Collision course: regime, church give out forms on charter


we leave you this news piece to chew on during the weekend. Has the Sleeping Giant finally awaken? The churches are after all the conscious of the Nation. Remember the Catholic Church and their fights against tyranny in East Timor, the Philipines under Marcos, and in Poland against the Communist.

Are we seeing the begining of the final count down?  Blog on Ragone and remember to pray for our country and our childrens future this weekend. Blog on Ragone!

Friday, September 12, 2008THE Methodist Church and the interim Government are heading on a collision course over the People’s Charter.

The proposed draft document has so far been the main bone of contention between the interim Government and the all-powerful church which wields a lot of influence among the indigenous community.

The church has made its view of the charter clear from the beginning. Now it is telling members not to sign any form relating to the charter except the one provided by them which rejects the charter.

And the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has told the villagers of Navosa not to listen to the advice of chiefs, church leaders and politicians. He identified the group as power-hungry opportunists whose self-serving political ranting only contributed to the declining standards of the indigenous community.

Cmdr Bainimarama’s scathing attack on the group at Nabuyanitu Village was part of an impromptu speech, explaining the reasons for the military takeover and the basis of the proposed charter.

At the end of his contribution, he exalted the regime by reiterating it was being driven by a higher authority.

Cmdr Bainimarama said the response to the charter should be made individually and free from influence.

He encouraged the villagers to contribute to the charter by adding their thoughts on how the document could be improved.

He said deposed PM Laisenia Qarase and his government had to be removed because they proposed racist policies that were unchristian and contrary to the convictions of the indigenous community.

Methodist Church general secretary elect Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu said the response so far from church members was overwhelming.

“The members have until the end of this month to give in all the forms which are to be signed expressing the church’s stand in not supporting the charter,” he said.

Cakaudrove church divisional head Reverend Peceli Tubelili said they had distributed forms to their members through pastors at sector levels and the feedback had been overwhelming.

For the church circuit in Dreketi, Macuata, members of the Methodist Church as well as other denominations, including sugar cane farmers, signed the forms and returned them


36 Responses to “Collision course: regime, church give out forms on charter”

  1. tuyawa Says:

    Thank you to the Methodist church for your stand.

  2. newsfiji Says:

    At least we know which Christian Denomination will fight tooth and nail for truth & Justice to remain in Fiji!

    Wahoo to the Methodist church!

  3. hopefiji Says:

    Yes it is about time ..finally the Church that has a prophetic role is standing up for justice, rule of law and human rights!! God helps them who help themselves, and the Church is called to live by example…so go on..they represent and speak on behalf of those trhat cannot speak out.

    Let’s see how the regime deals with..the church i sthe most influential esp in the rural areas…and this is where they will hold sway!

  4. Mark Manning Says:

    So after all this is over , the newly elected Government has to start another 3,000 interviews and 800 convictions as in 2000 !
    What a terrible financial cost to the community !

  5. Save the Sheep Says:

    It is great to see another body collecting signatures at least just to keep these guys honest. I for one do not trust their process one bit and the continued ‘Spin’ that the majority are in support when that is so far from the truth..

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    After all they are being paid to carry out the spin on promoting the farter charter. They are not doing it with their heart and free will. The majority of people believe that the charter is not genuine as it is founded on an illegal premise and foundation. If the charter has merits why the urgency to push it through at all cost and in an illegally process too. They should start off on the right footing and do things by example and that is to follow the rule of law in this charter process and that is to pass it through a legal parliament. It couldnt be more simpler.

