SV calling Mr. President – are you still there? Hello? Hello?

Bloggers, since the appointment of the Interim Cabinet, we have hardly seen or heard from President Iloilo. Ever since his regrettable words after being returned power in January 2007, that if he been in Vore’s shoes he would have also couped the Qarase led Government, President Iloilo continually reveals his sheer incompetence to hold the high office of Head of State.

Therefore, it should come as no great surprise to us, when Fiji is plummeting towards a failed State, there is not one small squeak from Government House. The divisive Charter, the illegal back pays, the refusal of Teleni to investigate the treason complaints are only a small cross section of breakdowns, which are symptoms of a failed system of government and law and order, yet the Father of the Nation remains silent!

SV calls on President Iloilo to speak to the Nation and alleviate our concerns and fears of an uncertain future. SV also wishes to remind President Iloilo, that your mandate to your illegal Cabinet, one was to being Fiji to General Elections as soon as possible? Why aren’t you intervening and directing Vore to hold General Elections next year as previously undertaken? Most importantly President Iloilo, there has been much speculation concerning your health. Are you able to furnish medical proof to alleviate all our concerns, that you are still fit to hold the office of Head of State in Fiji?


32 Responses to “SV calling Mr. President – are you still there? Hello? Hello?”

  1. Mark Manning Says:
    Well I have to say , this is another smokescreen and a silly concept from Francis and his supporters / puppeteers . Francis being the puppet !
    As for the President , can’t the GCC , haing firstly elected a Vice President , just declare a no confidence vote in him or declare him unfit ?
    Then re-elect another ?

  2. Mark Manning Says:
    What a silly idea from Francis and his puppeteers , as Francis is obviously the puppet !
    As for the President , either he is ill or guilty of treason , either way , having elected a Vice President in advance , the GCC should vote the President out on health issues or on the issue of being incompetent .

  3. Mark Manning Says:

    Francis has more silly ideas everyday , but I think they are just a diversion from more serious issues such as his treasonous act , and his alleged implication in the murders of the CRW Soldiers in 2000 and the various acts of terrorism against the State of Fiji and it’s people since December 2006 .
    The point of having Civil Servants , as incompetent as some might be , and we have many incompetent ones in Australia , is that despite who is in power , they are able to continue the process of Government . It’s just not the same as running a private company !
    As for the President , it’s an institution , not a person . If the person elected to run it , isn’t discharging his duties accordingly , then he must go !

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    That took me 3 shots to get a post in , then all 3 came up ! sorry about that .

  5. Billy Says:

    By the way, since the appointing authorty for the President is the GCC, the reality is, we do not have a President, since he was also condemned by Vore to go you know where…. we should probably do what the Thais do, flood into the compound and place him under siege. Oilei, sa da qase mada ga da cegu, kua tale na vaqara tiko na state funeral.. It is the chiefs that should really call on him to answer to them. Where are they? After all he’s not elected by the people.

  6. Wailei Says:

    Sorry to stray away from the above topic But this needs urgent discussions? What happens if Fiji cannot pay for the loan? What happens if a new government comes into action and they (Fiji) cancel the loan? What if there hasn’t been some sort of agreement/ clause that if new Fiji govy comes into power that said loan can be canceled if new Fiji govy refuses loan? Everyone knows that China is wanting to get a good grip on the Pacific basins throat Strategically. After all aren’t we the hub of the pacific?

    Ah Koy is just looking at the $$ and benefits and what can those k’ching
    …k’ching do for Fiji is one would think is good. But I cynically wonder what is the HOOK? Isn’t this the same Ah Koy who brought in all those “mataqali” in to come to work in Fiji. Hence the Prostitution, Drugs, and Victoria Parade is a know a China Town? WHAT IS THE HOOK???

    Why Sir Jim

    AMELIA VUNILEBA – Fiji Times
    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    FORMER interim finance minister Mahendra Chaudhry has questioned the announcement of a $230million loan by Fiji’s ambassador to China, Sir James Ah Koy.

    Sir James is in the country with a delegation of investors and made the announcement of the loan from China.

    “What’s unusual is that this should be a Government statement and not for an ambassador,” said Mr Chaudhry.

    He said such an announcement should be made by the Finance Ministry.

