Don’t blame army for coup, blame Fiji’s people, NCBBF says !!!

Top of the morning bloggers. Now this was reported yesterday by Fiji Live. We at SV are absolutely astounded at the utter stupidity of what is coming out of the mouths of the members of the NBBCF. Here we see Peni Moore, one wannabe kaivalagi telling close to 40 people at the Lami Parish Hall last night, that the Army was not responsible for the Rabuka and Speight coups, but ‘some people.’ She then justified the Rabuka coup was executed for the betterment of the country and the Speight coup was executed because of people’s dissatisfaction.

SV asks Ms. Moore, then what was the Vore coup about? Furthermore, her justification regarding the Rabuka coup is totally wrong because Rabuka himself has admitted that he was wrong in conducting the 1st coup after following what Ratu Mara wanted. Also for Speight’s coup, she is also wrong because he was sentenced to death, then commuted to life imprisonment.

Furthermore Ms. Moore, the ‘people’ you are referring to was the late Ratu Mara, the late Ratu Peneia and other selfish and greedy politicians. Their selfish and greedy children continue in their footsteps today in participating in the illegal junta and giving themselves unearned promotion. Now this does not exonerate the Military at all, but makes them equally accountable in allowing themselves to be used and to disobey their own rules and go against all their formal training.

Vore is guilty of treason and to say that this ‘oath’ will stop the coup culture is absolutely ridiculous and if another coup happens again in the future, what would these useless members of the NBBCF say? Ms. Moore, your lies and stubborn protection of Vore and condoning treason makes you an accomplice and having not more then 40 turn up to hear your pathetic speech, proves to you how much ‘the people’ think of you. SV wonders how many out of the ‘less than 40’ were from your own entourage, but this is reflective of the responses from all over Fiji! Your days are numbered!


A consultation meeting for the draft People’s Charter has been told that Fiji’s people, not the military, are responsible for the country’s coup cycle. This was the comment by NCBBF member Peni Moore during the consultation at the LamiParish Hall tonight.

Moore said the 1987 coup happened because a group of people told the military what to do for the betterment of the country and the 2000 coup was driven by people’s dissatisfaction. She added the Charter was the document prepared to iron out the dissatisfaction people had and new electoral reforms would ensure that the power ultimately belonged to the people.

Moore said Fiji’s people developed a culture where everybody generally accepted coups. “The role of the military has been heavily discussed and there are recommendations on how the military can help Fiji move out of the coup culture,” she said.

Moore told the gathering that colonial rulers divided the people of Fiji to rule and from there on elections and representation in Parliament have been based on race. She said though the intention was good for communal seats now there were leaders who were dividing and ruling for their own selfish gain.

Moore told the people present that she joined the NCBBF and the Charter process because the country she had lived in for ages had become worse and there were no signs of the country getting better unless the people realised a common interest.

“The people have become poorer, the rich keep receiving more money while the poor stay the same. More people have been pushed into living as squatters and past governments have to be blamed for this,” she said. Moore said one vote-one count method of equal representation would ensure Fiji’s future. The consultation at the Lami Parish Hall was attended by close to 40 people.



50 Responses to “Don’t blame army for coup, blame Fiji’s people, NCBBF says !!!”

  1. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    OMG are these people for real

  2. Tui Says:

    Peni must have smoked a few outside the parish before she made her dumb statements.
    For someone who even smokes weed in front of her children and mother she has no iota of a right or qualification to be playing the righteous card. What’s more she just sounds like another idiot thinking she has some grey matter left in that wrinkled head! Sa rauta mada na viavia smart qai lala tiko na skull.
    The circus called the IG and NCCBF is made up of ganga freaks, no-family values big time choro LT’s, alchoholics, macamaca dra and kerosene, confused sexual orientation numbskulls like, Ariarse, Dr. Death of the No Human Rights Commission, Peni Moore, Tabakaucoro, Chodo, Vore, Lewinksy and Drinsky! Not forgetting gusu wa veli Epelinksy and pedophiliac Nailensky!
    Man we are in good hands! WTF!

