Escaped convict Baleiloa dies!!!

Bloggers, Josefa Baleiloa has died from injuries sustained from acts of Police brutality. Mua’s statement that Police aren’t sure whether or not to investigate his death is simply pathetic!! Are they that stupid? SV calls upon Mataca and Yabaki to resign forthwith from the NBBCF, otherwise they will be seen to be condoning ‘murder’. How can they continue to support the NBCCF and the illegal junta when all hell is breaking loose and the Police will not investigate treason and now murder! Ketepoka Teleni is caught in a dilemma, because either way he is damned. If he investigates the Police brutality and several Policemen are charged, then it may cause an impulsion within the Police Force in light of the Memo to shelve all complaints against the Military. Double standards! Memu sici says SV.
Update: 2:45PM ESCAPED convict Josefa Baleiloa died at 3am today at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital. This was confirmed by police spokeswoman Ema Mua today, who said they were informed this morning.

However, Ms Mua said whether or not the police will investigate Baleiloas death was yet to be decided. Baleiloa, who escaped from Naboro Prison in July, was recaptured in Cunningham and spent a month in hospital.


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  1. LUVfiji Says:

    It is beginning to rain heavy on the PIG. While deaths at the hands of the military and the police remain unsolved, here is yet another one.

    Sa dave na dra ni kawa i Taukei. Sa sega na loloma ni sa rau vei taqataqa na qaciqacia vatakei na viavialevu.

    La’i vakacegu, Baleiloa.

  2. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    Imagine the Police being notified earlier this monring, but kept it away from the public until confronted by the media and even then, was still not certain whether or not they were going to investigate the murder!

    The assessment of Tui Savu in his article which SV posted last week is becoming terribly accurate when he said that Teleni’s refusal to investigate the treason complaint, shows the demise of law and order in Fiji.

    Now we have murder as a direct result of Police brutality and the Police are still undecided whether or not to investigate!

    But SV your assessment is quite correct that Teleni now finds himself in deeper shit than before because to refuse to investigate the treason complaint claiming sub juice is one thing, but now murder is a different kettle of fish.

    He must also be sweating on the fact, that there is already a directive from him that has been made public, that all complaints against Military personnel to be shelved and now he has to investigate his own Police Officers!

    The Police Officers should wise up to the fact, that if you are all gutless, than you fully deserve to be treated unfairly by your own illegal Commissioner, but if you still have the balls, then rise up against him and allow all investigations into the treason complaint, the Baleiloa murder, the CRW murders, Nimilote Verebasaga’s murder and Sakiusa Rabaka’s murder as well.

    I have this feeling, that something is going to give in very soon, but I wonder what or who???? That is the million dollar question.

  3. Sad Says:

    Ke a sega gona ni caka na dro kei na basuvale, ke sega ni yaco na ka qori.

    Qori na leqa gona ni sega ni vakarorogo.

    Vei kemuni na cauravou i taukei no namua tiko ni “tera” na bula ni butako baqe kei na basuvale, mo ni raica vinaka sara na kena i tinitini.

    Nimacere, David Wise, Jo Baleiloa….

  4. Billy Says:

    The Police will have to stand up and do their job of thoroughly investigating the murder of a fellow Fijian. It is demanded of them and we expect nothing less. Sa dua na ka na viavialevu ni gusudratou!! That whether or not they will investigate is yet to be determined. It is their duty to investigate. But the police fear that it will be investigating their military/police branch. Sa qai ca gona na viavia laki Ovisa tiko o Teleni, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. You damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. RIP Baleiloa, hope your death will not be in vain, despite the tragic and unwarranted circumstances.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    motherfcukers! grrrrr…

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    Ordinary lives lost in vain is sad. If it were any of those in the ig it would be cause for joy. The destruction caused by these coupsters is imeasureable that they have to pay back dearly.

  7. penshu Says:

    It is time the Fijians simply stood up and invaded all offices that are destroying them – full stop, including the NCBBF

  8. KaiFiji Says:

    To those who do not know…Josefa Baleloa was a military man before he became a prisoner. There are only 3 in the family. His elder brother is a WO in the military and their only sister is married to a Major also in the Military. Funny thing is a military man (Teleni) cannot assist his fellow comrades by doing the honorable thing and step down or at least investigate the culprits and bring them to justice. It would be best to see what will happen next after the death of Jo. RIP Jo ..and God Bless you.

