There is no honour among thieves!!!

The military should hold itself responsible for the situation the country is now in.
Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry made the comments following a statement by interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama that past leaders had not done much for Fiji.

“Commodore Bainimarama and the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces should take some blame for the country’s situation rather than criticise past political leaders,” he said.

Mr Chaudhry, the son of Fiji Labour Party leader and former interim finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry, told the Fiji Sun last night that Cdre Bainimarama should stop criticising past leaders because they had made immense sacrifices for the development of the country.

He said the common denominator in Fiji’s past coups was the military.

“This is a statement of fact and it has to be acknowledged as part of the process to prevent further coups,” he said.

“You can’t blame past leaders. The military was involved in 1987, an arm of the military – the CRW was involved in 2000 and again in 2006. This is a statement of fact.

“Cdre Bainimarama is not being properly advised by the people close to him, people like John Samy who does not have an idea of how this country operates and they are only trying to justify their existence.

“They do not represent anyone and are not well informed about local politics. They have been ignorant of the role of the military in the past coups and in the affairs of this country.”

He said the police and military should not be involved in the Peoples’ Charter consultation process.

“They are signs of authority,” said Mr Chaudhry.

“They represent institutions of authority and control. Here are these people standing over us telling us to show support. Their presence can be very intimidating and it does not allow people to sign freely.

“I hope Mr Bainimarama takes my criticisms constructively because they are well intended.”

Mr Chaudhry said the country had great leaders after the 1970 Independence in the likes of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, Siddiq Koya, A D Patel, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau, Ratu Sir George Cakobau and Dr Timoci Bavadra. He even acknowledged the contribution of former National Federation Party leader Jai Ram Reddy.

“These leaders have contributed a lot in their own way,” he said.

“Why criticise them? It is a pity that some of these leaders are not with us today to defend themselves against such statements.”

Mr Chaudhry said it was time for the military to “stand up and take part of the blame because it has been involved in the country’s four coups.

“The military has been part of the country’s four coups – the formal coups of 1987 and 2006 and also the one in 2000.

“While on the other hand none of the nation’s past leaders has ever staged a coup to be in power.”

Asked whether his comments indicated that the Fiji Labour Party no longer supported the interim government, Mr Chaudhry chose not to comment. Military spokesman Major Neumi Leweni said Mr Chaudhry should clarify the text he was referring to.

“Once he has clarified that then the RFMF can issue a reply,” he said.

Cdre Bainimarama said at a People’s Charter forum in Lautoka earlier this week that Fiji had been ill-served by the kind of leaders that only looked after the interests of their followers or communities.

He said past elected leaders failed to provide good governance and did not ensure wise and effective use of our resources.

Cdre Bainimarama said past leadership had failed the nation over the last two decades since the first coup in May 1987.

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry could not be reached for comment last night.

Former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka had earlier said PM’s criticism of past leaders was his view.

Well what can we say? Its getting interestingly spicey, eh? A few questions and observation!

  1. Will the Military finally arrest Chodo Junior for inciting comments?
  2. Why should we believe Chodo Junior given the party that he belongs to and to which he provides legal advice, participated in the illegal interim government until a few months ago.
  3. We all know that the Fiji Labour Party openly supported the coup by Vore in 2006 because months back their puppet president Jo Cabbage Koroi stated to the media that the Labour Party would support a coup if the Vore decides to have one
  4. Chod Junior as a matter of fact accepted an illegal appointment from the Military via the illegal interim government as board member for the Fiji Sports Council
  5. The Fiji Labour Party only started speaking out against the Charter, the Military and decisions of the iIG after Chodo senior was shown the door by Vore and in return Chodo pulled out his other members in the FLP
  6. The above comments by Chodo Junior is part of the carefully ochestrated moves to slowly ease out Chodo senior as they try to ease in Chodo Junior as the next leader of the Fiji Labour Party. Just read the statesman like comments Chodo Junior is trying to make here. reminds me of the two Kims of North Korea, Papa Doc and Baby Doc of Haiti and the Ghandi’s of India.
  7. Continuing on from point 6 above we must, at every opportunity, remind the people that they should not succumb to this vesu mona from the Chaudary and the Labour Party. Are we going to be stupid enough to continue to allow another legacy of Chaudary bullshit, lying and swindling to continue to represent a large section of our community?  Are the majority of Indian community going to continue to blindly follow these thieves? If they do then let them suffer for the ignorance and blind stupidity.
  8. It has been predicted on this blog numerous time that there is no honour among thieves and one day they will start turning on each other. Well well well, the honeymoon appears to be over. Chodo Junior better start training for some sprint lessons up at Delainabua or is that reserved only for those the green goon cowards consider weak?





