Charter shortfall – too bad John Samy, the people are not blind says SV

Top of the morning bloggers. Well slimy Samy now gets a free 1st Class ticket to the UN with Vore. The extension of the farter Charter consultation period must be frustrating for us because it is a concession of his utter failure in that the people of Fiji have rejected his farter Charter. The poor turnouts all over the country overwhelming proves this point and the Methodist Church’s collecting its own Petition has proven to the greatest counter-punch at the moment. The recent outbursts by Chodo Jnr and the FLP’s questioning the wisdom in extending the Charter deadline moves them closer to their inevitable course with the illegal junta as their interests conflict and their both try to save their own skins. Isn’t pressure good to force Eveli 50c to direct ketepoka Teleni to investigate the death of Baleiloa. Eveli’s stupid comment that the Police should be given a chance to collect all the evidence, etc, when they should have already obtained them once he was brutalised and the officers should have been stood down then, but the illegal junta is now beginning to face its own kama. We at SV says memu sici bokala!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

THE National Council for Building a Better Fiji wants more money and more time to publicly promote the draft People’s Charter. NCBBF Technical and Support Secretariat head John Samy said the extension (of the public forums) to mid-December was something they had not budgeted for.

He said council members expressed concern over the lack of resources, and additional funds was something that had to be looked into. He would not say how much the Charter process cost or the amount needed to cover the extension period.

“In the council today, members expressed strong views about this,” Mr Samy said. “They feel this is very important for the country and that it should be adequately resourced.” Deposed Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes earlier called on Mr Samy to demonstrate a level of transparency and accountability for the use of $3million of taxpayers’ money allocated for the Charter.

Mr Beddoes also asked Mr Samy to disclose the allowances given to each NCBBF member to date. In response, Mr Samy said last week while there was an urgency to disclose and account for the money spent on the draft People’s Charter, they were waiting on the Prime Minister’s Office.

“We are trying to put everything together,” he said. “The PM’s Office provided the budget and we are waiting for it. “The PM’s office provided the budget and we are waiting for it. “I am not a civil servant so I have to check on the procedures we need to comply with before the information is released,” Mr Samy said.

When contacted for a comment on the budget, the permanent secretary in the Prime Minister’s office, Parmesh Chand, referred queries back to Mr Samy. In April, The Fiji Times revealed Mr Samy was receiving a salary of $12,000 a month after tax.

On the other hand, NCBBF members were also collecting a sitting allowance equivalent to what was paid to Members of Parliament pre-December 5, 2006 –– about $100 a day. Mr Samy said the extension would give them more time.

“When we started after the last August meeting we were looking at five to six weeks to cover the whole country,” he said. “The reason the council had stuck to the original time table is because the President’s political dialogue was to get underway and we wanted to be ready to put in the input on electoral reforms to that forum.

“Now since that forum has not even started it gives us more time which is a great opportunity because we can do this better.” Meanwhile, interim Prime Minister and council co-chair Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has, in a council communique, revealed his intention to promote the charter in his address to the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York and during discussions he plans to have with other national leaders during the course of the meeting.

Mr Samy will travel with the Government delegation to New York as an adviser on the charter related matters. The delegation leaves for New York on Tuesday and Cmdre Bainimarama will address the general assembly on Friday.


33 Responses to “Charter shortfall – too bad John Samy, the people are not blind says SV”

  1. church mouse Says:

    I’ll tell you something
    I think you’ll understand
    When I say that something
    I want to hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand

    Oh please say to me
    you’ll let me be your man
    and please say to me
    you’ll let me hold your hand
    Now, let me hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand

  2. newsfiji Says:

    John Samy – blerry waste of space!

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Indira Gandhi is known to have once said; “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”.

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    oh geez, no-one’s been around since my last post!

    By-the-by.. we have reduced evil ganilua from $50 to 50c now. How nice! That leaves JoN on the above tier with $2!

    Blog tiko ragone!!

  5. Tabace Says:

    Another prisoner died of liver complication? The prisoner was under police custody? Well another death under the IG watch by their death squad!

  6. FIRM Says:

    Thats very said to know,Bainimarama is a pig, Chodo is a choro,Epeli G is $50.00 promoted!!!

  7. Tim Says:

    Is it any wonder this band of dysfunctional misfits lost all credibility a long time ago? Now FijiLive reports the AG is urging churches to “Help Us”.
    When at first bullying, intimidation, violence, murder, arrogance, paternalism and stubborness don’t work, they hope tears and pleading will.
    Tuff shit fellas. Even if by some dint of opportunism you think you’ve had your way, rest assured it is only because of guns, threats, assumed rather than earned mana – all of which is a recipe for increased resistance and holding each and every one involved to account. It won’t go away!. Better an easier for all if the junta just did. None of you are actually flavour of the month, the year or the decade.