    Mr Chaudhry, who vacated office last month after the Fiji Water saga, said he could not comment on the loan until he saw the finer details.

    However, he added it could not have come at a better time as rural development and squatters need to be attended to.

    Sir James said questions about the financing of projects in the housing, agriculture and commercial areas were raised during a presentation by the delegation at the Fiji Trades and Investment Board on Friday.

    “Why wasn’t it raised by the Finance Ministry? Simple, the question (about finance) was raised at the introduction of the projects at the FTIB boardroom where the media had gathered,” said Sir James.

    “I can’t say that I have to follow protocol and wait for the Finance Ministry to make the announcement. “That sounds ludicrous, childish and stupid.”

    Sir James said he never dodged questions and was not used to dealing in “mysterious ways”.

    Deposed prime minister Laisenia Qarase questioned the legality of the $230m loan, saying parliamentary approval was required for such loans.

    And, he said, it was ironic that the interim Government was taking a loan when it had said that it would not borrow anymore.

    He said that when an elected Government comes into power, it could cancel the loan if it saw that the loan has not been utilised.

    But Sir James said the repayment terms of the loan were good at an interest rate of 2 per cent over 25 years.

    He said if the borrower and the lender saw that the progression of the loan terms was being met, only a “stupid finance minister would cancel the loan”.

    Sir James said he was amazed at the amount of criticism of the loan.

    “Could this money have been borrowed from Australia, New Zealand or the US (United States of America)?”

    “China is lending a hand to our development,” said Sir James.

    Deposed opposition leader Mick Beddoes said China was taking a risk in giving the loan to the interim Government.

    “To start with, China knows full well the existence of the illegal junta. It is taking the risk and any undertaking by the illegal regime should not be binding on the next elected government,” said Mr Beddoes.

    “This is a risk China is taking.

    “The other matter is about the debt level of the country, obviously these loans will increase the level of debt.

    “The concern I have is the absence of the specific projects these funds are for and without the presence of any oversight from Parliament there is no guaranty that the money will actually get used for whatever it is, it is being sought for.”


  7. Wailei Says:

    Need to correct myself, typed too fast..

    …..and Victoria Parade is known as China Town? WHAT IS THE HOOK???

  8. Tim Says:

    Mark: You’re correct – and it’s perfectly obvious that Bainimarama is so utterly stupid as not to have noticed the consequences of such actions elsewhere in the world – but then maybe his stupidity is intentional.
    How many former public servants are their that have left and come back as consultants with the intellectual property gained to be used to their own advantage.
    The junta has already hinted at a firesale of government (i.e. Fijian owned infrastructure – paid for by the taxpayers of Fiji through hard graft).
    I can off the top of my head think of water as but one example. You shouldn’t be under any illusion that Chinese “entrpreneurs” have their sights on electricity.
    So the process goes something like this:
    Along comes a few consultants (often ex-public servants or those apparently having “expertise” in government). We must believe them because they tell us they have.
    They pick certain infrastructure – give us all sorts of reasons for it to be valued at a bargain basement price. E.G. – government doesn’t know how to run a business, its been left to be run down, it employs too many people and they are unprductive….the list goes on)
    On that basis the said infrastructure can be (apparently) undervalued.

    Then, along comes Johnny Opportunity and buys it, promising a changed world. He spends the 1st year or so making sure people perceive a difference.

    Then the rationailsations, the vertical and horizontal integrations in the name of efficiencies kick in, as does the lack of re-investment and the profit-taking.

    Well…..the BNZ went broke, had to be bailed out.
    NZ Rail went broke….had to be bailed out.
    Telecom NZ was utterly undervalued, had a decade plus of free reign as a monopoly during which time the opportunists made a fortune while the subscribers to the service suffered some of the worst internet access, and the highest prices in the world.
    Air NZ went broke (and brought down one of the region’s longest serving airlines – Ansett – with it)…..had to be bailed out.
    I hope I’m getting my point across because who bails them out? Why the taxpayer!.
    Has Frank heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
    One should never sell off infrastructure that is a natural monopoly unless they’re prepared to regualte it.
    Nor should they jeopardise small business enterprise and true entrepreneurship because they have swallowed some ideological agenda.
    We all know that the junta have had a taste of the good life. They now think it is their divine right, despite their not having suffered the hard graft to earn it.
    Frank’s outbursts that Mark refers to are indeed silly – but should we expect anything else. The entire junta are at it.
    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with business and private enterprise. Nor is there anything wrong with legitimate government and government enterprise. The only difference is that private enterprise has to “chery pick” whereas government enterprise has to rely of the will of the people.