  3. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    SV, out of curiosity would you please forward me that piece of correspondence where Rabuka talks about carrying out his coup after the late Turaga’s request ? I have crossed that here once before. I really would like to get that piece of document if there is any. I changed my email this time only for this purpose since my comcast will not take mail unless I put you down on Address Book .. which I will do at some point and time. Thank you. I hope you understand my need to satisfy myself on this score.

  4. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Ooops sorry here is the gmail address.

  5. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Geeze are we, the people of Fiji both on the ground and abroad really look or come across as dump to these NCBBF

    Se cava e leqa tiko

  6. Tim Says:

    Just as well I didn’t have the oppotunity to attend. I’d be rolling round on the floor with laughter. Their ideological stubborness is only outdone by their stupidity.
    I occasionally have to take breaks from this forum because the idiocy of some in this junta is overwhelming – perhaps that’s their greatest weapon

  7. penshu Says:

    I suspect this dakuvula chap is coming out with that crap of oath-taking by the military becuase he knows his monster Frank will be the next president – so its like bowing to god

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    Oilei!! Peni Moore is a complete nutter if she really believes this trash. This is someone who has actually no idea whatsoever what was behind the previous coups and fails to understand the dynamics of our society, completely.

    and Besides all of that, none of them can explain to any level of satisfaction just how this amateur piece of work will prevent furhter coups other than make them legal!!!!!!!

  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    SV. have you noticed how the rats are trying to distance themselves from bananasinpyjamas?

    * chodopu$$ got the sack and now he is changing his tune on elections.

    * rev whisky is now saying that I told bananas not to have a coup

    “””””Meanwhile, while defending his decision to join the NCBBF, CCF Executive Director Reverend Akuila Yabaki revealed that he had tried to persuade interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama not to execute a coup and resolve matters in a legal manner prior to December 5th, 2006.”””””

    * “”” NCBBF member Ratu Meli Vesikula clarified to more than 30 people of Lami Village last night, that none of the NCBBF members supported the interim government and the illegal overthrow of the government by the military.
    Ratu Meli said they were only there on the invitation of the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.”””””””

    * shyster has made 2 statements against fullchow teletubby in a week; on the treason charges and the police murder of Bugner. She is definitely looking for an escape route.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    “”””close to 40 people””””

    I wonder if the charter person who told this to the reporter did his head count by the old, tried and true method of counting the number of feet and dividing by 2.

    Apparently a one legged man who sat down for a rest really upset their calculations.

    ‘close to 40 people’ sounds like a whole lot more than 34.

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    BTW, keep on blogging good people as the jaundiced junta is well and truly rattled.

    The special meeting of the illegal charter people this week has ben called to come up with ideas to put a positive spin on the total rejection of the charter by the few people who have attended their meetings.

    It is interesting to note that at most of the meetings, charter members and journalists outnumber the members of the public.

    A big thank you to Mick Beddoes for challenging slimy sami to reveal the costings for the charter. They are now afraid to reveal how many thousands of dollars each member has received for agreeing to slimy sami’s work of fiction.
    They are afraid that the publi will be outraged when they see how much money has been wasted on this futile exercise.

  12. solivakasama Says:

    @ KB, our reference to Rabuka saying that Ratu Mara ‘requested’ him to carry out the coup is contained in his 2nd book, after ‘NO OTHER WAY.’ Remember, Ratu Mara tried his hardest to prevent the book from being published, but failed to do so. If he was innocent, he could have sued Rabuka for defamation, but trying to stop its publication, means he didn’t want the truth to be known.

    Hope this helps and maybe other bloggers may want to add more?

  13. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    It is amazing to read the theory these idiots come up with? How on earth can Peni Moore believe what she is saying? I am amazed someone didn’t tell her shut up? Maybe there were Police or Military in civilian in the crowd?

