Allegations against Chodo should be investigated says SDL, which SV supports.

Bloggers, Dutt has made serious allegations against Chodo, which has been backed up by 2 USP Professors. SV agrees with Kinivuwai that these allegations should be further investigated because if there is merit in these allegations, then its repercussions are mind boggling. For instance if true, then Chodo was working in cohorts with some ‘shadowy figures’ prior to the December 2006 coup, whilst the FLP was represented in the Qarase led Multi-Party Cabinet! Furthermore, who are these ‘shadowy figures?’ No doubt if Chodo is fried, he is going to bring the whole house down with him as well. These ‘shadowy figures’ must be really shaking in their boots because Chodo has become a ‘clear and present danger’, so assassination cannot be ruled out! Eventhough Chodo is laughing at these allegations, we at SV are quite confident, that those who may have been part of this ‘shadowy figure group’ must be having sleepless nights. As the saying goes bloggers….’WHERE THERE IS SMOKE, THERE IS FIRE!’

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Taken from / By: FBCL

The Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewanivanua Party says recent allegations made by former Fiji Labour Party member Krishna Dutt against former Interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry should be investigated.

National Director Peceli Kinivuwai says allegations by Dutt that Chaudhry had prior knowledge of the 2006 coup is serious if found to be true.

“It’s sad to see the two founding members are having a go at each other. Really at this point in time Fiji would not like to be bothered about them hanging their dirty linen out in public. I think that’s an internal matter fro them to sort out. We have to confirm those allegations. If they’re true them they are serious allegations and Mr. Chaudhry could be accused of conspiring. However having said that, it’s just a clear sign the machinery of the Fiji Labour Party is falling apart”.

Chaudhry has now threatened court action against Dutt for making the statements in the media.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


37 Responses to “Allegations against Chodo should be investigated says SDL, which SV supports.”

  1. Billy Says:

    But Chodo is part of the “shadowy figures” that Hughes referred to, including Whisky Padre AY, weren’t they briefing Vore and his animal farm about the pros and cons of the coup and how they could get themselves out of the legal tangles if it came to that? Sa ra tukutuku tiko ga mai, we can only watch as they reveal themselves.

  2. newsfiji Says: qai matata ga mai na mata ni meke qo!

    The prophecy is coming true – that these band of thugs pretending to be leaders will end up backstabbing each other. An internal struggle within the ranks of the military, police & navy will produce an honest man with character. He will invoke the Doctrine of Neccesity and have all the imposters rounded up & charged for treason. No one will run free, NO ONE!

    So, Voreqe & your band of thieves – FLY Sara tiko! O sa vakarau mo RO!

  3. Striker Says:

    Thosands were investigated, and no less than the Vice President and several high chiefs were jailed for their part, intended or otherwise in the 2000 coup. Why should choro Chodo and Bainimarama be treated otherwise?

  4. benhur Says:

    Like i’ve said before when a new Government comes into power Chodo’s neck,Voreqe,Nailatikau,Ganilau,Mara etc must be hanged from the highest Ivi tree?

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Let us sit back and watch the show. All of those involve must not escape the full brunt of the law and must pay the price of their major crime. They have taken the country hostage for 2 years running now and are still not letting go. They should be made to pay for the suffering of the nation.

  6. Imroz Buksh Says:

    The coup was imminent with or without Chodo, anyone could have easily guessed what was going to happen in Dec 2006, the writing was on the wall for the SDL Govt, they didn’t listen to what 3000 + soldiers were saying through the Commander. The SDL came into power via the RFMF’s support in 2001,it made a big mistake when it turned on the Military,trying to disband the Military, imagine throwing 3000 + Fijian soldiers on the streets without jobs and beefing up the Police half of whom were Indo Fijians; thats why they were kicked out.

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Imoz Buksh,

    stick to the issue idiot.

    The coup was imminent because everyone could see through Vore being a lying bastard, but what SV is alluding to here is the fact whether Chodo was involved or acquiesced to it happening, whilst FLP was still part of the Qarase led Multi Party Cabinet!


