Provide evidence of imposition says Bainimarama

Top of the morning bloggers. It is unfortunate that we had to cut short our 1st birthday celebrations yesterday to report on the unfortunate death of Josefa Baleiloa. Well this morning Sanjay Goundar reports Vore’s challenge to the ‘converted’ to show evidence of the imposition of the Charter upon the people of Fiji. This bastard lies through his teeth and does not bat an eye lid at all. His deception has overpowered him, that he no longer can tell reality, which is a dangerous sign because he no longer is a dictator, but is fast becoming a tyrant. The evidence of imposing of the Charter is simply this Vore – why are you now making it a condition precedent, that unless the Charter has been accepted by the people of Fiji, there will be no General Elections? Isn’t that imposing your will and forcing people to accept the Charter if they want a General Election? SV exhorts its bloggers to spread the word to oppose the Charter and see what this tyrant will do next. Mark our words, if people mistakenly think that by embracing the Charter, it will ensure General Elections, they will be sadly disappointed because this bastard no longer has any shed of decency left in his bones. We at SV call upon the people of Fiji to stand and oppose the Charter!!!
17-Sep-2008 08:47 AM

INTERIM Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama yesterday called on all opponents of his government to provide evidence that the military council would act as dictators and impose the Peoples Charter on the nation.

Speaking at the Charter consultative meeting at Lautoka Churchill Park’s yesterday Bainimarama stressed that much has been said by their opponents that he and the military council would shove down the Charter on the people.

He pointed out that the people should judge from the facts provided by them and not let others decide for them. “What evidence have they provided to you that I have imposed and not consulted? The short and simple answer is none. All the evidence proves to the contrary,” Bainimarama said.

“The NCBBF as an independent body has been consulting in the most thorough and efficient manner that our country has ever known or seen. It is my earnest desire and commitment to work for a broad-based consensus on the way forward for Fiji,” he added.

Bainiarama urged political leaders to come forward and dialogue in going forward now, for the sake of the nation’s future and to demonstrate the love of our country. “The draft Peoples Charter should be used as a basis for opening dialogue and to develop consensus on moving Fiji forward,” he said.

Bainimarama reiterated that elections would never take place without the Peoples Charter being implemented. However, he emphasised that he will not unilaterally impose the draft Peoples Charter upon the people of Fiji on an all or nothing basis.

“The draft Peoples Charter is not my document. It is a document drafted by a consultative and broadly representative group, through a transparent process of extensive consultations with the people of Fiji right across the country.

“I have said this before and will repeat this draft Peoples Charter document remains such that is a draft until the majority of Fiji ’s people embrace it. “Only then it becomes the Peoples Charter, representing the collective will of the people of Fiji. It will not be and cannot be, the Bainimarama charter or the RFMF charter or the charter of the interim Government.”



25 Responses to “Provide evidence of imposition says Bainimarama”

  1. iceman Says:


  2. Mark Manning Says:

    What a croc of shit this idiot goes on with !
    The dribble that comes out of his mouth !
    It’s hard to understand why the Soldiers of Fiji even listen to this clown and reflects on their own mental capacity . They seem to have the intelligence of infantiles!

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    I have to ask , what is the minimum requirement to join the Military in Fiji ?
    Big feet , no job , just what are the requirements ?

  4. Pusiloa Says:

    @ MM be a good “ball greaser” and your in….

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    This man Bainimarama is totally dysfunctional. But Hey the Moon is full after all.

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    This crap of a pig is a blatant liar who is tripping all over himself with all the lies he has been spouting. While he appeals to the people to accept the so called peoples charter farter he threatens them that if it isn’t there won’t be an election. He is trying to accomplish the charter through all means possible using government resources, threat, coaxing and his band of propaganda team. Everything is illegal until a properly elected government comes in and pass the charter or whatever into law. He is like playing a poker gamble and raising the ante even though we all know he has a very poor hand and will lose the bet.

  7. Jean d’Ark Says:

    What use is “consulting” when you are not doing so with a properly representative group?

    And what does the word “consulting” mean in Bainimarama’s mind anyway? There is little effective difference between imposition, and his “No Charter, No Elections” ultimatum. The whole point of real consulting is to canvass peoples’ opinions and work form there. By contrast, the whole point of Bainimarama’s consultations is to stop Fiji “moving forward” until he gets the answer he wants.

