Samy clarifies Charter forms – bull shit says SV!


Bloggers this is from slippery Samy. Now he is saying that the forms were never meant to show support for the farter Charter, but rather a feed back response. But SV asks slippery Samy, how can it be a ‘feed back response’ when it was first brought to the attention of the public, when people were asked to sign the ‘feed back response’ form upon receiving the farter Charter, which was witnessed by an accompanying Police Officer. In other words slippery Samy, people were asked to sign it before they even read the farter Charter, let alone their even understanding the same. Come on slippery Samy, we are not that gullible and you are now spreading further lies, when your covert intentions were found out! Shame on you slippery Samy says SV!!! 

Monday, September 22, 2008


Samy says the form is simply a feedback form that needs to be looked at carefully to see what people are saying about the Charter. Taken from / By: FBCL

Signing the Charter forms given out by consultation teams does not mean support for the Charter.

It is merely to ensure everyone gets a chance to see and comment on the document.The NCBBF’s John Samy has clarified that signing the form does NOT mean agreement and the signatures are NOT separated from the feedback.

“A lot of this confusion has been generated deliberately by those who are opposed to the charter process. That form is not like a ballot paper, it is not a referendum, a pseudo-referendum type document, all it is, is it is a feedback, a response form, we would like to get from the people. If you look at it, first we would like to know when an individual decides to fill that form, whether they’ve seen the charter for themselves, whether they are familiar with the content, and then they are requested, they are not forced, they are requested to give us feedback.”
Samy adds, the charter consultation process is just that, and no one will be forced to do anything against their will.  All the one-piece form shows is their feedback for or against the Charter.

“Now they can say that on the basis of what they have seen, what they’re aware of and if they support it, or they can say that yes, we support it but we have the following concerns and they can raise their concerns, if they want extra paper, we’ll encourage them to do so. And thirdly they can say, based on everything I have seen, I do not support the charter, they have the right to do that.” Samy says the form is simply a feedback form that that needs to be looked at carefully to see what the people are saying and the charter is still a draft document.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


22 Responses to “Samy clarifies Charter forms – bull shit says SV!”

  1. solivakasama Says:

    We say TU NA DA! What say you bloggers???

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Once again, slimy sami has been caught out and is now hopelessly trying to defend his hopeless position.

    Every household in Fiji can now wait for a visit from 5 thugs [sorry, policemen] to knock on their door one night in the next 3 months to demand that you sign this obnoxious form.

    magabe did not even dream of such intimidation.

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The rejection of the military charter is now OFFICIAL.

    slimy sami has now blackmailed bananasinpyjamas to give him another 3 months to provide more ticks for the military charter.

    The 32 silly Indians and 6 Fijian traitors on the military charter team are only too glad to continue as they get $100 a day plus for agreeing to slimy sami’s silly words.

    Where is this process leading?


    What an expensive charade to hide the facts that bananasinpyjama ordered the murder of the soldiers in 2000, he is responsible for treason and murder in 2006/7/8 and he is grossly incompetent.

  4. Billy Says:

    We can tell the charter farters, “No election, no charter!” FO!

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Give me a break. How can these people sleep at night. Just another of the many lies…

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    Do they actually believe their own b.s.

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    Full Chow Teleni (skinny malila) should just poo poo on Samy’s mouth bahahahahahaa

  8. at least Says:

    did anyone watch the late news at 10pm tonite???Kean was attending the handing over ceremony of computers from AND to the Prisons Department with illegal commisioner of Prison…I wonder whether he is a staff or a convict…It seems that he is receiving special treatment at the Prison…CaN anyone tell if he is sleeping in prison and whether he is eating the same type of meals other prisoners are receiving…

  9. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    John Samy,

    That piece might have stood a chance except for the fact that NCBBF campaigned vigorously for witnesses – Justice of the Peace, Church Minister, School Principal (for students who are 18) etc. You should have announced “the requirement” is now null and void. Your inability to respect the general populace’s intelligence leads you to constantly shooting yourself in the foot. It makes you careless and not think things through in the way ordinary and reasonable thinking people are able.

  10. Jean d'Ark Says:

    As the old anti-harassment refrain goes “What part of ‘NO’ don’t they understand?”

    Samy can bleak all he likes – but it still doesn’t explain why they need all those soldiers to take the Charter around. If security is all they need, then the Police are enough. But the presence of soldiers can only for intimidation and promotion -pure and simple!

    That is why there is such a gap between Sami’s disarming words, and what’s actually happening on the ground. Incidents like the one in Wailea where team members took over a religious gathering and pressured squatters into signing Charter forms before they’d even had a chance to read it. Or when soldiers who got angry with villagers in the West for not reading the Charter by the time of their follow-up visit a couple of days later.

    Forget it, Sami – we weren’t born yesterday!

  11. ispy Says:

    Four of them came home last week. I didn’t let them in my compound. When they asked if I had read the Charter, I simply told them I didn’t need to because I don’t support it in principle. They didn’t make any fuss and left with nothing. I urge people to do the same.

  12. kafir Says:

    vinaka ispy for standing your ground. who are this four people made up of? do you have any idea like race, cops/mil officer ?