  8. Tim Says:

    I reckon I should put the above in terms Frank can understand: The majority of Fijians do not approve of you, your ideas, schemes, stubborness, image, arrogance, paternalism or anything else about you. They understand what you’ve done because of what you are.
    They do not want you, your junta, your Charter, your gvernance, your concept of having their best interests at heart, your ignorance, your tantrums, your double standards, your violence and cruelty, your cowardice, your unfaithfulness, your dishonesty, your ego, your small pecker, your associations with people who are basically ferral no matter how they try and tart themselves up, or anything else about you. In fact quite a few might even be moved to pray for an aircrash next Tuesday

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    are you sure it’s hands they’re holding ?

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Bloggers this is from Yabaki saying that it will pass if given time. He is so decieved that he cannot accept the fact, that time will only harden the people’s resolve to reject the damned Charter! Yabaki cannot accept that the Charter has failed because the so-called few ‘leaders’ of Fiji chosen by the incapcitated Iloilo got together and decided on their own what they think is best for Fiji. They totally missed the point, that what the people of Fiji wanted right from the start is an end to the coup culture and to hold all those responsible accountable for their deeds. Their taking part in this illegal NBBCF was a dead duck right from the start. Unfortunately for the tax-payers of Fiji after a couple of million of dollars, these lunatics continue with their line because they simple cannot accept their fate, which had been sealed from its very inception!

    Charter ‘will pass’ if given time

    The architects of the draft People’s Charter are optimistic that it will get the majority backing of Fiji’s people if given more time.

    The National Council for Building a Better Fiji made the decision yesterday to extend the deadline for public consultation on the Charter to mid-December after hearing reports on the month-long Charter public awareness campaign.

    “This is to ensure that the process is not rushed, the draft Peoples Charter is circulated more widely and people can read the charter for themselves,” said NCBBF member Reverend Akuila Yabaki.

    “It is believed that people will accept the charter if it is properly explained.”

    Following the meeting of the NCBBF yesterday, there will be a review of the Charter Consultation Strategy, teams will be appointed and trained, books will be delivered to households and people will be encouraged to read and understand, confirmed Rev Yabaki.

    NCBBF co-chair, interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has said that the next election will depend on the adoption of the Draft Peoples Charter.

    Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua director Peceli Kinivuwai said the extension of the Charter deadline indicates that the people who have been consulted so far have rejected it.


  11. Billy Says:

    Get real ncbbf people, the Charter will never see the light of day through support of the people. You can force it down, threaten, intimidate, extend the time, pour much of our hard earned taxes to promote it, but it is cursed from birth by the blood of those who have died, those unfairly dismissed, fraud on the Fijians and their institutions, God of justice, and law abiding citizens.

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    The reason John Samy is accompanying Frank & Co to the UN is so that he can lobby for his next job/consultancy. Once he signs on the dotted line the Charter process will wind up.

    Too bad CMAG. the EU Troika Outcomes doc. and the PIFS lobby have already done the damage on the ground. You have to work a lot faster, harder and smarter, clearly you are losing the diplomatic war.

    @Tim – too many of my very close friends and relatives work in the air and on the ground, so your suggestion that some may be moved to pray for an air crash is not appreciated.

    When the possibility of a malfunction crosses your mind everytime you take off and land and you do your 60 second revision when you hear the double ding, other people actively confessing with the words of their mouths and the meditation of their hearts they want you to crash and burn is just too evil to contemplate.

  13. church mouse Says:

    So who will write the speech at the UN? Perhaps on the plane trip they wll play rocks, scissors, paper to determine the writer.

  14. moz Says:

    Sorry to divert slightly. But found the comments on Fiji Times online funny, and interesting! Everyone seems to be singing the same tune way too well- and really giving it into the charter and Samy boy! So Chodo is really working very hard!. Read one below.