    I’m not sure I’d want to rely on some unelected business however to provide me with the basics necessary to sustain life.

    Frank – you really are a Pratt. Shaista, Bubba, and one or two others must now really be wondering what the hell they’ve signed up to. Actually no they probably aren’t – their egos and their skeletons in the closet always were going to get the better of them

  9. Tim Says:

    Actually there’s a good example: Air Pacific. Oh Oh Oh Look what a dog it is – we can’t sustain it, it’s been run down. QUICK QUICK QUICK let’s flog it off. No no no – let’s not flog it ff at bargain basement prices – let’s look for ongoing partnerships. When Qantas tries to ditch its shares, then maybe that MIGHT be something to consider except that I wouldn’t want to give them any ideas because they’re just as likely to try doing so in orer to come along later and swallow it up.

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Wailei, it is an established convention that each incoming government is liable for the outgoing governments debts and will honour any agreements entered into legally.

    As for you question as to what will happen to Fiji, should the incoming Government default on its loan repayments? There are protocols to follow when States deal with States.

    Ah Koy is an opportunist and will use the Minister for Finance position to further his own family’s business. He and Chodo are of the same mould and already Chodo is beginning to take a swipe against Ah Koy and something tells me that it is going to continue and will further cause tension between Chodo & the IG.

    That is because they both have big egos and let’s hope they destroy each other with Vore in the process as well.

  11. Tim Says:

    And By the Way…as the newspapers say…….Pressie hasn’t been home for quite a while. Rest assured, though the bodily functions might be intact, his mind reached that same basic level of function some time ago. Shame on his family and shame on this junta for taking advantage and trying to pretend otherwise. I bet some of them actually think it’s a joke.
    Iloilo is a fuckwit without a doubt BUT at least he has a legitimate excuse.
    There aren’t too many others that are supporting this pantomme that have the same defense

  12. Tim Says:

    @ JW, Wailei et al: It’s only natural civility and plitical correctness (and perhaps our long held beliefs) that stop us from thinking the easiest thing all round would be to just shot the bastards and be done with the coup culture, the opportunism and all their other drama-queen behaviour for a very very long time.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s hard to understand why the Chinese are lending money to Fiji , given that the Interim Government has no Legal Authority . I imagine that an Elected Government , will not have to honour the loan !
    Chaudhry’s ego is taking a blow as he wasn’t able to secure anything for Fiji , yet he rants and raves as if he still has the authority of a treasurer ! Maybe he does , so watch your backs .
    By the way , the Military costs Fiji $1,400,000 everyday in lost earnings . That’s 20 years by 365 days = 7300 days , 10,000,000,000 lost revenue over 20 years = $10,000,000,000 divided by 7,300 days = $1,370,000 a day !

  14. Tim Says:

    Actually were that to happen, anyone would have the perfect excuse. The junta has already set an example that vaildates murder and violence as an option in furthering an agenda. Until the victims see justice served, one can assume they still find it legitimate.
    I for one could happily deal to Hitler, Mugabe (apart from the fact I’s want someone else to mop up the blood). Franks sure pushing the boundaries too

  15. Tim Says:

    Mark: The Chinese ALWAYS let themselves off the hook by claiming they have no business interfering in others’ affairs. Except that they’ll interfere when and where there’s an earn to be made or where there is something they want. Can’t blame ’em for that can we? they’re just playing a few assholes at their own game (and winning). What’s sad is that those they’re playing don’t even realise they’re being played.
    As a NZer, I suppose I’ll be expected to feal sorry for Fonterra (A Chinese company producing baby products has just had to recall products due to contamination resulting in AT LEAST one death). Fonterra has a large shareholding in that comapny.
    Well no – tuff shit – more fool Fonterra

  16. Tim Says:

    And Mark: re the Military – it seems pretty obvious it is unsustainable. The only way they can recover is to continue to prostitute themselves to al and sundry (which it seems they’re well versed in), or to rely on the goodwill of the Fijian taxpayer (which they’ve lost), or to sell out lock stock, sovereignty and barrel to anyone tickling their fannies.
    So far, we know what they’ve oped for

  17. EnufDictatorship Says:

    SV..great minds think alike, I guess…you asked and this was in the three dailies yesterday…

    Where’s the President?


