Rogers new FTIB boss – moce Koila says SV!

Bloggers, well the illegal junta must be feeling the squeeze because Koila Nailatikau, who was rumored to have been appointed as CEO of the FTIB has been dumped for a more qualified person namely Annie Rogers. This must be very hard for the illegal junta because with the ADB stopping further Agreements with the illegal junta they knew if they appointed unqualified people like Koila Nailatikau to the FTIB CEO position, it will only harden the resolve of the financial institutions in not wanting to enter into Agreements with the illegal junta because their investments would definitely be at risk. The collapse also of the mega financial institutions in the US has injected a reality test for the illegal junta because they can no longer appoint their cronies who do not have the experience or expertise. Koila Nailatikau must be fuming because she must have thought it was a done deal, but the delay by the illegal AG must have been because of negative vibes they have been receiving. Well we at SV says, Koila Nailatikau, you were never qualified for the position in the first place and how you ended being short-listed boggles our mind, but in the end at least common sense prevailed. However, we should never forget the fact, that this regime is an illegal one and all appointments are still questionable.

Update: 6:03PM

Reserve Bank of Fiji advisor to governors Annie Rogers has been appointed chief executive officer of the Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Bureau. Mrs Rogers and Adi Koila Nailatikau were shortlisted for the job. Announcing the appointment today, interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said Mrs Rogers brings with her a wealth of experience. Mrs Rogers, he said, was also advisor to the International Monetary Fund and holds a Master in Commerce. She is expected to take up her new job next month.


35 Responses to “Rogers new FTIB boss – moce Koila says SV!”

  1. KaiFiji Says:

    sv ..Please include this article..This is the result of relying on China . Cheap Products with more harmful effects. I hope Fiji does not buy this products .

    ‘Thousands ill’ due to China milk
    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Chinese and Hong Kong authorities have recalled tainted products
    Nearly 13,000 children in China have been hospitalised due to tainted Chinese milk powder, officials say.

    China’s health ministry said 104 out of 12,892 babies showed serious symptoms. Four infants have died after drinking the milk of the Sanlu Group containing the industrial chemical melamine, which could cause urinary problems.

    Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, a toddler has been diagnosed with a kidney stone after drinking the powder – the first such case outside mainland China.

    A number of Asian and African countries have now banned Chinese dairy imports following the scandal. Chinese police have arrested 18 people in connection with the scandal.

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well what can we say, except Koila never had the credentials, expertise or experience.

    BTW folks, there is another appointment post below which seems a mystery for now:

    Prasad named new FDB Chair
    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Update: 6:16PM The interim Government has appointed John Prasad, a Project Management and Financial Consultant as the new Fiji Development Bank chairman.

    While very little is known about Mr Prasad, the interim Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said he was pleased to find a person of Mr Prasads caliber.

    According to a press released sent out to media outlets late this afternoon, Mr Prasad has strong skills in Financial Analysis and Management to Chair the Board of Fiji Development Bank.

    Attempts to further ascertain information on Mr Prasad for the public proved futile.

    Former chairman Mr Taito Waradi’s mobile was switched off tonight while the Prime Minister’s Office Permanent Secretary Mr Parmesh Chand asked The Fiji Times to refer to a State press release on the matter.

    “Can you please just work with the press released issued as I do not have that information with me right now (this evening),” Mr Chand.

    Mr Prasad replaces former minister, retired director and chairman of FDB Mr Taito Waradi

  3. Tim Says:

    The regime is indeed illegal. In fact everything that has ever been done in its name is contestable. As a few other “masters of the universe” whove made bad decisions have discovered to their cost, not only have their jobs been on the line, but also their ill-gotten gains. That Gates fella had better hope he’s made a few decisions that will outlive him (though I doubt it). Frank has no hope and Bubba and the Shamimmees even less. And none of that takes account of the legacy they’ve left any offspring who have chosen to become involved ( I’m thinking of Frank in particular, but any other ferral lifeform that fits the bill – condolences)

  4. Billy Says:

    Well what can we say? Waradi is well and trully ousted. That’s what . happens when you mess around with the law, you get out the same way you come in. Sivia ga na vakilakila. As for Rogers, its how she copes with the messy trail ahead of her that will be the test of her capability. Time will tell..

  5. newsfiji Says:

    Waradi..i was just wondering when you’d be booooooted out…whilst you may have some have no principles and no tact…as SV said in one of their previous headings “Their is no honor among thieves”…i guess for you, you’ve actually experienced it first hand.

    That’s what you get when you receive stolen property.

    As for Rogers, well, well, well, only time will tell.

