PIF & EN urges Vore and his illegal junta to respect the law!!!

Bloggers, this is the latest from FBCL. Well the pressure just keeps mounting upon Vore’s head and his illegal junta. This time it a joint communiqué from the PIF and EU, which are very powerful bodies indeed. SV commends the PIF & EU in continuing to hold Vore accountable and keep referring back to his undertaking in Tonga to hold General Elections in February/March next year. We at SV also ask both the PIF & EU that if Vore disregards his own undertaking, then all bets are off and total banning of the illegal junta, their families and those sympathetic to their cause from travelling to or through their respective countries!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


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The Pacific Islands Forum and the European Union are urging the interim government to maintain respect for human rights and the rule of law in Fiji.

The call has been made in a communiqué released this morning following the European Union, Pacific Island Forum Ministerial TROIKA meeting in Brussels on Tuesday. They also acknowledged there are long term issues in Fiji that need to be addressed through independent and inclusive dialogue.

The meeting recognised that a political dialogue process could assist in developing understanding among key stakeholders.

In addition the TROIKA meeting reaffirmed the importance of the interim Government honoring the undertaking it gave to Forum Leaders and to the EU in 2007 to return Fiji to democracy by holding an election by February/March 2009.

The statement says the elections should be held in accordance with existing Constitutional and Electoral Laws and that the interim Government accept the outcomes of that elections as promised. They say they are ready to assist Fiji prepare for that elections.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation


26 Responses to “PIF & EN urges Vore and his illegal junta to respect the law!!!”

  1. solivakasama Says:

    Ni votosa bloggers, but we thought to use colour ‘pink’ in contrast to Naivalurua’s ‘yellow ribbon programme’. Their essence are really the same. They are both cowards of the highest order and cannot be trusted to stand up and be counted when their country needs them in the hour of need, instead they rape, rob and pillage their own.

  2. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is kind of odd that the fight for our freedom is coming very strong from outside instead of within Fiji. We really appreciate the actions of the EU and PIF in applying the pressure on the dicktaker pig to return the country to the rule of law and democracy. Meanwhile the pig is still adamant on not holding true to his words and uses the excuse of electoral reforms first then elections. These bodies should now apply the full brunt of the punitive measures to squeeze this squealy pig into submission.

    News is getting crazy these days. We just had Suli Siwatibau on TV saying it would be impossible to hold elections in March 2009. My perception of this lady seems to have changed after she said that. I also heard Meli in the ncbbf presentation at a Lami Sch with about 20 or so in attendance talking nonsense of course supporting the idea of Fijian as a common name and a non racial country among other dribble. The common identity is very dangerous and detrimental to the Fijians.

    However one news item that seem to be a threat to the ig is the change of tune from the FLP who are now sounding opposed to the ig and the military in particular.

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Sounds great . Won’t happen though !

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    @Peace Pipe – I was also astounded at Mrs. Siwatibau’s piece especially since it was on behalf of TI.

    Do you really think Frank will take the EU/PIF statemnet seriously? Nothing seems to bother him?

    As for Ratu Meli & Di Fi – I just mute the TV when I see them and wait for the next news item or go chanel surfing.

  5. qitawa Says:

    SV what is being said is nothing new. Thats all they have been saying all along. So lets get on with something new that will get our democracy back. Some great ideas have been raised in this blog but nothing done apart from running down the junta and their families which seems to be making no impact on them. Lets consolidate the tangibles and work on them.

  6. kufuor Says:

    Good to see the Forum and EU reminding Frank about his forgotten undertakings.

    Frank and his spin doctors like to move the conversation away from their obligations to organise election as an INTERIM government and to focus on their mandate-less efforts on the Charter.

    Note how the first 4 items today on village news is on the charter. As if the charter is fixing the economy, assuring development and mending Fiji’s broken image all wrecked by Frank’s coup. As if the charter is actually doing something, rather than just a gimmick to divert attention away from what Frank ISN’T doing. Frank has no idea how to run the government. And the charter is designed to take our attention away from his incompetence and hypocrisy.

    Support the 1997 Constitution! Say no to the Charter!!

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry to digress folks, but as a possible solution for our friend qitawa, I just got the notification (late I know) for the RRRT/SPC human rights award for 2008. Look at their websites for more info and nomination criteria.

    My 2 cent bit is this – Why don’t we have an SV human rights abuser of 2008 award and publicise widely through our media contacts.