  8. Tuks Says:

    Imroz or Imraz??,
    Dont bring your bulshit here again..Its the same rhetoric you kept harping to justify Voreqe and Chaudhry’s 2006 Coup. No one will believe what you say because their lies are now becoming very clear to everybody. Their own actions are now revealing everything that no body believes them anymore except people like you. All the allegations about the SDL corruption etc are but hot air. The FLP used it inside Parliament to orchestrate a campaign against Qarase and the SDL in Parliament from 2001 – 2006. But when they illegally took leadership through the power of the guns in 2006, not a single case of corruption managed to reach the Court making a mockery of all their wild allegations. The SDL did not come into power through the support of the military either in 2001 nor 2006. The military in fact conducted their anti SDL Campaign in 2006 but all came to naught through the power of the people’s votes. The military itself has to be blamed for all these crisis and no amount of justification from ppl like you will ever see the light of day.

    The military , Voreqe and all those who supported the 2006 coup broke the law and they must be held accountable to that. Issues of law mustr never be compromised by political expediency whichever way one feels.

    Voreqe and the coup ring leaders must be taken to task just like the way George Speight and his gang were dealt with according to Law. They must made to learn that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW. We would terribly be failing to provide good governance and set good example to our younger generation if we do not do that. It is critical that they must be dealt with now.

    To try and justify the 2006 coup makers are futile exercise that does not augur well in moving our country forward neither in terms of restoring law and order amongst our people nor teaching the coupsters lessons they must know…

  9. Watchtower Says:

    Wow… Imroz Buksh… ICT Manager of FijiSUN… do your bosses know you’re spending time while at work blogging away on company time… perhaps I should call your FC Sisila up and discuss why his managers are using company time for politics… look before you leap mate because the only person getting mud on their face this time is you… do some PRODUCTIVE work for a change instead of playing the fool.

  10. Ablaze Says:

    Imroz Buksh or Mozzie Bukshit what about all the intelligent people that tried to talk to Bainipuaka so that another coup would not happen?

    Bainipuaka, Maras, 2 Evelis, Chodo etc all ploted together and hey presto 5/12/06 happened. Bainipuaka with his no brains wanted to lead, Maras couldn’t live without the limelight they were used to, 2 Evelis jobs and to big note themselves, Chodo ambitious bastard.

    If they had listened to the former Vice President who all along was advising the Nappy President we would have had no coup.

    The sensible thing to do was to unite the parties and form a govt that way.

    There was no compromise because the greedy pigs wanted it all.

  11. Abeche Says:

    I can’t see how our Fiji Islanders of Indian descent can continue to support this lying idiot of a leader – Chodo.

    As SV says assasination is a real possibility and Chodo must now be very careful about his movement etc. Not only must watch his back (physically) from those to whom he represents ‘a clear and present danger’, he must also be very careful about the people whose lives and reputations that he has disrupted and maligned. He is a walking dead man!

    Mark my words!!

  12. Billy Says:

    @Imroz, you wasting space here, but let me say this, 3000+Fijians soldiers on the streets with no jobs? But they dont have any job- they’re just fattening their potbellies like Ketepoka, free meals, polish boots, shine their asses, waiting for their next victim cause there’s nothing to do.

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Many years ago , I was in the Australian army.

    We spent most of the day marching up and down a parade ground and saying ‘yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir’.

    My boots were the shiniest around; but they didn’t really fit.

    I was forever in trouble for arguing with the corporals about the content of the ‘lessons’ they were delivering.

    I managed to convince one Colonel of the inaccuracies in the programme which was being thrust upon us.

    Fortunately, things changed.

    After this, we were engaged in constructive programmes with the local community. Why I even got a promotion.

    Did we ever go in and bash the local community? NO.

    Did we terrorize people as they were ‘voting’ by looking over their shoulder at their signature? NO.

    Did we work to help communities when natural disasters struck? YES.

    The morons in the moronic military cell are really getting desperate when they start intimidating people to sign their illegal, stupid charter.

    Magabe in zimbabwe never even dreamed about such nonsense.