  9. Tim Says:

    First of all, sympathy goes to his family. He’s somebosy’s brother, father or son. Second of all, Your comments please Ms Shaista Shameen!

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ KaiFiji,

    with Josefa being a former Military man and his elder brother a current WO and sister married to a Major, then hopefully this too will cause an impulsion with the Military as well because if Teleni refuses to approve an investigation into his murder, then his elder brother, sister and relatives will feel insulted and hard done by and this feeling of gross injustice is contagious.

    Yes, RIP Josefa, despite your lifestyle, it certainly did not merit the unlawful punishment you received.

    Remember bloggers, what goes round, comes around and with all these innocent blood shed and unaccounted for, something is going to explode big time.

  11. Mark Manning Says:

    Yes jese
    Let’s all pray for Justice .

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    But it must be a relief for the cowards who killed him , as he can no longer be a witness to his own assault !

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ MM, this is from One National News and it is good that both the Fiji Constitutional Forum, the wannabe Constitutional NGO and FJRC have both spoken out because it is too tragic to remain silent. Yabaki and his cronies should resign from the NBBCF to have any credibility. They are partly to blame for the demise of law and order in Fiji.

    One National News.

    Recaptured prisoner dies in hospital
    16 Sep 2008 02:31:56

    Prison escapee Josefa Baleiloa, who was allegedly violently re-captured in July, has died in hospital. Baleiloa passed away at three this morning, and his family is holding those involved in his re-capture, responsible for his death. He had been hopitalised at the CWM Hospital since his alleged violent arrest in Cunnigham three months ago.

    The Baleiloa family was too distraught to speak to us on camera today, referring our queries to their Legal counsel instead. Legal action against police remains, their next course of action will be determined by Baleiloa’s medical report.

    The family through their lawyer say, they will only find closure, when those responsible for the late Josefa Baleiloa’s arrest, are brought to justice. The family is expected to meet this evening, to decide on the funeral arrangements.

  14. Billy Says:

    Sources said that it is really military officers posing as police hit squads during such raids that did the damage on Jo Baleiloa. That is probably why the hesitance of Police to investigate what with the nonsensical memo not to investigate the military. I hope they are reading this as their sins will find them out. No one will escape the wrath of the law and natural justice… it will always come back to haunt at the least expected moment.

  15. kufuor Says:

    Baleiloa’s death shows up the empty promises and rhetoric of the dictatorship. So much for accountability, truth, democracy, good governance and the rule of law. Just pretty words in a charter that is presented to the people as pearls by this swine government.

    No word on what is happening with the killers of Verebasaga and Rabaka. Or have the murdering rfmf been able to again send Verebasaga and Rabaka’s killers on peacekeeping.

    Or will the killers of Baleiloa be sent on peacekeeping too, to avoid the criminal prosecution. or will they like the treasonous illegal regime continue to parade themselves in front of us and present us with pearls, wasted on swine like them.

    Radio Fiji is now no longer able to hide its pro-dictatorship leanings. Today they posted two stories on Baleiloa. The first quoting the police saying that they have not decided whether to investigate, the second with more background on the story. Who wants to bet the first story disappears soon. Like fijivillage, radio fiji is now putting a positive spin on stories that dont reflect well on Bainimarama

  16. kufuor Says:

    who wants to bet the directive for the details of baleiloa’s convictions to be broadcast tomorrow to reduce public sympathy went out today

  17. Tui Says:

    My condolences to Baleiloa’s family.
    I have said before in one of my earlier blogs that more Fijian blood will be be shed. More Fijians will be killed by their own Fijian kind in the military and police. Unfortunately we have not seen the last of these violations and brutalities against the Taukeis.
    Au a sa kanaka oti ni na yaco na gauna, era na wele na kai tani, eda vei moku nai Taukei.
    I ask those chiefs, village elders and church leaders in the Methodist, Seven Days and Apostle churches, what are you doing, wake up and rally your members!
    Time to move people, no more sleeping in bed! Do not wait for any actions from the courts, do not wait for any legal permits to march. Let’s just go out there in numbers and stop this nonsense once and for all!

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s pretty obvious, even to blind Freddy , that it’s more than likely , the same people responsible for other deaths since this coup began and perhaps even in 2000 , are the same cowardly Military , rather than Police .
    That’s my view anyway !
    I hope the honourable Police are keeping all the evidence for the day of reckoning , which we all know is coming soon !

