Bainimarama is a dictator

political party has likened recent actions by interim prime minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to those of a dictator and tyrant.
National Federation Party president Raman Pratap Singh said a recent comment by the military commander and 2006 coup front man that the proposed political forum will not be held if the draft People’s Charter is not accepted by the political parties spoke volumes about his character and credibility.”And in doing so, he is making not only himself but the nation a laughing stock in the international community,” said Mr Singh.

“It shows Commodore Bainimarama never was sincere about his commitment to the European Union and the Pacific Islands Forum leaders to hold free and fair elections by March 2009.

“How many more times will Cdre Bainimarama shift the goal posts on this issue?

“Bainimarama continues to change his tune. First, he said an election was anybody’s guess. Then came his commitment of March 2009. Bainimarama then changed course to say elections would be held in 2010. In May this year, he said no charter, no election. A few weeks after while addressing his troops, the army commander said elections would only be held after completion of the clean up campaign to eradicate corruption. Early last week he told a local radio station if it takes 20 years to gather support for the charter only then will elections be held and now he is saying the political forum will not be held if the charter is not accepted by political parties.”

He said with such statements Cdre Bainimarama was inevitably leading Fiji towards complete isolation from the international community and bringing social and economic ruin to the people.

The above reporting from the Fiji Sun is a true reflection of the sorry sad state we are being led and something has got to be done to take this tyrant out. Period!


22 Responses to “Bainimarama is a dictator”

  1. kaiveicoco Says:

    I was just watching the documentary on Indonesia on ABC television. According to one prominet Indonesian lady who was interviewed, President Suharto was like this ” what he gave with one hand he took away with the other hand ” !! Bainimarama is just like Suharto now with all these false promises, rairai beka

  2. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    Bloggers, this is from ‘White back(side)’. He is such a hypocrite like his master Yabaki. The guarantee that will eradicate the coup culture from Fiji and the dictator himself will also swear this oath? Are they for real? Is this the best they can come up with after getting those sitting allowances, whilst the masses struggled in Fiji?

    If the current laws and Constitution did not prevent Rabuka & Vore from committing treason, how on earth is this oath going to guarantee stability? Change must come from ‘within’ through a change of ‘hearts and minds’ to abide by the law, and never from without like the Charter.

    Changes imposed from without, will always revert to the law of the jungle and gullible people like Rabuka and Vore easily enticed by lust, greed and selfish people.

    New Clause in RFMF Oath Allegiance
    Publish date/time: 17/09/2008 [16:00]

    The Military Commander and members of the Fiji Military Forces will take a new oath of allegiance that none of them will take part in a coup in the future.

    Speaking on a talkback on our sister Station Viti FM today, National Council of Building a Better Fiji member Jone Dakuvula revealed that a new clause will be inserted into the RFMF Oath of Allegiance and all of them will have to take an oath and pledge to the President that they will never be involved in another coup.

    Dakuvula said that NCBBF believes that this will stop the involvement of Military and its officers in carrying out the illegal act and could help put an end to the coup culture in Fiji.

    Meanwhile, consultations on the draft Peoples Charter continues in various centers around the country.

  3. Save the Sheep Says:

    Thanks, I think this post is the evidence we VB was looking for as requested in the last post.

    The RFMF Oath of Allegiance will mean nothing if this Charter is passed making it ‘Legal’ for the Military to step in whenever they want….

    So sad that the RFMF is so full of IDIOTS….

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    This may be a time for reflection !
    Anyone who supported the previous coups , is as much responsible as Francis and Co.
    If we accept that one Law can be broken to suit our goals , then we are hardly in a position to complain when someone else comes along and breaks the next Law and the next and the next and so on .
    So , everyone should take a long deep look at themselves in the mirror and search their own conscience before putting all the blame on Francis and Co.
    It doesn’t mean that what they’ve done is correct or acceptable , but perhaps by taking ownership for our own faults , we can ensure that Fiji doesn’t get dragged through the mud ever again !
    You are now standing on the edge of a new dawn , and it should start off with honesty and having reflected on our own individual behaviour and prejudices .
    Then and only then , I believe Fijian society can move on to far greater things than before .

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    This oath sounds like the oath to Hitler !