    @ EFT, they are now all saying the coup was illegal, but its bloody too late huh? They enjoyed the prestige of the NCCBF together with its benefit and now when they see it crumbling all around them, they are beginning to sing a different tune and are trying to exculpate themselves.

    Too late honey and you all will be held accountable.

  14. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that this woman looks dirty all the time? Is she on drugs or is she a hippie? I remember one of my teachers back in high school who was a peace corp and has the same look day in day out. And yes, she smells. I wonder if it is the same case with Pee More. How on earth can anyone take this photocopy of a woman seriously given the way she groom herself (or the lack of it).

  15. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ JB,

    I think part of your question has been answered by Tui above, but as to her BO, can anybody who has had the privilege of getting close, enlighten us please?

    Maybe my Tau IslandBoy will oblige as he has all the ‘inside’ information all the time.

    Qi cola!

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    Having served in the Military myself , I can tell you , that no matter what the public perception is or their views are on matters Political and otherwise , at no point in time , does it entitle a Soldier , sworn to serve the Country to which he is obligated under that oath , to even talk about overtaking an Elected Government , let alone being so stupid as to actually carry out a coup d’etat !
    The penalty for treason is death , for a very good reason !

  17. Mark Manning Says:

    However , having made the previous point , I do believe that there are divisions within the Fijian community , but they are a two way street .
    Those who wish to better their own personal agendas will continue to exploit these divisions , unless they are brought to justice for their crimes against the Community of Fiji .
    There is prejudice in every Country in the world , that’s why we have developed and continue to develop better laws and policies . To protect us from ourselves , it’s an acknowledgement I suppose , that we are not all perfect !

  18. Save the Sheep Says:

    On another point, no matter what electoral system is put into place, politicians will do their best to manipulate the system to suit their own.

    In Fiji it is a fact of life the people will vote for who they are must comfortable with. “Birds of a feather flock together”. Regardless of the system introduced. people will tend to vote along the comfort line whether it be race, religion, old school tie or socio economic grounds. In some places it is about who likes the same beer..

    Goodness me NCBBF, your naivety is nothing less than astounding…

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    ” exculpate ” I had to look that one up !

  20. Peace Pipe Says:

    The Ncbbf consist of people of low intellect and calibre like this Pee More. Most are spent forces way pass their use by date and are there making up the numbers getting paid and feeling important. They don’t even represent a wholesome number of people in the populace. Who does PiMoa reperesent? While most of her speech content mean shit to me what I resent the most is what she said that Fijis people developed a culture where everybody generally accepted coups. WTF woman, we definitely resent with every fibre in our being the event of any coup past present and future. We know its dire consequences, its illegality and how far behind it sets us back. We did not even asked these idiotic rambos to carry it out and they certainly do not articulate our vision for a better Fiji.

  21. qaru Says:

    it is her right and she have freedom to preach it…..she is the disciple of voreqe so consume what is good and cast out the nonsense statement. the good thing is that we knew who is with voreqe………….so u better watch out for this predators

  22. newsfiji Says:

    Who mada is this Peni Moore? Is she an expat or born and bred in Fiji? Blerry skinny malila ulu vakatoa!

  23. kafir Says:

    Moore is a part chinese/european family that use to live in Vatuwaqa, wife use to wrk for bank & hubby with government. they migrated to the USA back in the 80s. could be some connection hia..i guess

  24. megapipes Says:

    To Jone Biutiviti – yep u r right, that is the way she looks all the time. Untidy and looks like a hippy. I know from sometime back that she used to smoke pot with some chick I was banging but that was sometime ago. If she still looks da same, den mos probably sheez still hitting the bong!! Must be high on ‘appy weed and spoke on that charter seminar to come up with a ridiculous reason like that. Somebody should’ve dragged her by the hair outside that hall and beat her to death with a brick or something!!!

  25. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Economic Models explained with Cows – 2008 update


    You have 2 cows.