  19. Say True! Says:

    “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, I will do unto you”.

  20. Say True! Says:

    Article 3.
    Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
    (Where are the custodians of this in Fiji?)

  21. sprite Says:

    @ saytrue – the rfmf removed our rights with the 2006 coup and promoted the breach blonde to ombudsman, teletubby to police commissioner. We’re stuck in a bad version of tropic thunder. So much for the charter farter promises of human rights – electoral reform is more important than the right to life, the right to elect our government, the right to protest, assembly, freedom of expression…

    Like the treason complaint, baleloa’s death holds up a mirror to the IG to practice what they preach.

    Now even the shitsters friend Dr. Williams is questioning the rule of law. What will the IG and apologists like shitsta, ccf, ecrea, kamlesh arya, penny more, and 45 ncbbf members say when treason complaints are laid against Gaytes, the nazi, byrne, scuttlebut, hickey, bruce, goundar, mataitoga, rokomokoti etc? See

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    The sad reality is , these people in the I.G. , no matter what they think or people the citizens of Fiji believe , are not the Legal authority in Fiji or any other country .
    They only have the power , you , the citizens of Fiji , give them .
    When I was in Fiji last August , 2007 , I couldn’t believe how brazen some in the I.G. were , just walking around Suva as if they had done no wrong . I wonder what they will face when they meet their maker , because the blood of all who have died during this coup in particular , is on their hands and that of their Children and their Children’s Children . I think it actually states this in the bible !!

  23. Adi Kaila Says:

    My sincerest condolences to Joe Baleiloas family – this should not have happened and my sympathy is for you all.


  24. Adi Kaila Says:

    Sorry to digress but have you noticed how bipolar piggy is actually trying to right some of the wrongs that have been reported and that we’ve blasted him for right on this site.

    bipolar piggy has almost quoted word for word what I posted about the igs disgraceful stance towards the Yachties who come to Fiji.

    Well there you go – looks like he reads (huh) this site or his spin meister does and copies what we write – oh my oh my.

    Keep it up ragone!

  25. at least Says:

    to Sad..say if this person was your relative..Will you say the same thing..Think !!!!! no wonder your name is Sad coz your Idea is Sick sad..I hope this kind of treatment doesn’t happen on you one day..You will regret it…Here a life is lost.If GOd can forgivr why can’t you SAD????Vakaloloma nomu bula..SO SAD !!!!

  26. Billy Says:

    @Sad: No one deserves to go through what JB did, it is the work of animals in our midst, more so cowards who rely on guns to carry out their thuggery acts. As @at least says above imagine if its a family or friend. JB’s crimes can not be compared with those of the thugs that have taken over our nation, posing as Ministers when they are worse off than the common criminal. Ya gona na sega ni rokova na lawa, na lala ni qavoka na qaciqacia kei na viavialevu. Eda na qai sarava ga e vei e tini kina na valeniveivesumona mai Delainabua.

  27. Peace Pipe Says:

    You are right kufour that the media seem more inclined towards the illegal ig. Both major radio stations are pro ig and both TV stations are giving a lot of coverage and positive spin on the activities of the ig. And I am getting fed up with the NCBBF bullshit propaganda song never liked from the beginning and it is just empty using children as their cheerleaders. Thats what you get when you are forced into a situation when the economics determine the direction one takes for survival. The ig being there for so long has caused some major shift in the policies of some media companies. I guess one of the strategies of the ig is beginning to bear fruit and that is if you hang on to power long enough you start to get accepted as there is no other choice. This is the trap we must not fall into or else we are finished.

    Saw the TV last night about the pig promoting the charter with son in law conspicuously beside him and weasel sami behind them what a disgusting sight it was. I wonder how it was that they managed to get 4,000 people to gather and listen to their dribble about the farter charter.

    In his speech the pig reiterated the need to have the charter first among all other things. Oh yeah right so that he can get immunity thats why. And he said that “his” government will blah blah blah. Yeah right its his stolen government obtained in an armed robbery – bloody hijacker. He then said that it was the peoples’ charter and until approved nothing will progress. And its not the army or Bainimagana or any boby elses charter. Can he listen to or understand what he is saying the stupid nerd. It is not the peoples charter and if not accepted we must move on quickly towards democracy away from this suppresive dictatorship.

    I think he, having tasted raw illegal power, loves it and cant let go of it.

