SDL seeks to stop Charter process in court -keep piling the pressure says SV!!!

Bloggers, well the SDL are coming up with very good legal strategies to combat the illegal junta. They definitely would not have seen it coming and now it will be the High Court who will be in the public eye, whether it upholds the rule of law. Ketepoka Teleni has already proved the Fiji Police Service have been compromised and no longer follow their own Police Act and have disobeyed the very laws of Fiji themselves proving the complete breakdown of law and order in Fiji.

What we find interesting is that if anybody is charged with any offence, SV encourges them to challenge the Police in Court for having the authority to charge them, when they themselves have disobeyed their own Act in refusing to investigate any complaints, especially one of national importance such as treason, which is still a capital offence in Fiji.

We support the SDL in seeking an injunction to stop the NCBBF from taking the Charter to Fiji and now the High Court will be under immense local and international scrutiny. SV asks bloggers to spread the word around to any changed person to challenge the authority of the Police in laying charges against them, when they themselves have disobeyed and refused to comply with their own duties as contained in the Fiji Police Act.

The Police Act says officers are to obey ‘all lawful directions’ (section 17(1) Police Act [Cap 85]), so to you Police Officers reading this, you can say NO, if you know it is unlawful, such as ‘not investigating any complaint against the Military’ because that is clearly not legal.


Fiji’s former ruling Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party will file an injunction in the High Court in Suva to stop the distribution of the proposed People’s Charter. Party national director Peceli Kinivuwai told Fijilive that the party anticipated filing an injunction in court in the coming week.

“Our lawyers are currently working on getting papers in order before we can file our injunction in court, at least by sometimes next week,” he said. Kinivuwai said the party was of the view that the draft Peoples Charter was illegal and “treasonous” and should be stopped. He said the people of Fiji need not be coerced into accepting the Charter.

“We will file the injunction in court because it is illegal and it is punishable by law,” Kinivuwai said. “Our Constitution is very much alive so we’re doing our civic duty just like any ordinary citizen would do,” he said. “And we’re confident that this matter would be looked into in a transparent manner. We believe in the justice system to see this through,” he added.

Kinivuwai made particular reference to the disbursement of funds to cater for the draft Peoples Charter process, and the use of civil servants to promote it. “We do not want the people of Fiji to be engaged in this and that is why we are filing this injunction.” Kinivuwai said the party’s stand on this was nothing new as it was following case laws where the High Court in Fiji ruled against interim regime’s and it’s impositions of various changes in the nation’s administration.

“Whatever is happening now is illegal and we’re trying to put a stop to it,” he said. Representatives of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) are currently touring communities and villages around the country to familiarise citizens on the draft Peoples Charter.



10 Responses to “SDL seeks to stop Charter process in court -keep piling the pressure says SV!!!”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Pressure should be kept on those Military advisors so they know that the International community is watching them also !
    Let’s hope something gives before Francis and Co. try and abrogate the Constitution or the before the President passes away and leaves the Presidency and Vice Presidency wide open !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    And why haven’t the Great Council of Chiefs chief’s , spoken up ?

  3. penshu Says:

    The chiefs are not speaking up because I suspect they have stolen most of the monies from the provincial councils

  4. Claude Says:

    Lol @ penshu and most likely. @ MM: correct me if I’m wrong, I thought the GCC was dismantled by the moron pig himself….

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    Isnt it great to see the SDL fighting to redeem itself? So they bloddy-well should! Afterall, it was the SDL government thats let us down badly. So much for the highly intellectual leader in Qarase, and his band of merry-men he called “advisers”.

    Looking back to the days leading to 5/12/2006; Qarase just about played his cards into the hands of the Military. The last straw was when he threw in his trump card – Ratu EN and had him replaced as Speaker. That was all the Military needed. The entire country could see that except LQ. And look who’s fighting to win back the hearts of Fiji to return as leader?

    Where was this legal advice last month before the NCBBF embarked on its campaign on the Charter? Almost one-third of the country now have the draft , and are probably already reading the damned document. Vinaka vakalevu adi bera! No amount of legal action will now stop the junta nor will it undo all they’ve done. I only hope the SDL is not taking legal advice from the ousted VP. Quite clearly LQ and RtJM are a hodgepodge when it comes to Frank. Kasura vakadua na vuku kei na nodrau kila-ka. Qaqa tu na vore kei na nona dakai. What happened to the saying: the pen is mightier than the sword?. Oh.. whatever.

    But evidently, Fiji now needs a new brand of leaders.

    Go Fiji! Bring on the ribbons SV and lets, at least, make a start on our peaceful campaign against the junta!! What say Painter.. ?

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    This is a good move from SDL. They must seen to be doing things and not lying silently while shit is thrown around by the illegal ig. The people and the world are watching. Opinions are being formed by these actions and reactions. I remember mooting the same idea some posts ago.

    Everyone should keep focusing and reminding the PIG and his piglets of the reason and justification he proclaimed was why he did the coup. Victor Lal wrote about it very aptly in his latest column that the coup was initially based on corruption claims and evolved over time to the PIG’s self imposed BS ideals of electoral reforms and other sugar coated concepts in the farter charter. The charter would relegate the Fijians to 2nd class citizens in their own land. And to think that this is being perpetrated by some dimwit and traiterous Fijians themselves is uncomprehensible.

  7. kaiveicoco Says:

    you got that spot on.I always think of what might have been had Qarase acted differently by casting the ist stone and called FB and his military advisers and sat down and discussed everything on the table.Had Qarase taken over the ministry of home affairs himself rather than relying on that Jo Vosanibola for it was such an important ministry.But now the whole country is suffering,our neighbours Samoa and Vanuatu have moved and progress on.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    yes your correct , but does he actually have the authority to do that , no !

  9. painter Says:

    Agree LUVFiji, much too little and much too late, BUT to be fair I doubt that even a court injunction could have halted the NCBBF in its tracks, not with the military junta driving the entire exercise from behind. Hey, come to think of it, I hvn’t read that SDL pamphlet that someone said was being distributed to counter the NCBBF campaign, have u seen it?

  10. LUVfiji Says:

    @ Painter – No, I havent seen the SDL pamphlet either. They’re probably following the trail of the NCBBF which, as you rightly put it, is a little too late. The SDL is almost like that sleeping giant up at GH. I really would have preferred that they started out on their campaign well before the n*&^f. On second thoughts, I guess they had to wait for the lead to avoid being accused of “inciting” or whatever the term they like to use.

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