  14. Billy Says:

    @Eft, thanks for putting things into perspective. I was gonna suggest that these 3000+ join the Public works, sewerage, water repair pipes, clean up the city, market area, so that SCC dont have to hire contractors, potholing, agriculture, beat the forest fire, do some real job mahn! This is free labour waiting to be tapped, imagine the hills of Coloisuva where the chinese now farm or naitasiri, if ole Jim wants his ethanol tapi, there is free labour to be volunteered at Delanibua. And yes, stand ready to assist in any natural disaster, but terrorising citizens or meddling in politics? Nah, leave that to the experts!! The ones that have degrees in politics, economics, finance, not the smartalex with no qualifications like chodo, piggy, telly, etc.

  15. Penshu Says:

    Chaudhry ‘doesn’t know’
    23-Sep-2008 08:43 AM

    NATIONAL Council for Building a Better (FIJI) member Adi Finau Tabakaucoro says Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry’s statements about the Proportional Representation Open List Electoral System shows he still does not know enough.

    Adi Finau said that despite having access to a wealth of information, Chaudhry still could not understand what the proposed voting system is all about.

    “Mr Chaudhry is wrong in claiming that the system that NCBBF recommends is the same as the New Zealand MMP system. They are not the same. They are quite different,” Adi Finau said.
    She added that Chaudhry had no evidence to support his claim that the Proportional Open List System would create as many invalid votes as the current AVsystem.

    “He is also misleading the people of Fiji with his claim that the proposed system will divide Fiji when in fact one of the reasons the NCBBF agreed to the Open List system is to foster better national integration and unity,” Adi Finau said.

    “He, sitting in NCBBF as an Interim Minister, supported the Electoral System recommended by the NCBBF. The reasons for proposing the adoption of this system is given in the Communique of the NCBBF meeting in April 8, 2005,” she said.

    Adi Finau added that the NCBBF was unanimous in its decision on the best Electoral System for Fiji, and Chaudhry was party to that decision.

    “The Proportional Open List System is the most suitable for Fiji. The explanation about the Proportional System by the NCBBF outreach teams so far indicate that people understand the proposal and favour a change from the AV system,” she said.

    “Contrary to what Mr Chaudhry is now saying, the PR Open List System is much simpler, fairer, resource saving and more efficient,” Adi Finau said.

  16. lele Says:

    But didnt we all know that the coup was going to happen? Even the international media was here for it. Remember they were all following Frank around even to the Sukuna Bowl match between police and army the day before. Frank even told Peters in NZ that he was going to remove government if they dont meet his deadline. Fiji TV reported it on television, so how come only Chodo knew? Krishna Dutt himself knew the coup was imminent. Even Qarase and his ministers knew so do they get investigated as well. Andrew Hughes knew and ran away, so does he get investigated too. I knew it was going to happen like just about everyone in Fiji so does that mean we were part of the plan? We cant be this stupid making wild accusations. We must be factual! Lets talk about getting our democracy back and stop being childish.

  17. Adi Kaila Says:

    We must remember that the SDL Government did it’s best to stop the coup of 2006 – Helen Clarke of NZ and Alexander Downer tried to talk the pig out of it…………….but the military had the guns and their own misinformed agenda – end of story!

    Andrew Hughes did not run away – his family were threatened – can you imagine how scary that would’ve been for him that his wife and children may be raped and killed?! The Australian Government ordered Mr Hughes out asap – He did not run away.

    Innocent citizens were taken up to QEB and bashed up for daring to speak up against the coup and the perpetrators.

    We must ask ourselves why the military was so determined to undermine a legally elected government and the innocent citizens of Fiji.

    What on earth were they trying to prove or achieve?

    We who exchange ideas here and on other sites like WFC and RFC (sadly closed down) have revealed truths about the military and their fart arse leaders and we have been proven correct in all aspects.

    But the question still remains unanswered what the hell were they trying to prove or achieve because all they have proved to the world is their utter incompetence and ignorance and have achieved nought except the blatant rape of the Nation and it’s coffers. Good govenance and Cleaning up corruption? The complete lack of govenance and the height of corruption has reached extraordinary levels and unprecedented in the history of Fiji as can only be expected from bipolar piggy and the ignoramuses that follow his lead.

    Now the ignorant bipolar pig is in New York thinking he represents the Nation of Fiji…OMG! It’s cringe time for everyone as he stands there in the UN assembly trying to read what his spin meister has written – How shameful this piece of shit is…..everyone knows he doesn’t understand a word of his speech as he mispronounces and muddles his way through & he tries to figure out what the next ‘big’ word is? He represents the military NOT The NATION OF FIJI, and if this is what the military of Fiji is made of then God Help Us All – there goes the neighbourhood!!!!