  7. Tim Says:

    Frank Bainimarama – a truly deluded and ill man: “He identified the group as power-hungry opportunists whose self-serving political ranting only contributed to the declining standards of the indigenous community”. And…
    “At the end of his contribution, he exalted the regime by reiterating it was being driven by a higher authority”.
    It shows however that someone is telling him what the blogs are saying.
    Go back and have another look at Bubus posts – the Mailgnant Narcissist and the one about how facist the regime is.
    The more the guy rants like this and despite my opposition to the death penalty and violent protest, at times I think that really the most expedient thing is a bullet between the eyes.
    There are some that have suggested the man has at least a little intelligence. I disagree. His behaviour is learned and you really have to distinguish between intelligence and rationality, and animal instinct and learning parrot fashion. As cunning as a shithouse rat I think the saying goes. – but not quite smart enough to realise that people have wound up his mechanism.
    “A higher authority” FFS! The guy really must have an exceptionally small dick!

  8. Tim Says:

    Do people actually swallow that shit? I guess they must – at least those that provide him with his lines. I mean….I can understand the likes of Nazhat, Shyster and Bubs trying to give their wheel of fortune a spin, but others that support him?

  9. Tim Says:

    Check out RFN’s “Is there a Martyr in the Making?” post as well.
    RFN has its own agenda as does LoyalFijian (the latter just another egotist trying to emulate Fox New Channel), but there will be those seeing Frank’s little coup as an opportunity for self agrandisement as well.
    I reckon Fijians should be wary. I wouldn’t be surprised at Rabuka trying to broker a deal somehow so he looks like God’s gift to Mankind (oops, pardon me Shyster, I meant “Humankind”). But there are any number of others – far more genuine. It seems there is a shortage of guts in the RFMF unless they can be told what to do by people they respect – or at least think is a decent bloke – they’re more suited to prostitution and playing cannon fodder is some far off place tha give Frank an earn and a justification for keeping a load of goons at everyone else’s expense.
    When (not if) Fiji returns to democracy, reall the only issue to be dealt with is how the supporters of the junta should be treated and to what level are people to be held accountable (i.e the RFMF officers or the lowliest thickshit just following orders), the Dr James Anthony’s, the Chodos, the Koroi’s, Gates, Shameen et all.
    When people decide that issue, they should have in mind whether Fiji wants to have any more coups, or whether they’re well and truly sick of them.
    The rednecks would say that executing Frank, Nazhat, Shaista, Bubba, one or two church fiddlers and opportunists, Anthony, the dribbler, Driti, Teleni, Lewwni and a few others would probably stop the coup culture in its tracks.
    Except we’re all far more civilised than that aren’t we?!
    In any event, noone that has had anything to do with December 5’s takeover should be allowed anywhere near parliamentary, judicial or administrative positions.

  10. at least Says:

    God has His own timings ..This is the time and the hour for Justice. May our good Lord continue to shower his Blessings for Fiji..Our Cries will surely be heard..Let me tell you..Voreqe may defeat Aust and NZ even his own people..LEt us see his battle with GOd..It will be good to see his wraths on him ..Well God has His own ways and own timings for everything..God Bless Fiji..

  11. Tim Says:

    at least: I understand where you’re coming from, but Frank won’t “defeat Australia, NZ or anyone else – simply because there is no “war” between them other than the one that is in Frank’s warped mind – one of an ideology that he himself doesn’t even understand, and an ego. Its just one fucked unit at war with himself, wound up, and aided and abetted by a few opportunists that have their own agenda. He certainly won’t “defeat” Fijians. All he can do is prolong their agony. He’s on the road to a losing battle. Look at how the only ones that support him are either “comfortable” thank you very much, or they don’t have access to information about his true agenda – which is JUST the way he wants it.
    Stubborn, stupid, deluded and dumb. A lot of criminals are like that though aye?

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    I think most of them are drunk with power , but now the adrenaline has worn off and realituy is sinking in fast . That’s probably why Sha-mimi has changed her tune !

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    ‘Common interests’ is what brought them together and once they begin go against a certain interest, those affected change their tune because they are no longer ‘protected’ are become vulnerable.

    Either way, they lose because they were part of it from the beginning and they are tarnished.

    Selfish ambitions cannot live together side by side because its very essence will devour the ‘weaker one’ because in the end, it is ‘dog eat dog’ or in Vore’s case ‘pig suck pig.’