    You give one to your neighbour.


    You have 2 cows.

    The State takes both and gives you some milk.


    You have 2 cows.

    The State takes both and sells you some milk.


    You have 2 cows.

    The State takes both and shoots you.


    You have 2 cows.

    The State takes both, shoots one, milks the other, and then throws the milk away…


    You have two cows.

    You sell one and buy a bull.

    Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows.

    You sell them and retire on the income.


    You have two cows.

    You have 300 people milking them.

    You claim that you have full employment, and high bovine productivity.

    You arrest the newsman who reported the real situation.


    You have two cows.

    You worship them.


    You have two cows.

    Both are mad.


    You have two cows.

    Business seems pretty good.

    You close the office and go for a few beers to celebrate.


    You have two cows.

    The one on the left looks very attractive.

  26. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ MM,

    its great to learn new words huh?

    Cheers, have a nice day and let’s keep blogging.

  27. Groggymaster Says:

    WTF? Its someone elses’ fault ? The entire NCBBF should lock themselves up in a room and bang each other.

  28. Mark Manning Says:

    ex fiji tourist
    too true , hahha , love the one about the aussie’s !
    and yes tim , it’s good to learn new words , thank goodness for spell checker too !

  29. LUVfiji Says:

    Oilei ma’a-piqi. Why shouldnt we blame the army when they have conveniently facilitated the coups ?

    @Groggymaster – big lol to that one! Qori me maleka vei Penny!

    By-the-by, is this the same Penny that is/was married to Jale Baba, the former SDL mun?

  30. Save the Sheep Says:

    EFT – Either way, when the Cows come home you have none…..

  31. Jean d’Ark Says:

    EFT – Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! Good one!

  32. Na Dina Says:

    In Defence of Peni no More

    Ragone ogo na vakamacala nei nogu Naita dri yani ..

    At the far eastern coast of Lami the closed Lami Rubbish Dump has been known to release methane and other toxic gases that hug the shoreline at night. These volatile and dangerous gases when inhaled is known to have similar effects as a joint of eh..Navoha Mary Jane.
    More so (pun unintended) when in such a mind-blowing state there is a further ‘rush’ or ‘hit’ that creeps upon the unsuspecting from the Cement Factory to the far western Lami shore at night as hallucinate PCP inducing chemical smoke. This concoction reached its maximum toxicity at around Lami parish Hall last night when Peni started to vakamacala cala. The cumulative effect is the sweet ‘high’ effluent that flowed out of her gob last night at the Parish Hall…thus totally disorientating and disabling Peni- no more ..Io eh!

  33. Tim Says:

    @ EFT, those are good definitions. Its also why unprincipled, inadequate, dysfunctional, self-obsessed socialists like Bubba and Yippe-I-Aye Kai Who? end up being facists. It might also be why Island Boy suggested that I might like Shaista if I met her – kind of like that cow on the Left thing. Except she’s now the cow on the Right and she never did look that good. But she has been pulling everyone else’s teets for the past couple of years.
    Someone should put the bloody lot of them out to pasture.

  34. Tim Says:

    Na Dina: I was hoping the methane would have stunned them into more of a stupor than their normal state while the cement dust cured in their gut. We know they’re thick as bricks but they’d make an excellent break water somewhere as concrete blocks and it’d be a damn sight cheaper than giving them concrete shoes. They’d all be a lot cheaper to run in that state too.

  35. Dauvavana Says:

    @LUVFiji This Penny is not married to Jale Baba. Mrs Penny Baba, a sweet natured Australian lady is a total contrast to Penny Moore. Penny Baba is a journalist by profession.

    Penny Moore the ugly fuggely feminist being discussed here, for all I know has been banged for years by her toy boy the young fuckeround curu suka marujuana pusher from taba va in Raiwaqa called Kevueli. I think Kevu hails from Bua.

  36. Wailei! Says:

    It is interesting that such comments are coming from a woman who has not voted since the 1987 coup.