  28. bodyguard Says:

    SV…whichever way this crisis turns out. the soldiers and everyone else who had a hand in this mess MUST pay for the suffering and misery they caused everyone.

    the soldiers inparticular are CURSED for the rest of their miserable life…bleary bastards. it will show either in this generation or next but they will pay dearly.

    they swore allegiance to the flag and now they protecting the very arseholes they should be protecting Fiji from…TERRORISTS.

    I clearly remember Romanu Tikotikoca said Police will not investigate the military becuase of National Security. while they give that excuse the military terrorists and the police officers themselves are falling on their same sword. the question everyone is asking is when will the soldiers and police officers realise their true role and do what they swore to protect and paid to do. stop giving excuses becuase of NATIONAL SECURITY or BREAD & BUTTER ISSUE…who will feed the family. WELL ARESHOLES … YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE FOLLOWING THOSE ILLEGAL ORDERS. dou vei cai na sotia….dou na sauma NI DOU saqata tiko na mata ni moto: vanua kei na lotu.

    you swore YOUR life to protect Fiji and its people.

    Now everything is coming back to haunt these law enforcement institutions. wele na leweni vanua mai leqa na ovisa keina sotia.

    tik tok tik tok….decide fast……time is running out.

  29. bodyguard Says:

    SV..I witness that many soldiers are now frequent church goers every Sunday. but too bad…too late.

    these soldiers are CURSED for rest of their miserable life more if they continue the hypocrisy. the soldiers are worse then thieves charged for violent robbery. the thieves intention is money or the loot. these soldiers intentionally torture and injure god’s creation the human body. reason to instill fear. now look where it has gotten everyone….either badly injured or worse dead.

    the soldiers think they will ever live a normal life….forget it.

  30. Claude Says:

    Does anyone hv piggy and teletubby’s email addy? Let them hear it from me directly! And @ Sad….cor blimey you bloomin’ idiot!!

  31. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I saw the video of bananasinpyjamas reading a prepared speech at a park yesterday.

    The rent a crowd looked bored and uncomfortable; perhaps ashamed at being in the same place as criminals.

    There certainly was no cheering or spontaneous applause at anything bananas said; in fact, it was the opposite.

    Can someone in Fiji find out why these people went to this park?

    Were they given a free bus ride to town so that bananas would mutter his speech in front of a crowd?

    What incentive were they given to go there?

    I think slimy sami needs to go back to school and learn to count. There was only a fraction of the number that he stated attended the park. More lies from the jaundiced junta.

  32. waqa Says:

    You don’t beat someone up to death for what they did wrong. You take him through the court system and prove his innocence or otherwise. As law enforcers that is what the police do. There is never justification for taking someones life over a crime as there is always remedy available within the law. Its lack of discipline and professionalism which leads to JB type situations. The real criminals are out there in public wearing uniforms in both disciplines and are completely free. Imagine what Fiji is breeding in these killers. If they can get away with murder well where do you draw the line on deviant behaviour which is fueled by deviant thinking. And imagine the underlying bahaviour which is manifested in the family environment of such individuals because the subconcious mind is much stronger than what we give it credit for. And what their kinds are inheriting, subconciously. Silent killer society! I believe That is what you are condoning Sad and I hope you said what you said out of spontaneity more than the principles and values you live by. Hmmm just a thought.

  33. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Adi Kaila,

    You are correct in what you say. The jaundiced junta picks up on the comments made on the blogs and react to them.

    Only a week ago, fullchow was calling yachties drug runners and pimps; now we have bananas telling them that they are good people.

    Talk about chasing their own tail.

  34. Jese Waqalekkaleka Says:

    Mixed signals showing mass confusion. But then again, what were we to expect from these idiots?

  35. George of Sydney Says:

    I heard in the news this morning Bainimarama’s speech in Lautoka in trying to convince people to accept the Charter. It was the same old blame game i.e blaming the the previous governments for not governing the country properly and the need to have an accountable, clean and anti-corrupt civil service.
    Good Governance and transparency will always goes together. This illegal govt has the worst record for promoting and practising the above.
    1) CRW investigation – delayed
    2) Treason rulling – intentionally delayed
    3) Chaudary investigation for the $millions from Haryana – cleared by commission selected under nepotism to clear him.
    4) Bainimarama backpay ($188,000) and also to his officers to please them amd buy their loyality – WHAT A SHAME
    5) Transfer of Army Officers into top goverment positions bypassing career civil servants eg. Naupoto, Teleni, Naivalurua, Seruiratu, Leweni and the list never ends. – NEPOTISM AND CORRUPTION