  14. Nostradamus Says:

    I wonder if someone should anounce that signing in favor of the charter is a treasonous act in itself, recommending the sidelining of the Constitution in favor of Military rule. Of Voreqe see would not see it that way, because he is the God of the new order. At least Ratu Cakabau was satisfied with being made “King” but I believe that was done with both church and British support after he was “born again”.
    I am waiting for Bainimugabe to be born again and reincarnated as a toad.

  15. painter Says:

    @ MM – like the archbishop mataca & fr. kevin barr, shyster has finally come down from her ‘high’ and suddenly realized she caught the WRONG

  16. Tim Says:

    Mr Toad at Toad Hall has informed me there is no danger of that. So it looks like Frank’s only option is reincarnation as a piece of pig shit – noone else wants him.
    Her Majesty has also informed me that she has no intention of stepping down, and even if she did, there are quite a few that precede Bubba, so there’s no intention of his reincarnation as a Queen, but she did inform me that Tonga has a position going – only trouble is Bubs would have to learn to drive a London cabdb.
    And in Pakistan, there are grave fears about a lack of suitable candidate for succession. Shaista or Nazhat are certainly no Benahzeer. I’m nt sure I got her name right, but doesn’t realy matter cos Shaista’s only option is reincarnation as a genetically modified dak ssed – she’ll have to take her chances whether she has enough spunk to germinate. Nazhat’s future was decided fate was decided a long time ago. Shit to Shame – unfortunately she will be back with us as a Queen – she’ll be Queen Gates II, licking up any old piece of trade that has a dick with legs on it. She’ll need some extensive training however in covert operations- Frank is sticking that to her now though as we speak

  17. Tim Says:

    And Mere is supervising operations with an organically grown coconut husk whip. She’s has a particular interest in Barr, Mataca, and one or two others. She tells me that whole coconuts will definately figure in her revival plan and that possibly they’ll be wearing them internally, though not via the normal point of entry

  18. Tim Says:

    I’ll be reincarnated as someone that can spell and who can use a backspace key properly, as well as not using his train of thought midway through a sentence.

  19. Tim Says:

    But…..when Frank comes back to us, I can tell you all that as a piece of Pigshit, his first words will be “Oh dear, same shit, different stink!”

  20. Tim Says:

    Oh yea, Teleni has put in for reincarnation as a piece of charcoal. He wants to be the roaster rather than the roasted. Leweni is still struggling with the fact that he has no talent whatsoever but he did ope for a position somewhere that involved music – pPerhaps as a violin string. Note to future violin players – he prefers being plucked pizzacato style rather than bowed. He’s sick of being stroked with horse hair but he does like a finger up his ass – he hopes to maintain his reptation for dribbling and oooo ahhhh ing

  21. painter Says:

    @ Tim – lol.. keep ’em coming

  22. EnufDictatorship Says:

    @Tim…iko aimless (wink wink)…hehehe

    have a field day my friend..that’s what keeps us going!

    God bless Fiji and as one commenter mentioned in the FT comment section


    I say Amen to that!

    So Tim says…you’re relegated to the pig-sty! No Jesus’ inheritance for you I’m afraid…too cocky 😉 too stupid too idiotic too self-righteous too bad-for-nothing etc etc….so…

    Gudnite world!!

  23. soro Says:

    @Tim ! You are on a roll. Must tune into you every Friday Nite ! ROFL !

  24. newsfiji Says: having a good laugh this beautiful Saturday morning reading your posts..Great start!

  25. Mark Manning Says:

    Bula Fiji
    long ago , well before Ah Choy was in China , I stated that I was in Suva and noticed over my shoulder , 2 Chinese men outside the Westpac bank , checking out the buildings and streetscape as if ready to buy or build a new complex . So any talk of this investment in Fiji by Asians is crap . It’s probably the people behind the coup . I have nothing against Asians , it’s the fact that their regime is Communist and a Godless one , their Doctrine is Godless .
    If Fiji defaults on these so called soft loans , what will Fiji forfeit to China ? An Island , mining and mineral rights , fishing rights ?
    In 25 years Frank and Co. will be old men like the President and Rabuka , so it won’t matter to them .