    As for kafir Says:
    September 18, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    “Moore is a part chinese/european family that use to live in Vatuwaqa, wife use to wrk for bank & hubby with government. they migrated to the USA back in the 80s. could be some connection hia..i guess”

    That is a different Moore family and they left our shores during the late 1990’s.

    This Peni Moore has got connections to NZ as I understand her daughter Jade went there for her education. The daughter is a very nice girl. However, as for the mother is a different story all together.

    What exactly is she doing as an NCBBF member? Has she joined in as a feminist to give equal rights to the rest of us pro-feminist? Or is she there just for her glorifications? What exactly has the feminist group (The one she is leading) in Fiji done for the women in Fiji? Apart from receiving free funds from Ausaid or other aid programmes?

    The contradiction with her and her principals is that: She is fighting for womens rights and yet works for a dictatorial institution such as NCBBF which has been spawned by the pits of hell of John Sammy and his little miscreants with its head horns Bainimarama. Who are the very people that are suppressing the rights of women, man and children. The right to a public assembly, the right to protest, the right to speak out. The right to choose etc.,



    Saying that; I would presume that Peni Moore is in this on her own without involving the “Womens Rights Movement?” – I bloody hope so.

  37. Tui Says:

    @LufFiji, Peni Moore was married to Mahen Narsey. They used to live behind Dragons nightclub. Besides Kevueli from Raiwaqa there was Jim from Caubati and a string of other toy boys that really is none of our concern. What concerns us is her dysfunctional background. This woman has nothing good or useful to tell us about raising a family. She lacks morals and is another of those leaches like Rev. Whisky looking for donor funding to be employed!
    These are the kinds of people that are attracted to the dictator and they have the gall to tell us how to behave? F@#%* off bleary wankers!!!

  38. LUVfiji Says:

    @Dauvavana & @Tui – thanks for that guys!

    Ia, sa baci kakaivosavosa tiko o Rajen. I take it we all saw and heard him on FijiOne National News this evening!

    There you go SV! You rock!!

    Blog on, ragone!

  39. kafir Says:

    Qori basika na dina about Peni Moore.

    @Walei, thnks for the clarrifications about the Moore in Vatuwaqa. I just guessd of the surname but have my doubt for any connection since it was hard for me to link them togother. with no offence, last i heard that mrs moore have passed on in life. She was a true role model to women in her days when she became one of the first local woman to become an Accountant, a well respected 2IC role those days in the banking industry. The role was mainly held by expats oftenly male staff. She was a hero & champion to all staffs alike esp the social rugby club members of the Suva branch she was in. rip mrs moore.

    Unlike this muaimurilevunafiretakikoya peni moore who seems to be putting on a great show attention seeker who doesnt have any clue WTF she is talking about. spoil the name & church,,bugger!

  40. Wailei Says:

    No Problems about that Kafir. I only heard that it was Mr William Moore who passed on. I did not the Mrs Luisa Moore passed on as well. Isa when was this??

  41. newsfiji Says:

    Wawa mada…ia, back to Peni Moore – i was hoping someone could answer the question where is she from? Is she local kaivalagi or just married that Narsey guy was her passport here to Fiji?? If that’s the case, just wait there – i’ll get someone to ask her the question next time she pops up at a NCBBF meeting.

    Who the hell does she think she is? Ma$@*($*@#2

  42. Billy Says:

    Mmmm Is this the same drug pushing Peni dirty moore with unkempt hair and looks like a maina bird or a belo coro vakavo? Anyway no offence to the birds they are of better stock than her, but who the hell is she for anyone to listen to? She is also a shame to women’s rights movement people, the kind of shit she is. Those who waste their time fronting up to these charter shit ins deserve the speakers they get. As for good for nothings like Moore, Dakuvula, Vesikula, Yabaki, f..all, these are the biggest racists in Fiji and are only supporting this coup cause they are wannabes who have never had any voice in the mainstream of Fiji’s society. So goes for all ncbbf members. Enjoy it while it lasts, cause when it ends, there’s gonna a reall big FALLOUT!!!

