ADB decides no more new agreements with Fiji’s interim government – what now John Samy???

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Bloggers, this article proves John Samy’s demise. He used to be contracted as a Consultant for the ADB and only a short time ago received some kind of award from them, which means his involvement with the illegal junta should have guaranteed further loans from the ADB to help the illegal junta! This stance taken by the ADB clearly shows what it thinks of the illegal junta and John Samy! The ADB has stopped entering into any new agreements ‘based on the fact the bank runs the risk of exposing itself to legal or political risks associated with the country’s financial obligations.’ In other words ragone, the ADB will not enter into any new agreements, so long as the illegal junta remains in power! What a major blow!!! John Samy’s reputation has been washed down the drain for his greed for a moment of fame. We urge other lending facilities to follow the ADB’s stance and dry up this illegal junta and we wonder what opportunist Ah Koy will do now? Plant more tapi??

21 Sep 2008 02:24:46

The Asian Development Bank has decided not to enter into any new agreements or contracts with Fiji’s interim government. In an economic assessment posted on their website, the ADB says this decision is based on the fact the bank runs the risk of exposing itself to legal or political risks associated with the country’s financial obligations.

The Asian Development Bank is a major donor to Fijiand finances projects that benefit the grassroot people. Their committment runs into the millions. Now the Bank in its latest economic update says the ADB says their engagement includes consideration whether the new loan would expose ADB to additional legal or political risks associated with the country’s financial obligations.

And the number of countries, particularly ADB member countries and neighbouring countries that have recognized the de facto government or dealt with it as the government of the country. The economic assessment says it’s now unlikely Fijiwill hold elections by March 2009. The ADB saying with the continuing skepticism on the part of some of ADB’s shareholder Governments towards the interim Government, PARD (Pacific Regional Office) is of the view that the conditions set for the second stage of the re-engagement with the Interim Government in new operations do not yet exist. It says consequently, ADB is not proposing a resumption of formal discussions on a new Country Partnership Strategy or new loan or TA processing at this stage.

Adding PARD will regularly assess the conditions for new engagement, with the next assessment to be completed in September 2008. The ADB however has agreed to continue funding the The Third Fiji Road Upgrade Project and the Suva-Nausori Water Supply and Sewerage Project.

But with these projects falling behind schedule, the ADB is proposing to review the need for supplementary resources to finance completion of these two previously approved and on-going projects to assist in reaching originally targeted pro-poor development objectives.


17 Responses to “ADB decides no more new agreements with Fiji’s interim government – what now John Samy???”

  1. Billy Says:

    Digress mada SV, about the new look page. Reminds me of those special moments when I have sailed back to my home island and seeing in the early hours of dawn..the island in silhouette, brooding, and mysterious…sinking? No way I will let it sink.

  2. Jean d’Ark Says:

    The IG’s lousy management of the economy is legendary, so there’s no surprises here.

    But this ADB skittishness could also be the result of doubts over the IG’s ability to vette and understand the Chinese loans properly. It’s already unclear whether Fiji has already been offered the loans, or is merely entitled to “bid” for them. Morons like Frank and Cowboys like Jim would have difficulty with a proper loan application process even in normal circumstances. But now they’re so desperate they’ll sign anything, the possibility to over-extend Fiji and get burned by, say, exchange risk, is very real.

    So it’s safer to just stand back when they doubt whether the applicant knows what they’re doing, or getting themselves in for, or even if they’ll be around for much longer.

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    President Bernie [aka ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’] MUST dismiss bananasinpyjamas NOW to stop Fiji going completely down the drain.

    No self respecting lending institution would entertain lending money to this jaundiced junta headed by an idiot.

    Slimy sami must be lying awake in his bed trying to think of what lies and spin he can put on this.

    It has been a bad few weeks for slimy sami.

    Firstly there was the challenge by Mick Beddoes to give the expenses paid out for those in the illegal charter. slimy sami came off second best there.

    Then there was the revelation that slimy sami imported a rent a crowd of public servants to swell the numbers for the TV cameras whilst bananas mumbled his usual incoherent nonsense. It is disgusting that public service offices were shut whilst these people were forced to attend an embarrassing spectacle.

    Then we have slimy sami reading his silly feedback forms and suddenly realizes that their is very minimal support for his Year 6 essay called the military charter. He then extends the process by 3 MONTHS so that a group of 5 police can go at night to every door in Fiji and ‘explain’ the military charter and obtain under duress signatures from the frightened residents.

    Now we have the ADB saying the illegal jaundiced junta is illegal and they don’t want anything to do with criminals.

    Maybe slimy sami should think about an overdose as it is only going to get worse.

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    All you need now is for the u N to return peace keeping forces to Fiji and there’ll be no money left for the Commode and Co.

  5. qitawa Says:

    SV this is a bit old known fact in which NZ’s Helen Clerk campaigned. I think that is why the Chinese loan wa pursued by the IG. I think they were looking at Arab money too.

    When will we get our democracy back?

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    The ADB should have done this a long time ago and never deal with an illegal unmandated entity such as the illegal ig. I guess they were just being pragmatic and seeing how things would turn out. They finally realised that the pig is just an idiot who has no care or vision for the country except for himself and his military cronies who are holding the country at ransom and ransacking the treasury at will. Nothing could be better for these crooks than to hold on to govt and they would not want to let go just yet while the goings good for them.