  18. Ablaze Says:

    Well said Adi Kaila!

    Oilei I often wonder if Ratu Mara had not got himself involved with Rabuka in 1987 whether we would have had another coup.

    Since that bloody fateful day the nation have been experiencing something very frightening if you take into consideration that coup d’etats are illegal seizures of power, frightening and catastrophic in the long run. The Military have exerted a very strong influence without entirely dominant in governing the country. We are made not to be quite sure whether it is official or unofficial that it is a military Govt although they are there with their rotten guns lurking in the background.

    Fiji is a nation under siege in which the majority of its people are deterred to speak out. This is scary stuff as it puts us in a hopeless situation, those of us that disagree strongly in the way the country is being governed by these lunatics. It reminds me of this quote by John F. Kennedy;

    “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an OPEN market, is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

    Before the coup Fiji had a very simple form of “democracy,” a competitive election and the elected Govt would see to the freedom of speech, freedom of the press and some degree of rule of law in which civilians had the control of the Military so as to prevent military dictatorship and interference with the country’s political affairs. If the law was trusted these wankers would be in jail straight after the coup

    Today, Fiji is a nation where it’s more like a “military dictatorship” with democracy as a smoke screen. I have always felt the wanker academics have put a lot of thought into it because a straight out “military dictatorship” will not be recognised or legitimised internationally in which Fiji can ill afford.

    This gang just want to rule.

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Well said Ablaze

    And the gang will rule until Voreqe’s entrance to prison makes no difference to him in his 80’s.

    And on Rabuka. I do not trust that guy. He has given so many contradictory statements.

    Now he blesses the coup cycle re: latest feature on Fiji Times. “..obey authority.. Rerevaka Na Kalou Ka Doka Na Tui will end the coup cycle” What a joke! Four coups in 20 years with those entrenched beliefs.

    Our hope to end the coup culture is not in doing the same things expecting different results but rather to question authority. Rerevaka Na Kalou but change the latter to Ka Doka Na Lawa.

    For if he had respected the Law in 1987 Fiji would never be in current mess.
    And the lesson he now touts is what he himself should have learned and subsequently taught his comrades Speight and Baininamarama.

  20. kaiviti Says:

    well said katalina… REREVAKA NA KALOU KA DOKA NA LAWA… we are starting not to recognize the chiefs… so we should replace it with the Law! The constitution is the supreme law of the land… and the ONLY means to end the coup cycle in Fiji is to reintroduce the ‘Rope’ around the neck for those who commit treason… end of the coup! period

  21. Wailei Says:

    Good one Kaiviti, I certainly concur with you on death sentence for crimes of Treason. TO Adi K. Good analysing… Interesting how some people like to use “Selective hearing” lol…. 🙂

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    We all know that chodo was in cahoots with the coupsters and is one of the “shadowy’ figures behind the frontman piggy. We all saw in the news his visits to the camp prior to the coup so who are you trying to lie to now. What amazes me is how he still survives all these treachery. Now we have more people exposing the snake for his involvement if not approval of the 2006 coup. The 2 USP professors and Mr Dutt are just the latest to speak out. And in his usual blame game accused th SDL of having brought this upon themselves. This culprit should be investigated using the statements from the professors and Mr Dutt.

    Meanwhile the snake could be used as cannon fodder for our anti charter battle since he is speaking quite vocally against it and his opposition to the charter is certain doom for the ill fated escape plan of Bainimagana.

  23. ispy Says:

    Imroz is a typical military goon brainwashed into believing that the opinion of 3000 soldiers is more important than the opinion of the 480,000+ people who voted SDL into power in 2006.

    Why, because they have guns?

    Imroz, like all the other morons in the military, continues to refer to the their role in putting Qarase into power in 2000.

    They conveniently forget however that Fiji has had two elections since 2000 and Qarase and SDL have since been voted in not once but twice by the people of Fiji.

    The problem with people like Imroz is that they’ve all been suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder since the mutiny on November 2 and they can’t seem to get past that event.