    We can have categories of abusers, liars, quick change artists etc. We could also have mutliple award winners.

    Some should get to Trish Jalal and at the official awards, some of their coller hip speakers can make reference to the SV abusers awards.

    Alternatively the FAME awards could also make mention of the SV awards.

    By the way I serioulsy think SV should be up for a human rights alternative media award at FAME.

    Whadya thunk folks?

  8. newsfiji Says:

    Island Boy: i think it’s a great idea! Just imagine when the dictator hears that SV was actually mentioned at the Fame Awards – oi, me tini vaka ca na awards…tini tale na tereni na keba o ira na media..wailei..sori media people but finding it rather ammusing coz Frank will just flip and order his troops to arrest everybody…him and his finger pointing and his usual “you don’t ask me that question”…wa..ha..ha..ha..blerry pepa vavaku..

  9. Billy Says:

    Why not@IB? Blogging is media right? So this is an alternative to mainstream media, and all the human rights violations highlighted here could make interesting volumes of reading and reference for our Dysfunctional HRCommissn. so much wealth of wisdom here.someone should nominate SV as recipient of both Human rights award and Media awards. Great first anniversary too!

  10. hopefiji Says:

    isa..we cant see to access Fiji TV…..some error problem. plse it is urgent..can someone post Mrs Siwatibau’s comments. If she said that , it is for a reason. Sometimes, media takes things out of context.,

    I know her personally, and she is a very principled , loving, humble and gracious woman. Her only fault is that she sometimes has a soft heart that manupulative people use to their advantage.

    Mrs Siwatibau is not an militray or interim regime supporter – she fundimentally believes in the goodness of people, and is an optimist thru and thru. She also believes in forgiveness and dialogue.

    So folks, please do not slander her…..because her heart is in the right place

  11. Billy Says:

    Depends on what she said@HF. If she said what she did, its probably bcoz her TI group thinks that practically the elections can not be held. But that is not her call coz that just paints a different picture of her. An ppl just need to be very careful what they say these days. But I can not judge her as I have not read what she said.

  12. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Mrs Siwa may need to pander to the views of the Hari Pal Singhs and Prue Rouses on the TI board. But technically, she is probably now correct as of a few months ago!

    Howeverthe point is that that situation has only been allowed to degenerate into that state because Frank deliberately dragged his feet on electoral admin ever since he gave his Tonga commitment for 2009 elections. So he is the benificiary again of his own deliberate transgressions, and I don’t think the EU or the PIF will be fooled by it.

  13. Peace Pipe Says:

    IB. its funny that I do the same too. That is to mute the TV or surf channels whenever the pig or iarse appears and talks on tv. These two especially are so full of shit and their tones and voices are unbearable to my ears. Parmesh although is part of the syndicate is more tolerable. Now we have Sir James spouting crap and starting to stink like the other two.

  14. LUVfiji Says:

    Maybe the EU and PIFS should try talking to the real leader of the coup – the lacklustre pretender – Evil Ganilua. Pretends to be the innocent party, but riding on Frank’s stupidity and loving it.

    A loser and a damned free rider. Macawa levu. Mai rawa taki loto na bula.

  15. IslandBoy Says:

    @hopefiji – Just for the record I did not and never will slander Mrs. Siwatibau. Like you I hold her in extremely high regard as a Fijian lady of honour and integrity.

    This is why I was astounded to hear what sounded like a pragmatic statement that seemed to propose a way to legitimise the coup in a process outside of Parliament.

    @Peace Pipe – Jim Ah Koy is out of control and talking rubbish. Note how Parmesh stressed the proper administrative channel to follow in the issuance of a TV operating licence. Jim just mouths off and has less academic qualifications then Mahen.

    Keep in mind that all of his business concerns have gone bust since he lost the government protection scheme he had going when he was the darling of the Alliance government. His PNG company bit the dust, all his properties were sold off in a spectacular full page Fiji Times ad and his rise to power of the backs of the people of Kadavu now lie in ruin at the bottom of some Rotuman reef. Remember his son in law heading Air Fiji, yet another commercial success story.

    I for one refuse to call him Sir, it is after all an honorary title, honour being the operative word. Ratu Epeli or Ross Ligairi should rein him in and someone should tell Frank that at the end of the day he will rue Jim’s appointment.