    But even if he does somehow manage to contrive the appearance of popular support, how sustainable will that be? It would not survive even one national crisis without the support of Bainimarama’s force-line micro-management oversight.

    So he’s basically got to stay in power forever for the Charter to survive, because without all the current back-door manipulation assistance he is giving it, it’s a dead-duck! (And even with Government’s support, its only a lame duck)

  8. iceman Says:

    The guy just need a bullet in his forehead..End of story.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    Lets digress, folks. This could be a stress reliever. Enjoy reading how Frank’s world is slowly crumbling in this extract from RFN: E dou na kasura kece! (btw this is daughter no. 2. The howell rd one is first daughter)

    Frank’s daughter booted out from NZ
    September 16, 2008
    Frank’s eldest daughter is back in Fiji after her PR visa was revoked by the NZ government. Sources say that the said daughter is now working at a Telecom Fiji subsidiary called Transtel. They said that it was her father who used his Telecom Board members to find work for his distressed daughter.

    Some sources have also confirmed that the girl’s husband has left her after deciding to cut all ties with her to alllow him to stay on in New Zealand. The guy who is said to hail from Nadroga is believed to be with someone else and has disassociated himself from Frank’s daughter.

    And the couple’s 13 years old daughter is now believed to be attending Fiji’s most expensive private school, International Secondary School in Suva. Sources say that her school fees alone would be in the vicinity of $15,000 per year which they say is beyond what her mother is getting as her annual salary. They say that it won’t be surprising if the fees is from the lump sum $180,000+ compo her deceitful grandfather Frank received in February from Mahendra Chaudhry

  10. EnufDictatorship Says:

    I sit here and watch the fog and traffic hang over this beautiful bridge infront of me and really, as educated as I know I am (hmmmmmmm), I really cannot comprehend nor try and find a word to describe this despicable man!

    We have gone round and round with adjectives to describe him and his thinking and we ALL know what kind of a man he is. Our adjectives does not seem to be working.

    So, how can we collectively find some sense of being at peace when a lunatic like Vore is on the loose.


    A bullet like iceman suggested would be one but that will make him not witness and face the consequences of his actions.

    So, for now, I will look forward to find out and know how his fruits, his children and grandchildren are going to fare in the future.

    Bcos with Rabuka, we were so unaware that the word coup even existed.
    With Speight we were just in shock!
    Now with Vore, we are saying, Enough is Enough you dickhead, under-educated, imbecile!

    Ok..enuf already with the vent..another day, another dollar.

    God bless u bloggers and our beloved Fiji!

  11. EnufDictatorship Says:

    OMG!!!! LuvFiji..I have just posted my piece and there was yours….Man! God is good huh..wachah say bloggers!!!!!

    Oh man, it’s our birthday! it’s our birthday! it’s our birthday!!!

    Oh man..just made my day…my heart literally lifted and soared with this news..LuvFiji…jeezz I could just dance right now..dua mada mai na sere meda butu kai!!!

  12. Tim Says:

    Give me fricken strength! I’ve just been through all sorts of Frank-and-junta speak over the past couple of years (including the minutes of the Wellington meeting prior to the coup, “the roadmap”,”The Commander’s Intent” (2008), all the little side shows including agents provocateur supposedly undermining authority and posing a threat, and Shamimmees outbursts), and there just is not consistency, logic, basic bloody intellect or consistency to this Freak of Nature. The best that can be said of others in the junta is that old ideological adage “that people act in their own self-interest”. Well this bugger’s muddle seems to be the perfect example even when an entire nation is at stake.

  13. Tim Says:

    *like I said – I’m not good with the backspace key or typing. But you get the idea. The man’s just as Helin Kluk! asserted way back when and he can only garner any support from others with their own little pecadillos they’d rather remain in the closet. “We have a madman on our hands”.
    Fcuk with a feather duster! Frank does nothing to disprove Helin’s assertion. It really is Pythonesque

  14. Tim Says:

    Fiji……the way the World should be. Not bloody likely.
    Now let’s consider too all this bluster of the junta in light of a load of other “masters of the universe” wreaking havoc in the world’s economy.
    Then let’s imagine Fiji’s economic situation had not the coup happened.
    This pisspot little wanna-be dictator seeks to assure everyone that all is under control? Yea right!

  15. Tim Says:

    @EnuffD: Well life’s like that aye but at least here in NZ we are able to elect dickheads and imbeciles. One might be rearing its head not long after November, and Australia has just managed to rid itself of one through the will of its people.