32 Responses to “There is no honour among thieves!!!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Some trivia ,
    Jim Backus , R. I. P. played Thurston Howell the 3rd. in Gilligan’s Island , also played the voice of Mr. Magoo !

    By the way , if you get hold of Stephen for the Movie , tell him I want a main part ?

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Jim Backus played the voice of Mr.Magoo .
    If you get a hold of Stephen , tell him I’d like to play a main role ?

  3. Mark Manning Says:

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    Putting all other remarks aside for a moment , this is simply an attempt to distance themselves from their own illegal appointments .
    It must never be forgotten that all those involved in this and previous coups , are directly responsible by their own implication with this regime , for the crimes against humanity , particularly since 2000 !
    The murders of the CRW soldiers in 2000 , possibly even the Australian helicopter pilot on the 5th or 6th of December 2006 after flying Mr.Qarase over military roadblocks in Suva and other Ministers to safety to the outer Islands ( not the Australian Navy Helicopter ) , the illegal abduction , detention and torture of men , women and young adults in Fiji , the deaths of those innocent civilians since December 2006 , the treatment of many others since this coup began and the recent murder of the escaped prisoner !
    All who are directly involved , the Military Officers , the opposition Ministers such as Chaudhry himself , the illegally appointed Judges and those who took up illegal appointments under this regime , must face Justice !
    It’s too late to try and justify , make excuses or put the blame on the Commander of the Military .
    Every dog has it’s day , and Chaudhry and Co. as much as Francis and Co. , your day is coming !

  5. newsfiji Says:

    MM: you’re right thea…it’s too late!

    They should all be charged and bloody well hanged for treason…Bainipyjamas, Chaudhary etc.

  6. kaiviti Says:

    What a laod of bull crap……all that hoohaa on Tv…whos he trying to kid?
    FLP has alot to answer for……may they all be tried and put in jail with life terms……including Jo Cabbage!!!!

  7. Lau Lass Says:

    The honeymoon is certainly over !!!! SV ha! ha ! ha ! maleka medratou sici !!!!

  8. Tim Says:

    How come Rajendra has had such an epithany? Could it be that the thing that turns them all on is shitting on each other. Well, well! Perhaps they should seek that advice of Justice Gates and Solicitor General Pryde. Bubba will be standing by to do the cleanup.

  9. Tui Says:

    Perhaps they heard that Qarase has won his case. And with Rev Whisky Yabaki calling for the ousted parliament to be recalled,hmm. I wonder what’s with the change of tune. Well choddo senior and junior are snakes and this 180 degree turn does not surprise anyone.
    Have a good weekend all. We ahve some very exciting days ahead in the next week. Take care SV and team.

  10. NadroKid Says:

    Some more questions. Can we use Rajend’s and Cos Damascus road experience to our advantage? Our goal is the removal of tyranny and injustice and the restoration of justice and freedom for all in Fiji. Should we work together? Can we work together with them? How can we do so? They represent or vesumona a major part of the population. Just some thoughts. In the meantime, e sa qai rairai vinaka ga na mata ni meke qoka! E da sa matalau na sarasara! Me la ju ga! Me la ju ga!

  11. newsfiji Says:

    E sa qai matata ga mai na matameke qo! They’ll end up backbiting each other while Qarase & company relax! qai clean out taki dina ga o Voreqe!

    The clean up campaign is in full swing right now…the clean out of the people with no principles – and for the world to see!

  12. Tuks Says:

    Rajen is worse than his father..He is stupid, arrogant and a wanna be in everything!!!. The military has to do the dirty thing on our behalf and teach him some hard lessons now that he will never forget. Maciu Navakasuasua’s punches in Parliament during the 2000 Coup has certainly had an unintended effect in giving the guy more self confidence and pride and making him believe that he is indispensible.
    Voreqe must cut him off now before Rajen himself will jump all over Voreqe left , right and centre. He must never be underestimated..

  13. moz Says:

    However how hypocritical the son of Chodo sounds with this nice one – wish the other parties would have come out with such ‘vesu mona’passion on this subject in the media! Lets expect him to punch more holes in that charter farter of Samy’s and lets keep that leash on.

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    slimy sami is off to New York to be the mouthpiece for the incoherent, bumbling fool, bananasinpyjamas.

    My guess that a 1st class return seat by Air Pacific would cost $12000 + hotel expenses of $10000 + alcohol expenses of $5000. This money would be better spent in the hospitals.

    Let’s hope that the USA deny slimy sami a visa as he has nothing to do with the Un Assembly.

  15. Billy Says:

    We can only marvel at the lack of wisdom as they turn on each other. Let us be still and watch while they tear each other to pieces. God allows things to happen for a purpose – to expose the evils of men, teach lessons and to test the integrity. Chod and son have shown they have no integrity and no honour and can not be trusted as its so difficult to believe the turn around when we know its all for personal motives. Sour grapes maybe? But for the better!!