    With all the uncertainties we are experiencing with all these hood-winking and bullying tactics by the interim regime, where is the voice of the President, Ratu. Josefa Iloilo, who is meant to be supporting our strive to return to democracy?

    Why haven’t the high chiefs approached him as fellow chiefs to request his wisdom in allleviating all the suffering the ordinary citizens are going through?

    The King of Thailand did it for his people. Why isn’t the President and fellow chiefs doing it for us?

    It’s time that some anointed leaders stand-up for us, instead of allowing under-educated, force-to-be-leaders and high paying overseas consultants continually drag us down to our doom.

    Vani Veikoso, TURKEY
    Naomi Roberts, AUSTRALIA
    Kiri Richmond, DUBAI

  18. Tim Says:

    Well come on people! If he isn’t too busy changing incontinence pads, pissing himself and wiping away pustules as a result of past sins, and trying to exercise his free will while being hampered by those trying to take advantage of him, he’s busy resting. Kama got him, but what’s worse is that the junta are taking advantage of it all. Excuse the plain talk but really! For Fuck’s sake!!!!!!!after two years or more hasn’t it yet dawned on anyone?

  19. Tim Says:

    No doubt, just as we question his whereabouts, we’ll soon see some press release that bears a remarkable resemblance to the spin doctoring of the Samy, the Bubba, the Media Cell or someother that is very unIloilo-like.

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    Hello , yes , I’m still here , but I just don’t know where here is !

  21. Tim Says:

    Hey Mark – What day is it? Where am I? For a moment there I thought I was having a bad dream. I was lying under a bed thinking everyone was after me. Then along came this woman with bleached hair. She told me to have a drag on this foul smelling rolled up piece of shit saying it’d make me feel better, and she said she had contacts, so not to worry about a thing. So I’ve put my utmost faith in her – she told me her mates had everything under control. She was such a stunner I thought if I should belive anyone, it’d have to be her. I haven’t woken up yet so I’m sincerely hoping that she isn’t just a piece of mutton dressed up as lamb

  22. painter Says:

    @ Tim – thanks for saying it like it is.

  23. Tim Says:

    @ painter: I think there are a few that tell it like it is including yourself, SV and all Fijifreedom bloggers. Sometimes I feel the need to apologise for my lack of typing abilities, foul language and other shortcomings. Never mind though – any obscenity I display is nothing compared with the actions of the iIG which Fijians have to cope with on a daily basis. If I offend, then my apologies.

  24. painter Says:

    @ Tim – no need for apologies, none intended, none taken. Its all good 🙂

  25. Tim Says:

    Nd check out the latest gem from Ah Koy. The opportunism and conflicts of interest, the lining of pockets is so blatant. These buggers don’t even try to hide it anymore.
    What Ah Koy means in the latest of the TV ventures (for which he knows damn well a licence will be issued to) is that Free-to-Air services will be offered.
    No doubt the company will be scooping up a lot of unencrypted off satellite content and bundling up with a load of advertising to make a quick buck. Which I suppose is marginally better that rebroadcasting unencrypted off satellite stuff and charging a fee for.
    People should check satellite footprints and rather than investing in decoders, get themselves a tuner.
    Was it not Ah Koy that was recently critical of ‘western imperialism’? I suppose his style of imperialism is OK because he probably thinks he’s “paid his dues” and he’s got a military force behind him.
    Well James – if you think Frank will say the more the merrier, then he should let everyone have access on the same “level playing field”. No doubt CCTV will be one of the spendid channel options available.

  26. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Tim, I for one would never think or hope that a bullet will stop Vore. That is the easy option.

    I want long term change to get rid of the coup culture permanently in Fiji, so Vore needs to be alive when he is deposed, so he can open his mouth and rat on all those involved.

    I believe the ‘shadowy advisers’ must be worried that when the shit hits the fan, Vore as usual will sing like a bird. He is their biggest threat.

  27. Mark Manning Says:

    Hello , yes I’m still here , where are we again ?