  26. Tim Says:

    Actually I think I probably need to apologise for my vulgarity but it just struck me that we’re dealy with some vulgar and very ugly people – In the sense of their mind and spirit. So sorry – temptation got the better of me (see I’m angling for a position in the iIG – apparently there’s $240 mil coming through from the Chinese for infrastructure.)

  27. Tim Says:

    *dealing with

  28. Billy Says:

    This Ah Koy man is moving too fast for my aging brain to catch up. What is the catch in the “soft” loans, who pay will long after these goons have rotted and roasted in Naboro or hell or wherever they are going? And the china man ah koy looks like is on his last gasp too, so who’s gonna pay back, our kids? their kids? their kids’kids? We need to reject this type of venture, before we know it we’ll be another chinatown…as if the attempt by chods group to turn fiji into a little india is not enough………..gggrrr

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    namaste and ni ha !

  30. Billy Says:

    OK back to the topic- interesting,very interesting collision course, the bible vs the gun, good vs evil, church vs illegal regime, reverends vs colonels, sheep vs soldiers, God vs man!!! Only time will tell.

  31. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Fullchow Teletubby’s Oration

    Friends, Fijians, countrypersons, lend me your ears;

    I come to bury Bananas, not to praise him.

    The evil that men do lives after them;

    The good is oft interred with their bones;

    So let it be with Bananas. The noble Chodopu$$

    Hath told you that Bananas was ambitious:

    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,

    And grievously hath Bananas answer’d it.

  32. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Bloggers, keep up your good work against the military charter.

    You are having great success all around the country.

    The turnout to their meetings are very poor and is forcing the illegals to rethink their silly plans.

    “””POOR turnouts has forced the People’s Charter teams to review their timetable.
    The low turnout at the Nausori parish hall was one of the reasons we had to re-strategise our program for the Central Division,” she said.
    We were advised by some of those at the Nausori parish hall forum that the announcements were confusing.
    The people’s forum scheduled for yesterday afternoon at Rishikul Sanatan College in Nasinu was postponed.””””

    Remember to hammer home to your friends, relatives, work mates, taxi drivers, barmen, person in the street, etc that a tick for the illegal charter means that they want the moronic military to impose themselves on Fiji for ever.

  33. Billy Says:

    @EFT They reckoned without the power of the people!!! They thought the power of the gun was the way to go, our people are smarter now after 3 coups. Tell our rellies not to even touch the charter. POTE!

  34. Billy Says:

    OK Cut! No need to fight amongs ourselves, Jose, the higher authority is the Devil himself, and via whoever else you want to include, the Devil is the one running around trying to fuck up our brain with all these bullshit knowing that its time is near!!! And it uses those who are most willing accomplices to make its will on earth work. So let us just work towards preventing the will of the devil from working mahn! Why focus on a bullshit charter when we all know the state of Fiji is in bad shape. So cut the crap and let us focus on what we can do to prevent the work of devil from taking our minds away from more important things like restoring our democracy!!!

  35. Billy Says:

    As Cadruti and Cawi say in the Fiji Sun, “Keep talking.”

  36. Belijo Says:

    The methodist church needs to be supported on this. Let’s all continue to pray for our country because we are beginning to see the fruits of our prayers. Last week, a nurse reported that VB arrived in hospital in Suva to vist the patients and the nurse queried why he had come to visit the patients whilst in a wheel chair. Can someone answer that? Last week too friends in Nadi reported Esala Teleni on a flight to Korea on Friday the 12th. He was en route to India. Can someone also confirm what the trip was for? Is my inituition correct in stating that they are in need of medical attention? Let’s continue to give thanks to God and praise Him always for He will deliver us from Evil.

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