    I think the only way to stop the coup cycle is that the whole bang lot of them should go get pyschiatric counsellling from St Giles – from the Commander down.

    Come to think of it, maybe the Commander can stay in there for a while…

  24. Cama Says:

    The law should be allowed to take its course or otherwise, lawlessness will continue even though you design pretty documents after a coup (ie, the Farter charter). Lets stick to one rule book and try and uphold the law. so many rules will spoil the soup, lets try and follow one to the letter and spirit first.

  25. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Lol! I really needed the laugh. Vinaka Cama … so many rules will spoil the soup 🙂

  26. Say True! Says:

    Thats was an interesting picture of Shane Stevens with the Archbishop at Naboro. Did the crime, doing the time. Don’t you think Frank would look good in navy blue too?

  27. Cama Says:

    We need to catch the prawn first. keep blogging till we catch it

  28. Keep The Faith Says:

    Strike 1 SDL.

    You could have taken the high road with the Ma’chaud vs Dutt war and if you really were campaigning like the FLP & NFP are, could have made moves to MOVE Dutt towards perhaps a real multi-ethnic party.

  29. soro Says:

    @Lele – u r full of crap…. u gooseless military sympathiser. Pls read Adi Kaila’s synopsis and digest it. She is right on the money.

  30. Save the Sheep Says:

    Imroz B.. If what you say is true then it is a very sad indictment on the Military. You portray them as a bunch of lollipop sucking kids who throw a tantrum every time they are pulled into line.

    The Military needs to learn that that once its job was done, poorly or otherwise after 2000, it was up to the people from that point on. 3000 brain washed individuals who live by being told what to do does not constitute a significant voice. Accept it and get over it….

  31. FijiGirl Says:

    I for one hope that Krishna Dutt wins this fight with Chodo for the loyalty of the Fiji Labour Party, or FLiP as they are known under Chodo for his tendancy to flipflop all the time. Dutt taught me at school and he really came over as being someone who acted with conviction, rather than for self-preservation / self-promotion, which is Chodo’s modus operandi.

    God bless Fiji

  32. Peace Pipe Says:

    What about that article in RFN about chodo and Bainimagana holidaying at Turtle before the coup. If some records could verify this it would tie these two together in this coup and prove our claim our their joint involvement.

  33. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Say True!

    Yep, the boy’s definitely doing the time. And was it for treason? Meanwhile, the other one convicted for murder is already enjoying freedom.

    Amazing though how Suva Prison has been playing host to some ‘high profile’ visitors lately. Be it for the yellow ribbon campaign or whatever the F they like to call it. I just get the funny feeling they’re already checking out what is soon to be their home. Lol!

  34. Tim Says:

    There’s a prison head cheese in Texas somewhere that dresses his inmates in pink and chains them up. Usually for crimes less than treason.

    And as or RFN’s latest on Driti – well one asshole might as well try and deal to another.
    If Driti wants to atone, he should go for it. Otherwise he should plan on a future in pink

  35. Ablaze Says:

    Even if Driti goes ahead with it how do you seperate him from the others.

    However, it may be the start we need.

  36. Billy Says:

    You know how in criminal cases one of the charged can be granted immunity in exchange of being state witness or something (I stand corrected)but I am pretty sure if D can atone for his part in the crimes of 5/12, he may escape the charge of treason. Problem is he would be seen as a traitor by his other buddies, but those he had tortured at the camp could still file lesser charges? I would be ready to forgive him if he would do the right thing NOW! Although I would expect the law to take its just course. ..

  37. lele Says:

    @Soro, it is a realist perspective of what happened. We all knew the coup was immenant. Only a dumb ass like you wouldnt have realised. What I’m saying is to be realistic and work on realistic ways to get our democracy back. Lets stop the speculation and get down to real buisness. I’m no military sympathiser. If you have the evidence on Chodo then tell us and go to the cops, not trying to shoot down constructive contributions that will bring back democracy. If Chodo knew beforehand, will it bring back our democracy? Tell me someone who didnt know that the coup was going to happen. Hughes took off because he knew it was going to happen. The Australians sent their ship to Fiji waters because they knew it was going to happen. Common grow up Soro and contribute something useful. If you know someone who took part in it or planned it then tell us.

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