Ni Sa Bula Vinaka.

On the 7th of September, Soli Vakasama quietly lived through the first twelve months of its short existence. Others have come and gone but SV is here to stay… and for the long haul.

We were hoping for a birthday card from our nemesis, the goon brigade at Delainabua’s FMF Media Cell but hey since no card, our message to you is on our birthday cake pictured above. “Mama tu mada yani qori!!!”

And to all our fellow freedom bloggers we acknowledge your support and contribution.

731,026 hits and counting. We hope to reach the million milestone by 31/12/08. Blog on Ragone.

The SV Team.


32 Responses to “HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY”

  1. Tim Says:

    And now 731031 hits. Happy birthday. I think the ones in between 731026 and me must have been the media cell

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    happy, happy birthdat SV!

    Long live democracy! God bless Fiji! Long live SV and fellow freedom bloggers!

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    Happy 1st birthday. Thank God you are still around to provide avenue for venting and sharing our frustrations with this ragtag oppressive dictatorship they call themselves ig. May we all with SV succeed in our mission to restore our country to its proper democratic status. Thank you SV and long live freedom and democracy.

  4. Tui Says:

    Happy birthday SV and team. God bless and thanks for all your hard work. It’s not easy keeping a site like this updated everyday and we are grateful for all the effort.
    I read your page first before opening my mails. It can become addictive at times and I must admit, sometimes I just hang around the site all day!
    You have given us that ray of hope and my prayer is that soon we will reach our goal when Fiji will once again be free from the chains of this dictatorship!

  5. Billy Says:

    Congratulations SV and happy birthday. No celebrations yet until the war against these cowards is won. Till then thanks for the great opportunity of sharing our thoughts and frustrations. God’s blessings on the SV Team and to all bloggers.

  6. ispy Says:

    Vinaka SV Team. You rock!

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Well done SV!

    Blogging is having an enormous effect on the jaundiced junta; they are reeling from blow after blow.

    BTW, it was full moon last night and guess what the madman came up with?

    “””Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama has sent out a stern message to political parties who are threatening to pull out of the Presidential Forum.
    Bainanas said the parties not interested in taking Fiji forward through a new electoral system can wait on the sidelines when the Forum proceeds.
    He said the parties should understand that the forum will only go ahead after the People’s Charter is endorsed by the people of the country.””

    Right on cue!

  8. newsfiji Says:

    Happy Birthday to SV Team! Keep up the good work!

  9. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    Good work SV and let’s keep up the fight!

  10. IslandBoy Says:

    Maybe birthday number one, biut you have the wisdom of the ages.

    Your sterling effort in providing this form of information exchange for many people in Fiji and overseas is a blessing to us all.

    Happy Happy Birthday SV!!!!

  11. iceman Says:

    Happy birthday SV…… Keep up the fight…Time is on our side..

  12. Lau Lass Says:

    congrats & happy b’day SV

  13. NadroKid Says:

    Happy birthday SV!

    Vina valevu na drawe! Me la ju ga! Me la ju ga!

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yes EFT, I see the bad moon rising. This looney who dons 101 hats taking up all various posts is the mad hatter himself. No wonder he is disjointed in whatever he says. He first of all says the SDL can wait on the sideline while the Forum proceeds and then he says there wont be a forum until he charter is endorsed by the people. Force line ga qori.

  15. LUVfiji Says:

    Congratulations and job well done! Yes, SV rocks!!

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations to you SV!!Many thanks for all the hard labour!!

  17. Billy Says:

    On a sad note, the Fiji Times online has reported that Josefa Baleiloa has died. More blood on the hands of the IG. Murder! Murder! I say.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Update: 2:45PM ESCAPED convict Josefa Baleiloa died at 3am today at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

    This was confirmed by police spokeswoman Ema Mua today, who said they were informed this morning.

    However, Ms Mua said whether or not the police will investigate Baleiloas death was yet to be decided.

    Baleiloa, who escaped from Naboro Prison in July, was recaptured in Cunningham and spent a month in hospital.