  6. Tim Says:

    Fc*k me, how history repeats! I’ve just discovered a VCR with The Nelson Mandela Concert on it – probably about 18 years old, and i can recall the sticj and wire arrangement I set up to receive it live. There sits Nelson, Willie and da Bish (Tutu).
    In light of Mbeki’s recent demise – it all seems quite relevant. How those with a taste of power can be corrupted.
    And there goes some pisspot little munter of far less stature than Mbeki ever was calling himself Frank trying to convince people he has a genuine concern for “his flock” with one or two ageing stoners at his side.
    Really, his destiny has already been determined in the overall scheme of things

  7. gilly Says:

    Mbeki, Mugabe, Saddam, Olmert — the rules of the universe will sort out these imposters.

    Include in the list Waradi…. how the mighty are fallen 🙂 as well as Chaudhry

    As for the new FDB chairman, no surprises with the ‘unknowns’ who continue to be thrust in front of us. No doubt his CV will slowly become known, but the secretive regime’s practice of hiding information, does not elicit trust.

  8. Billy Says:

    I watched Mbeki as he tendered in his resignation, touched at his resignation speech, how he strove to uphold those standards and ideals SAfrikans had fought and sacrificed so much for. Well, at least he had the grace to resign amidst those allegations of corruption in order to uphold the dignity of the high office. Unlike some people we know who have obstinately corrupted, tarnished and trampled those offices they had forced themselves or defaulted upon. How long must the office of PM and Pressie be subjected to such indignity?

  9. Billy Says:

    Ooops tough luck Koila, try again later. You can’t both have your cakes and eat too you know!

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    This wont go down well with the Mara’s. Unless of course, in the most unlikely scenario, AdiK turned down the job. My fear is that her brother, the Colonel, will be brewing some form of revenge on either the FITB Board, its line iMinister, the entire regime.

    Something tell me, there is something brewing at the Camp. If, according to what RFN reports is anything to go by, they’re waiting for the vore to leave for NY tomorrow. Then its Operation Strike Back.

    Gird yr loins, folks.. !

  11. LUVfiji Says:

    ooops.. can it be “tells”

  12. Billy Says:

    Whatever the scenario, this country owes them nothing! They have to work hard like everyone else and as SV says above, she lost to a better qualified applicant. Either way, if they have been reading the blogs, they must have felt heat emanating and knew the foregone conclusion should the table turn in her favour…yes the people’s disgust.

  13. Nostradamus Says:

    At this point the junta is starting to realize that everyone not under their direct command and on their payroll is a liability. It is a natural move to increasing tyranny once democracy has been destroyed. Things fail, they want to pretend that they are not failing, they must shut up the opposition, The only people loyal are the troops who need their salaries to support their families. The Mara’s and the Ganilau’s are now liabilities, figments of the corrupt and feudal past. Their use dates have expired. They are not even supported by their own traditional supporters.

    None the less, the opposition to the military is growing. Besides the illegal AB and the Samy weasel, who is left outside the military. Perhaps they should give Samy and Aiyaz honorary commissions in the army and bemedaled military uniforms to give them that much needed appearance of authority, while Vorege gurgles his way around the World.

  14. IslandBoy Says:

    Mrs. Annie Rodgers – a combination of beauty and brains. She was crowned Miss Hibiscus/Miss Reserve Bank as Miss Annie Reymond.

    You’ve come a long way Annie. CONGRATULATIONS – WELL DESERVED.
    Now if we could only get a few more like you in key positions.

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s interesting to note , that it will be finances , not weapons , that will finally bring this regime to it’s knees and an end to this silly coup !

  16. qitawa Says:

    Comon guys we were wrong about Adi Koila getting the job. At least we were close but shouldnt we be glad that a qualified person got the job. Or are we going to crucify the other women too?

  17. Peace Pipe Says:

    No offence intended to Mrs Rogers but any appointment made by this illegal govt has a tint of taint on it. How will the OZ and NZ take this appointment? Will it be like any other which cops a travel ban along with it.

    As for Adi Kola she now realises that there is no honor among thieves. Time to move on.

  18. Billy Says:

    @qitawa, we were not wrong, we were dead right, only the Board had to change which is why it took them so long to make up their minds. And why should the illegal AG make the announcement? But I’m glad the qualified one got it, and its Annie Reymond, right, I do remember her as Miss Hibiscus and at USP?

  19. ispy Says:

    Congradulations Annie… you deserve the job and your’re well qualified to do it.

    But if you become one of Bainimarama’s close advisors, its open season on this blog for you!

    I wish you well…

  20. lele Says:

    Annie Rogers is an illegal appointee, period. She is as bad as Adi Koila. Any appointment made now is illegal. So what if she was Miss Hibiscua she is still an IG bitch. We must maintain our stance we cant just bend back because she was Miss Hibiscus. Common NZ & Aus, ban the IG bitch. No qualified person should take up any appointment and lets ruin everything that is keeping Fiji going.

