NFP equates farter Charter with girmit – what say ye slippery Samy??

Top of the morning bloggers. Well the NFP have likened the farter Charter with girmit! Now from an Indian perspective, that is really really low. Vore’s trip to New York this week will hopefully be met with protesters and we at SV encourage all those freedom bloggers in New York to pelt Vore with eggs and anything of like nature because he needs to know that what he is doing in Fiji is despicable. As a matter of fact, we at SV would like all bloggers all over the world to stage protests outside Fiji High Commissions in Canberra, Wellington, PNG, Washington, etc to put this illegal junta on notice that we have had enough and our support base is much wider and larger than they care to admit. Let’s continue objecting to the farter Charter ragone and let’s see what this week unfolds.

Monday, September 22, 2008

THE National Federation Party says Indians will once again be girmitiyas if the draft People’s Charter is endorsed. Speaking to party members at the Tacirua Bhartiya Pathshala yesterday, NFP general secretary Pramod Rae said the charter was an obnoxious and divisive document.

Mr Rae said the draft People’s Charter did not enjoy the same degree of legitimacy as the Constitution of Fiji did because those who were part of the charter process were not credible. “The interim regime has achieved nothing in this two years and the extension on the charter consultation is of no use,” he said.

Mr Rae said the people have given their views on the charter and no amount of extension on consultation was going to change that. Speaking in Hindi, Mr Rae said anyone who supported the charter was a traitor. NFP president Raman Singh said the whole charter process was political engineering to change the people.

Mr Singh said the party was not against change but it said could not be thrust upon the people. He said the way forward was the political forum. Mr Singh said the Fiji Labour Party had agreed to be part of the political forum and the NFP was also willing to be part of the discussions.

“Sir Paul Reeves has all the knowledge on how things work in Fiji and he should be part of the forum,’ said Mr Singh. He said apart from the elections, the political forum was the only way to get all representatives to be talking together to solve the political problem in Fiji.

The NFP called for the interim regime’s immediate dismissal and for a caretaker civilian government installed to make way for elections under the Constitution.


11 Responses to “NFP equates farter Charter with girmit – what say ye slippery Samy??”

  1. Billy Says:

    NFP’s criticism of FLP at the same meeting in Fiji Sun:

    FLP sings different tune on charter [9/22/2008]
    The Fiji Labour Party has jumped ship over its position on the proposed People’s Charter after witnessing first hand that the grassroots’ people are not in favour of this process, a political party stated yesterday.
    The National Federation Party said the FLP which had been part of the charter in the preparation of the draft that had been widely circulated countrywide was singing another tune.

    NFP president Raman Pratap Singh said that it was obvious that the turnout at the charter consultations sessions was poor. “It appears that Mahendra Chaudhry got a rude shock when he went to meet the grass root people after the preparation of the draft charter, the grassroots people were not in support,” Mr Pratap said.

    “It is because of this that the FLP is now changing its mind. He said the party had once again failed in its leadership of the Indian people to guide them in the correct manner after the coup, particularly, the charter process.

    “Instead of providing leadership, they have to be led by the people and change their views because of the objection by the Indian people.”
    “We say that that this charter process was carried out in the wrong manner and was doomed to failure.”

  2. Billy Says:

    Anything done with evil motives will come back to haunt the schemers, as FLP sneaky leader has found out, and snakey Sami is finding out. Only Vore has yet to wake up from the stupor and hynotism these snakes put on him since 5/12. Maybe the UN trip will do the damage…

  3. Billy Says:

    oops, spellcheck,”hypnotism”

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well, what goes around, comes around. These buggers were enjoying the limelight and thought the Fijians would blindly follow both Eveli’s and the Mara children, but were shocked to realise that these people no longer had the loyalty or respect of the Fiji people, like their parent’s enjoyed.

    Now Chodo Snr and Jnr are changing their tune and trying to distance themselves from the illegal junta, which at one time they worked so hard to support and criticised everyone who did not support it.

    Well, all those implicated either directly or indirectly will be held accountable.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s good to hear honourable Indians speaking up now , however , why didn’t they voice their objections previously ?
    Is it because they were initially behind the coup or because they were never behind it , except a select few , but were too frightened to speak up ?

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    I think was mesmerised by the money , not the hypnosis .

  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    I initially found it strange that FLP man Rajesh Kumar should oppose the electoral reforms in the charter farter thinking it was only his opinion. But it is getting clear that FLP realise the flaws in the proposals and are now singing a different tune. And coupled with their ousting from the ig it has given the impetus for FLP to object openly and with more vigour. They realise that the Indians will forever be relegated to the opposition bench with the superior Fijian numbers with the possibility of a worse scenario where the Indian representation is further eroded to a miniscule number where major changes can be passed without their consideration.

  8. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @PP just reiterating your points and beyond that is the fact that we all saw this but it took them sooooooo long to realize how they will be forever marginalized ?? The Rotumans jumped on board the same bandwagon only to retract. Sad.

  9. Tim Says:

    @ Mark: A bit of both. But one thing is clear and that is that the Indian and Indgenous would all have been a lot better off had this coup never happened. Societies and economies evolve and they do so better under democracies where better representation is attained incrementally and consistently. Trying to reconcile parties by ramming ideologically driven crap down peoples throats, or by one party trying to attain benefits by shitting on another is never going to work.
    The longer Frank tries to prolong things, the greater the resentment that will build. Look around Frank – there are plenty of exampeles.

  10. Adi Kaila Says:

    KB… My thoughts exactly….I still cannot comprehend the way those who quickly accepted the coup with open arms went about saying that the Fijians were racist?

    I have posted many comments here and have been labelled racist by the likes of that mimica budhau……My reply was that if I am defending My People I am glad to be labelled racist as I do not want My People The Fijians to be treated like second class citizens in their own country. If Fijians are to be treated thus then what hope is there for anyone else pray tell?

    I would never ever in my wildest dreams go to New Zealand and criticise the people of Timaru…………….God Forbid would I do the same anywhere else.

    The 360 degree about face is really something to behold! Sometimes I feel like saying ‘Well I bloody told you the facts at the beginning of 2006’ but WTF not everyone is as quick to grasp the facts as we on this site are nor as honest if I may say so.

    I don’t care if it is a KaiViti, Kaijaina, Kaidia, Kaivalagi, , KaiRotuma or whatever he/she calls himself – as long as he/she is born and bred in Fiji and they are voted in legally by poll – I say let the person and his party rule. We need to give our own the chance to let Democracy take place without military interferrence. In Fact I will vote for the party that rids our Nation of the military once and for all. Demobilise it for good and turn the fmf camp into another learning campus.


  11. skiza Says:

    I just hope tha the fmf could go back to the young, energetic, vibrant force it used to be by sending all those over forty-five year old threshold home. At presnt it is Dad’s Army. Give them time to train young leaders, get a UK Commander with a Chief of Staff, and send the rest of the old bludgers home to get their land ready for etahol processing with Jim and his cahoorts.

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