  16. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Wouldn’t it be better for bananasinpyjamas to tell the UN that his jaundiced junta can’t handle the dengue endemic which is sweeping Fiji than to blubber about the military charter?

    If he confessed to having destabilised the health system to zero effectiveness, the the UN health people could step in and help.

    It is hard to imagine that bananasinpyjamas and his jaundiced junta are still having 3000 soldiers sitting around polishing their boots when they could be out erradicating mosquito breeding grounds.

    Maybe those soldiers and police who are out and about intimidating villages to accept the military charter would be better off dealing with the epidemic sweeping Fiji.

  17. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Perhaps the Australian and NZ govts could mention in their travel warnings that Fiji is lacking an effective police service and that there is a dengue fever epidemic rampant throughout Fiji.

    Let’s tell it as it is.

  18. Billy Says:

    @EFT,around a battalion of troops were up in the bushes of (Nadro somewhere) training..for what we don’t know. While poor people are working their butts out trying to make an honest living, here we have free-riding soldiers living free off the sweat of the tax payers, to have a free kana, free uniform, etc etc. No wonder they have become the “cowards of the count(r)y” as that country song goes. No real job doing, sitting round whole day, holding guns as has been mentioned above. We the people need to put a stop to all that. Otherwise they can be used to plant crops, clean hospitals, roads, or be utilised by the agricultural ministry for free labour in case a province or tikina, wants to develop their land.

  19. Zimbo Says:

    This break away fever from NCBBF & iIG and all is i believe all part of their strategy to get the charter accepted. Its the same socialist tactic to appear good to the people in this time of crisis and to be like the people’s saviour. With afew changes to the charter as suggested by Chodo jr. people will find him more acceptible than frank. & they will embrace him and what he stood for. This way, the charter will be accepted by the people.Like the socialist dialectic model of change they espouse. So people will just have to be more careful as “nothing seems to be what it is not” in Fiji right now.

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    This should be a laugh !
    What a bunch of tossers !

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    I wanna slay , as your plime minsta , we lub Fijee and alld da peeeples in herr .
    It’s wit munch priidde dat i slay howd happi I’m for da peeeeeples ofd Fijeeees eyelandss .Went I speeks at da Unitidd Notions , I wilt speeks as yours repsentives , I wils tels the warld thats , twogethas , we can doos enthings ifs we puts ours minds to thems .
    It is wit grates prides thats eyes repsents uses ats the Unites notions , mes ands myne regimes wulls doos alls we cans fort da ppeeeeeeples of Fijeees as we lubs Fijeees and it’s peeeeeeples . Goooodddddddds bluss Fijeees ant alls whosssss sails in hers . Your blubbed Prime Minsta , Presidonts Commode Francis Bananasin pinjammas . gooods nights to use alls .

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m going to say a prayer for Frank’s family and for Frank tonight , that they can forgive their Father and husband for being so misguided and that the nation of Fiji , don’t take it out on Frank’s family for his wrong doing .
    Apart from that though , it may be an opportunity for Frank’s arrest as he ventures yet again overseas !

  23. kainasau Says:

    These people must think we are stupid! Now a new drama is unfolding and it’s the case of the dog turning against its master. They are never to be believed or trusted and it’ll be a test to the Indian community to resist the FLP and vote for a new leader. You’ve really hit the nail on the head SV, ‘there’s no honor among thieves’ Period! And MM forget about forgiving Vore’s family members as they are all in this together. The only thing that’s misguiding him is his pride plus the fact that his pockets are now full, like the old Fijian saying …. Mata ni Takunea….loosely translated, Never dreamed to own/have it!

  24. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Isn’t it great to read reports that the military charter is being rejected outright by the people of Fiji.

    “”””An independent assessment of the People’s Charter teams’ consultations has revealed that the majority of the people of Rewa do not support it.
    The team was appointed by Ro Filipe Tuisawau.

    He said the people had decided to support the stand taken by the Rewa Provincial Council and Bose Vanua to reject the draft People’s Charter.

    “To date, of the 54 villages in the province, 45 have been visited with only nine left to be visited on Beqa Island,” he said.

    “Of the 45 villages, average attendance has been six persons to at the most 15 and in very rare cases up to 30. Of these, most have either rejected or simply not signed the forms.

    “In Lami Village, which is the village with the highest number of registered voters in Rewa Province of close to 1000, only 40 turned up. In Nadoi Village where Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama was feted not long ago when opening a church funded by the PM’s Office, only six turned up. Another face saving exercise had to be conducted house to house to get villagers to sign the forms and 70 signed forms were collected two days later.”

    He said the overall total support in the Rewa province would be around 500 to 600.

    This included those who actually attended meetings and approved and those approving later without attending a meeting.

