What options are there for pursuing treason charges?

Qarase eyes treason options

Fiji’s ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase says he will look at other options if the police do not take any action regarding his treason complaint filed today. Qarase and Dr Tupeni Baba filed their treason complaint against the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and some of the interim Government ministers at the Raiwaqa Police Station this afternoon.

Dr Baba has included names of some RFMF officers in his statement to police. “If the police do not take the action then we will consider other options,” Qarase said. However, he said, they have filed the complaint and there is a process to be followed by police too. “The police are doing their job by receiving the statements,” he said.

When asked if police officers told him how long the process was likely to take Qarase said: “No, I didn’t ask how long the process would take.” Apart from Qarase and Dr Baba, five members of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua (SDL), including ousted Leader of Opposition Mick Bedodes and former Commerce Minister Adi Sivia Qoro lodged their complaint with police more than a week ago.

Police have been instructed to take statements but not to investigate the matter because the interim Government says the matter is already before the courts. Qarase’s lawyer Niko Nawaikula says the matter before the courts in civil while the complaint being filed now is criminal in nature.

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16 Responses to “What options are there for pursuing treason charges?”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    My guess is they are playing a very very smart game of cat and mouse . Any Police Officers who don’t process the complaints against Francis and Co. effectively are siding with him !
    The next step has to be the International Courts , that would put all the idiots in the Regime and those appointed by it , on notice , including the incompetent Judges and the 2 she-mimi sisters !

  2. Barafen Says:

    Before they can go to the international courts they must exhaust all local solitions. This means they must try taking the charges to the local courts and if refused a trial or it results in an obvious biased finding, then they can go to the international courts

  3. waisou Says:

    Ni sa bula! Why can’t the iag differentiate between a civil and a criminal case!

    It baffles me!

    GOd bless Fiji

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Thats right folks we seem to thinking in the same line. That is SDL must pursue all avenues available to them and then move up further from there if not action is taken. I believe there is a good chance of this pursuit of justice getting a fair hearing somewhere up the line.

  5. ispy Says:

    MM and Barafen are spot on.

    Fiji is a signatory to the International Criminal Court (Fiji signed the Rome Statute on 29 November 1999).

    Its the Rome Statute which will guide the process in which Bainimarama can be taken to task by the ICC for crimes against humanity. Look at Articles 7(1)(a),(e),(f),(h) and (k) – they all apply to Bainimarama’s actions post December 2006.

    Technically, once a referral is made, the ICC have the jurisdiction, power, resources and the basis to come get Bainimarama to be tried for crimes against humanity…

    …I hope to God he’s reading this!!!!

  6. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s also the Judges who are on trial in Fiji !
    If they stuff up , it’s their own personal reputations in the International Judicial Community that is on display !
    Francis and Co. will be gone soon , but these Judges still have 20 years or more left in their service to the Community !
    Frank is f—ed if you ask me !

  7. newsfiji Says:

    I believe if the police do not really investigate the complaints than the complainants in this matter will go directly to the High Court as announced by Sakiusa Bolaira last night on TV.

    Whatever it is, this IG is doomed! Yipee!

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    And if the Judges in Fiji feel immune to all this, take a walk down memory lane and watch and old movie called “The Nurmburg Trials with Richard Widmark, Maximillian Schell and Burt Lancaster.

  9. Pusiloa Says:

    I guess Frankies legal advisers are all aware of this and no wonder most of them are begining to change tune now….Sara tekivu vaqara katuba mera dara kina i tuba…vesu kece ra veivutu sona……

  10. Billy Says:

    Friends, the long and short of it, you don’t mess around with the LAW. Soon it will catch up with you, as the bible says, you will run into a fence, the wall will break, you reach into a hole but get bitten by a snake, that is the fate of those who break the Law and commit the highest crime against the state, TREASON, which in the days of Oliver Cromwell, was punishable by beheading!!! Bring it on, shame, shame, shame!!!

  11. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Perhaps a 2nd Qarase civil case, but this time relating to the act of treason itself since Frank & Co squirmed out of that by abandoning their “necessity” defense in the 1st case! I’m sure they have heaps of material and affidavits that they never used in the 1st case which they can just lodge straight into the 2nd one and sue Frank & Teleni privately (a la Mahen’s 2000 case against Bainimarama and Iloilo).

    Nothing to stop THAT one being delayed indefinitely by Gates either, but at least it can still be lodged in the system before the November deadline. Then its just a matter of time.

  12. ispy Says:

    I think the November deadline refers the criminal case of treason against Frank & Co.

    A civil case against these jackasses on the other hand would be couched in terms of a constitutional redress or compensation or damages for….. whatever…

    …point is, civil claims of this nature usually have a 6 year cutoff date – not 2.

    I stand to be corrected on this.

  13. Adi Kaila Says:

    I say go for it Prime Minister Qarase – search every avenue available & stop this madness once and for all.

  14. Seini Lata Says:

    Is his name Francis Kean or Ratu Kean……………….

  15. Neutral Says:

    take it to the frailing PRESSO at govt house

  16. kaiveicoco Says:

    all good thoughts and ideas bloggers,I am amazed at all the knowledge of international conventions and local laws.
    It took almost 10 years for the law to catch up with Pervez Musharraf the man Frank is taking his cue from, so it would be interesting how Frank weaves his way out of all these.May be Mahendra Chaudhary has taught him some skills !!

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