  6. Tim Says:

    Bainimarama is a Dictator: No shit?

  7. IslandBoy Says:

    @Jese Waqalekaleka – Bula my Tau! FYI a little bird told me all is not well in the NCBBF Secretariat with deep divisions between the line civil servants seconded there and the “specialist recruitments” like Whitebackside and Samy.

    Evidently meal allowances for those PR forays have been suspended and there is no more money for overtime etc. Also daily allowances for working outside Suva have been curtailed or some such. Whatever the details the money has run dry.

    It seems that just before he was transferred to Tourism, the Wise one (NOT) had a table thumping almost free for all scrap with Whitebackside that was only stopped by F. Kau intervening.

    At the same time, Samy also has his table thumping moment when he threatened to sack the whole damn lot for gross and severe incompetence, negligence and criminal stupidity.

    Its all coming apart and it seems some staff recruited by the former Minister of Finance are doing their best to bust up proceedings. This is the classic falling out amongst thieves.

    We can only hope and pray it gets worse. And guess what Tau? – they all read this site – Blog On Ragone!!!

  8. penshu Says:

    How much is he being paid to tell the white lies to the nation – who the hell is he anyway – this dakuvula chap????

  9. Nostradamus Says:

    JD is just another opportunist like Voreqe, changes his tune with the weather.
    As far as goal posts are concerned, whatever happened to corruption and racism? This junta is the least transparent, the biggest abuser of human rights, appointing their own people to government jobs. The last thing they represent is transparancy and good governance.
    So now the goal post has changed to the Charter, and John Samy is still around orchestrating Voreqe’s feeble mind and loose tongue.

  10. Tim Says:

    Not wishing to divert attention from SV, but can I draw your attention to some more of Bubu’s wisdom

  11. Billy Says:

    This guy is unbelievable, just see how they just add that oath in as an afterthought. And what guarantee is there that the oath itself would stop these guys from playing coupsters when they have deliberately ignored the supreme law of the land, the Constitution? Get real man, just be prepared to take an oath in court and in Naboro for supporting the act of TREASON.

  12. EnufDictatorship Says:

    With you there Billy.

    Oath ni waci…it’s all just words. Only binding to those that hold them true to their heart like Mr. Waqanisau et al. Those real militarymen who can read, comprehend and carry-out the true meanings of their oaths. And when they know they can’t handle it truely with some bad-for-nothing-fisherman-with-no-respect, they leave cos life is too short to be wasted on being in the company of an imbecile!

    But for some fly-by-night-wanna-be-leader like Vore…leqa gona ni via2 parofita tiko and talking to a higher authority..oilei, please, na lomalagi e tamani ka levu…any being can be up there doing the talking with Vore.

  13. Billy Says:

    @ED I believe he is talking to the “vavakoso yaloca” between heaven and earth that the meke vula gangs dance and vakacucu vakatobuicu to at full moon. Beware the fool of the moon!!!

  14. newsfiji Says:

    Island Boy: interesting piece of info you got thea about the NCBBF crew…wa..ha..ha.. maleka sara! WE TOLD YOU SO to them!

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    are you as surprised as i was to hear that ?

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    They keep plucking from the air all types of processes as they go along to sugar coat and try and put some some value into their empty and false promises. Sorry to say these tactics works only with mentality of soldiers and we are not all soldiers over here. We can discern and analyse more clearly and see right from wrong at an instant.

    So the propaganda machine is churning out dubious and ridiculous ideas and suggestions in the hope that enough stupid people will accept the farter charter with proposals such as the “oath” thing. OMG how vain can these louts be.

  17. Om Says:

    Friends, Is Bainimarama really a Dictator?
    I asked this coz if we concentrated our energy on him, we will quickly lose sight of those others that made VB what he is today.
    Let us keep in mind Paul Manueli, the man behind the scene who advised VB to stand firm against Qarase. VB was talking about getting his men together including CRW for a reconciliation meet and bury their differences, Manueli from behind the scene firmly advised VB to skip the reconciliation and go to the extreme against the CRW and those involved in the taking of the Parliament in 2000.

    Both the Epelis,Prison’s boss, Col.Aziz and other snr military officers who supported the VB plan to coup did so to kill the Regimental Fund that they stole from many millions of dollars to about $10 left and some other issues.

