Jo Cabbage, Chodo and Company singing a new tune. Why Because????

From a regula Blogger:

….. I was wondering
why they are changing their tune about this ……… and a little
bird tells me that this MAYBE because FLP have just found out the
result of the census which haven’t been officially announced but
indications are figures point to the Fijian population is now 58%
Fijian and 38% is Indian.Therefore change of tune!! ??

FLP awaits mandate on poll reform plan (11/09/2008)

The Fiji Labour Party will only support proposed electoral reforms if
its supporters give it the mandate to do so.
FLP assistant general secretary Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says a final
decision on the party’s stand will be made at the National Council
meeting later this month.
Vayeshnoi’s comments come as the FLP’s website posted a statement
which said the party was unhappy with proposed electoral reforms.
Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry says although the FLP favours a voting
system without communal seats, the decision to support it will be made
next Sunday at the FLP National Council meeting.
The FLP hopes to hold a workshop with its members on the Charter and
proposed electoral reforms.
Vayeshnoi says there has been no decision on whether the party will
support proposed electoral reforms, which is why FLP has conducted its
own Peoples Charter consultation independent of the NCBBF.
The FLP 2007 Activities report says the party hopes the interim
Government will return Fiji to parliamentary democracy via the general
elections to be held under the 1997 Constitution.
This report was discussed in July when the party met in Ba.
While opening the FLP’s People’s Charter consultations in Nasinu,
Chaudhry said the party would decide on electoral reforms after taking
the opinion of supporters.
The FLP has assured that it will take part in proposed President’s
Dialogue Forum, which plans to engage all political parties in
discussions outside the ambit of the NCBBF.


12 Responses to “Jo Cabbage, Chodo and Company singing a new tune. Why Because????”

  1. Peace Pipe Says:

    FLP is playing a very sly game after being booted out of the ig. The cunning and vindictive nature of chodo is playing itself out now before our very eyes. They are talking in ambiguous terms now not fully supportive and not outrightly rejecting the charter. And the animal hasn’t changed, like the saying the leopard never loses its spots. Jo Cabbage is just a dummy in FLP. I guess she just reads all written scripts given to her by Rajen or chodo to make her appear to be smart. Will not forget some of her stupid comments though like saying they supported the pig in carrying out the coup.

  2. ispy Says:

    Agree with Peace Pipe… she’s just a mouth peace for the FLP (another Jone Dakuvula).

    However, that public comment about FLP supporting Bainimarama’s threats to carry out the coup before he actually did it…

    …that was all her!!!!

    BTW is it just me or does she look like a man!!!!

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    The ship is sinking fast and all the rats are running !
    Abandon ship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. penshu Says:

    Rethink Treason Complaint: Chaudhry
    Publish date/time: 16/09/2008 [07:34]

    The Leader of the Fiji Labour Party said Ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase should think of the position he had taken after the May 2000 coup before proceeding with his treason complaint against the current administration.

    Mahendra Chaudhry said Qarase actually took up the interim Prime Minister’s position after the Labour led government was overthrown and at the time Qarase had no problems with anything that had happened.

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    Penshu, that is THE Problem. Chaudhry just doesn’t get it.

  6. waqa Says:

    Chaudary is so far up his own arse of bullshit he does not know anymore what it is he is actually fighting for! I don’t know anymore what this bloke is on about. He has become a genuine pest. And we all know what to do with pests.

  7. Billy Says:

    I read this somewhere which I thought aptly sums up what Chaudo is all about:” Get rid of a conceited person then there wil be no more arguments, quarelling or calling of names.” This guy has really debased the political front that he evokes the kind of confrontational responses that has contributed to the current climate of “tit for tat.”So the sooner he disappears from Fiji’s political front forever, the peaceful it is. He is such a snake .. so conceited and full of himself. Poor and stupid people like Jokapetchi that continue to lick his ass even if they never knew where the FLP money was going or coming from.

  8. Adi Kaila Says:

    chodo na tamata no school – he has more than anyone else to lose – he never had any integrity to begin with as everyone knows so that has been long lost – he needs to keep an eye on the paisa he has stashed.

    The silly old fucker thinks he can fool all of the people all of the time – SO YESTERDAY chodo!

    As for jo cabbage, well what can we say SV – the withered old bag should just go and gunu bu vei chodo – rau sa sota va’ lawakica and deserve each other – asha lakhan has a rival there – GUNU BU TIKO VEI PU!

  9. Beranaliva Says:

    A good example of one of Chodo’s stupid and incompetent decisions was the mess he created in FDB and unnecessarily getting Bovoro sacked.
    Bovoro was sacked for doing the right thing ie. disagreed with stupid Chodo’s review on lending. Now they they want to reverse that. In that case, reinstate Bovoro.
    So what the hell is Chodo is trying to prove now?……….the useless shit!
    Power to the People!

  10. FijiGirl Says:

    Members of the media please take detailed notes about all of this flip-flopping by FLP (surely to be renamed FLiP) so that, come the next elections, you can remind the people of Fiji exactly WHY FLiP has no credibility left.

    They have successfully broken what little credibility they had in the first place, and pulverised all the rest. Free media, and free and fair elections. Bring ’em on.

    God bless Fiji

  11. Billy Says:

    Good slogan, “why FL(I)P has FL(O)P’d.

  12. Navosavakadua Says:

    Chaudhry has never had any intention of supporting a change in the electoral system. It was the AV system that delivered him 37 seats in Parliament in 1999, even though he only managed to win about 30 percent of the first preference votes. If the Proportional Representation system had been used, the FLP would have won 24 seats while the NFP would have won 11, instead of none. That’s the last thing Chaudhry would want.

    As always, Chaudhry is being devious, pretending that the people want him to oppose PR. It’s all an act, like his ‘resignation’ from the Illegal Cabinet. But what does it matter? His support in the Indian community is dwindling. No electoral system would give him power now.

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