    GOOD GOVERNANCE- Now lets see if this fuckwit pig from Cuba can at least for once practice what he preaches. Lets see a fair investigation carried out. You know, it hurts me that people tries to justifies his death based on his criminal record. To me he doesnt deserve to die. Bainimarama and the illegal pupets who are dancing to his string and music also committed a crime whose penality in most country is death. THEY STOLE THE PEOPLE OF THEIR RIGHTS TO RULE AND DICTATE THEIR LIFE.
    You dont know, Baleiloa could reform and be a better person in life if given the opportunity to live. Only God knows that and not Bainimarama, Teleni, Naivalurua, Ganilau and others.
    Teleni, Lets see if you are worth that morals and the ethics that goes with the very small seat (compared to your 10X size) of Commisioner you are holding and make the right decision to charge your sobordinates.
    And Shaista – we dont want any of your usual bullshit and just make sure all those involved are taken to task.

  36. Mark Manning Says:

    This is great for the people who murdered this innocent man , because he was the only witness to his attackers . How relieved they must feel !
    Who’s next ?

  37. soro Says:

    Head TWAT’s Email :

    Email the bastard and tell him what you think. DON’T MINCE YOUR WORDS hahaha

  38. Mark Manning Says:

    I understand that there were witnesses as to which Police took this man into custody and to his bashing as he was led to the Police vehicle . Do these witnesses know the names of the Officers involved ? If they do , then they should publish their names on the internet for all to see , before they too , are murdered so they can’t speak up .

  39. Mark Manning Says:

    Has anyone in Fiji , noticed the similarity between the treatment of this man , thrown into a Police Van after being bashed by thug Police Officers , to the way the CRW soldiers were treated in 2000 . Even I know , from Australia , that their death cries were heard from the back of Police Vans through the back streets of Suva late at night , while being bashed to death by Evil , Cowards from the Police and Military .
    I’m beginning to suspect that they are possessed by the Devil himself as they have no conscience at all .
    But the question remains , if these thugs have not been brought to Justice in 8 years , then who will be next and are any of you safe ?

  40. Save the Sheep Says:

    While I do not have sympathy for Baleiloa, a coward himself (interesting he was a military man), who caused great pain and suffering to many with his crimes, it does not make it right to have dealt with him in this way.

    The mentality of this I.G. was clearly on display with his re-capture. One rule for us and one rule for the rest of you..

    His death was no less than murder and those who caused it must face the same law that Joe Bugner had to in being put away for his crimes.

    My condolences to his family.

    Isn’t it time all people in Fiji learned to treat each other with some respect???

  41. NadroKid Says:

    Just wondering here whether there was more to Baleiloa’s unfortunate death. As an ex-soldier, did he have damaging information that could be dangerous for some of the IG or Army leadership? It would be good to know what he did (which unit he served in), where and when and why he left the military. Did he get info from Ex-CRW in prison with him? Just some questions. May he rest in preace and may his family find peace of mind in these difficult times.

  42. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    NadroKid, you have some very good points there.

    Remember the silly police spokeswoman said after Bugner’s bashing that it was linked to the alleged assignation attempt on bananasinpyjamas.

    Maybe he did get some inside information from those inside and he broke out to eliminate the forces of evil in Fiji.

    Close your eyes and imagine how the world would have seen him if he had eliminated bananas.

    He would have been awarded a medal.

  43. KaiFiji Says:

    He was a member of the Engineers @RFMF a year after he completed his high school from RKS. He represented RKS in Volleyball as well as the Raiwai team where he was born and bred. A silent person who does not talk alot but later turned to crime after he was not happy with some people. I know him personally more or less related and cannot divulge more on that ..RIP Jo.

  44. Navosavakadua Says:

    Hypocrite of the year award must go to Akuila Yabaki for his statement following the death of Josefa Baleiloa.

    His pronouncements about the use of excessive force sound so principled yet he ignores the direct link between the regime that he has been collaborating with and the series of deaths in police and military custody.

    As for his statement of sympathy to the family, only a hypocrite who practices the arts hypocrisy on a daily basis could have spoken the way he did.

  45. Neutral Says:

    MY SYMPATHY AND CONDOLONCE TO JO’S FAMILY. Joe you have paid a price that will only strengthen our unity against this iligal regime. Your blood will scourge the land searching for those involved in your death.