    Slimy weasel sami still has something up his sleeve to fleece more money out of the pig which of course is tax payers money with the excuse of extending the charter propagation. Whilst most people know that they are flogging a dead horse they are still in the fallacy of acquiring the necessary support to pass the charter as an accepted regulation to be imposed on the people. 12,000 a month for doing bugger all is too good an opportunity to let go so up the weasel comes with this slimy extension proposal to further fatten his bank account. Opportunism at its height is on display. The pig just has to go along as he needs the charter and cannot see the beyond the deceitful facade slimy samy is masquerading for extending the deadline to December. $36,000 is too good to let up just like that.

  7. Nostradamus Says:

    The ADB is part of the UN system, so it is unlikely Voreqe will get anything in NY, even by dragging his pet mongoose along.

  8. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This FAME award should be shouted from the rooftops.

    “”””The Fiji Sun was the receiver of the Robert Keith-Reid Award for outstanding journalism

    Below is the citation.

    “This year’s Robert Keith-Reid Award for Outstanding Journalism is multi-faceted. It goes to two people who are not present tonight, and involves more than one publication.

    The main recipients are Russell Hunter, former editor-in-chief and publisher of the Fiji Sun, and Victor Lal, the newspaper’s UK-based investigative reporter.

    “To them and the Fiji Sun goes a joint and well-earned accolade. They receive this for reportage on highly controversial taxation, and other matters associated with overseas bank accounts of the former interim finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Mr Hunter’s leadership and support for Mr Lal and the Sun’s editorial team provided the professional context for what is arguably the best example of investigative journalism in the history of the Fiji media.

    “Mr Hunter knew that in the current climate he was putting himself at risk. But this did not deter him from pursuing the great cause of the public’s right to know,

    “Along with Mr Lal, he acted in the best traditions of crusading journalism. Mr Hunter and his newspaper paid a heavy price when he was virtually abducted from his home at night and summarily deported.

    “Victor Lal displayed extraordinary persistence and skill in developing and uncovering the story in a series of articles over several months. His was a fine example of research and analysis based on documentation made available to him by sources who were also prepared to take a risk. The topic was complex requiring meticulous attention to detail in accomplishing and presenting the facts.

    “To the Fiji Times and its editor Netani Rika, the judges give a special commendation for first publication of the name of the person at the centre of the controversy. It was not long after that the Fiji Times’ publisher Evan Hannah was also deported.

    “The judges wish to acknowledge the work of all journalists who have been threatened or intimidated during a perilous time for the media and yet have continued to stand by the principles of their craft in defending media freedom and the people’s right to be informed.”

  9. Billy Says:

    Congratulations for the well deserved awards and accolades. Indeed, investigative journalism must be the goal of every journalist worth his or her salt, it was what crucified Nixon in the watergate scandal, and could well be the lynchpin that brings this current chartergate scandal (keep unearthing the real motive for this so-called exit strategy) if not the Pressigate to its knees.

  10. Peace Pipe Says:

    What about our friend Vijay Narayan who also received an award. For being a ball greasing apologist who is suckering up to the regime. I guess in this world of opportinism everything is fair game and ethics has no place for those wanting to advance their own egoes and status. Same goes for another apologist Stanley Simpson. These journos are being recognised for their efforts regardless of the non principled stand they take.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    I’ve got $10 I can lend Francis and Co. the terms are very generous , no repayments for 30 years at 1.333333333 % daily and the mining rights to Viti Levu unitl the debt is paid . However , the loan must go it’s full term and can’t be paid out before hand .

  12. newsfiji Says:

    qori..trues up Peace Pipe..

  13. Billy Says:

    @PP: Adversity exposes the best and worst in people. It is good to hear abt the Fiji Sun & Fiji Times ppl that stood up to be counted at a desperate time in Fiji- they are true to their role as the fourth estate. Alas with our less than perfect society, there will always be those taking short-cuts, the ..dirty rotten scroundrels .. such as SS &VN climbers never mind how they screw in order to get to the top of the ladder faster than others. Sacrificing principles and ethics along the way..

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


    No money from people who count.

    Now they will try their luck with Chavez.

  15. kaiveicoco Says:

    add to the mining rights also add the fishing rights,the logging concession,the royalties everything.After all these Chinese will want and take everything.You never know Chaudhary may be working on some secret loans or grant from India on the sidelines.

  16. Adi Kaila Says:

    see that imroz buksh – it’s the honest ones who receive accolades – Proper journalists.

    Kaiveicoco – it’s strange that the chinese can’t clean up their own backyards first – they should use the money they are going to loan to help their own people that they prefer to kick when they’re already down. human rights abuse, poisonous milk, shonky buildings etc….

    You’re right about chodo – he won’t give up until he’s doubled his money – good thing Victor Lal – Congratulations Victor – is on to him and will expose his sorry arse. No more ladoo for chodo.

  17. skiza Says:

    May we get a indication from the President if any Goals or Indicators have been achievec since HE Presidential Address in regards to the IGs Mandate. Where is this country heading, what has been achieved? How it was achieved? How much has been spent? What is the required resource to achieve such? It looks like we are heading into oblivion. Please justify the renumeration package paid by the tax payers and ordinary citizens of this country.

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