  13. ispy Says:

    Four fijians and they didn’t look like cops or military at all. They looked more like criminals… but they were very polite when I told them I didn’t want anything to do with their Charter!

    And they looked almost relieved I didn’t sign… WTF!!!

    Are they being forced to do this or what???

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    There is no need to read the charter farter first and say whather you aceept or not. It should be rejected up front instantly without the need to read a single word of it since the charter is born from an illegal entity. Its illegality is more than enough reason for its rejection.

  15. soro Says:

    WTF ? So, why the hell did they even bother with a form to sign if they say as they are saying in the article , that it doesn’t matter … or don’t they know what they are saying ?

    Ha, acha …… they really don’t know what they are saying , doing, telling …..

    One thing I am doing today peeps, is today I am writing to Helen Kluk to ask her why NZ should not remove John Samy’s PR status … bleary boci.

  16. kafir Says:

    thnks for the infor ispy. its begining to be like hardcore selling how this charter is being promoted. like in your case ispy, it seem to me that the group of 4 doesnt have the confidence & passion to involved in the process. they couldnt handle any objections and clearly rejections and just feel for them as they dont have a clue whats in it for me. probably bread & butter with bills to be paid thru sal they get, so, its just a job at the end of the day. reminds me of the “burning house” and “we jst following orders” analogy as in the case of the milt personel. where is moral and ethics? shame on the ig & ncbbf on forcing a product (charter) to sales ppl (in this case civil servants paid by us taxpayers) who dosent even belive in it. samy shud just pack and go, leave this country for good. LIES, LIES LIES is all we can say about this charter.

  17. Jean d’Ark Says:

    One of the real problems with the Charter involves the front page story in today’s Fiji Times (23 Sep).

    The Health Minister spends so much of her time and effort promoting the Charter – but meanwhile health services and equipment continue to deteriorate at an alarming rate.

    In that case, you cannot judge the Charter on its purported benefits – you can only judge it on what it ACTUALLY delivers!

    So what is the point of chasing pie-in-the-sky platitudes that may never eventuate, at the price of real world problems and suffering that are not alleviated by cheap talk or baleful wishing?

  18. Cama Says:

    Reject the charter

  19. benhur Says:

    I have sent a letter to the New Zealand Government asking them to immediately review and terminate John Samy’s citizenship status in New Zealand, in view of his current support of the Illegal Military Government in Fiji? If you like to help in the above regards please addressed all letter to the NZ Prime Minister. Remember, Australia had done the same with the IG /AG last year.Lets make sure that we can get our hand on him-when this is all over -so we can also hang the bastard?

  20. Adi Kaila Says:

    You know what? The bloody ig coupsters read this site and take their cue from us – ISN’T THAT MARVELLOUS!

    They instigate something – holler it in their ignorance for all and sundry to hear on the radio and TV – then retract it via media print when we correct and criticise them on this & other blog sites.

    It’s so funny to see the quickstep going on with this lot. They don’t know their arse from their tit.

    As for Jiko – how about a statement about the illegal dentists taking jobs away from our citizens? What have you to say about that Ms Jiko? and what about the state of our hospitals? and why do local communities have to go without basic medical supplies for their Infirmaries? the charter ain’t gonna heal the sick.

    slimy samy is a lost cause like bipolar piggy – they are so worthless like the rest of the ig coupsters – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!!!!! I’m loving the infighting and blame………..LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

  21. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Radiography machines at the hospitals are sitting idle because the useless, so-called, illegal minister of health is incapable of obtaining funds from treasury to fix them.

    Instead of traveling the country talking to a few civil servants in a hall about the military escape plan, she should be in her office getting on top of the dengue fever epidemic and the lack of medical supplies.

    She should be on the blower to the illegal finance minister demanding more money; hang on, that’s bananasinpyjamas. Sorry all the money is needed to send the silly soldiers to India for medical treatment.

    Besides, bananas is in USA meeting all the important people; like the 2nd secretary to the assistant undersecretary to the Icelandic Minister of the Navy.

    I searched all of the papers from around the world this morning and couldn’t find bananas name mentioned as attending any important meetings.

    Ah well, I guess bananas and slimy sami can play cards in their hotel room whilst the real leaders of the world meet.

  22. Peace Pipe Says:

    Funny this time around there is no predetermined plan to meet leaders of rogue states like Venezuela, Cuba, Libya to kerekere some funds and assistance to help the dictator survive the hard economic time in Fiji. Last time they said they would meet all these leaders and get them to help Fiji in some way or another but alas nothing eventuated. I wonder what have we benefited from the diplomatic exchange with Iceland. This time around will be worse since everyone will see Bainimagana for what he really is – a selfserving lying tinpot powerhungry stupid dictator.

    Have you people noticed too that the pig’s closest confidants are all indos like slimy sami, i-arse and parmesh who he leashes along to guide and help him in preparing speeches providing answers to questions and almost holding his hand to keep him standing and being his brian implant to the vacuum that exists inside his skull. Where are the brains of the Fijians that he prefers the slimy indos. Is that is why he trampling all things Fijian including the people themselves.

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