    To you SAD…what I see is a heart of Cain in you and God hates that. A heart that deceives and devises evil. A heart without compassion. A sedicious character that preys on the weak…..vaqakoro to you and your likes.
    To all who involved in Joe’s daeth, hiding now or being covered up by police/army/ig

    remember..what goes around comes around , eda na seva ga na bua ka da tea..e teri lutu na niu me lutu tani, ena lutu ga i vuna.. justice arena is here on earth and not beyond…so be prepared and pray that you find peace now…OR God willing, repent and admit your involvement.

  46. IslandBoy Says:

    @KaiFiji – My sincere condolences to you and your family members.

    Dua na kerekere levu kemuni. Are you able to share the late Josefa Baleiloa’s Yasana, Tikina and Koro as well as vasu details.


  47. Dauvavana Says:

    Ni bula vinaka Naita

    Just to answer a bit of your query, I recognised his father when interviewed on Fiji One news after Jo’s last beating. He is a long time taxi driver that ocasional pick me up and I believe he is from Kadavu.

  48. newsfiji Says:

    Ex Fiji Tourist: in answer to your question about the people at Churchill Park where Bainipyjamas made his charter farter speech – the people who attended were civil servants about 200 people sitting on the cement pavillion. The way Fiji TV said it was about 5000 people is bullshit – i have first hand info.

    Bainipyjamas loooked very much like an idiot with his pet dog Airarse Kayum in tow…

    It’s common knowledge that all the top civil servants in the West can’t stand the dictators guts..

  49. IslandBoy Says:

    @Sniper – Vinaka Nite – dua na veiwekani tiko i vale vei keitou feared as much. That is why I was interested in more details.

  50. kafir Says:

    dou bula na wekaqu. nxt time around for a Charter open air, just take some shots and post it ova hia. i mean fotos me laurai na mada na dina. 2 much tak hot air baloni sa sivia.

  51. qitawa Says:

    Well I dont agree with how he wa killed but this guy has caused so much suffering to the people of Fiji with all his crimes. It didnt give the police the right bash him unless he was really armed and dangerous (self defence). To potary him as a saint like some people have done here is bullshit. If you support a guy like this Baleiloa than you might as well support the removers of democracy.

  52. Billy Says:

    @Qitawa, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know Baleiloa until the day the media reported how he was bashed up. I don’t think the extent of his crimes touched every household in Fiji the way these thugs have done, but then again, who has the right to take the life of a man away? No one on earth, cause we never created no body. So the killing is inexcusable and no one, ever deserves that kind of beating no matter what his crimes are, if he was alive, he would be taken to court to face the full course, but not even the military/police have the right to mete out the punishment the way they did to B. Violence only breeds more and more violence and there will be no end.

  53. LUVfiji Says:

    Well said! @ Billy. The question one must now ask.. Was it worth it?

    Josefa Baleiloa is free at last! Free from the ills that drove him to commit the crime; free from the brutal pain he succumbed to. The “law enforcers” who captured him that fateful day must now face justice, if there is still justice in this country. And they will bear the guilt for having caused death for the rest of their lives. There is no disputing that!

    Oh boy! The wrath of God awaits them..

  54. IslandBoy Says:

    @LUVfiji – Bula Vinaka Marama Nit, I really do not believe they are one bit scared of God’s wrath. Dua na tamata tiko vata na nona vakasama sa rere makawa, after Rabaka et al. O ira qo segai sara ni ra rerevaka na Kalou Bula, rogoca mada nai vosavosa nei Waisea Tabakau or Teleni for that matter when referring to these cases.

    There is only one guy oot of the whole bang lot who seems to have his head screwed on right – Commissioner of Prisons. I got the very clear impression he was disgusted by Police actions.

    When it comes to the police and the army we have to keep firmly in mind that we do not share common principles in relation to respecting the sacred values of human life. To them we are all expendable!

  55. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – Sa vinaka na bula Turaga Naita!.

    Thats exactly what I meant. They dont realise it nor do they feel it. But He who watches, neither sleeps or slumber!

    Baleiloa, though lived a life of a crim, is just as much a child of God, as is Tabakau and Teleni. And I dont believe for a moment Naivalurua was disgusted with the way Baleiloa was recaptured. Those a*%^holes would have acted on orders. Wasnt Baleiloa recaptured by both Police and Prison officers?