  28. soro Says:

    This is an exercise for all members of the Military and Police to show mentally alertness. Its a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of intelligence.

    Take the test presented here to determine if you’re losing it or not. The spaces below are so you don’t see the answers until you’ve made your answer.

    OK, relax, clear your mind and begin.

    1. What do you put in a toaster?
    (Don’t Scroll down until you have an answer)

    Answer: ‘bread.’ If you said ‘toast,’ give up now and do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, bread, go to Question 2.

    2. Say ‘silk’ five times. Now spell ‘silk.’ What do cows drink?
    (Don’t Scroll down until you have an answer)

    Answer: Cows drink water. If you said ‘milk,’ don’t

    attempt the next question. Your brain is over-stressed and may even overheat. Content yourself with reading a more appropriate literature such as the Charter. However, if you said ‘water’, proceed to question 3.

    3. If a red house is made from red bricks and a blue house is made from blue bricks and a pink house is made from pink bricks and a black house is made from black bricks, what is a green house made from?
    (Don’t Scroll down until you have an answer)

    Answer: Arreh Yaar …. Greenhouses are made from glass. If you said ‘green bricks,’ why are you still reading these???

    If you said ‘glass,’ go on to Question 4.

    4. It’s twenty years ago, and a plane is flying at 20,000 feet over Germany (If you will recall, Germany at the time was politically divided into West Ger many and East Germany .) Anyway, during the flight, TWO engines fail. The pilot, realizing that the last remaining engine is also failing, decides on a crash landing procedure. Unfortunately the engine fails before he can do so and the plane fatally crashes smack in the middle of ‘no man’s land’ between East Germany and West Germany . Where would you bury the survivors? East Germany, West Germany, or no man’s land’?
    (Don’t Scroll down until you have an answer)

    Answer: You don’t bury survivors.

    If you said ANYTHING else, you’re a dunce and you must stop. If you said, ‘You don’t bury survivors’, proceed to the next question.

    5. Without using a calculator – You are driving a bus from Suva to Londoni . In Samabula , 17 people get on the bus; In Raiwaqa , six people get off the bus and nine people get on. In Vatuwaqa , two people get off and four get on In Nabua , 11 people get off and 16 people get on. In Caubati , three people get off and five people get on In Colo-i-Suva, six people get off and three get on. You then arrive at Nausori. What was t he name of the bus driver?
    (Don’t Scroll down until you have an answer)

    Answer: Oh, for crying out loud!

    Don’t you remember your own name? It was YOU!!

    PS : For the 95% of people that fail this in the military & police forces , you will feel comforted to know that you will be in the same boat as your Commander in Chief Ratu Iloilo God bless his soul.

  29. Billy Says:

    @Tim regarding your bad dream, sounds like its a she-wolf in sheep’s clothing, bleached hair an all, a shrew masquerading as a lamb mouthing human rights slogans she dont even mean……… Hope we all wake up from our bad dream one day soon……

  30. newsfiji Says:

    The three high chiefs of the Kubuna, Tovata & Burebasaga should call it’s own people to a meeting. Then the resolutions from this meeting should be taken directly to the Presiident and ask him to step aside.

    The President is after all a useless pathetic excuse of a man.

    HE should be removed. Blerry %#($

  31. kaiveicoco Says:

    vinaka Soro,
    good questions.I will go and try on the many boys amd men from my village who are in the military.One of them is in the intelligence I asked him once ” how do you convert a blue paper or yellow paper or any coloured paper into white paper? ” it took him about half an hour to answer correctly and when he gave the correct answer I belt him with a BIG bowl of yaqona to numb his mind further !!

  32. samusamuyalo Says:

    Just wondering “WHAT THE FIJIAN PUBLIC WILL STAND UP TO THIS NEW KIND OF GOVT CALLED DICTATORSHIP??Looks like FB learned a lot on his early oficers day whilst atatched to that South Ameriacn govt that uses Dictatorship. Now he is applying what he learned & it will not work well FB if he learns his history well. All things comes to an end & it will be a very pitiful end for his family name,family,village and province & all so to his henchman & caretaker govt. i just wish if the presnt Presdient have some wits about him & step down and let FB runs his own show. Is it money & power that makes this people forget the truth??

    please god help Fiji ppl in this long dark windy road back to Freedom!!

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