Email solivakasama your ideas!!!!

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14 Responses to “Email solivakasama your ideas!!!!”

  1. IslandBoy Says:

    SV – Please allow me to share this short tract from Inspirational Ministries sent to me by an aunt from California.

    Today’s Devotional


    “The commissioners and satraps began trying to find a ground of accusation against Daniel in regard to government affairs; but they could find no ground of accusation or evidence of corruption, inasmuch as he was faithful, and no negligence or corruption was to be found in him.” – Daniel 6:4-5 NASB

    “Politics was about gaining personal and familial success.” These words were used by scholar Adrian Goldsworthy to describe ancient Rome, but they easily could describe politics in any country, in any era. People often use politics to gain and keep power, or to seek personal achievement, success, and control.

    Adolf Hitler represented an extreme application of this attitude. He once said, “I recognize no moral law in politics. Politics is a game, in which every sort of trick is permissible, and in which the rules are constantly being changed by the players to suit themselves.”

    Unfortunately, this is not much different from how some politicians approach their lives today.

    But Daniel was promoted to the pinnacle of power without ever resorting to tricks. He spent his life as a servant, seeking first God’s Kingdom and being trustworthy in everything he did.

    Even when others resorted to political tricks and tried to bring him down, Daniel never compromised, but continued to serve faithfully. He prayed diligently and remained a man of principle.

    Daniel persevered, and eventually the political games and conspiracies failed. The lies of his enemies were exposed. God protected Daniel, and he was given even greater respect and power.

    Today, what advice would Daniel give you? First, no matter what others do, you don’t have to resort to tricks. Instead, commit yourself to being a person of integrity. Faithfully seek to serve God and others.

    Develop a deep, personal relationship with God. Be ready to persevere, and never compromise. Devote yourself to prayer. Get involved in your community. Stand for Biblical principles. Vote. Don’t be silent!


    Father, bring revival to our nation. I dedicate my life to You. Help me to be bold and take a stand for Your Kingdom. Use me to impact lives for the Gospel. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Extended Reading: Daniel 6

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I think some people have mistaken a saying from the bible !
    God helps those who help themselves .
    God help those , who help themselves !

  3. Ablaze Says:

    Everything that needs to be said has been said so the next best thing is a church service at the Centenary Church in Suva.

    The Methodist Church do not have to organise anything just give us a date. Someone suggested the 5/12/08 two years after the coup.

    We can all meet in Suva at the Centenary Church.

    Come on SV get in touch with the Methodist Church to give us a date and let us know. We will be there. We will organise realatives and friends to be there.

    Its peaceful, save and everyone who believes in the God Almighty attend church services.

  4. Ablaze Says:

    I meant to say its peaceful, safe and just about everyone in Fiji fronts up to church on Sundays.

    Honestly I do not want to give them the satisfaction of arresting me and taking me to the camp for interogation.

    We can wear our “T shirts” afterward but some messagae that for all mankind. Something like “We shall wait for the Lord to make his judgement”

  5. Barafen Says:

    Why not make it simple for all those opposed to the current IG by having church services on March 9 in all churchs in all villages and towns throughout Fiji. This would give the opportunity to guage the level of protest against Frank and Co without risking life and limb of innocents. At least one denomination in each village and suburb should be able to hold a service. As this would be a specific service to morn the loss of democrocy then all peoples present could be counted. As this would be a nondemoninatioal service all religions could be included and show that Fiji can come together as a multiracial country if the need is there.
    All peoples should wear a specific color at all times practical and this color should be the symbol of the resistance.

  6. Ablaze Says:

    Well said Barafen! You hit the nail on the head: Something simple, peaceful without risking our lives and limbs of innocent people.

    Why the 9th of March? 8th of March 2009 is a Sunday, First Sunday after the anniversary of the coup.

  7. LUVfiji Says:


    A ribbon could be just as effective to take out our message. We could agree on a colour and have Solivakasama printed on it. Like the AIDS campaign, we could even wear it everyday!! My 2c piece.

    (Sorry, email didnt work)

  8. painter Says:

    Ribbons are a wonderful idea LUVfiji! May I also suggest vehicle bumper stickers or little flags that you can place on your desks, car bonnets and bigger flags for those who want to post them outside their homes and apartment windows.

    Whilst I see nothing wrong with church services and praying, I’d like to see us take a more central position by declaring publicly our personal commitment to the CONSTITUTION; that we cherish our Constitution and the fundamental freedoms it protects for EVERYONE!

    It is to be a central theme that declares in no uncertain terms that there is NOTHING more important than protecting our Constitution because this MAD REALITY would not have happened if everyone respected the Constitution and the Rule of Law in the 1st place.

    This would be a clear message to those who want to lead Fiji into the future that our committment to the Constitution and the Rule of Law is ABSOLUTE!

    The MILITARY COUNCIL have never shown the moral and/or political courage in the past to DEFEND our Constitution no matter what the political situation is and so, it’ s really up to us, the PEOPLE to do it for ourselves and for our collective future. That is the ONLY position that can be sustainable in this fight.

    The Military Council hve made it clear that they’re hell-bent on abrogating the Constitution in order to ‘save their skins’ but as Victor Lal clearly states in his opinion piece – ‘it will only be a futile exercise.. ding! ding!

    What’s 45 military officers’ welfare to 850,000 plus of us?!

    Do the right thing you so-called military officers and admit you’ve all fcuked up, give it up, follow due process and take Fiji out of this misery!!!

  9. Ablaze Says:

    All brillant ideas but will only work in a “free society” and if we had a “free society” it would have been done straight after the coup.

    Church service wearing white and a ribbon is plenty enough to give our support to the Methodist church.

    Who cares whether we are hiding behind the Methodist church?

    Gives us a date and you shall see the church fill up and every space outside used.

    I’m not wearing any “T shirt” with something controversial written on it. It is playing right into those lunatics hands! Nupe not giving them that satisfaction.

    We can wait once democracy has been restored than we will get them with the law.

  10. painter Says:

    All sounds great people!

    I just feel like singing ‘It’s gonna be a long, long road to Jericho’ and m off to lunch as i hve some pissed off people waiting! 🙂

  11. Billy Says:

    I am now singing “Soon oh very soon.”

  12. NadroKid Says:

    Talking about singing! Would like to suggest for the (second time) that we adopt a song for the revolution. One that we can play right away in our cars, at home, picnics, family gatherings, birthdays (over the radio by special requests). We dont need to wait for 2009 for this one. All you need is a radio/cd-player. A song of protest. Maybe someone can write something that captures our heart cry but in the meantime here are a number of suggestions:

    1. Freedom (Vanessa Qwai)
    2. One of Bob Marley’s songs
    3. One of Lucky Dube’s songs
    4. One of John Wesleys hymns

    While we wait for someone to write one we can start on some of the above. Top of the morning to you all!

  13. painter Says:

    @ LUVfiji – I wud hve thought that the SDL would start the ribbon campaign along with the lawsuits they’ve initiated; its very basic but a fantastic, visible symbol of hope for their supporters and for everyone else who value their Constitutional rights.

  14. FRIDA Says:

    The blue ribbon introduced by the women for peace wasone but not many people were willing to wear one. We can try that again and have prayer sessions at one of the Centenary one day of the week. This could be expanded to the CMF, the SDA, the AoG and any other religous group who ahve come out strongly in opposing the illegal regime.

    For the t-shirt idea; a plain black t/shirt – for the situation we are in, with solivakasama in white denoting hope.

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