    And where did Chodory came in..welll, he has been involved in all the coups. Chodory’s upbringing was specifically designed for what is happening in Fiji today. That started way back in the 1970’s.
    Pre 70’s politics was good and humble, our politicians respected each others. There were only two political parties in the beginning Alliance (dominated by Fijians and part europeans and the Federation party (NFP) Indian dominated.
    The Indians, then knew exactly where they stand in Fiji. They remembered the Fiji that looked after their grand parents during the Girmit days, some even went as far as living the Fijian way of life. Others dropped by along the way looking for money and ways to milk the country. The then indians humbleness towards their host (Fijian)hurt the motherland Greater India. India was shrinking after Pakistan and Bangladesh became independent a few years before and they have been looking for more land. Enter! Little India – FIJI.

    Chodo was the Ghandi, sent to Fiji to move Fiji nearer to India or better for them, Fiji to be annexed by them. That was why Indian proposed in the Commonwealth 1960’s that fiji must be given Independent. So that Fiji could be ceded to Indian (Spoken by PU Raman-former Fiji Police Police Commissioner (1987).

    Enter, Mrs Indira Ghandi, her trip to Fiji in 1975. After being treated fairly by the then Government, Ghandi had CLOSE-DOOR meeting with the leader of the NFP. When the door opened the political situation in fiji totally changed.

    NFP leaders moved back to make way for the Cyclone Chodo who at that time had already controlled the minds of the Traders and workers and farmers and all Indians. Their test was in 1977, Aliance lost the election for the first time, but the winning Indian party was too humble and did not know what to do. The Governor General gave the government back to the Alliance. Ten years later Chodo won the election. Cunningly, he did not want to come to the fore-front but decided to take the backseat and let a puppet Fijian to lead the government as PM. It was clear that all the decisions were not from the Fijian PM but from Chodo.

    Enter: Sudden Brilliant Move, the Latin or Greek version is the word Coup-d-tat (ku-dei-ta). Today the Fijians demonstrated how to fight a Coup. But in 1988-89, Chodo at that time used a different method: he hired a group of Mercenaries, with the aim of attacking the Military camp. He went further to hire a killer from abroad to take down Rabuka, that also failed.

    Another ten years later, during the election campaign, Chodo got a tough cutomer as his running mate, Dr Tupeni Baba. Almost inall the campaigns, Chodo always introduce Tupeni to the Fijian attendees:
    “Look, this is your next PM, Dr Tupeni Baba!!!”. After FLP won the election in 1999, mmmm…mmm..that seat must be mine, Mara crowned Chodo as PM. Dr Tupeni do not want to be liars, Chodo was and stil is one of them..Tupeni looked for good people to be with and left the lair with his own kind.

    Enter 2000: Ho..ho..hah..hah, when I talked to Speight during a Court hearing break, I was trying to find out what really happened. How was it a civilian, taking a Parliament by suprise, when some of VB’s men were ready to do the same thing with 30 rifles on that same day. How did Speight beat the men in green to the Parliament. “Oh, aa, you see, there was no one there to stop us. If we had seen Police or soldiers with guns, we would have aborted and not take Parliament”.

    Enter Savua: Did Savua, the then Police boss did not argue with PM Chodo, to increase the security as security reports have indicated possible Coup in the making? Well Chodo refused to increase security and almost sacked Savua.

    Enter May 2000: I always wonder was it not Chodo who master-minded the Coup of that year by allow it to happen. He knew it was coming from intelligencce briefing every morning..Oh I am to you guys later but keep on writing on SV.

  18. Tabace Says:

    Voreqe is but a very stupid idiot, he doesnt know what he is doing and he’s only doing it because no one else but Jim Akoy wants to listen to this lunatic. Why are the two Epelis names been left out? Have they been fired by Voreqe as well? Why have they been kept quite? Is it a new Voreqe strategy? Howcome they’ve been so quite on the charter?Why haven’t they made any public statements lately?I think Voreqe is scared to death about possible jail time and is doing his best to drag every thing as long as he can in order to be free. I think he may drag the country economy to the very point of bankruptcy in order to keep his stupid mug out? Voreqe is nothing but a bully and its time for someone to stand up and challenge him for a fight? I’m sure he’ll probably ask for foregiveness and immediate pardon?

