggles when you try to comprehend how they can preach from the pulpit on Sundays while taking part in something immoral, illegal and downright stupid!

  39. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tui – Let alone the Bose Ni Yasana shambles, it seems like they are not even taking into account that is LQ’s home island. Era na segai ni guilecava na wekana na turaga qo ko LQ nai tovo vakaloloma vakayacori vei koya kei iratou na nona matavuvale.

    Anyone in their right mind, if planning a PR campaign on Vanuabalavu, would realise they have their work cut out for them and would tread very carefully, instead of making wild and fantastic false claims.

    The one explanation I can come up with is that the number of claim forms regarding charter support very directly influences how a District Officer or Roko’s performance is judged in terms of their key performance indicators and they are all fighting like mad to keep their jobs.

  40. Adi Kaila Says:

    someone in the ig is being very creative with their figures – in a nutshell – A BIG COCONUT SHELL – QANIBILO to be exact – Long Islanders like most of Lau are absolutely against the charter like they are very very much against the ig coupsters and everything the ig stands for regardless of the maras and Tugi Fisi.

    Of course the Lauans are very good at ‘veivakaisini’ and will tell the ig coupsters what they want to hear but like the rest of Fiji and Nadoi village in the Delta will milk it for what they can get then discard it as rubbish which in reality is what it is.

  41. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Heheheh!!! Spot on Adi Kaila! Bula vinaka tale……ratou na wekaqu mai Burenivalu (Nadoi) ratou REWATAKALAKA!!
    God bless Burenivalu!
    God bless Rewa!!
    God bless Fiji!!!

    For old times sakes!
    Bula vinaka kemudou na naita….JW….na wekaqu IB…….LuvFiji…..Katalina…….Daushootin……MP, Billy & all me mateys!!
    Its been a while .
    I just thought I’d revisit a May topic as my post for this particular one. Back in 2005, October to be exact, I had a meeting with Burenivalu proper concerning certain ancient allegiances and me and mine have our vested interests and old loyalties and allegiances reassured and reconfirmed.
    Soon and very soon!
    Rewa holds except for a few renegade wishful thinking people who keep embarassing themselves over and again and will remain nameless today!
    Below is the old topic and posts from Nite Daushoot & myself (Aubatinuku-N)
    Indian Domination a thing of the PastAnother compliment, this time from Siga Drodro »Foot in mouth as usual, or is it head in arse?

    Dauvavana Says:

    May 22, 2008 at 6:36 pm
    I second that. Draki qo Bure Bus ga


    aubatinuku-N Says:

    May 23, 2008 at 11:18 am
    Me kua sara ni kilaleca vi ratou na kai Burenivalu o Bainimarama, there is Kai Rewa then there is Kai Rewa kadina.

  42. painter Says:

    Hah! That was a laughable spin that the IAG tried to put on the perceived support by the nation of their charter farter (this evening’s TV1 Close Up programme). Lasutaka!

    I can certainly tell you that the overwhelming majority (i.e. over 98%) of our 2 villages (belonging to 1 mataqali) ‘over-the-seas’ 😉 TOTALLY REJECTED the charter. I should know since I was there myself to check the charter-farter team out, at our village hall, they were headed by the Roko (a hell of a FAT man, indicative of a kana-moce type), a police officer (as the witnessing officer), a civil servant Dr. Doolittle (vet), a goon and their driver. There were only 5 of my relos who ticked in support of the charter (all my tavales who decided to annoy me), 2 neither supported or rejected but acknowledged that they were explained the contents of the charter and 2 expressly rejected the charter whilst the rest of relos decided to refrain from even touching the charter forms. Mind you, I wanted the charter-farter team to leave right away so they could quickly finish the rest of their village visits around our beautiful bay particularly when they were being paid but my kind grandfather who is an ex-serviceman decided these paid ‘kana-moces’ should hve lunch before they move on and much to my annoyance, they accepted, the %^$*!

    So I guess there’s no surprises with the extra 3 week extension for the charter campaign since these asses expect to have lunch or afternoon tea everyday whilst out on their campaign trail… although no need for morning tea since that’s when they’re just waking up to breakfast before embarking on their PAID 8am to 5pm job! It’d be great if every village have their own statistics on the charter support or lack thereof to counter the kind of bullsh!t that people like the IAG tries to spin in public.

    Oh damn, i’ve also noted Princess Fiona has gotten rid of that tongue habit when he speaks on telly. Damn, i shouldn’t hve said anything, well at least it shows he reads this blog – Aiyaz, read my lips: you blerry POOFTA!! Oh well, there goes my entertainment.

  43. Billy Says:

    Wananavu! Greatly entertained, vinaka valevu.

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