  21. Excutioner Says:

    I have warned Adi Koila that i will be the executioner when this is all over and anyone taking appointments from the illegal IG will certainly be dagling from the end of my noose?

  22. Wailei Says:

    Actually in a way I agree and at the sametime disagree with you lele… I believe that Annie Rogers deserve the position as she is qualified etc., Someone has to run the economy while the shit hits the fan. She does not have to be loyal to the bunch of imbeciles in Government who are running our country down (Hell, someone needs to keep the ship afloat). Her being Miss Hibiscus is irrelevant to the equation at the moment.

  23. Claude Says:

    To SV: could u pls email me the form re the Charter that those morons are distributing. This is really urgent. I need to get that distributed here in California……thanks SV!!!

  24. Tuks Says:

    In our quest we can not afford to compromise any more and see them burn our Nation. Anie Rogers deserve nothing at all but the full blunt of the law must come down hard on her too now that she has accepted responsibilities in the ig. Its al illegal and that is what matters in the issue of Law. Her qualification, beauty, etc are all immaterial . She too must be taken ton task for her decision to join the corrupt Regime.
    She certainly does not have a way out now but the courts and Justice to be meted out on her as part of her future. Her acceptance of the decision is by itself an acceptance of the chains of commands and lines of authorities that she has now complelled to be loyal to

  25. moz Says:

    Unfortunately for Annie Rogers , no matter how “good” her intentions are, she will be slapped with the travel ban for accepting an appointment as a CEO of a statutory organisation. Just check out the Aust etc visa forms.

    However, come March 2009 with no election in sight, I would hope that these inciteful NCBBF charter farters would also be slapped with the travel ban!

  26. Adi Kaila Says:

    oi lei Annie get out quickly – it’s not worth the repurcussions to come.

  27. lele Says:

    Thats exactly what I’m saying. To all government workers resign and go home. You are all earning illegal money from an illegal government. To everyone being paid by government you bunch of loosers and no hopers. Boci’s all of you. You cant survive without an illegal government. To everyone paying taxes, you all bunch of boci’s and bastards who comment here and pay taxes to an illegal government. Ni yavu boci, macawa, levu ga na vosa.

  28. Adi Kaila Says:

    koilas husband has been given another portfolio as minister for Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs – MULTI ETHNIC AFFAIRS dina – hahahahaha.

  29. anon Says:

    Oilei Koila daru lai dua mada na baby mix. Bring some CD’s along…………

  30. Jim Black Says:

    Koila’s out but news just at end is that Chodo’s former pet boy and now IG confidant Ben Padarath will join cabinet upon Frank’s return. Why Frank and the IG would include this loser in cabinet, is anyone’s guess but as they say, “birds of a feather flock together”!

  31. LUVfiji Says:

    Well said, Tuks!

    Like others, Annie Rogers deserves every condemnation. Now with tainted reputation, she is prepared to take her ‘beauty’ (???) and her degree to bed with the beast. That sure is the end of her with IMF.

    FTIB now waltzes right into the hands of another Indo-Fijian woman. Era sa veito taki tiko ga vakanodra. Com’n Fiji.. !!!

    @ Jim Black – that’s news! So much for their criticisms on convicted people serving Government.

  32. Jim Black Says:

    Thank you Lorima for sheding light on the Ben Padarath episode because my source says the asshole has accepted Voreqe’s offer, so one convict (Chodo) out another convict in. What gets me is why Frank would even consider this asshole for cabinet. F*** him he can go back to prison with the rest of them!!!

  33. Jim Black Says:

    Hey soli vakasama can you shed more light on this Ben Padarath episode so that we can get more commemnts from people especially those within the military who hate this asshole and are silent supports of soli vakasama!!!

  34. Lorima Vesikula Says:

    Thank you Jim Black! I can confirm that around the tanoa last night a military officer mentioned that they were wondering what Ben Padarath was doing in meetings with the military council, so this sheds light on their questions.
    LUVfiji what you said about criticisms on convicted people serving in government, remember Chodo went to prison for exactly the same thing as Ben Padarath, so it probably doesn’t matter to this illegal regime, one convict out, another convict in, the only difference is that the whole f***** lot of them will end up there for the first time where else Chod and this asshole Ben Padarath have been there before!!!!

  35. LUVfiji Says:

    I hear he is epileptic! Those frequent attack of convulsion, they say, caused the two road accidents he was involved in – one of which, we all know, resulted in a death and, of course, his subsequent conviction.

    Mosi vei au na iCabinet!

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