  16. Tim Says:

    @LuvFiji: Hopefully it might be a reminder to the junta’s members that the potential for “smart sanctions” are wider than obviously imagined.
    Governments elsewhere have already demonstrated how they are able exercise authority, and of course this junta and it’s apologists cannot moan with any authority. They have a right to their sovereignty just as Frank expects Fiji has a right. Problem for Frank is, he pissed all over Fiji’s a couple of December’s ago.

  17. Tim Says:

    Hey people all: Isn’t about time we heard another outburst from Shamimmee. The last time I suggested we were due for one from Bubba-the closet Queen, out came one right on cue.
    Shamimmee: You show ’em aye? Let’s see ya guns blazing (if you can get off your tragic ass and get your shit together without resorting to da urb)

  18. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    The imbecile was yesterday criticizing the three paramount chiefs who went to show their support to the Mehtodist Church. He said that Ratu Apenisa was definitely not speaking on his behalf and that Ratu Naiqama and Ro Teimumu have no mandate to speak for their people……Firstly, in saying that Ratu Apenisa is not speaking on his behalf, he IS admitting and actually recognising Ratu Apenisa as his paramount chief. Secondly, it is an insult to the people of Cakaudrove and Rewa for him to say that they are not speaking on their behalf. It is the direct power of the turaga Tui Cakau that stopped the Farter Charter team from entering any village in Cakaudrove and then later on they were allowed in for consultation because Ratu Naiqama said so. The kind of power that the imbecile can only dream of. As for the marama Roko Tui Dreketi, she is widely respected not only in her province and her confederacy but in the whole of the Fiji Islands. The kind of respect that the imbecile can only dream of too. Now, in the Fijian culture, when a person does what the imbecile is doing, he is not worth respect because obviously he has gone coo coo. And with all the mana of the three high chiefs put together, he is on his way direct to the land of the never never. Bon Voyage imbecile.

  19. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @Tim…u’re true there but the difference with this imbecile…he does not have the vocabulary PATIENCE in his repertoire of words..hmmmmm…well, don’t we know that huh?

    Bcos that is what we democracy supporters believe in..that imbecile politicians will get their time in the limelight and then after that….bye! bye! better luck another time, which means for us…our livelihoods are still intact while we go on to another chapter rather than STEP BACK 20 YEARS LIKE THESE STUPID COUPSTERS KEEP TAKING US TO.

    @JB..true again bro…witnessed it first-hand at sa sega gona ni vakaraitaka na veirokovi vakaturaga vei ira na noda Turaga/Marama ni veiyasana kei na veidelaniyavu, the village wekas have no time for him (well at least mine anyways), except I guess for the gullible ones frm some parts of Fiji.

    Ia na nona gauna ena yaco mai!

  20. newsfiji Says:

    Wailei…ma*$@&#*(@(%&#@ to this dicktator! Blerry half school mag#(@)$%*@(%!

    Eu spoil my church ga!

  21. Dauvavana Says:

    The reality of the fisherman from Kiuva is that without the guns and goons he controls and uses to bully people to suppression, he is nothing…….whereas for the three paramount chiefs and direct descendents of chiefs that ceded Fiji to Britain, they do not need guns or the need to rulel with tyrany and cruelty to make people obey. They just speak and their words a mana to the people they rule.

  22. bodyguard Says:

    to the FMF soldiers…dou veicai vakaukauwa ga kei nomudou koma-da.

    na lasu sa papaku qai matailelevu mai na matani meke.

  23. Imroz Buksh Says:

    I believe that this forum is just another shithole!!! The administrators have no dignity and one could easily realise from comments in here that Qarase and Co are being supported by filthy minded people. It is no wonder that the Army took over,God really works in mysterious ways!!!

  24. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Imroz,

    as the saying goes, ‘birds of the same feather, flock together”, so if you think this forum is ‘just another shit hole’, then you too must be full of shit!

    Believe you me, you haven’t seen God’s mysterious ways yet!

  25. solivakasama Says:

    BTW Imroz, please realise that we are a public forum facilitating discussions on Fiji’s political situation on many other issues as well, which pops up from time to time.

    The mere fact, we allow stupid comments like yours, shows our broadminded approach and even will accommodate fools like you.

    If you feel too disgusted or simply cannot keep with the flow, then look elsewhere?

    Simple as ABC huh?

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