Crime was one of the reasons that the Illegal Regime gave for stealing government. Road blocks were thrown up and people were bashed by the police and military in an attempt to create the myth of fighting crime.

But their first step was to drive out the Commissioner, Andrew Hughes, a world class professional who was re-building the Fiji Police Force into an effective professional body. 

We all know that crime only got worse and it showed in the statistics and news reports of home invasions, bashings and robberies.

But now the crime statistics have gone quiet and we’ve heard that Teleni has sent out an instruction that the crime statistics are to improve by 50 percent.

Police stations are being leaned onto meet this target by not reporting crime.

Isn’t that typical of the Illegal Government. They’re surrounded by heavy protection but the rest have to take our chances.

The best thing the Fiji Police Force could do to help law and order would be to arrest their illegal Commissioner and the illegal Prime Minister who appointed him.




  1. Mark Manning Says:

    We just need to find a Policeman honourable enough and with big enough balls to carry this request out !

  2. Jean d’Ark Says:

    This doesn’t surprise me!

    When Tikotikoca – an experienced career policeman – took over as Interim Commish post-coup, his first 6-month report showed and INCREASE in crime post-coup. And that was despite the joint military-police clean-up operations against prostitution, drug-farming and moon-shining!

    What’s more, the biggest increases noted were in White-Collar crime ie. CORRUPTION! (And that’s not including the Government crimes of treason, unlawful sackings, and police brutality! Clean-Up, my aaaahhh!)

    Then Teleni takes over, and all of a sudden there is a magical decrease in crime stats within months, and without any expert re-strategizing or sensible re-deployment in sight! Hah! Who would credit this from a glorified deck-hand whose only claim to fame is cauliflower-ears and brain-damage from too much rugby!

    CR’s explanation makes far more sense to me, and this wound will only fester and get worse the longer Fiji refuses to let EXPERTS like Andrew Hughes treat it.

  3. ispy Says:

    If for the next few weeks, everybody starts reporting every legal infraction to the Police no matter how small, will the crime stats show an increase in the rate of crime?

    Why don’t we test it to see if the police are willing to investigate our complaints…

  4. Billy Says:

    What is suppressed between the balls will be shouted over the rooftops..

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    Full chow ketepoka knows bugger all about running a disciplined police force. Asking for a 50% reduction in crime is highly far fetched and shows how out of touch ketepoka is with reality. If he started with 10 – 20 % first it would be realistic. Crime is the result of the economy so he really can’t do very much about reducing it but just deal with it and forget about the percentage whether it be up or down. But then he is one of the criminals and that adds to the stats undoubtedly.

  6. Imroz Buksh Says:

    Bill dua ga suppress taka e dua na ball between yours!!!

  7. Billy Says:

    Haare, Imroz tumar know Fijian re? Ha, ha tobo tu tamata qala vakamaqe, vavei mo presstaka mada i liu na nomu, qai o Teleni kei Vore, kaya ga ni kila tu na vei*&% sona tiko e na keba… Cakacaka gona ni lamusona kei na qalala, sega ni dua na ka dina e caka. Get a real job mahn! Sa rauta mada na kana buta tiko mai na neimami buno na real workers, cava e laki caka e na bush? Veivutusona?

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    Haha Bill samuraki Imroz vinaka.

    Man it gets exciting when the goons come on the blog so we can chew them up and spit them out.

    Inmroz vutuki na ganemu lako mada lai sili!!!

  9. Na Dina Says:

    Mark Twain the renowned humourist once said there are three types of lies…1)LIES,..2)DAMM LIES and.. 3)STATISTICS!! (according to the statistician)
    Pick any one type SV folks Teleni falls in all three categories wah hahah!

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