    Ramesh of Australia says…
    Samy is a conman and opportunist who only wants more money for his pocket and Voreqe is so dumb that he would probably give him what he wants.
    All this money could have been spent on more worthwhile events such as the general elections.
    John Samy has the same disease as Voreqe in that not only do they blame every past government for the problems we are facing but they think that their thoughts are gospel.
    If the military charter is the best that they can come up with then a primary grade student would most probably do a better job.
    A basic lesson in politics is to always to believe in your own promises to the people instead of muttering them for convenience sake.
    This charter is failing because Bainimarama is only interested in its contents to the extent that is will facilitate an immunity decree guaranteeing freedom from criminal prosecution for all their crimes thus far.
    This objective was the catalyst for the takeover back in 2006 after the multi party knocked back the military immunity demand and nothing has changed.
    FICAC is dead and the NCBBF is not far off for the same reasons as that suffered by the SDL multi party.
    John Samy is in reality clutching at straws.
    The wheels have fallen off this coup because the immunity objective remains unfulfilled.The one very significant and tragic consequence out of all this are the many cold blooded murders committed by the IMG in order to achieve this objective.
    This alone has sounded the death knell of the coup, for Bainimarama and his misguided co-conspirators.
    These thugs must not go unpunished.
    Fiji is in a freedom struggle.
    This is a public fightback against a crime syndicate in uniform whose only intent is to subjugate the country their evil rule of tyranny, crime and intimidation.
    It is the same resistance shown by the citizens of Palermo against the Mafia and similarly the citizens of Miami city against the drug syndicates of Columbia.
    We must rid our society of traitors like Voreqe and John Samy.
    The death sentence should be made mandatory for these thugs.
    It should also serve as a deterrent for any potential future traitor.

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    OMG WTF is this weasel going to NY for. He is just an opportunist making a quick buck in Fiji with his scam of a charter. For some unknown reason weasel samy managed to captivate the pig’s brain. I suppose it doesnt take a brilliant mind to gain the pig’s attention as he is so gullible.

    Like the pig, Sami’s trip to NY is just a waste of time and taxpayers money. How can he convince the UN on the charter when he can’t get Fiji to accept the charter. Oh yes I know how. He will speak to his kind in PM of India and Commonwealth Sec Gen another Indian.

  16. Nostradamus Says:

    What is with Yabaki coming out for the return of Parliament one day and the accepting of the Charter the next? Has he read it? Doesn’t he know that one is for a military government and one for the People? What potion or planet is he on? He sounds almost as brainless as Voreqe or is he trying to make more paisa than $2 Jo kaivata?

    Yep. Samy tagged along to an ADB meeting in Auckland with Siwatibau and company in August, 1987, and that is how he got his ADB job. First he wangled a “closed door” session with the ADB group to push his “victim” view of Fiji, and then next thing you know the chief “victim” is a highly paid consultant, soon kicked off the Pacific desk and moved to Hanoi, where his Marxist policies float like shit.

    It is unlikely that thei stuffed bulls penis walking stick will be able to pull off the same bullcrap 21 years later. His reputation and that of his current dickhead puppet Voreqe have preceded him. I would imagine even the Silver Fox will have some choice Rewan idioms to describe the situation with the court jester leading and putting words in the mouth of the emporer while the comotose pressy with 1st lady convoy the army back home.

  17. Billy Says:

    People of Fiji Unite! Let us take back our country before the puppet comes back or take hostage the ncbbf members and pressie. That’ll be fun!! Power to the People.

  18. newsfiji Says:

    Hey, Krishna Dutt’s revelations this evening on TV One News about rumours just before 5th December 06 that the leadership of FLP were involved in the impending takeover by the military!

    Well, Teleni their’s your evidence! Bloody step aside and let the treason charge be investigated. I’ve got news for you: you won’t be Pol Comm for much longer – you’ll be removed and someone neutral will be placed thea…then all the fun will begin coz every single person that supported and took part in this illegal regime from planning to co-ordination to execution will be headed for the courts – then ofcourse you’ll all be found GUILTY as charged and straight to NUKULAU you go!


  19. newsfiji Says:

    Bainimarama should just come out clean and tell the people of Fiji that the real objective for this charter is to acquire immunity for himself and his band of 40+ thieves who stole from the people of Fiji what is rightfully ours!

    We don’t need to know about this Charter shortfall, because we don’t care!

    What we care about is that the interim imposter government continues to use and abuse taxpayers money to fund something that is obviously not the will of the people of Fiji!

    When the imposter government takes money to spend on the charter, what it does is decrease funding for water access to the taxpayers, decrease the funding of fixing the potholes, decrease the funding of proper shipping services to the outer islands!

    This is corruption of the highest order.

    I pray that Bainimarama will be a man and come out clean! That’s a real clean up campaign.

  20. Tim Says:

    Sorry for the offence IB. I too have a daughter in the air as I post, and have binges of travel myself. It was intended as an example of the depth of feeling against the man – he behaves in the same manner as certain fundamentalists we’ve seen.