  19. Om Says:

    Hi friends,

    Are you stil there, sorry I got tired last time and tried but I got worst.

    Okay where was I, Oh yes 2000, during the Parliament session on May 2000, Chodo’s Bill was about to be put on the floor for discussion and possible approval, it was the Land Sustainable Bill, this was to be the first step to stealing the Lands from the Fijians. Its was seconds away to the Bill, when the Parliament door flung open and civilians, mostly those guys we brushed shoulders with on the street were the ones that made that Sudden Brilliant Move..mmm…mmm they beat the men in green. Okay so we heard that Chodo being the PM did not enhance security, weeks before the 2000 coup, he was briefed daily of possible uprising and coup. He brushed those aside even to the last minutes. He wanted the sympathy of the international community and that was what he hoped to get if and when forced out by a take over. He gave that evil tight lipped smile knowing that at last he had an issue to shout about.

    Sixty days after the coup, he was on the war path, trying to get the international community and UN behind him and most of all, against the Fijians.

    Before he departed Fiji, to Australia, UK, US and aaarr yes to India. He founded the Refugee camps in the west including Lautoka. Refugees is what always attract UN partners but in the case of these camps, UN did not recognize such as Refugees. In India, he attempted to influence the then Indian PM to provide funds for the farmers in Fiji which was not taken properly by India (India Today magazine I bought from Suva Bookshop in 2001) The Indian PM stated that he has an Ambassador who will update him…mmm..mmm, so Chodo went to his own village in India and it was there he got welcomed, the same village that always celebrated when Chodo won elections in Fiji, why????, now you tell me.
    See where Chodo is taking us and Fiji. Now that he is a millionaire. So he can make millionaires..VB will be the next one.

    When Voreqe openly confronted the Qarase government, Chodo saw another opening/opportunity to promote his long time aim and purpose he is in fiji for, to again attacked, destroy completely anything Fijian.

    Chodo and Voreqe shouted words like Fat Cats that are in the government and other instutitions, they degraded them, sacked them, put them in prison, suspend them, killed them, yes and other things. Well they are now getting much and more fats, yes illegally.

    Chodo and Voreqe shouted words like “Racial”, mmm…mmm, oh yes, Enter 1999:

    1999, yes 1999, the first week in office as PM, he slashed and kicked out the Director of Immigration and replaced him with an Indian..why, yes, Indianization…have you forgotten.. that Fiji was to be Little Indian and it is going to be when Voreqe is up there.

    Kicking Fijians out and replacing them with Indians went on weekly until May 2000. Not only that, Mr. Mason from Australia was with IT making Fiji Y2K friendly, Chodo kicked him out and replaced him with Dr Rao the Army General in the Indian Army, yes from India. That started the infux of Indian Military Officers from India into Fiji. After all those events, Chodo still blamed the Fijians for being Racial.

    I just wanted to show you a picture that Chodo loved the 2000 Coup, He loved Voreqe and December 2006 Coup.

    Well, after being kicked out of the Voreqe Illegal Government last month, the first set of words that came out of his mouth, was that the Indians had been mistreated by the Fijians…That is my friends, the statement that is of security concern and can cause instability in Fiji and abroad.

    Chodo cunningly killed all institutions that are meant to assist the native Fijians move forward and Voreqe just took the ride without realizing that to the Fijian people, Voreqe was the one destroying the Fijians’ means of survival. It was Chodo all along.

    Oh but if you alow me to predict the future. Chodo will come in strongly in the next election (if there ever will be one). Pressy might not see 2009 ( Iam sorry to say this with heavy heart). The Epelis will be worst than before…Bankrupcy. Voreqe oh yes..I am sorry to say this. Also with a heavy heart. It will not be prison, his end will be from his own hands.

    Talk to you guys later.

  20. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


    You are a gem

    Keep it coming please.

  21. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Oh Om.. please tell us something we dont already know!

    You’ve just summarised it all back to us. We were right here when it all happened, remember? And, we dont forget that easily nor are we as dumb to not realise what is happening and all thats already happened. Please re-enter with something more refreshing.!

    I could probably then also call you a gem.

  22. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Summary is refreshing at this juncture

    Thanks OM

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