  43. sprite Says:

    As the charter farterers get desperate to be believed by the people, they will concoct more fantastic stories, confessions and testimonies that justify their being on the ncbbf, collecting allowances, collecting refunds for various expenses, becoming arsonists like the coupsters. They will say they have a higher calling, a sacred duty, they are atoning for past mistakes, seeking forgiveness for their apathy. The puffed up ncbbf idiots think the charter will wipe a clean slate over Fiji’s history, over their own personal mistakes (like ummm abrogating the Constitution in June 2000 or ordering the death of the 5 CRW) and give us all a fresh aromatic shower.

    Frank even has a messianic complex arising – see how he told the people in Navosa that he had a ‘special mission from God’. And then in Lautoka yesterday he says the 3 chiefs turned the Centenary Church into a ‘marketplace’. The man is going loony and having even more delusions! He really should’ve gone for counselling after 2000 rather than thinking he should be army commander for life.

    They really need to get over themselves, thinking they are giving us ideas we never had! But we need to be aware that as time goes on and their ‘group think’ and brainwashing don’t work on the people, they will get even more desperate. The delusions of Frank, Penny, Dakuvula, Yabaki etc will get even more fantastic and rather than getting caught up and doing the brain twisting to make sense of it, we should simply reject it and remind them to give it up already.

  44. IslandBoy Says:

    Peni Moore (this is her Fijian kalcha version of Penelope)was already a fringe dweller before the coup, so she thought she would join the NCBBF and get back in the local limelight.

    BIG MISTAKE! – Believe me she was irrelevant to the NGO Human Rights Coalition then and she is even more marginalised now and is not even world famous in Fiji.

    When was the last time the Womens Action for Change did something with any lasting impact. Their acronym is not WAC for nothing. They really are as their name indicates.

    All she does is go around trying to be dramatic off stage with self delusional dreams of being a famous theatrical producer, that weed must surely be toxic! She was trying to be like Vanuatu’s Wan Smol Bag but failed miserably.

    Little does she realise the NGO movement requires you walk the talk!

    To maintain integrity the NGO Human Rights Coalition should kick out Akuila Yabaki, Peni Moore, Kevin Barr, ECREA, CCF and all members supporting the illegal regime.

  45. LUVfiji Says:

    whatever you say, Turaga Nite!

  46. Belijo Says:

    Penny Moore is a female activist for the Fiji Women’s Rights group who in the early 1990’s promoted male and female equality who was often unpopular in relaying her messages to secondary school students in Fiji.

  47. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Well thanks for that SV – on its face that is a hard pill to swallow. I will try to speak to the man himself and see if I can buy off of him a copy of that infamous book.

  48. Tui Says:

    Nothing wrong with promoting women’s rights. Question is which group is Peni Moore working with right now? Have they been good examples of working towards a better society? Have they been promoting human rights in Fiji lately?
    She was not popular with secondary schools because of her drug addiction. I’ve had first hand experience with her smoking weed with the husband and in front of her mother Barbara, and the two kids.
    Let’s face it Beligo, do you want our society to go down that path?
    The solid foundation of any great nation is a strong family unit. Great nations were founded on that principle. You take that away, the nation collapses!
    Peni Moore is not a good example of a wholesome family! Therefore she should talk less because every time she or the NCCBF say anything, they just sound hollow, meaningless and downright stupid!

  49. Claude Says:

    Each time that peni moore opens her mouth shit comes out of it! Hv a great weekend SV and y’all!

  50. Billy Says:

    PM, JD,AY are better ignored as the empty vessels that drum up more SOUND, loud sounding nothings with the taxpayer funded ncbbf money to prop them up when their NGO runs out of funds. Desperadoes. You come from the fringe you remain in the fringe Peni Mua.

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