    “With an over 18 population of up to 11,000, this would compute to approximately only 6 per cent of the people of Rewa accepting the People’s Charter and a 94 per cent rejection rate,” he said.

    “The chiefs and the people of Rewa have spoken with one voice and this must be respected by the interim government. The charter is now proven beyond reasonable doubt as rejected by Rewa.”””””””

    The useless charter people now have been told that slimy sami’s Grade 6 essay has been overwhelmingly rejected are now moving up a step in intimidation.

    Just imagine a group of 5 soldiers at night on your doorstep ‘consulting’ you about the charter!

    This is magabe at his worst.

    i wonder if bananasinpyjamas will tell The UN that his military charter has been rejected by the people.

  25. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Another brilliant editorial from The Sun

    The decision to extend the draft People’s Charter public outreach programme to mid-December can be neither defended nor justified.

    On the basis of cost alone it is a wasteful exercise. To this day the public does not know how its money has been spent on the charter programme and we also have no idea what the extended exercise will now cost.

    But there are other compelling reasons to call a halt right now. The interim government and its military guarantors have seriously misjudged the mood and desire of the people. They may well have thought that as the de facto regime, they would receive at least a semblance of silent approval for the charter. If so they have underestimated the will and ability of the people of Fiji to resist extra-parliamentary changes to their constitution.

    Turnouts at charter consultation meetings have been, to put it generously, sparse. By staying away the people have made it abundantly plain that they either do not want this document or are simply not interested in it. They have also very probably demonstrated that they prefer the leadership of their elected representatives, their chiefs and their churches to unelected individuals who very clearly have neither their mandate nor their allegiance.

    Now what began, ostensibly at least, as a consultation programme is likely to become a full blown sales effort in a bid to give the charter some veneer of legitimacy. To achieve this, if the National Council for Building a Better Fiji has its way, people will now be visited individually in their homes in a last-ditch effort to obtain the required number of “yes” ticks on charter forms. What that might cost is anybody’s guess.

    What is known, however, is that the extension of the “consultation” programme to mid-December effectively rules out a March election given the regime’s determination that there can be no poll without the charter’s public acceptance.

    But no matter how many “yes” ticks the civil servants, the police and military can gather by “consulting” people on their doorsteps, the charter cannot now be seen as having achieved even minimal public approval. The declared results will simply not be trusted either at home or abroad and the regime must know that. It is, as the old saying goes, flogging a dead horse.

    There is no future in this – not for Fiji, not for the interim government and not for the Republic of Fiji Military Forces. It’s time for a new approach. There are a number of options. The regime can simply impose the charter. It can abrogate the constitution in order to do so. And it can face the opprobrium of most of the world if it chooses to do so. It can recall parliament and ask it to adopt the charter as a series of constitutional amendments. But that is highly unlikely to succeed. Or it can keep its word as expressed by its leader, hold an election under the rule of law next March with the charter no doubt a central campaign issue. Of course it can also stick to its promise of no charter, no election.But what then?

  26. Billy Says:

    Or the people can just up and march against this charter and round up all the international media so that by the time he takes the stage at UN the whole world can see how this self-styled Magabe can not be trusted and must be arrested before he leaves. FBI get ready, or NYPD Blue?

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    This pair,Father and son , are unbelievable !
    At what point do they take responsibility for their own actions ?
    Why do they continue to live in denial ?
    I have to agree with his last sentence in this article though , once we accept the truth , but there doesn’t seem to be much accepting of the truth going on , on his part !

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    Rajendra Chaudhry , your last sentence in your article in the Fiji Times makes sense .
    But denial is not a river in Egypt and you are your Father are living in denial , so you both should take your own advise and accept the truth , you both have committed treason and are headed for jail .

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    Billy , Francis would be safe on his trip to the U.S. because of certain rules governing Officials to the U.N. However , he could be detained at a Fijian airport by Fijian soldiers or Police . Let the show down begin .

  30. kaiveicoco Says:

    Perhaps Chaudhary Juniour has finally recalled some vivid memories.I

  31. kaiveicoco Says:

    Perhaps Chaudhary Junior has finally recalled some vivid living memories.On the day of takeover of parliment in 2000 ( may 19th ) an eye witnesss in fact a member of the ruling coalition that day, told us that when the gates were opened a CRW soldier started going for Rajendra but according to the eye witness Rajendra and the police guard at parliment that day could have beaten Usain Bolt for the olympic gold medal for 100m as they ran for their lives !!

  32. Keep The Faith Says:

    Ahhhh the campaigning in full earnest by the FLP has begun. Now the entertainment really begins.

    Chodo & Chodo never cease to amaze with their propaganda. But the heart of the matter is that this revived round of elections campaigning is all directed at the Fijian votes, who they know FULL WELL they need a big slice of as the clear majority.

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