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    This regime and it’s puppets , just have no respect for human life .
    The Police involved in this man’s death , are cowards and it’s seems typical of the Fijian soldier and it’s Police , bloody cowards .

  19. Pusiloa Says:

    Thats the problem of recruting army officers to join the Police Force. Me dua ga nodra mata veitauri kau levu…..

  20. Save the Sheep Says:

    Well done SV you have given us all something to hope for.. Keep it up.

    Agree with EFT, the moon is particularly strong this month with Frank now uttering that the Charter is not his or the Military’s or the I.G.’s. So who’s is it then? Cos it sure aint a People’s Charter!!

    Drafted behind closed doors by people with ulterior motives and a cloistered view of Fiji and its future and without the intellect to read their history….

    A document so badly constructed that it will be used to justify just about anything this mob of crooks want.

    But most of all a document that has been anything but spawned by the people of Fiji.

    Yes the Moon is indeed full this month….

  21. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


    Happy Birthday and well done!

  22. Tabace Says:

    Voreqe recent China loan announcement is all bullshit. He is doing his best to lie to the Citizen of Fiji so the population can endorsed his criminal Charter . Voreqe is currently looting our country treasury and is banking the money overseas incase a national revolt by the people occurr and he has to exit the country fast? There is no money from China just yet,an application had been made but approval had not been tendered by the chinese as of yet! Chinese are smart business people.Would they give the money to an interim Government with a stupid person who hold the Prime Minister,Minister of Finance,Minister for Fijian Affairs,Minister for communication, Commander of the Fiji Military Forces etc,etc,? I think NOT!!!!

  23. LUVfiji Says:

    Dear fellow bloggers, while we commemorate one year with SV; let us spare a thought for the family that is today mourning their loved one. This is from FijiTimes online: God bless his soul!

    Escaped convict Baleiloa dies
    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Update: 2:45PM ESCAPED convict Josefa Baleiloa died at 3am today at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

    This was confirmed by police spokeswoman Ema Mua today, who said they were informed this morning.

    However, Ms Mua said whether or not the police will investigate Baleiloas death was yet to be decided.

    Baleiloa, who escaped from Naboro Prison in July, was recaptured in Cunningham and spent a month in hospital.

  24. Claude Says:

    Happy birthday SV!! Keep on keeping on…we hv yr back!

    @ the same time my deepest condolences to Josefa Baleiloa’s family…lament, lament!

    Down with the pig and teletubby (ketepoka teleni)…!

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    I forgot to mention , the Police must be so happy to see this poor innocent man die from his wounds , as he can no longer be a witness as to who his attackers were . What a relief that must be for them !
    May he rest in peace and his family find it in their hearts to forgive all those cowardly Police Officers involved .
    I hope that the decent , loyal Police Officer left in Fiji , manage to nail those responsible .

  26. Say True! Says:

    Vinaka SV – the voice of the oppressed.

  27. sprite Says:

    Vinaka na gugumatua SV team! tops ga o kemudou 🙂

  28. Adi Kaila Says:




    I have made a birthday wish and we all know that we mustn’t tell anyone what we wished for otherwise it won’t come true.

    But I do have another birthday wish, Kuts could you please unleash those sebe critters on bipolar piggy, AU SA KEREKERE SARA VAKABIBI Kuts mera lai katia vinaka nai soresore dau tawalili wavoki taka tiko na vuaka dokadoka me milamila qai tauvi kobo me yaco sara i nona qara ni cici. Let the kutusebes itch him to insanity.

  29. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Congratulations to Solivakasama for your tireless work to restore democracy and the rule of law in our beloved Fiji.

    From na tacimu FDN

  30. Wailei Says:

    oh wow! congrats on such a momentous occasion!

  31. kaiviti Says:

    Good Job SV…..keep up the good work of blogging!!!!Lets Blog the Illegals into oblivion! We are with you all the way….!

  32. kaiviti Says:

    Good Job SV…we are wit you all the way!

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