    Anyway, I do not for the life of me know how these men are able to find sleep at night.. if they ever sleep at all. But sooner or later, their actions will come back to haunt them.

  56. LUVfiji Says:

    He neither sleeps NOR slumber.. !

  57. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Bula vinaka mai Tau IslandBoy,

    I agree with your assessment concerning Naivalurua that he still has his head ‘screwed on right’, but can I go one step further and add, but still ‘screwed nevertheless.’

    Remember the late Ratu Mara’s interview, he said he was very disappointed with Iowane being in the company of Vore, Ganilau, Rabuka, Savua and others when they asked him to step aside during the George Speight coup?

    He didn’t name him but told Richard Broadbridge, ‘the one from Naselesele’ and then words to effect, ‘I thought he would go a long way..’

    From what I know about Iwoane, whilst at QEB, he was very indecisive and hardly becoming of a Baton of Honour cadet from Sandhurst!

    However, having Francis Kean working at the Prison HQ and delivering lectures, etc further proves my point about Iowane’s ineffectiveness, so he silently condones the actions of the illegal junta through his continuing to keep his head in the sand and ignore all the injustice that is happening around him.

  58. IslandBoy Says:

    Drau Bula Marama Nite & Ratu Tau – I did not conisder the points you made about IN and yes he did say that to RB dusing the interview and his bodyguard had to chime in with IN’s name.

    Francis Kean’s special treatment does show a slip in judgement.

    Tau what about that little munter Rajen on TV tonight- does he think he has really recreated himself and anyway who wants to know what he thinks. Dau kaya o FijiGirl, the toxic little Chodo offspring.

    Marama Nite – somtimes it is so hard to wait for the Lord’s time, so it is really up to us to learn and strengthen our individual faith. Au sa na ravi tumada ga yani ena na tai ni uciwai levu.

  59. Billy Says:

    Totoka, totoka na vitalanoa kemuni na noda @IB,LV,JW. It could be that these guys are living the curses of Ratu M as he said at that same interview, that he would be the last legal President or something like that..This is why they can no longer see clearly the paths taken hence all going down the bottomless pit. .. Isa, au sa loloma, they can not even see the destructive trails left behind and in front. I am just wondering at the efforts of IN at the Prison, what is he trying to prove? Is he trying to influence the prisoners to their side?

  60. sprite Says:

    someone wrote in the paper earlier that the beating to death of Baleiloa contradicted the yellow ribbon campaign which is about rehabilitating prisoners, no matter the crime.

    So far the soldiers involved in the death of verebasaga and rabaka are walking free on the streets of Fiji.

    There has been no review of police procedures after the conviction of the killers of malasebe. What is Teleni doing. Proves that the rfmf and the illegal regime just give lip service to good governance and accountability.

    There has been no investigation into the tortures and humiliation carried out by the rfmf. Yet these fuckers want to tell us how to run our country. They can’t even control their own troops. Like we give a shit that all the rfmf support the charter. Of course they would – they get immunity, the right of the people of Fiji to justice is thrown out the window.

    Tell us something new. Give us progress on the prosecutions for the deaths in military custody of rabaka and verebasaga. Give us progress on the review of police procedures to prevent another death like Malasebe’s. Give us a progress report on the investigations into officers and soldiers who have brutalised our citizens. Give the people the assurance that arbitrary justice will not be meted out to them because they have a different political opinion or a different religion etc.

    Until then, stick the charter where the sun don’t shine, because your actions don’t match your words. The fancy rhetoric, all insincere and proven as lies by the lack of inaction. Get now why the people oppose the charter?

  61. Claude Says:

    Thanks Soro for the email addy!

  62. at least Says:

    @IslandBoy..Josefa is from Nukuvou, Nakasaleka, Kadavu and the mother is from Lau. His mother passed away last 3yrs I think and Jo was brought from prison to attend to his mum’s funeral. So sad baleta e rau qai mai sota tu ga ni sa leqa tu o tinana and he cried out loud for he was asking forgiveness that nite..It was so unfortunate for him…Little that he knew will be accompanying her 2yrs later…Jo’s second name is Seroa…He was born and bred in Raiwai Suva…RIP Jo my heart is with you…..Moce mada ..

  63. macks Says:

    Rest in Peace Jo Baleiloa….Moce toka mada

  64. Macks Says:

    We will miss your smile Bugner and your good sense of humour..moce yasayasa..

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