    Here is an inside tip for my Tau Jese W and Adi Kaila. I am not a lawyer and don’t know about statutes and limitations, but find out who was accused of tax evasion and actually convicted in court, and this way before our time. It was sometime after independence but well before the Rabuka coup.

    I was at a dinner in a foreign country some time ago when a visiting team of consultants from an international multilateral financial institution asked a Fiji statesman (not many of them around) his opinion on a certain government Minister.

    The statesman who was hosting the dinner actually put knife and fork down, dabbed his lips with his napkin and in a very measured tone said something like:

    “I don’t know him personally but in 197? (or 198? – I forget the year) when I was still the xxxxx, the judge hearing his case in which I was a state witness said in his judgement that he found the accused to be a pathological and compulsive liar and an intrinsically dishonest person. In all our subsequent professional dealings, I never had reason to disagree with the learned judge.”

    Vacava that kemudrau na noqu Tau for a gentlemanly elegant bullet between the eyes.

  16. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Naita, kemuni baci kila tiko e levu na ka baleta na turaga qo. Please tell us what you know, or it will be a dreadful weekend of wondering, especially if we see the concerned parties at the Superfresh parking lot.

    Apologies for “then Mahen” instead of “than Mahen” above.

  17. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei…au talega via kila se o cei e talanoataki tiko qori..

  18. ispy Says:

    Jim is a snake and a dangerous one at that. The concept of the new state controlled television station is a testament to the growing Chinese influence and control in Fiji’s domestic affairs.

    The new state backed television station will be nothing but a propoganda machine for the interim regime spewing out pro-Charter pro interim Government garbage day in and day out (FOC for the Fiji Government because it will be at Chinese government expense).

    This will be another CCTV kind of TV station with pro-Bainimarama songs, speeches and footage shown daily to try and brainwash the masses into believing that supporting Bainimarama equals patriotism….

    …or put another way, not supporting Bainimarama’s wacky cabinet equals treason, racism and corruption.

    Only one thing they forgot about is that unlike China we still have Fiji TV, MAI TV, SKY Pacific and soon PBS.

    Ergo, nobody will watch the new Chinese propaganda channel except the Chinese immigrants, the wacky interim cabinet and disloyal Fiji military.

  19. ispy Says:

    Qori, another idiot apologist crawls out of the wood works…

    According to Divisional Police Commander North Isikeli Ligairi

    “All police officers in the Northern Division will support the People’s Charter. We are part of the charter. As government workers of the day, we have to support whatever project that is undertaken by the Government.”

    Oi Ligairi, what happened to supporting the “Government of the Day” on December 5th 2006?

    Sona vuce…..

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    No testicles left in Fiji Police Service .

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    You can’t support an illegal regime , legally !

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    Commode , Presidnet and Minister for all things bright and shiney ,
    Francis Bananapyjamas , has renamed the Fiji Islands , Fantasy Island !
    This was inline with a Police spokesman’s view , that everything happening in Fiji these days , was like out of a movie !
    The Commode couldn’t be reached today , as he was too busy trying on new pretty Uniforms to match his bright and shiney new medals .
    A spokesman for the Commode said , it’s very difficult at times , it’s a alittle like shopping at Suzanne’s , where , you know , like the add on T.V. this goes with that at Suzanne’s !
    Imagine trying to co-ordinate all those different Uniforms to match the Commode’s mood for each day !
    The spokesman added , it’s particularly difficult during a full moon .

  23. newsfiji Says:

    MM: i’m just rolling around in laughter! This goes with that at Suzanne’s! Wa..ha..ha..!

    Hey, have you guys & gals seen the latest outburst from Rajen Chaudhary about the “army is to blame for all the coups and the state of the nation”…check out Fiji Live…it’s like OMG! So when did this sudden change of tune begin to seep out into the open….

    Too late to change tune now – when they bloody Slept With the Enemy long time ago!

  24. Mark Manning Says:

    glad you saw the funny side , it’s really becoming a comedy now isn’t it ?
    But Francis said they wanted to create a film industry in Fiji !
    And so as the water rises on the S.S. Minnow , the rats abandon ship .

  25. Mark Manning Says:

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    As the water level rises , the crew of the S.S. Minnow , abandon ship like the rats they are . Didn’t we all say months ago that as the mess comes to an end , the finger pointing will come .
    Talk about honour amongst thieves .

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