  21. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Not forgetting the media, Tim. Routinely attacking the media then turn around and begged for their assistance. Bloody joke. Drop the charter farter and return the country to the people.

  22. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Pondering how many more millions will Bai appeal to the likes of Chavez in the name of promoting the military charter.

    230 millions from China in the name of development

    But later revealed that the country is in the red by 230 millions. There goes the so called development

    Now they will incur more debt borrowing from the UN.

  23. Nostradamus Says:

    Luckily, UN is not a lending institution, but their banks – the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank are. Given the temporary and illegal nature of this IG, I doubt they would loan money. What guarantee would they have of getting it back if the next legal government does not agree with it. An interim government should not be allowed to make any long lasting changes. Unfortunately, this conflicts directly with Voreqe, who wants to come in (he says temporarily) and make fundamental changes to the constitution and everything else. No surprisingly, one of the changes would authorize him to come back in any time he needs immunity from murder, he simply has to say that anyone opposing him is causing “incitement” and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

  24. Peace Pipe Says:

    Hi Lina. Is it possible for US based Fijinans to stage a one day protest in NY near the UN with placards saying down with dictatorship restore democracy when the pig gets there. This would gain a lot of attention and blunt the super inflated ego of the brainless pig and his entourage.

  25. FijiGirl Says:

    Well said, PeacePipe. Fijians in NY and the wider US, please lodge your protest either by physically turning up to the UN and protesting, or writing to your Congressman or representative or the the NY Times / NY Post to say what needs to be said : Fiji needs Free and Fair Elections NOW!! Under our legal Constitution, no changes, no conditions imposed by the illegal regime.
    My real worry is, if the UN doesn’t stump up with the money (which hopefully they won’t), will Vore use it as an excuse to approach his newfound Chinese Uncle for more ‘soft loans’?
    When will this Bozo accept the fact that the people of Fiji don’t want his regime, his changes or his ‘New Way’?
    Just how dumb can he be?
    God bless Fiji

  26. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    bananasinpyjamas could always borrow money from his new-found diplomatic friends, Iceland.

    Remember that Iceland was the only country to talk to banans at the UN last year.

    BTW, has the icebreaker that bananas ordered for the navy arrived yet. I believe he wants it in case Fiji encounters a second ice age.

    What a forward thinker! NOT!!!!

  27. kaiviti Says:

    to all the people from fiji living in and around the new york area… let’s meet up at the UN and show our dissatisfaction to Vore on how he’s illegal regime is destroying our beloved country. we need to bring it to his face in the land of the free… what he’s doing in fiji is just not right and his trip to the UN is just a waste of tax payers $$$$… the people in fiji needs decent food on their tables, continuous running of tap water, better roads for commerce, more money to the tourism sector, etc.

    he should hand the government back to the people and wait to answer to all his court cases that will soon stack up in the fiji court system… NOQU VITI LOMANI.

  28. newsfiji Says:

    please please please can you people living in New York and other nearby areas do something to embarrass’ll be such a good laugh..

  29. ispy Says:

    John Samy is going to NY to do two things…

    (i) to write Bainimarama speech again (he wrote Bainimarama’s speech the last time Bainimarama went to the UN in NY), and

    (ii) to explain to their counterparts what Bainimarama is trying to achieve in Fiji through the Charter, because for sure as fuck Bainimarama himself doesnt understand what he is trying to do through the Charter.

    In fact, they’ve actually printed out a special picture book version of the Charter just for for Bainimarama so he understand it (and for him to use as a colouring book during the bilateral meetings that have been arranged for him in NY).

  30. Billy Says:

    @ispy, thanks for the update, the colouring book will no doubt occupy his time on First class courtesy of taxpayers of Fiji with slimy Sami doodling (drooling) over his shoulder, for last minute recitement of speech. Bon voyage, if I have my way, there’ll be no job for you two upon return.

  31. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Peace Pipe sorry for late reply only logging on now.
    I am on the west coast. For physical actitivty outside the UN Kaiviti’s appeal is the best we can hope for and on that score, Kaiviti, I can be reached — ask SV to forward my gmail address on this thread. I can assist from this end in other ways.

  32. kaiveicoco Says:

    I agree with Island Boy.Voreqe probably does not know and whether he likes it or not John Samy is smartly working away to add another chapter on his CV.So the UN trip is to show the UN how marketable the charter can be if in John Samy’s words give them a bit more time they will then push and fit in everything.BUt sorry Fulori, democracy just don’t work that way.

  33. kaiveicoco Says:

    bloggers, you notice that in the latest TV pictures that Bainimarama is putting on weight.So the good life is showing !!

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